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Games tr

  1. 1. YAĞ SATARIM BAL SATARIMYağ satarım bal satarım / I am selling butter and honeyUstam ölmüş ben satarım / My expert is dead and I am sellingUstam öldü kürkü var / My expert has fur dressSatmam on beş liraya / I do not sell it for 5 lira (very cheap)Kömürlükte kömürlükHanımlara ömürlükBeş param olsa / If I had 5 moneyO da benim olsa/ It would be mineExplanation of Game:In this game, kids sit down in a circle facing each other. One person is "it" and walks aroundthe circle, carry a cloth and run around while all children singing. The song is repeated asmany times as one continues to run around.He/ She does so many revolutions and the rule of the game is that for those children sitting,nobody should look back. In the process, the one whose turn is to run around secretly andquietly leaves the cloth behind one of those seated and continues to sing as if nothing hashappened. The fast person should have a way of making sure that when the cloth is putbehind him or her. The other players sitting can give a clue by changing the song andsinging the song “Kömürlükte kömürlük..” When he/she understand, he/ she pick cloth andrun after “it”. If “it” can sit the place where the other left, the person who cannot catch “it”become new “it”. If he or she is able to catch “it” before he or she sits down, the “it” starts toturn around the circle again while everybody singing. The game continues till they decide tostop.
  2. 2. Aç kapıyı bezirgan başı bezirgan başı / Open the door head of merchantKapı hakkı ne alırsın ne verirsin/ What you take or give for gateArkamdaki yadigar olsun yadigar olsun / The person behind me become a mementoBir sıçan iki sıçan üçüncü de kapan /One rat, two rat, third one is ginExplanation of the game:It is a group game which can be play with 8-10 children. Two children become door keeperand choose a nick name for them without telling anybody. Two door keepers stand againsteach other and hold their hands so as to create a bridge. Other players line up in front of thedoor/bridge. All children start singing the song and “open the door head of merchant…”merchant says; “what you take or give for gate”, and children say “the person behind mebecome a memento”. The children pass under the bridge one by one. The door keeperstake the person who is last. And door keepers whisper him/her and ask to choose one of thenick name (without saying which name belongs to whom). The child goes behind one doorkeeper according to nickname that he/she chose. The game continues till every child goesbehind one door keeper. Then draw a line in the center of two door keepers and childrenbehind door keepers pull their groups from each others’ waist. The group who pass the linelose the game.