Welcome to Kindergarten at PRS!


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This slide show will introduce incoming kindergartners to Plymouth River School.

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Welcome to Kindergarten at PRS!

  1. 1. Welcome to Plymouth River School’s Kindergarten!
  2. 2. Plymouth River School This is going to be YOUR new school! Welcome to PRS!
  3. 3. You’ll get to ride the BUS! Riding the bus to or from school is a lot of fun.
  4. 4. The Hallways of PRS Without ANY Kids! You will go down this hall to get to the kindergarten rooms.
  5. 5. The Hallways of PRS with LOTS of Kids! Your teacher will help you find your room!
  6. 6. Backpacks! You will need a really BIG backpack just like these kids!
  7. 7. Mail Folders and Mail Boxes Your mail folder will bring notices and school work home and to school each day.
  8. 8. Cubbies You will have a special cubby where you will keep markers and other supplies.
  9. 9. Meeting Time We will have a meeting each and every day!
  10. 10. Learning Time Did you know that you can learn and do hopscotch at the same time?!
  11. 11. Learning Time We will do a lot of fun games with letters, words and sentences!
  12. 12. We LOVE Books! We will help you learn to read books!
  13. 13. Math Fun We will do sorting games and learn about graphing.
  14. 14. More Math Time You will get to learn about money and use real coins and dollar bills!
  15. 15. Free Choice Everyone LOVES to play in the Kitchen Center!
  16. 16. Free Choice These little blocks are a favorite activity with the kindergartners! The kids also love to play checkers at Free Choice!!
  17. 17. Free Choice There are mini animals and dinosaurs for you to play with!
  18. 18. Snack Time This is always a favorite part of the day!
  19. 19. Physical Education You will have fun AND get lots of exercise during P.E.
  20. 20. Music Singing is so much fun at Music time!
  21. 21. Library You will get to hear stories and take home books from our library.
  22. 22. Computer Lab We will go to the computer lab every other week. You will use your own computer. Go to www.starfall.com for some great learning games.
  23. 23. The Office This is where the daily helper will bring the attendance.
  24. 24. The Nurse’s Office The nurse will help you if feel sick or get hurt.
  25. 25. The Principal is our PAL! This is Mr. Cormier. Sometimes he comes to visit us in our classroom!
  26. 26. Recess!! We go outside to play whenever we can!
  27. 27. You’ll LOVE Kindergarten!!