How Brands Use Social Media


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  • How Brands Use Social Media

    1. 1. "Social media is like teen sex. Everyone wants to do it. No oneactually knows how. When finally done, there is surprise its not better."
    2. 2. Social Media blunders
    3. 3. “Social Media Screw Ups” Infographic – Mashable - Sept. 12, 2012
    4. 4. “Social Media Screw Ups” Infographic – Mashable - Sept. 12, 2012
    5. 5. “Social Media Screw Ups” Infographic – Mashable - Sept. 12, 2012
    6. 6. “Social Media Screw Ups” Infographic – Mashable - Sept. 12, 2012
    7. 7. Brands needed to EVOLVE theirapproach to Social Media Marketing
    8. 8. The New Currency: The Power of Influence
    9. 9. The New Digital Divide:Leaders and Laggards
    10. 10. “We don’t have a choiceon whether we DO socialmedia, the question ishow well we DO it.” - Erik Qualman
    11. 11. Harnessing the Power of SocialMedia means moving from simplylistening, monitoring and pushing out content.
    12. 12. 28 ...of companies have corporate blogs %73 ...have somewhat active Twitter accounts %66 ...have a Facebook page %62 ...have YouTube accounts % “Social Media Surge by the 2012 Fortune 500” – Dartmouth & UMass
    13. 13. Amplify Marketing Crowdsourcing Focus Groups Drive Sales
    14. 14. Amplify Marketing WebinarPreview Blog Slideshare
    15. 15. Amplify Marketing Twitter Take questions via Twitter Engage w/ live tweeting Promote on-demand webinar/blog Facebook Take questions via FB Engage w/ live FB updates Promote on-demand webinar/blog LinkedIn Pre-promote events/webinar Promote on-demand webinar/blog Slideshare Post slides to Slideshare Promote across SM channels Blog about it…
    16. 16. Customer Service: Brands use social media to connect and support customers.
    17. 17. Ford Motor Co. uses social media to bemore proactive with customer issues and concerns –an average of 2,000 people weekly via social media.
    18. 18. Streamline: Customer service mustbe end-to-end from social to traditional
    19. 19. Social Media goes beyondCustomer Service…to drive Innovation
    20. 20. GE brings social collaboration to life…with Colab – 60,000 of those 300,000 employees are using the platform.
    21. 21. Influence: The Rise of Digital Influence
    22. 22. SHIFT: Brands like Walmart andSamuel Adams use social media for market research.
    23. 23. Social Data: Walmart uses Twitter chatter for inventory optimization. EsteeLauder’s MAC Cosmetics asked social mediausers to vote on which discontinued shades to bring back.
    24. 24. Humanization: Brandsleverage social media to gather UGC to humanize the brand.
    25. 25. Crowdsourcing: GE Healthcare launches global awareness campaign toencourage people to share tips and fitness regimens to reduce cancer risk. #GetFit
    26. 26. ABC: Brands use social media as digital bait to sell products and services.
    27. 27. “Twitterific News – “@Direct2Dell New Dell DealsExclusive to Twitter Thanks for the tweet. I’ll check it out!” bqevum.” Direct2Dell
    28. 28. $3M in Sales via Twitter since 2007Dell sends out coupons that are exclusive to Twitter followers
    29. 29. Top 10 Brands With Highest Social Media Engagement This Week - Vocus
    30. 30. Jobs: Brands use social media to research and acquire talent
    31. 31. Social Media & Content Strategy
    32. 32. “What’s fascinating about Coca-Cola’sforay into content marketing isn’t just that a beverage producer hasrecognized the value of using content to engage its audience.” - CMI
    33. 33. First Things First Strategy & Goals Policy Ongoing Education Ambassador ProgramPeople + Technology + Processes
    34. 34. Takeaways:Social media must scale company-wide Buy-in is key Integration is a must