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How to Create a Cohesive Social Media Marketing Plan
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How to Create a Cohesive Social Media Marketing Plan


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So how do marketing professionals take the reins and steer a cohesive, integrated social media marketing plan? You start by understanding your marketing and content marketing model well enough to …

So how do marketing professionals take the reins and steer a cohesive, integrated social media marketing plan? You start by understanding your marketing and content marketing model well enough to integrate social media practices and tools into the overall program. That takes good internal planning. My “5 Must Haves of Social Media Marketing” will help you get there. These must-haves are:

1. Shifting + Controlling of Consumers and Audiences
2. Planning with Internal + External Customers in Mind
3. Aligning + Orchestrating Integrated Content Strategy
4. Executing as a Team
5. Measuring Impact to Business with Focus

Published in: Technology, Business

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  • 1. Building an  Integrated Social Media Plan Cindy Kim  @CindyKimPR
  • 2. “47%say Facebookhas  the greatest impact on purchase  behavior.” “47%say Facebookhas  the greatest impact on purchase  behavior.” Source: Edison Research
  • 3. “ 76% of  Twitterusers  now post status  updates.” Source: Edison Research
  • 4. “46% of online users count  on social media when making  a purchase.” “46% of online users count  on social media when making  a purchase.” Source: Nielsen
  • 5. Brands no longer control  the message.  Consumersdo.  Brands no longer control  the message.  Consumersdo. 
  • 6. Harnessing the Power of  Social Media means shifting  from being tool‐focused to  customer‐focused to stay in step  with your customers.
  • 7. Step 1: Arm Your Troops
  • 8. Pro Tips:  Company‐wide Social Media Policy (internal or external or both)  Education Program   Social Media Ambassador Program  Best Practices Guidelines  Triage Plan 
  • 9. Step 2:  Define Plan
  • 10. Pro Tips:  Answer the question of “WHY” – awareness, sales, loyalty?   Set expectations around goals  Work with key stakeholders to build  an integrated plan  Communicate with key  stakeholders  Plan with customers in mind 
  • 11. …Your Customers…Your Customers KnowKnow
  • 12. Are they social? What channels are they using? How engaged are they?
  • 13. Gather DATA…  Customer/Prospect  Characteristics  Influencers…  Social Metrics (if  any)  Web Metrics  Business Metrics Source: Jay Baer’s “Why Before How” 
  • 14. Step 3: Integrating Social
  • 15. Pro Tips:  Build a Social Media Playbook  Create a Social Media Checklist for  different business units  Build customized training materials   Build easy‐to‐use templates   Mobilize your natives to support  different business needs
  • 16. Events
  • 17. Hubspot Preview Blog Webinar Slideshare
  • 18. Twitter Take questions via Twitter Engage w/ live tweeting  Promote on‐demand webinar/blog Facebook Take questions via FB Engage w/ live FB updates  Promote on‐demand webinar/blog LinkedIn Pre‐promote events/webinar Promote on‐demand webinar/blog Slideshare Post slides to Slideshare Promote across SM channels Blog about it…  Hubspot
  • 19. Blogging
  • 20. Campaigns + Facebook
  • 21. Email & Facebook
  • 22. Support
  • 23. Ford Motor Co. uses social media to be  more proactive with customer issues and concerns – an average of 2,000 people weekly via social media. 
  • 24. Engagement Four Seasons  turns online  engagement  to offline  relationship
  • 25. Product Development
  • 26. Step 4:  Aligning  Content To Social
  • 27. “What’s fascinating about Coca‐Cola’s foray into content marketing isn’t just  that a beverage producer has  recognized the value of using content  to engage its audience.” ‐ CMI
  • 28. Content  that  triggers  results
  • 29. First…Identify what content your customers want Second…understand the role of social Third…build a customer‐centric content strategy Fourth…design an integrated multi‐channel program Lastly…measure the impact
  • 30. Step 5: Execute as a Team
  • 31. Align  Business  Goals with  Social  Metrics
  • 32. Engagement Reach (Influencers) Repeat Engagement Share of Voice Conversions
  • 33. First Things First Start Small Strategy & Goals Policy People + Technology + Processes Measure As You Go