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  • 1. Renee Year 10
  • 2. What are goals
    • Goals are things you set to achieve in life. They can be challenging and demanding, however, they are the key to living a happy and motivated life. Goals are classified into three main types: Short term, intermediate, and long term goals.
  • 3. Short –term goals
    • Short term goals are those an individual wishes to achieve in the near future. This could be over the next few days, weeks, up until the next year.
    • Short – term goals act like stepping stones for an individual to achieve a long – term goal.
  • 4. Intermediate Goals
    • Intermediate goals are those that fall between short – term and long- term goals. They are sometimes called milestones as they link short and long term goals and provide motivation and support to help an individual achieve his or her long term aim.
  • 5. Long – term goals
    • Long term goals are those we set to achieve over a longer period of time. This could be over the next few months, semester, years etc.
    • Long term goals can be a bit more difficult to achieve than short term goals as they take place over a longer period of time. Individuals often find it harder to stay focused and maintain a positive approach toward reaching their intended goals.
    • In those situations, setting short term and intermediate goals to reach the long term ones is often a good strategy. Support can also come from a person’s support network including, family, friends, teachers etc.
  • 6. How to achieve your goals
    • To successfully set and achieve your goals, you must make sure your goals are:
    • S = Specific
    • M = Measurable
    • A = Attainable/Acceptable
    • R = Realistic
    • T = Timely/Time Frame
    • Areas in which individuals set goals:
    • Love and relationships
    • Health and fitness
    • Religion/spirituality
    • Personal development – education, mental health, etc.
    • Career
    • Financial
  • 7. By: Renee Year 10 "A goal properly set is halfway reached." - Abraham Lincoln