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MCI Study Mission Brochure 2011


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Learn how you can use study missions to enhance your understanding of your market potential around the world.

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MCI Study Mission Brochure 2011

  1. 1. s tudy Mission toAsia, Europe, Middle East and Latin America Define Your The world is changing at a rapid pace and experiencing significant business, economic and social development as major regional markets become increasingly competitive.DID YOU Market Investments in R&D, healthcare, tourism, education, and infrastructure, combined with increasing demand among emerging markets for global The mob KNO ile W? pop is the m ne pho Potential standards and practices, and the need to close significant professional skill gaps in the local workforce, all present tremendous opportunities for ular inte st o associations to expand their reach and engage in high growth markets.eme acc rnet rgin ess g with marke in 1. ts sub 8 billion scri bers . OW? rtunit y OU KN rowth oppoket Study Missions allow association DID Y largest g rging mar ingle eme ld’s leaders to get a first-hand The s will be in f the wor hey drove ead ird o e, and t understanding of the opportunities ah . One th ther GDP in cities tion lives f Global ase by an and challenges in one specific region. la o popu han 60% s will incr by 2030. e m ore t ese citie pe ople . Th illion 2009 nal 1.3 b io addit
  2. 2. MCI’s s a once in ‘It wa s truly a rience.’ expe lifetime tudy Mission omera ntz, Paul P ecutive ide Ex ctor, Worldw Dire ion g In format ) DI A (Dru ssociation A MCI’s Study Mission & Market Analysis can help associations determine their global business locally: Market Analysis • Understand leading global and local business, economic and social trends • Evaluate the local relevance of your current products, services and membership to specific country markets • Conduct market profiling of select countries to prioritize local market sophistication and competitiveness • Explore the maturity of the local industry/profession you seek to targetDID • Assess the competitive landscape to mitigate potential risks YOU t: KNO • Examine potential partners for collaborative relationships to gain access to audience, nised in the pas Den W? endorsements, content, delivery capacity or financial support Stu dy Missions orga m uenos Aires) • Argentina (B ark, H Nor ungary • Reach out to targeted customers, members and prospects to learn their specific needs, Sao Paulo)Swe de way , • Brazil (Rio, ng, Shanghai) , high n appl and expectations and desired outcomes ein E st VAT y th • China (Beiji e bai, Delhi) urop rate • Determine your current positioning and perception • India (Mum stan e with dard a • Singapore r of 2 ate habi, Dubai) 5%. Study Mission • UAE (Abu D • Hold briefings covering government, private, academic sectors W? KNO rld • Conduct personal meetings with key government agencies in your sector OU o Ara b DID Y g to the WUnited top • Visit local companies and institutions representing future customers and members in m, oruhe et ord s: Acc omic F ks insid tegorie n n a • Meet and evaluate partner candidates you select from pre-trip analysis Eco ates ra wing c ent, r llo y, Emi the fo overnm conom cy, • Conduct a comprehensive debrief prior to departure 2 0 in tions (g ics), e efficien itu eth et inst crime, , mark iness. , law truct ure y read s log infra techno an d
  3. 3. Yourllenges Ch a eat job. ‘MCI did a gr what xactly We got e d to move e we need forward 3 ways to growth . I look forward ing working nu to conti ds u’. nee with yo cal d to lo ore tail MARKET POTENTIAL ts duc pro , ey, CPA ucts ith prod er w ard S. Coff sident tn tand al par rw ith s Susan ice Pre Market share ia loc l pa rtne ssv via loca ine ess bus V Senior busin & Quality our your ny Run Ru ember Affairs, rd products with standa iness from HQ Run your bus M tional Interna American - AICPA CPAs Market Insight & Product Relevance Service Delivery ute of Market Product Marketing & Business Channel Financial Instit Business Fulfillment Analysis Assessment Plan Communications Development Partners Management Drivers of growth Speed of growth PRODUCT SALES No matter how established your brand or how rich and successful your product portfolio may be in your home market, for a US-based professional society to succeed in growing a sustainable business in a new region of the world requires four important operational values: 1. The local knowledge and relationships needed to understand market opportunities, barriers to entry, and competitive factors. DID Y 2. The ability to design, deliver and promote locally relevant products and services OU K to your target audience. NOW? The n umbe NOW ? DID YOU K omic r of Ame 3. The capacity to serve increasingly large and more complex transactions as demand con rld E traveli ng ab ricans The Wo ored m ro grows. sc estim edical trea ad for Forum re with the ated t tment 4. The understanding of the cultural and business sensitivities to building customer confidence ingapo mpetitive than 1 o soar to is S t co 0 milli on in more and effective partnerships. greates scores The 20 adv antage touris leading m 12. 100+ m des edica acrossThaila tinatio l Unfortunately, many US-based associations are “under thinking and resourcing” their efforts gapore nd res. SinSinga 1.2M, Ind ns are measu 0 pore ia 450 to grow globally. In short, they expect quick returns with value propositions, strategies and to 7,00 300K 410K, Mala K, is home % of which 6 0 , and Cos ysia infrastructure used to build their home markets. MNCs, dquarters Panam ta Rica/ h ave He a e city. a 150 K. activit ies in th
  4. 4. HowBenefit u to meet p ortunity hand ‘The op ract first Yo and inte te rtners i ntial pa ated a s with po I orchestr key. MC ce of learning, lan great ba ltural exposure cu iness KNOW ? and bus ll.’ D YOU federations us a DI ties for eds o f ns hav e op portuni zi, Hundr e associatio eir Abe E shkena r th er, ad and tr Brussels fo rs in e Of c xecutiv ciation ch osen headquarte h Chief E e Asso ean ily wit - Th s Europ interact da ulators. APICS eration r to and re g for Op nt orde eme po licy m akers Manag • Ensure a future-focused strategy review aligned with local trends • Reduce your business risk with more accurate market intelligence, direct customer and DID partner contact, and a more locally relevant analysis of your business potential YOU • Experience first-hand insight with your key leadership team as a way to transfer the KNO Am ong W? knowledge, energy and information to help improve future Board action m e ark me Bra zil’s et cou rging • Gain new insight into local market sophistication and how to prioritize select markets to inte ntrie lo rn s, on s g the m et user enter or focus resources ocia ost s site ln tim • Eliminate top-down strategy mistakes through direct customer contact across all s (6 etwork e tim 9% ing35 % e comp of their segments to reduce value gaps in your product portfolio fo are Ork r US u d to • Improve partner evaluation through analysis and face to face contact ut is sers pop the mo ). • Meet senior policy makers, governments officials and local and regional authorities who netw ular so st o ci can help increase market access and build demand with rking s al 36 m ite illio use n • Where possible exchange experiences with representatives from international associations rs. • Visit facilities which may offer unique venues for projection into local markets • Meet with representatives from potential corporate customers For more information, contact: Theresa DeConinck, External Relations Director, US Market, MCI | E-mail: theresa.deconinck@mci-group.com | Tel: +1 (202) 251 4916 Peter Turner, Senior Advisor, Global Development Strategy, MCI | E-mail: peter.turner@mci-group.com | Tel: +1 (571) 275 1516 or visit: www.mci-group.com/associations – main website | www.growglobally.org – resource for global strategy, regional planning and local execution