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Good Study Skills

  1. 1. Work Space Having a quiet work space makes it so much easier to concentrate on study or homework. Sometimes it can be hard to find a quiet place around the house so you could try... - Turning of music or TV - Asking family members for a bit of quiet time - Putting a “Do Not Disturb” sign on your door
  2. 2. Work Space  Even having your own allocated room, such as a study room or a quiet area with a lot of space for homework and assignments.
  3. 3. Organisation  With assignments comes due dates. Teachers aren’t going to give into the usual excuses like...  - “ my computer/printer wouldn’t work  - “I forgot it”  - “My mum didn’t bring it in”  Or “My dog ate it”
  4. 4. Organisation  So to stop this from happening try you should try these things...  - have a calendar with all your due dates on it. Preferably somewhere near your workspace.  -Have Binder or plastic sleeve folders near your work space with drafts, copies, important handouts etc.  -Have a student diary that has all reminders and due dates. (TIP: in every week write a note that reminds you that you have an assignment to do if you don’t or have finished
  5. 5. Organisation  -Have a student diary that has all reminders and due dates. (TIP: in every week slot, write a note that reminds you that you have an assignment to do so that you don’t leave it to the last minute.)  - DON’T LEAVE IT TO THE LAST MINUTE! Assignments need more than a days work. So plan out your time when you can work on an assignment. Maybe set up a table like this...
  6. 6. Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday 4:30 4:30 4:30 4:30 4:30 Soccer at Beach run Arrive home- Arrive home- Arrive home- Arrive home- Arrive home- Home ground then surf 7:00 get started on Commerce get ready for Science Maths 8:30 maths booklet soccer homework Homework homework practice 5:00 5:00 5:00 5:00 5:00 English Science Science Maths Soccer English English Report assignment assignment homework Practice Report Report 5:30 5:30 5:30 5:30 5:30 History Study English report Study for Science Science Maths History (Finish due Commerce assignment assignment Homework tomorrow) test Study tomorrow 6:00 6:00 6:00 6:00 6:00 Movies with History Study Start English English History Study Commerce Geography friends 4:30 HalfYearly Report worksheet Sheets exam Report: Due tomorrow Monday wk 6 6:30 6:30 6:30 6:30 6:30 Dinner at Read Dinner Dinner Dinner Dinner Dinner Tavern with Grandparents 7:00 7:00 7:00 7:00 7:00 10:30 8:30 Read Read Read Read Read Bed Bed
  7. 7. Organisation  Something as simple as that can help you manage time and take a lot of pressure off your shoulders and help you stay calm with assignments, homework and study.
  8. 8. Note Taking  Taking notes in class during a class discussion can be very helpful. Although teachers tell you, you don’t have to take notes, it is a good skill to have for later years in High School and University. Note taking can also be easier for you to understand because it is you who is writing the notes down and can write it in your own language or how you understand it.
  9. 9. Take a Break  Don’t Stress. You do not have to be studying all the time. Relax and Breath. Take some time off to do things you love to do. Like weekend sports, hanging out with friends or family or walking the dog. etc. You don’t have to stop doing these things because you have to study. You could organise a time to take a break and get out for a bit.
  10. 10. Overall  Study, homework and assignments aren’t all that scary or stressful when you have the right skills to handle them. Remember the key points...  - Have a quiet and clear workspace  -organise time, schoolwork and daily activities  -Stay calm, relax and breath. Whatever the problem is you can fix it.