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Cj 102

Cj 102

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  • 1. CJ 102-06: Week 3 – Assignment: Analysis EssayApril 12, 2010Patricia PryorStudentKaplan University <br /> Criminology is the advanced study of behaviors it focuses on the behavior that violate criminal law. Criminology studies theoretical approaches to understanding criminal behavior using sociological and psychological explanations theories and policies. Criminology and criminal justice go hand in hand they work together to investigate, understand and solve social problems related to crime, law, and justice. They examine and analyze crime related issues. Criminology and criminal justice are both very important to understand why laws are passed to punished certain criminal behaviors and also why it is important to know why certain people violate laws and others do not. Criminal justice is focused mostly on the systemic and policy aspects like the study of policing, corrections, and court. Criminology is focused on behavioral and social science it explores criminal behaviors and both criminal justice and criminology are inter-related. While the study of criminal justice may help to study the law of theft the study of criminology will try to explain why some people steal. There are many theories that have been created over the years using the study of criminology. Rational choice theory studies the criminals and believes that the crimes they commit are carefully thought out and planned. The criminal will research the pros and cons of the crime they are planning on committing regardless of what kind of crime it is. Criminals commit crimes on the basis they will have some sort of gain. A criminal may be less likely to commit a crime if the neighborhood is patrolled in marked cars, homeowners have security systems, and they believe if they get caught they will be severely punished. Both criminology and criminal justice are very important when learning and understanding the criminal justice system in its entirety. <br />Reference<br />Siegal, Larry J. (2009). Criminology, the Core, University of Massachusetts, Lowell,<br />