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Public Relations Defined Submissions Analysis
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Public Relations Defined Submissions Analysis


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Published in: Business, Technology

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  • 1.   ‘Public Relations Defined’ Submissions Analysis Qualitative and Quantitative ReportsThe information contained below represents a qualitative and quantitative analysis of datacollected from 927 submissions received during the initial crowdsourcing phase of the “PublicRelations Defined” initiative, which ran from Nov. 21–Dec. 2, 2011.I. Qualitative AnalysisA qualitative analysis of commentary left on, other PRSA blogs andexternal websites and blogs indicates that many within the public relations profession andoutside of it recognize the value of modernizing the definition of public relations. While multipledefinitions exist, comments and feedback provided to the “Public Relations Defined” initiativeindicate there exists widespread misunderstanding and confusion as to what constitutes modernpublic relations in the digital age. This sentiment, which was expressed in numerous comments,Tweets and blog posts, can be summarized as follows: • Public relations professionals (and, thus, the audiences we serve) continue to struggle with definitively explaining “What is PR?”; • Existing definitions do not sufficiently meet the needs of the profession, public, media or business community; and • No one definition is considered the de facto industry definition.Among the comments and feedback received, some common themes and words/phrases stuckout. Those include: • Relationship management vs. reputation management. o While both words appear in many comments and blog posts, they are split among two camps: American commenters more often referred to “relationship management,” whereas British commenters used “reputation management,” often within the same context of defining public relations. This raises the issue of whether these differences need to be reconciled in the candidate definitions and final definition in order to engender stronger industry buy-in for a new definition. Examples: • Commenter Nancy Syzdek wrote in a comment: o “Relationships are at the very core of everything we do. Regardless of the evolution of our tactics and technology, every strategy and objective is to build and support a relationship between an organization and its stakeholders.” • Philip Sheldrake said in a blog post that the initiative must: o “Recognise that reputation is a responsibility of everyone in an organisation, with the public relations professional providing leadership, structure, policy and guidance” 1  
  • 2.   • The role of media relations, publicity and the like within the modern definition of public relations. o Several commenters expressed interest in seeing these phrases included in any modern definition; however, the overall sentiment of blog posts was that they are outdated concepts of public relations’ modern role and value. • Use of jargon that often belies industry definitions. o Phrases such as “mutually adaptable,” “strategic management function” and “strategic” found in several current definitions also showed up across the data and in the comments and blog posts. o Several comments, though, raised issue with including jargon phrases in a dictionary-like definition that by its very definition should be understood by all without having to explain phrases within the definition. • An expression of desire to include elements for current appreciated industry definitions, including those of the Canadian Public Relations Society and the Chartered Institute of Public Relations. • The role of “influence” in an era where the word often has a negative connotation associated with it. • Concern that any new definition will focus too much on the tools and tactics of modern PR (e.g., social media, blogs) versus a focus on the long-term impact and value of public relations. • The role of social media and technology as both a tool and channel and how that fits within a modern definition. • Former CIPR President Jay O’Connor expressed interest that any new definition stress “the role that public relations must play at board level, helping to explore, define, plan and execute strategy.” • The role of research and ethics. o Several commenters expressed interest in seeing “ethics” placed within a modern definition; however the word did not feature high in any of the rankings for the top words submitted across the four definition submission fields. o “Research,” while little mentioned in the data analysis and in comments/blog posts, has long had a place within the concept of public relations, both within the profession and externally. Specific feedback was submitted by Frank Ovaitt of the Institute for Public Relations, requesting careful consideration to the importance of including “research” in any definition. 2  
  • 3.  II. Quantitative Analysis A. Snapshot of Submissions • 927 submissions, comprising 15,688 words. • 70 comments left on and other PRSA blogs. • 18,000+ page views of Public Relations Defined website. • 15 trade and business media articles. o Endorsement from PRWeek Editor-in-Chief Danny Rogers. • More than three dozen blog posts written about the initiative. B. Top-20 submitted words*: • “organization” (present in 409 submissions) • “public” (387) • “communication” (292) • “relationship(s)” (271) • “stakeholders” (176) • “create” (175) • “mutual” (164) • “understand” (159) • “build” (159) • “audiences” (154) • “inform” (151) • “management” (129) • “brand” (124) • “company” (120) • “business” (119) • “people” (107) • “engages” (97) • “client” (94) • “awareness” (93) • “benefit” (84) *Note: These words represent the 20 most popular words submitted across all four boxes of the definition submission field. They should not be construed as the words most relevant for any single definition of public relations. Instead, they should be viewed within the context of their popularity compared to other words and phrases. 3  
  • 4.   C. Final Word Cloud (All Submissions) 4  
  • 5.  III. Analysis of Submission Fields A. Submission Field 1 — ‘Public Relations [DOES WHAT] with/for [WHOM] to [DO WHAT] for [WHAT PURPOSE]’  • 3,862 words submitted. • Top-20 most submitted words: o “relationship(s)” (present in 125 submissions) o “communication(s)” (100) o “creates” (58) o “communicates” (54) o “builds” (50) o “organization(s)” (49) o “manages” (44) o “helps” (44) o “engages” (33) o “management” (33) o “strategic” (20) o “maintains” (27) o “facilitates” (27) o “provides” (26) o “public” (25) o “connects” (24) o “awareness” (24) o “conversation” (19) o “information” (19) *See Appendix One for all submissions from Submission Field 1. 5  
  • 6.   B. Submission Field 1 Word Cloud 6  
  • 7.   C. Submission Field 2 — ‘Public Relations [DOES WHAT] with/for [WHOM] to [DO WHAT] for [WHAT PURPOSE]’ • 3,175 words submitted. • Top-20 most submitted words: o “organizations” (present in 230 submissions) o “public” (187) o “stakeholders” (126) o “audiences” (92) o “people” (60) o “individuals” (59) o “companies” (57) o “client” (52) o “businesses” (43) o “brand” (39) o “between” (33) o “target” (29) o “group” (28) o “media” (27) o “interest” (25) o “external” (23) o “communities” (22) o “consumers” (17) o “customers” (16) o “entities” (16) *See Appendix Two for all submissions from Submission Field 2. 7  
  • 8.   D. Submission Field 2 Word Cloud 8  
  • 9.   E. Submission Field 3 — ‘Public relations [DOES WHAT] with/for [WHOM] to [DO WHAT] for [WHAT PURPOSE]’ • 3,990 words submitted. • Analysis of Field 3 shows that it was the most diverse field in terms of words submitted. No one word or phrase stood out as dominant (as in other submission fields). • Analysis also shows submissions to Field 3 to be the most nuanced in detail and depth of words submitted (see Appendix Three for listing of all submissions from Field 3). • Top-20 most submitted words: o “relationship” (present in 87 submissions) o “communicate” (79( o “public” (77) o “create” (74) o “inform” (72) o “understand” (71) o “build” (61) o “awareness” (39) o “influence” (39) o “mutual” (39) o “audiences” (36) o “engage” (36) o “maintain” (35) o “promote” (32) o “reputation” (29) o “increase” (29) o “brand” (28) o “positive” (26) o “behavior” (24) o “organization” (24) *See Appendix Three for all submissions from Submission Field 3. 9  
  • 10.   F. Submission Field 3 Word Cloud 10  
  • 11.   G. Submission Field 4 — ‘Public relations [DOES WHAT] with/for [WHOM] to [DO WHAT] for [WHAT PURPOSE]’ • 4,760 words submitted. • Top-20 most submitted words: o “organization” (present in 105 submissions) o “mutual” (97) o “public” (79) o “understand[ing]” (74) o “benefit” (74) o “purpose” (69) o “business[es]” (51) o “relationship[s]” (49) o “goal” (48) o “better” (46) o “success” (41) o “achieving” (38) o “company” (34) o “brand” (34) o “awareness” (29) o “beneficial” (29) o “product” (29) o “positive” (29) o “client” (28) o “creating” (27) *See Appendix Four for all submissions from Submission Field 4. 11  
  • 12.   H. Submission Field 4 Word Cloud 12  
  • 13.  APPENDIX ONEWords submitted to Submission Field 1.connects organizations uses any means of modern facilitates communication technology andconnections organizations communication to connect helps create a discussioneducates uses any means of modern connects technology andhelps organizations connect communication to connect gives voiceinteracts is the management of Guards the integrity and messages protects the reputation ofhelps organizations develop organisations while instillingbeneficial relationships creates public awareness honest and transparent through the use of the communications with... mediais the manner in which enlightens builds relationships withis the manner in which target constituencies sustains communicationconnections businesses is the nurturing of connects relationshipsinteracts reputation management is the practice of engaginghelps organizations connect is the planned persuasion of Communication function people to behave in wayshelps companies buildstrong relationships that further its sponsors decisively engages objectives. continuallystage facilitates conversation and directs a messages engagementprovide organizations seeks to influence the is the dialoguehelps organizations engage beliefs charges $5,000 per montis the strategic keeps public informed thatcommunication helps build relationships be deceives it negative, positive orPR is perception. exploitative determines when, where and by whom the mostcanonizes the dead clients engages important conversations are being held.builds valuable connections perception building among the public determines when, where and by whom the most 13  
  • 14.  important conversations are manages relationships supportsbeing held. builds relationships is a tool used to resonatePublic Relations LISTENS withintently, empathetically, and is a craftcritically to the needs and manages reputationsdesires of prospective facilitates productivecustomers, clients, or relationships improves relationshipsconstituents, Serves the public interest as manages, maintains and twits shills and sophists responsible advocates creates an imageEmotionally aligns a target Tells the Story creates ideas for events oraudience stories that are news Getting info out to the public worthy.clarifies , anyway you can. provides informationcommunicate listens shapes idealsstarts a conversation facilities clear communication interactsfaciliates messages Tells a story strategic counsel andGood performance well executioncommunicated is a position that reaches out to the public facilitates informationenhances sharing influences opinions selectedclarifies the message audience(s) is a management functionhelps an entity or protects & promotes informsorganization relate to itsvarious publics is interrelations seeks to sway opinionmaintains a mutually manages image establishes and createsbeneficial relationship mutually beneficial crafts a message relationshipsrelates to the public aggregates comments and is a management functiontells a companys story testimonials of loyal that builds relationships consumers of products and betweenmanages relationships services creates connectionsmanages word of mouth strategically shapes areputation message tries to shape opiniongenerates positive translates maintains an informativeassociations through and professionalmultiple touch points is an all encompassing relationship between people strategy 14  
  • 15.  and various groups and manages the Putting your best footorganizations communication functions forward while keeping both feet planted firmly on theis a field of work focused on strategically directs groundidentifying and building communicationrelationships facilitates a conversation facilitatescommunicates drives information sharing serveskeeps mediates communication is the management ofis the active attempt to communication engages in communicationrestore and maintain asense of community ensures the timely flow of builds and maintains accurate information relationshipsis combat spins creates and disseminatesis the exchange of ideas information using traditional pushes media, social media andengages events communicatesbrings to light provides information shares information, informs,involves working with an engages Raises awarenessorganization illuminates the marketing facilitates dialoguebuilds relationships messages tells the storystrategically communicates helps companies Engineersfosters two-way communicatescommunications Promotes Through Publicity creates conversationfosters a relationship helps organizations persaudes through the strengthen relationshipsmaintains and cultivates strategic presentation of factrelationships or opinions by using is the conveyance of facts, endorsements, events and opinions and ideasis the startegic managment all media channelsof relationships provides services communicatesis the sum total is a communications builds connections function ofgenerates and protectssocial capital communicates connectssets expectations and facilitates dialogue helps share the storiesdrives performance promotes Public relations delivers a strategic and clear message 15  
  • 16.  listens, researches, and serves Connectsthen crafts effective,targeted narratives and communicates and engages is a strategic process ofconversation-driving content communication by connects organizationscommunicates The activities and attitudes builds relationshipsCommunicates intended to analyze, adjust to, influence and direct is NOT advertisingWhy try to do is the art and science of Quantifies the image orcommunicates communicating perceptiondevelops ethically sound manages brand and is reputation managementstrategic communication reputations listens and responds toprovides an authentic voice is an active conduit of conversations communicationsharpens actively engages communicates usingbuilds mutually-beneficial diverse multi-media tools enhances relationshipsrelationships between helps shape conversationsaids provides awareness designscreates mutually beneficial facilitates communictionrelationships Public relations is the professional discipline of Engagesstrategically communicates strategically and ethically managing relationships counselsengages manages and maintains and is a disciplineconnects people key relationships manages the reputation andsets expectations and communicates credibilitymanages performance counsels, leads and "People relations" createsdevelops strategies and collaborates understandingbest practices builds relationships that does whatactions and deeds earn trust manages public perceptionsHelps create a meaningful manages communicationdialogue communicates employs communicationis a strategic function that strategies shapes conversationsfacilates employs a variety of tools Communicates a messageart of communications and mechanisms communicates knowledge 16  
  • 17.  communicates news and fosters better conveys the messages,ideas communication stories, and hidden truthsbuilds mutually-beneficial builds relationships Listens and conversesrelationships facilitates learning and tells a storyis the intentional practice of interactive dialogue provides resources andis the practice of engaging connects informationkey audiences facilitates an ongoing shapes perceptionsinforms conversation management ofhelps tell stories promotes awareness relatesserves to communicate informs and influences bringsis a two way influence Establishes and enrichesprocess relationships through multi- helps amplify a message or disciplinary communication missioncreates conversation tools shares a (branded)manages relationships and builds relationships messageperceptions crafts is abouttells the story of a group,organization, corporation or builds bridges protects and strengthensother assembly of people or the reputationsideas Represents a community, individual or organization is about sharing facts andgenerates awareness truth engagesprovides a mutually Connects businesses andbeneficial relationship using engages brands with the rest of thetools such as media worldrelations (including social monitors, creates, managesmedia), events planning, & leads conversations Connects businesses andintegrated communications, brands with the rest of theetc. world facilitates truthful communicationhandles perceptions PR is a discipline that uses are actions undertaken well targeted and sustainedadvocates specifically to motivate online and off line communicationsmanages communications enables an organization toof multiple forms effectively communicate build relationships between and mutual understandingadvocates creates works that include between organisations and writings, graphics and their stakeholders, servescreates positive discourse promotions as the ethical leader of the organisation, enables two- 17  
  • 18.  way communication and Is a management function communicatesopen dialogue that guides organizations in achieving congruence informs and engagesprovides the context between their desired public perception and their cultivates relationshipseats operational realities. connectsis using a variety of means manages communicationand mediums facilitates conversation is the management functioncommunicates a message that helps organizations and helps bring awareness to a communities cause, brand orarticulates and delivers key organization. It tells a story,messages listens and as a result participates in the shares information community and is social.Amplifies the conversation maintains awareness always strugglesengages brings organizations is storytelling and listening togetherfacilitates communications creates and manages opens doors conversationsenables the management ofan organizations reputation manages reputations has not solved this problemEngages sets a public image creates and influenceslistens to the stakeholders messaging andof a company of provides facts and communicationsorganization, creates interpretation of factsconversations based on seeks to informwhat they learn from them informsand builds relationships mediates cultural values communicatesrelates fosters a community Speaks withengages informs lends an informed voiceOne-to-many, one-to-one educates and informsand many-to-many Public relations positionsstrategically aligned individuals, organizations is the practice of engagingactivities dedicated to and causesprotecting and enhancing develops and managesbrand, brand awareness, connects organizations and messagescredibility, reputation and brandgoodwill enables starts a conversationuses strategiccommunication is a communications Plan assertive platform communicationinforms, responds to andcontibutes to publicly relates 18  
  • 19.  publicity and media Public relations uses the art builds mutually beneficialrelations and science of human relationships between communication to connectmanages reputations provocative ideas forms a messageenables the flow of builds understanding a strategy-driveninformation and insight communications practice makesshares verbal or written communicatescontent and conversations provides in a honest and transparent way creates and maintainsenables the flow of reputationsinformation and insight brings positive attention informsestablishes and strengthens communicatesstrategic relationships communicatesthrough ethical, honest and supports conversationstransparent actions promotes engagesis the art of communicating is a communication bridgeand interacting facilitates communication constructs a narrativeworks Acts as a medium provides a stage and aprovides strategic direction creates networks of captive audience dialoguecreates and maintains a Ethically and efficiencymutual relationship is about relationship manage organization-public management relationstalks AND listens brings together questions create the identity of adevelops an intimate Company/brandawareness of an engages a company,organization, product or business or organization attempts to distort people’sidea perception of reality relays a messageengages displays actions does whatprovides professional manages the reputation,assistance corporate image and public dialogue affairsconnects organizations communicates meaningful, useful messages opens eyes ofhelps an organization adjustits behavior is building trust through strengthen the connectivity engagement, demonstratingcommunicates my values beyond my facilitates a two-way communication businesscommunicates develop the "face" 19  
  • 20.  helps in finding the best Creates image saves the assesalternative creates, promotes and includes a wide range ofengages stakeholders maintains a message tools to inform or persuadingpeople use a broad-based communicatestraining, experience, and a is the strategic managementhuge dose of common engages functionsense facilitates interaction aligns the way a companybuilds and reinforces presents itselfrelationships advocates enablesmanages transparency refers to the practice of setting measurable engages and shapesConnect people with the objectivesright business Communicate creates engagement and ainfects call to action builds ongoing rapportare the ethical, interactive builds brand awareness connects companies andactions brands provides informationutilises a variety of connectscommunication channels Communicatesand networks was the placing hegemony facilitatesstrategic council and public Guidesadvocate is the strategic relationship management through connectsencourages mutual communicationsunderstanding presents messages establishes relationshipsfacilitates communication cultivates relationships is self defined. It engagescommunicates information Listensabout and creates an image facilitates ongoingfor the client -- product, conversations applies psychologyservice, business, person,or other is the umbrella under which produces publicity, key messages are manages media relationsinforms, learns and defends developed, connected to and communications, and key publics and distributed builds reputationCreates, guides and with state-of-the-artmanages brand communications toolscommunications to reach a is a professionwide range of publics advances understanding takes on the voicethrough various media and buy-inchannels. builds relationships maintainsbuilds networks of influence 20  
  • 21.  shares information is strategic communications is building and maintaining planning relationshipsprovides communication Provides channels of is the ethical and effectivemanages reputations communication managementInfluences manages communication Includes every activity and relationships designed to create, maintainmanages relationships and grow relationships connects clientscommunicates helps precise regulationscreates a positive message informs offers opportunitiesinfluences communicates storytellingis the strategic management encourages dialogueof relationships influence is the practice of building,manages information and anticipates perceptions strengthening andcommunication processes maintaining trust creates understandingDevelops and delivers vital communicateinformation communicates involves managing is the strategic Engages internal and relationshipsmanagement of external audiencesrelationships provides appropriate explains communicationsfacilitates a conversation is strategic and effective creates messagingcommunicates communications influences actions andManage all imaginable and inform society about recent understandingunimaginable sort of and relevant ongoing social,communication effectively political, economic, cultural is the C-level management activities function that organizes andbuilds trust directs two-way brand creates mutual dialog through multiple understanding channels and actionsmakes known a product ,acompany, an institution or aperson to the target publics is the art to relate manages reputationwith objective perspective planned is an essential internal andbuilds relationships with external advocacy communications discipline Utilizes bilateral and variedhelps create understanding, verbal and non verbalconnection and communications platforms is the C-level managementcollaboration function of defining and then purposefully championing 21  
  • 22.  relevant merits and values is Recommendation science of strategicallyof Management communicating and executing proactive ideasEnhances messages recommendation management connects organizations andopen brands recommendationsbuilds relationships and management builds recommendationinfluence Recommendation is the practice of strategic,creates messages to tell the management message-drivenstory communications Recommendationis the strategic management Management communicatesof the communicationprocess Creates content, creates an environment conversation and coverage"Public relations" is the that results in marries art and sciencepractice of effective action recommendationsand communication Recommendation Recommendation Managementprovides a platform management leverages various mediaengages is recommendation channels managementanalyzes the Recommendationcommunications landscape builds relationships Managementof Managing communications Recommendationis two-way, honest Managementcommunication helps people say the right things Recommendationcreates an image Management plansconverses connects fosters positive relationshipsGets Facilitates approaches find needssupports evokes a two-way builds communities conversationcreates and managesrelationships aligns the wants and needs enables organizations to of a company communicateRecommendationManagement serves as a conduit engage the publicrecommendation communicates an are the good-willmanagement organizations affairs ambassadors crafts messages 22  
  • 23.  creates positive communicates and engages establishes goodconversations relationships creates and managesconnects people images and perceptions manages relationshipscommunicates creates third party creates relationships recommendationsmessage builds relationships creates longterm,uses communications transparent and sustainable builds and developsstrategically relationships relationshipsbuilds bridges strategically applies interactstells and defends the story protects and enhances builds and upholds brand reputation relationshipsengages in communication Adapts with the changing is values drivenManages all media to provide up to datecommunications collaborative knowledge establishes a relationship between companies and the public in order to establishcultivates a positive image uses multiple media and maintain a positive image through digital andhelps connect brands physical public media helps a company or outlets. organization relate andcreates, builds, and have a good relationshipmaintains relationships advocates responsible for respondingis an ongoing effort to build quickly if an organization engagesand maintain strong ties faces an issue with a product or a person etc. it communicates also takes on a moreThe strategic use ofcommunications business side of upholds relationships communications. PR helps gains image back.strategically uses engagestransparent, two-waycommunications fosters and creates creates relationships relationshipssells a product or a person.A credible way of building effectively connects and is a mutual relationshiprelationships with people communicates between a client and anand organizations. Poses organizationan opinion that will sway communicatespeople. is one of the most effective manages relationships ways to communicate atells a story powerful narrative story creates relationshipsadvocates values-driven communicatescreates a strategy creates relationships 23  
  • 24.  is the management function establishes open and masturbates wild turkeyswhich builds and maintains honest communicationlong term, mutually works to create awarenessbeneficial relationships opens communication develops factual, fun andco-ordinates organizational establishes relationships unique positioning thatcommunication creates awarness conveyed is a communications best by third party sourcesengages management function and credible stories through various communicationbuilds relationships interacts vehiclesuses communication builds relationships builds a positive relationshipis the strategic management inspires Informs and cultivatesof competition and conflict relationships engagesinform and persuade facilitates valuable relationships involvesbuilds relationships bridges audience with builds relationshipis the practice of building informationand maintaining mutually increases awarenessbeneficial relationships is the relationship, the network between people increases awarenessinforms, educates, engagesand connects Establishes connections creates awarenessprovides organizations helps an organization raises awareness communicatecreates and develops informs acts as a bridgerelationships facilitates relationships fosters relationshipsinfluences beliefs creates communications fosters relationshipsconnects a brand addresses awareness engagesestablishes or maintains arelationship increases awareness sharesProvides a platform tofamiliarize, connect, and increases awareness is the development andengage the "public" cultivation of a relationship professionally maintains theis the discipline of public image creates opportunities tocommunicating with any develop social capitalperson related to the creates a positive messagecompany internally and build, supervise andexternally Lights the Way optimize works 24  
  • 25.  tells the stories concerted communication innovates effortsAsks uses all available communicates technologies and resourcesencodes the message for effective communication Connectspromotions It is a professional function manages reputations that leverages both physicalis the act of communicating and digital communication establishes relationships mediums (i.e. social media, news outlets, brochures) todevelops and maintains create, maintain, orrelationships fosters goodwill replenish relationships with key constituents, in a long-is a function to build attempts to win the term sense.relations day/week/month conversespositively communicates badgersmessages engages assists and encouragesis a means for establishing brings brands to lifeand maintaining manages relationshipsrelationships does damage control communicationsis a strategic managementfunction Networks Inspiresaids in the building of helps people and works businessesmutually beneficialrelationships creates a favorable climate is the process of developingIs a distinct management two-way communication provides the opportunityfunction that identifies,establishes and maintains a indirectly influencesmutually beneficial helps people, businesses perceptionsrelationships between an and organizationsorganization and its various builds and maintainspublics. is knowing what to say; relationships when to say it; how to say it;provides strategic where to say it; whom to creates an outlet forconversation say it to communicationstrategically and effectively influences is the internal and externalcommunicates promotion of operations provides relevant performancePublic relations shapes an informationimage connects companies raises awareness andworks engages audiences ethically communicatesis a process is the connection and relationship needed 25  
  • 26.  The methodology of manages organizational The practice or art ofcreating a communication decisions and creating and promotinglink communications messages to maintain goodwillpositions a brand provides research-based guidance fosters mutualhelps to define, create and communicationdisseminate clear and effectively communicateshonest messaging communicates values is a management andcreates communication function listens deeply and tells stories wellpeople drives business objectives creates a stable climateengages establishes and maintains reciprocal relationships manages an image andmediates influential interactionsrelationships managerial process utilizes all kinds ofsupports sales & marketing generates awareness communicationefforts We are sentinels, like a is an ongoing strategiccreates and manages lighthouse, steering our conversationreputations and relationship clients and organizations from harm, strong and helpsInfluences the behavior and standing tall.beliefs builds and maintains the management function mutually benefittingfosters conversations that identifies, establishes relations and maintainsdrives reputation, provides mutually beneficialawareness and is the deliberate, planned relationshipsunderstanding and sustained efforts builds mutually beneficialhelps human beings to get is a strategic process of relationshipsinto contact communicating, engaging, and collaborating provides two-wayEnhances and maintains communicationthe reputation and/or image protects company and brand reputation communicatesbuild effective relationships transmits news to the is a two-way conversationhelps build and establish people that cover the newsrelations creates open provide ideas communicationbuilds mutually beneficialrelationships provides ethical strategic shares information planning, consultation and implementation science connects the public 26  
  • 27.  strategically communicates builds relationships is the foundationcreates a two-way dialogue is the practice of communicates a message management concernedsupports business goals with understanding and creates and maintains an influencing strategically immediate and openpublic relations identifies important stakeholder dialogueand refines a problem or groups (publics) in order toopportunity, researches it to maximise the chances of is a process wheredetermine the prevailing success for the organization communicatespublic view organisation. plans and implementstakes an issue Persuades strategic communication programssets the agenda fosters respectful and informed relationships creates a dialogueis the use of any form ofcommunication to connect manages the manages interactions communication functionsfacilitates dialogue for exists as innovationcustomers shares meaning builds understanding andfacilitates communication establishes, compels and awareness maintains a positive emotional impression of theis a practice that informs organizationprofessionallycommunicates communicates on behalf of is a powerful a person or organization communications toolstrengthens relationships Communicates the promotes conversation andencourage CEOs to perspective of an understandingcommunicate organization Strategically engages indevelops a direct line of is the process of networking conversationcommunication shares connectsmanages the image andreputation communicates intentions changes perceptions on and actions how the public views aestablishes and maintains a matter.relationship manages, builds and maintains relationships collaboratesis building perception,through which a brand is deliversbuilt works via strategic two-way communication helps create a strong andfacilitates open influential brand identitycommunication strategically advises communicatesfacilitates creates positive engagement 27  
  • 28.   helps individuals and is the practice of building supportsorganizations connect relationships and communicating serves as the keeper ofpromotoes corporate reputation shares who we areeducates, influences and initiates and managesinspires provides a way dialoguesis the professional promotes a positive image promotes communicationmaintenance of a favorablepublic image through shares a message helps an organization withtraditional and new media creating mutually beneficialvia two-way communication facilitates conversations relationshipsbuilds positive relationships fosters communication engagesand awareness assists clients to engage is a profession that utilizesis a practice that the journalistic andprofessionally communication skills of the communicatescommunicates ideas and written, non-verbal andmessages spoken word is the practice of building awareness and trust by acommunicates tries to make it easier person or organization, often through massbuilds long lasting communications, strugglesrelationships Public relations is a holistic is the management functionIn a democracy, public business function that that creates and maintainsrelations fills the crucial role endeavors to cultivate mutually beneficialof fostering strategic connections relationshipsrelationships. helps people/organizations informs and influencesis the values-drivenmanagement of enables conversation nurtures relationshiprelationships cultivation, trust management, and loyalty Public relations is the art ofThe art or science of development influencing and managingcommunicating public perception is exploiting strengths andconnects and exposes a managing weaknesses makes people talkperson, place, product,event, service or idea enhances relationships communicatesbuilds relationships is the multi-faceted art of Disseminates information communication between afosters a communication brand, organization or entity is a strategic marketingrelationship function 28  
  • 29.  APPENDIX TWOWords submitted to Submission Field partners internal and external clients/consumers entitiestheir stakeholders their employers the purposetheir stakeholders an organizations for a product, person or stakeholdersaudiences company with stakeholdersthe public and in an effort tostakeholders nothing whom organizationskey stakeholders influence and rely on any organizations constituent audiencestheir customers, with an organizationsstakeholders and the public any organizationspublic constituent audiences of managementa company on behalf of the provider it customers represents,an organization language, media and with phonestheir customers technology with the mission of thepublics of the publics clienttheir stakeholders public audiencestheir stakeholders and key stakeholders everyoneaudiences the companies for publichear stakeholders companiesa platform an organizations organizationskey audiences stakeholders individuals, groups, andan organization people and ideas organizationsAudience voiceless organizations and theirwith its scripture audiences anyone the organisationsimportant stakeholders activities affects clientsany media and specific interested people organizationsorganizations 29  
  • 30.  the publics various publics with constituents or customersorganizations and the employers/clientspublic an organization and its a company or person stakeholdersclients and its key publicsand stakeholders clients the benefit of the sponsoran individual, company or any organization or person the environmentservice the public with: groups/organizations,words, photos, video practitioners both public and private for: the public, local citizensall an organizations organizationspublics individuals or groups who various publics have an interestfor brands or organizations businesses peopleorganizations main audiences pathcommunities brands and organizations by organizationswith practioners who (corporations, CSOs andengage the public through the events or stories are governments)various channels for the client to use in social media or any other with communication toolscompanies and their venue for exposure. Theconsumers players can be anyone. with target audiencesthose we represent a personalitys, products, key stakeholderswith customers or companys audience the publicsocial media, press others for the purpose of creatingcontacts, old fashioned interacts with the public a positive image or brandnewspapers, broadcast and internal stakeholdersand use of twitter /blog internal and external anyone publics, including media,insight the community, and an organization and its employeesits clients publics many publics the publicPeople mutually beneficial communication with target audiencesfor the business news-worthy information among groups with aindividuals and common interest or goalorganizations distortions and spin with the public and ana reputation all the tools it can muster organization 30  
  • 31.  between an organization key stakeholders an organization with itsand its diverse audience most importantgroups organizations and relationships individualsof relations those we work with an organization and itsclients existing and potential to a targeted audience (ie stakeholders public)integrity and urgency clients various and specificorganization and its audiencespublics companies, organizations and individuals with multiple public foran organizations key multiple interestspublics stakeholders with all mediaorganizations and the publics and organizationsmass public something this important organizationsthe organization stakeholder audiences various groups of publicsbetween an organization people and organizationsand its publics internal constituents and external stakeholders for an organizationpublic entities and theparties that disseminate consumer and corporate content driversfactual information to consumption between an organizationaudiences interested in through all channels and its stakeholderssuch entities a targeted audience decision makers at allhigh paying corporations levels of an organization an organization and itscontent publics clients and segementedpeople publics business andorganizationsmedia and the public an organizations goals and Audiences visionits intern clients/money stakeholderstheir message key stakeholders shared intereststhe public consideration by the public with integrity and a sensecustomers entities of urgencythe public management through among our clients and which organizations stakeholder andienceswith select audiences onbehalf of interested parties audiences 31  
  • 32.  between disparate groups any organization or organizations individualall types of organizations companies, organizations,and influential individuals and societies online and print mediastakeholders organizations the mediaclients and their publics Publics the building ofbusiness relationships citizens, consumers,key stakeholders (media, and/or other forms of writers and thoughtcustomers, investors, community members leadersregulators, general public) ranging from local to global, with stakeholders for anpeople organization stakeholdersthe opinion Test companies, brands andmedia, stakeholders and people using communicationstargets processes individuals, companiesan organization, its and entities contentemployees and keystakeholders organizations testa specific purpose stakeholders the publicinternal and external interested audiences organizationsaudiences with an organizations organizations and theirorganizations and constituents current, former andindividuals potential audience for businesses andcommunicators products for mutual learning and adaptation of commonbetween an organization audiences and goalsand its diverse publics. stakeholders interested audiencesvarious stakeholders Stakeholders between organizations andaffected parties employers and clients their publicsorganizations organizations within the context diverse minds, perspectives &between an organization for organizations and opinionsand its stakeholder publics individuals organizations, individualswhoever is paying companies/people and companies clients 32  
  • 33.  a client and its target employees and external the businessesaudience audiences in conversations with the key stakeholdersthe public and an of a brandorganization key individuals & communities responsible for theorganizations organisations social organizations and their responsibility, representbetween 2 or more parties publics stakeholders toorganizations management strategically selectedbetween organizations and people and groups stakeholderstheir affected publics its publics the dogreal people clients that seek out an individual orpublics improvements organizationmembers of learning an organization, brand, or between entitiescommunities and tribes identity for an individual orclients, people, great purpose and care organizatinorganiztations, to customers, employees, Brand followerscorporations, and media and investorsgovernments stakeholders and for the public influencersamong stakeholders entities and individuals with internal and externalfor the company and its audiencespublic relationships among its key audiencesthe public with the public Journalists / Bloggers /a companys customers, people Communicatorsthe media, and othercommunity participants organizations with a desire the people in these interested and affected communitiespeople or organizations persons and groups publics (audiences,their audience targets) helping peopleorganizations, including two or more stakeholdersfor-profits and non-profits, of the organizations we represent —driving solid, long-lastingOrganization relationships with relevant with the public, throughcommunities interactive communication, audiences/stakeholders, including members, the businesses prospects, media, 33  
  • 34.  influencers, social key influencers and key corporations, brands andengagers, consumers, audiences personalitiespolicy makers to be consolidated publicsthose engaged in theprocess the public clientsThis activity should be led the public organizationsby trained professionals between organizations and (between) communicatorseither from withing the the people who matter to and audiencesorganziation or in a themconsultancy structure, cultural network compatible interests participants with anstrategic publics interest in the brand or a organizations and publics brand-related topictransparentcommunication businesses, people, public (between) communicators figures, organizations, and audiencesstakeholders fashion, the list goes onan organization and on key stakeholders of an organizationtheir audiences internal stakeholder with userswords and passion people businessesDominik an organizations stakeholders organizationsbusiness and/or people more than 100 years both internal and externalbusinesses publicsto the publc companies, organizations, individuals, organizations and individualspeople and businesses companies orstakeholders public opionion organizationsthe public stakeholders its target audiencea diverse audience constituent stakeholders clientsTo establish mutually general audiences their audiencesbeneficial relationshipswith the public a brands constituents to better conform to the relevant audiences expectations of audiencestheir interested upon which theconstituencies organizations and groups organization depends organisations people 34  
  • 35.  public audiences organizations and the client; person, stakeholders company, organization,with the right people news medium, etc. an emotional connectionindividuals and companiesorganizations business, governments and organizations the society as a wholeclients companies and brands with online and offlineto defined audiences strategies creative usagebrands and organizations for a wide range of influencers commercial and non-stakeholders products, services, people commercial organizationsrelevant audiences and organizations around the worldwith community for clients/audience with stakeholderscorporations (or non-profits, advocacy groups, with internal stakeholders stakeholders andetc.) focused on external influencers constituencies speedstakeholders companies the environmentan organization focused on common of an organization ororganizations and people interests, and shared individualfor interest groups of any goals, over time,kind the relevant public of an consumers and organisationanswers stakeholders organizations and theirits target audience(s) for those who have a publics vested interest in trying toa company, organization control thought within the public peopleor individual masses (even when engaged in narrowed individualswhom targeting) stakeholders, constituents,audiences organizations customers, targeted segements of the public,organizations potential investors, and/or the public in customers and businesses general.people related target market words, campaigns andstakeholders PR-people customersindividuals, organizations, Organizationsand the world around them 35  
  • 36.  for people and its values stakeholdersorganizations organizations with stakeholdersstakeholders relationships and between an organisationa target audience information and its publicsconstituents relevant to the consumers a client or organizationtopic with individuals, groups, clientsthe community and organizations between the organisationthe public their consumers and its divers publics through communicationits organization organizations internal and externalindividuals and the companies, nations publics/stakeholder groupsorganizations Public entities about concepts anda specific or targeted organizationsaudience audiences clients an organization and itsall key stakeholders diverse publicsthe public strategic publics those outside the brand /audiences Closely companyinformation sharing clients stakeholders and the general publicstakeholders and the clients, organizations,public companies, firms, between people, cultures, corporations, etc organizations andclients and members of governmentsthe media that uses traditional and digital communications transparency andan organizations publics tools opennesseveryone the company they are with communication tools speaking forobjectives, strategies and the communitytactical executions the public and the media, through both traditional individuals andall of an organizations and social media, organizationsstakeholders the world organizations andpublic stakeholders publicstheir bosses between executives and the public their publicsan organization 36  
  • 37.  for the organization the stakeholders and for publics and target audiences of the organizationsaudiences organisation publicseveryone between/among groups of people/organizations businesses, non-profitorganizations entities and individualseveryone all key stakeholders an organizationpeople the most relevant publics a person, place, ora vested interest in order a businesses or an business organizationorganizations and anyone with an interest inindividuals between organizations or an issue individualspeople Others audienceswith all available means organizations and on behalf of an individualsspecific audience organization relevant audienceswith all of your audiences to strengthen connections to key stakeholders – brands, businesses, policyconsidering ethics individuals, institutions and and products those that influence them stakeholders, clients,between an organisationand its publics an organization service providers, charities and more!with the public that exists to brands, businesses andpersuasive an organization, person or organisations issue in a dynamic, freeMutually beneficial brands/businesses/public speech marketplacemessaging sector organizationsindividuals/brands/people/t brandhings opportunity brandsof organization- an organisation, businessstakeholder relationships or institution or individual 3rd party influencerswith constituencies of an organization brands, businesses andimportant to an productsorganization organization/publics organisationspeople "between" an organization and its public brandspublic interested humans 37  
  • 38.  parties who are impacted brands, products, continued support andby corporate decisions businesses, policy growthto the right audiences audiences to help an organizationwith top management key stakeholders key stakeholdersstakeholders target constituents anyone can work in PR. A PR member usually workspeople key stakeholders for a specific person orwords, sweat and media the organization organization. They initiallyknowledge also work for the public for the companythose of the public key messages entitiesinformation a community entitiesto internal and external a target audienceaudiences companies those who have an interestfor a wide array of one another in a company oraudiences organization stakeholdersa represented organiation organizations, celebrities public and individualstheir audiences targeted constituencies brands, businesses andwith citizens for brands bodies any entityand business between an organisation a business or organizationorganizations, individuals, and its internal andcauses and/or groups publics/stakeholders external influencersthe mass public individuals, organizations, information companies, governmentssales consumers with all internal andfor people and businesses with companies for the external stakeholders publicbrands, businesses, for clients in the publicproducts and policies organizations people through a variety ofitself or its clients audiences traditional and socialpeople, businesses, ideas media channels the publicand policy people and organizations desired publicsbrands, products, services specific groups that the consumers company depends on for 38  
  • 39.  publics the media, financial and Any organization or industry analysts, individualtheir clients and publics investors, customers and partners potential and currentpublics audiencespeople publics the target audiencepublics between organizations and publics externally with clients, butpublic also internally with those stakeholder groups colleagues and partnersbusinesss and their that can help, or hinder, anpublics organizations success. managed on behalf of an organization and its keyits publics with employees and stakeholders external stakeholdersbetween organizations and a target audiencepublics audiences internal and externalorganizations and the stakeholders audiencespublic among multiple peopleorganizations stakeholders target audiencespeople ones organization the worlddesired publics stakeholders stakeholderscompanies communities the publicrelationship building entities working together publicsthe interests of businesses organizations and the public the publicpractitioners with strategic cousel and publicall publics support consumersorganizations/persons diverse publics the publicorganizations and publics two-way communication the publicsCommunication is a key its audiencefactor in creating public consumersinformation and an consumers and their publicsunderstanding for companies, brands, etc.personalizing and publicproviding a base for with relatable brands,Values-driven people news, products and an organization services 39  
  • 40.  organizations businesses and a person and/or organizations organization for those thatThe Masses they serve selected audiencescompanies an organization the target audience andpeople in the local the brand/client/company companies, organizationscommunity companies Your Audienceorganizations and brandsto build timely and an individual or group all kinds of organizationsinfluential relationships orcommunities of with publics (This broadly key publics and encompasses markets, stakeholdersthe public and organization consumers, stakeholders, audiences and recognizes among relevant publicswith honesty and integrity the power of public our members and thecustomers, stakeholders opinion) industryand the industry an organizations important editorspublic at large publics an individual ororganizations brands, companies or organization nonprofitsstakeholders among organizations and organizations, brands, and their audiencesdesired audience persons the truthindividuals or that enables organizationsorganisations supported of all kinds (corporations, the public businesses, not-for-profit,clients etc.) a company or businessclients the publics among target audiencespublics Whom the success and for you failurethe public proactive and reactive publics and clients communicationinternal and externalstakeholders clients a client/brand/companyvarious organizations and for people, places and with the intent to benefitgroups things whom or industry an outlook of "objective goals"various stakeholders anybody with moneyreputations and values targeted audiences 40  
  • 41.  key audiences and between company and the relevant stakeholdersstakeholders consumer or audiences in orderbusinesses, organizations consumers organizationsand individuals private and public entities between an organizationa company or an and its publicsorganization words stakeholders includingclients passion customersorganizations or people who share interests brandsindividuals requiring and goals with theprofessional consultation organization all of us as citizensPlut-in formulas constituencies mutually beneficial relationshipsconstituents brands an organization and itorganizations and with publics for individuals publicsindividuals and organizations with stakeholderstakeholders for our organizations or communities clientscompanies corporations, institutions key stakeholderspeople the news hungry public organizations andnetworking individuals all types of organizations, including corporations,internal and external other human beings associations, non-profits,stakeholders health care, an individual or companyorganizations, people or entrepreneurial venturesevents all current and potential and others stakeholdersstakeholders and other through the use of theorganizations its clients mediaorganizations, people, and between an entity and its an organization, itstheir publics key stakeholders personnel and the organization, general and targeted internal and externalstakeholders, or public publics stakeholdersinterest clients people and organizationsaudiences group, business, groups who are interestinginstitutions and their organization for your company/publics organisation 41  
  • 42.  stakeholders, which can companies / organizations manages perceptionentail individuals andorganizations stakeholders and the organizations and their public publicscompanies, individualsand other organizations between the public and its specific groups of people organizationspublics organizations interested partiespeople and businesses stakeholders publicsan organization, event or ones perceptionmovement between every internal and external stakeholder stakeholders, the companyorganizations and their within an organization and the publicpublic an organization and its organizationsthe public publics the publicsbetween an organization with society and itsand its publics both current People employeesand potential organizations and their an organizations keyan organization or client audiences internal and external publicsbusinesses and the public stakeholders an organizations variousthe public and an audiences stakeholdersorganization or individual with an organization’s key individuals and groupsthe client stakeholders a brandcompanies or an organizationorganizations existing and potential target publics and stakeholdersclients/ key publics individuals company leadership,key stakeholders and within key stakeholders stakeholders and thecommunities for businesses and also general publiccommunications members of the public the organizations individuals and stakeholdersa client organizations individuals and companiesa client all concerned individuals the communityorganizations and groups a company and itswith an organizations people & ideas stakeholdersvarious publics 42  
  • 43.  an organization, entity or a brand or company and for an organizationsindividual’s various individuals in the public stakeholders, both internalaudiences and external third-party influencers(information such as traditional media, businesses, organizations, bloggers and social media individuals and mediaa person or a group of icons) in orderpeople a companys internal and the public external stakeholdersprospectivebuyers/investors/constitue an organization key constituentsnts/stakeholders/clients a person or organization key audiencescommunication customers, vendors and specific audiences,key stakeholders the community communities, public officials, business leaders,various publics diverse audiences organizations, agencies,with the public for an between different groups advocacy groupsorganization for well-meaning people with their publicsbetween its organizations identityand the public on various a communitymedia platforms with the people who are an organizations influential stakeholderswith targeted audiences between an organization peoplepublics and stakeholders and its internal and the massesPublic relations puts external stakeholderspeople in touch with with individuals,organizations, leaders, communications organizations and socialand issues an organization, (business, communities through brand) strategic interactiveon bhealf of organizations communication andand individuals for a client relationship-buildingyour audiences (clients, multiple publics each othercustomers, media, etc.) the public at large and/or everyonea target market the niche public The publicemployees, consumers, video or printmedia, government and companies, organizationsthe public or individuals 43  
  • 44.  APPENDIX THREEWords submitted to Submission Field 3.create value make them rebirth from their manage brand image ashesdevelop mutually-beneficial create a bondrelationships improve the brand one anotherestablish mutually-beneficial create a growingrelationships relationship build relationshipsinfluence perception, produce a beneficial create mutualawareness or behavior relationship understanding and the willingness to behave as abuild mutual relationships inform an audience across responsible part of the any media channel society we all shareethically shape publicopinion a targeted or large scale progress audience of consumers,engender trust and brand investors, and other people inform and be informedreputation of interest engagerepresents its self to internal inform and transformand external audiences encourage ethical people’s perceptions and communication and actions behaviors,represents itself to internaland external audiences gain trust and credibility deliver quality, targeted solutions aiming at a balancebuild relationships andreputation communicate an unsuspecting publicethically shape public adapt to, alter, or maintain inform and educate and, inopinion the environment the process, provide abuild trust and brand equity meaningful value add to communicate the values of each and every constituent their product, service,enhance reputation and audiences wants and organisation and its peoplebrand affinity needs. define behaviorengage with key audiences inform and educate and, in benefit the process, provide abuild trust and credibility meaningful value add to public each and every constituentits diverse publics audiences wants and increase trust needs.To make them see usthrough our eyes to increase their image 44  
  • 45.  in order that it may effectively engage improve relationships withconcisely and creatively stakeholders stakeholders and societyTELL THE TRUTH aboutthe product, service, or strengthen the publics tell a storymission of that provider, understanding foster conversationstweet everyone they "know" shape perception about a person, brand, corporation, improve businessIn order to movement or idea communicate effectivelybe honestly open dialogue with key audiencesmake it realize provide a voice in t the capture the hearts of the market place and to aid viewer or user of the clientsfind solutions informed debate product or service. To inspire a feeling of purposeconnect help them in the end user. Creativity is the essential ingredient tomore constructively and general public or targeted inspire devotion.productively engage with audienceeach other to engage them in a communicate discussion of issues andstrengthen mutual ideasunderstanding increase understanding and cooperation drive changebuild loyalty Create opportunities elevate, support, curate andbuild relationships defend the organizations describe/help them help theunderstanding image, brands and public picture a business leadershipunderstand goals and move identified audiencesbenefits communicate the truth to actionThis form sucks enable better understanding maintain the image of a brand, product, or service publicsguide perception influence people inform & educateincrease awareness create a story sell commodities and ideasto change opinions help generate a profiles of sell and confusemaintain mutual user opinions andunderstanding preferences to change their behaviorget you the reputation you create community assure a positive perceptiondeserve increase understanding of bamboozle the publicto change or reinforce purposebehaviors among target inform, maintain relationshipaudiences influence public opinion 45  
  • 46.  build or improve the build and maintain mutually manage effectivereputation beneficial relationships communicationscreate understanding honestly and transparently to establish awareness inform, persuade, orencourage and facilitate otherwise communicate create and managesocial harmony information deliverelevate your views educate achievediscuss key messages spread knowledge, truth customers and stakeholders and informationinfluence, educate oradvocate Consent share, explain, informexpose Achieve Strategic Goals the worldfurther the organizations build understanding clearly state a companysstrategy and goals mission foster public knowledge,foster a mutually beneficial engagement and discourse communicate a brandspartnership ideals elevate statusclarify information adopt certain beliefs or take adapt to, alter of maintain certain actions their environmentto generate interest andmutual understanding define, affirm, clarify, or to increase understanding revisedevelop two way the communitycommunications influence to build relationships andthrough the use of planned educate and provide foster engagementcommunication resources raise awareness, promotebetween an entity provide understanding greater understanding,create and nurture guard or restore enhancerelationships reputations, change keep the name and image perceptions and behaviorprotect and strengthen alivereputations improve communications promote the mission of the and understandingbuild and maintain company/organizationrelationships to explain and persuade better understand products,manage relationships deliver consistent messages services, and issuesshare information, cultivate and maintain stakeholderscollaborate and even relationshipsdebate build strategic and lasting convey its intentions relationshipsas its conscience 46  
  • 47.  build image bolster an entitys reputation respond to audiences feedbackcreate and enhance establish relationships raise awareness throughmake and communicate influence thinkers media, partnerships orpolicy decisions social networks ensure the right informationfacilitate two-way is shared speak to audiencesunderstanding advocate causes define who they arecustomers, clients and/orthe general public create enhance relationshipsidentify mutual interests The profession relies on maintain relationships research, goals andilluminate ideas planning to communicate form educated opinions effectively, influenceserve as an organization’s opinions and attitudes, create understandingconscience and strengthenits reputation to create, manage and inform the public promote an organizationsto effectively and promote understanding reputation and to create aconsistently promote culture of trust and to createmeaningful dialog transparency effectively communicatecreate facilitate understanding of a situation communicate withfoster better understanding audiences change behaviors andreach common beliefs through a variety of meansunderstanding, (social media,engagement, consensus to motivate mutually advertising/marketing,building, and the supportive behaviors media relations,management of government relations andcontroversies spin the truth organizationalidentify problems and effectively communicate communications, etc.)repair/assets and add value their respective communitystrategies/tactics build and maintain do whatmanipulate public opinion relationships with facilitate positivemanage reputation, convey stakeholders considerationmessages, and create a twoway conversation engage and communicate build relationshipscommunicate manage the organizations encourage discussion and public presentation, to commentaryof any group or groups of provide the relevantpersons information, and to properly represent a place/product/thing 47  
  • 48.  enable understanding and create better relationships allow each to understandaction the other increase valuespread the word engage their appropriate learn with and from each audiencescommunicate, gain insight otherand collaborate inform the public including explain their initiatives or a competitors, media, orinfluence a cause, idea, project to the public or consumerspolicy or behavior within specific group of people relevant public audience(s)shape the greater individualsdiscussion and influence find like-minded-nessopinion influence opinion to be better informed andnews and information to foster development and growth generate positiveraise awareness awareness take actioninform, increase awareness, through strategicpromote a transaction help shape the brand story,and/or foster loyalty increase company justify acceptance in theto leverage each other marketplace, and share along informationspread news survive and/or thrive positively influencefoster an ongoing dialogue be actively involved understand valuecreate one story, one thread get caughtof the story that everyone help such orgs better to ensure that heightenedidentifies with understand their public and brand awareness publics better understandcommunicate said orgs create valuesbuild and maintain a solid Represent the general publicreputation and presence connect the general publicfacilitate a certain image to promote the interests of to build enduringinform and persuade organizations and groups of relationships and manage people with common the internal and externalexchange ideas, persuade, interests information about perceptions ofform opinions, positionparties in the information connect ensure long-lastingstream or consciousness relationships of trust encourage a climateform relationships have sound conversations to actively supportcreate and maintain and take informed decisionsrelationships eat popcorn 48  
  • 49.  to effectively and efficiently establish and maintain help raise awareness andcommunicate responsibly effective relationships gain consumer and media coverage engage each other describe its valuedefine a mission and or a the public and interestservice / product groups influence and engageinfluence key publics establish mututal create mutually beneficial understanding relationshipGain share of conversation inform the public influence thinking anddeliver arguments of change behaviorsorganizations inform by working with traditionalpromote sound interactions ensure quality and new mediacreate goodwill customers advancecommunicate to help public opinion gain favor/credibilitywho can create and keep their minds open influence agendasdisseminate content continually create and provide an accurateprovide an open and honest recreate depictionconversation in which boththe company and its build a relationship build lasting and meaningfulstakeholders can exchange relationships peel back the marketingideas speak engage in conversationinfluence opinion or action To engage with and add communicate effectivelycommunicate value to stakeholders communicate with theirto generate consistent, build a shared point of view target audiencesauthentic target audience shape public opinion publicsbuy-in, third-partyendorsements and positive and encourage spread awareness, increasepublic perception through interest and build reputationgenuine conversations, stream a messageevents and through the art its publics to understand and supportof story-telling andemotional connections. advance the public improve visibility and discourse promote reputationinfluence behavior build connection and foster to advance shared valueskeep their message focused engagement, understanding shape public opinion and participation in thetactically and strategically brand community orhelp the organization meet activitiesits business goals. 49  
  • 50.  advance the public that educates them improvediscourse a wider audience ensure they are alwaysestablish mutually beneficial seen and out there inrapport and goodwill among engage and convey different aspectsthese stakeholders messages alter statusesevaluate and analyse their promote a multi-dimensionalpropensity and behaviour exchange of information drive positive brand awarenessacquaint them educate create awarenessengage in two-way achieve organizationalcommunication with their objectives begin and manage aaudiences strategic dialogue develop symbioticrecognize issues that need communication with its elicit a specific action(or dont need) to be publics interact with the publicaddressed move perceptions, galvanize action or over time, in support ofshare information andgather feedback influence behavior see beyond selling and engage their audiences marketingcompletely share amessage, brand or product their public solve problems and tellto a consumer stories enhance communicationscommunicate news foster a relationship persuade thembuild trust via honest, timely its publicscommunication connect enact changeshare knowledge and promoteexpertise inform their constituents to be more human-like inand to let them know that the organization their communication andthe organization behaves in behaviorthis manner change mobilize our resourcesinspire open conversations which help to inform to promote theirbuild relationships participation and increase understanding and conversationto cause or prevent an awareness andoutcome promote effective define what the targets relationships and dialoguefoster positive dialog and needs are with customers and otherharmonious relationships stakeholders build awareness,aware acceptations and relevant for mutually beneficial action 50  
  • 51.  facilitate create a mutual foster relationships and understanding and concept partnershipssmooth business of both the organizations purpose and the publics informationsurvive needs places hegemonythat promote goodwill and influence, inform, educateunderstanding Adapt influence behaviorbuild relationships, engage create exposurein dialogue and influence achieve mutual goals andopinion interested parties understandingunderstand and influence engage in dialogue communicate through variesbehaviors channels Stakeholderscreate value create build relationships influence behaviourr that lead to advocacy anddevelop relationships loyalty increase revenues andcreate demand for what the profits build relationships andclient offers shape public reputation raise awareness ofbrands, institutions, people create changes in help, to get the feeling andNurture and leverage the behaviors, attitudes, word out or handle a crisisrelationships forged. perceptions communicate importantchange attitudes and maximize positive outcomes information about abehaviors and win company better communicatearguments become more transparent help their companyprovide a sense of inform and translatecommunity throughout a to understand, believe, actprocess maintain relationships developgalvanize action think or behave drive clear-eyedcreate a dialogue endorsement createcommunicate an communicate achieveorganizations value create conversations and reach a targeted audiencecultivate relationships tell stories stakeholdersinfluence and persuade make happy funstakeholders achieve mutual influence understanding,build brand loyalty organisational goals understand and supportdevelop loyalty 51  
  • 52.  observe, inform, create mutual enhance informationcommunicate, persuade, understanding and define sharingetc. common ground fully present components ofto key stakeholders encourage action an individual or organizationthrough the use of facilitate conversations through a mix of directed,communication ethical and measurable ensure openness and communications activities --connect and educate transparency media other than paid advertising - communication -tell a story form trust-based in order to engage themcreate interactive relationshipsunderstanding maintain understanding to present the good side ofcreate value the picture engenderreach influence to achieve understanding and trust,communicate the company Influence target publicsmessage establish stronger create an attractive/worthy relationshipsrealize goals representation communicatedevelop strong relationships focused, over timer, on common interests and all stakeholdersmaintain an open dialogue shared goals persuade audiencesbuild trust, confidence, create allies or eliminatereputation, mitigate risks gain understanding and opposition interestgirls communicate "to" achieveprovide context and awarenessaccurate information building and maintain create and maintain the relationshipstroubleshoot relationship ensure authenticity andcreate quality interactions produce mutual integrity are sustained andcreate action understanding nurtured between brands and consumers, employeesbetter life create relationships and and stakeholders strengthen communicationinfluence the behavior of recommend appropriateforces working establish long-lasting good actions and messages relationshipbenefit all parties its publics create an amicableunderstand environment promote their relationship with the public 52  
  • 53.  listen and share and achieve measurable goals influence their opinionsengage increase business information that is mutuallyTalk (In a Good Way) beneficial a variety of constituentsimprove relationships with create dialoguestakeholders to create awareness, foster understanding, and relay information and tosecure area acceptance of the resolve problematic issues organizations activities into help use the power of order to communicatetrust from our circles ensure they have create relationshipany third party information further their brandscreate coverage, encourage a changedconversations and content inform others behavior or actionboost awareness insure encourage and formdrive awareness and change drive sales andprompt action sustainability influence attitudes andgenerate positive behaviors secure greaterrecommendations understanding and converse with its audience awareness amonggenerate content, coverage important audiences create/increase awareness,and conversations that improve brand reputationcreate reactions inform and entice develop relationshipscreate recommendations to succeed listen, engage, understandencourage literally, relate to all of theirrecommendations publics ensureraise awareness and create content, coverage generate goodwillinfluence brand preference and conversations inspire and facilitateachieve publicize relevant new items conversations and dialogueincrease awareness and increase awareness / sales engage each other in opengood reputation communication generate conversations,in the right way coverage and content alert management to current problems they may reflectcommunicate honestly with use content, conversations negatively on the companyall the organisations and coveragestakeholders achieve facilitateimprove acceptance achieve mutually beneficial build and sustain outcomesaddress them 53  
  • 54.  By selling a product or convey a message build relationshipsperson, a PR member isinfluencing the thoughts of communicate better understandthe public. People are set a positive image maintain a strong reputationbasing their opinions onwhat your selling and inform influencepromoting. maintain a healthy two-way generate the necessaryreach a specific audience communication conditionshonestly inform create mutually beneficial help organizations relationshipsinfluence or maintain achieve goalsperceptions to connect ideas understand thefurther it’s business goals improve communication engage, influence andbuild a reputable name and an understanding connectcommand the right publicrespect create awareness achieve a goal pertaining to strategic communicationschange behaviour increase the success and reputation foster greater understandingto promote mutual and collaboration amongunderstanding and make companies look good stakeholdersrelationships focus on specific publics shape behavior andto connect with and attitudes with key publics understand publicsinfluence cause a conversation to improve the communicationimprove prominence of take place with relevant publicsbrand position in the marketplace change behaviors either promote their products or ideas in a way create relationshipsprovide knowledge that is on good terms withgain attention everyone promote communication between the 2create understanding responsible to fix any problems publicly increase exposure andstrategically position awareness promote the values andincrease the success beliefs of the organization convey their messagebuild conversations build, value, and maintain a attempt to create an positive purpose in the understandingset a positive image relationship create loyalty and overallbuild on the relationship inform them of a companys awareness into a businessbetween the two key messages, strategies or personality and industry trends 54  
  • 55.  establish and maintain diverse stakeholders interact with each othercommunications that aretransparent and lasting to reduce uncertainty within build trust the minds of the concernededucate, inform, share, shape perceptionsengage and facilitate a to help develop educated opinions, influence decision cultivate positive publicdialogue making and motivate to opinionsshare information action ensure understandingcommunicate encourage action, dialog raise awareness and decision-makingcollaborate increase public awareness informinform stakeholders and perception obtain a remarkablebelieve communicate with all of its reputation stakeholdersimprove communication build relationships, enhance foster increase in sales, a image and reputationinform better public image, and a raise awareness for its maintain loyaltyguarantee success services, products and/or The organizationsincrease productivity activities create relationshipsinform define and deliver their message(s) their audiencediscuss increase the viability to promote and buildkeep them informed engagement and brand increase the viability awarenessensure foster increase profitsbe more informed inform establish, build, andinform create a mutually beneficial maintainpromote relationship reach different categories ofincrease positive create dialogue and open publicscommunication with the discussion publicspublic through strategies, tactics, Communicateincrease awareness actions and events protect and build theIntrigue shape opinions and change reputation asset behaviorsbuild relationships with the foster a better environmentpublic accept ideas, entities, and creates better productsinform understanding of the issues 55  
  • 56.  form relationships publcize its products and communicate promote the value of aadvance, defend, protect company or organization develop positiveand promote our priorities relationships have visiongive them develop productive to mitigate crisis and engagementcommunicate and advocate manage expectations enhance customer basebenefit each other and engage them in dialogue to inform, educate andkey audiences develop mutually persuade satisfactory communicationsto recognize of people important to them understand themhelp create a public image drive understanding and maintain a positive public engagementfor the messages imagecorporations, governments, drive engagement, loyaltyand NGOs build relationships and passionown your reputation and tell contribute get feedback on theirthe world who you are actionsbefore someone else does send and receive messages promote overall satisfactionrespond to challenges and establish a desired positionopportunities and build in the mind reach mutually satisfyingrelationships goals, sometimes with communicate about pragmatismpromote and protect the positions and initiativesclient’s reputation promote exchange dialogueillustrate a viewer or promote awareness andconsumer an overview aid in the influencing and actionglorified that will enhance understanding of actionsbusiness, personality, engage in two-way build relationships communicationindustry or media strategically advance build trust with publicsaffirm and shift opinions anddecisions establish a defined people relationshipchange perceptions, to encourage the buildingattitudes and behavior decide and sustenance ofthrough content that is relationships and reputationearned — rather than inform, educate andowned or bought converse with the public stakeholders about its actions, thoughts,enhance their public image expertise and forecasts achieve mutual understanding communicate 56  
  • 57.  create and protect the brand engage in discourse inform, raise awareness,and reputation build reputation and create a dialogue sustainable relationshipsbuild presence in the publiceye maintain and create foster relationships relationsstand guard for freedom in to improve the flow of morethe flow of information communicate accurate informationwith its various publics to gain awareness and improve transparency, impressions inspire dialog, find commonestablish and maintain groundmutual understanding communicate adapting ideas gain mutual understandingto build relationships in anethical, transparent and encourage communication in order manage existingauthentic manner and potential relationships host effective and valuablegive customers, conversation realize, adapt and enhancestakeholders a reason to the perception build mutually beneficialcare and do business with relationships inform about the activities ofthe organization an organization create mutually beneficialinform, report and catalogue relationships Mediaestablish positive maintain mutually beneficial promote mutualrelationships and relationships understandingcommunicate with multipleaudiences, ranging from the public achievecustomers and clients to themedia, donors, employees, communicate galvanizecontractors, members of the raise awareness becomecommunities served andothers effectively communicate key to ensure support and messages demandconvey a favorable image tothe public connect with key audiences create and maintaincreate and sustain a mutual relationships with publics then devises a plan tounderstanding of needs and change/modify, or confirm it promote intelligent decisiondesires making a public forumestablish an open to ensure an active set ofrelationship guide communications champions are loyal, strategystart a dialogue excited and defending of the reach a state understanding organizationmake a positiveenvironment to help them connect, and influence the people that 57  
  • 58.  can benefit from the increase profits the publics important to theirbusiness/persons cause success manage the public image ofhelp them understand and the company and its provide a messageinteract with their publics perceived values turn them into believe ofimprove relationships maintain transparency what is being offered especially during times ofeach other change or crisis educate, inform and connectmanage brand/image market and publicize ideas, progress and news establish an open dialoguefacilitate two-way through traditional, social orcommunication interact experimental forms of mediaserve the interests of promote transparencysociety, the industry, and inform and educate publicclients maintain clear audiences communication and openestablish two-way dialogue enlighten themcommunication channels audiences experience the maximumfavourably support benefits of communication accomplish a goal within relationshipsshine light on their brand orpersonal image engage in a dialogue allow the person or organizationfoster a clear channel of create smilescommunication in order to build awareness of a brandfacilitate a strong working cause engagement with a or productpartnership company/person create understandingsecure the necessary build and maintainrelationships relationships encourage collaborationform friendly and loyal sell its products, services, to achieve the clients’relationship needs missionsbuild trust and mutual improve the flow of accurate build a relationship betweenunderstanding information and strengthen a cause or a company relationshipsestablish an environment of the achievement of successunderstanding help explain about as it is definedenhance goodwill mutually benefit maintain integrity of brand, evolve and buildreach all pertinent so that their opinions can relationshipsaudiences help shape policies, positions, and products. key audiencesachieve project or businessgoals and objectives 58  
  • 59.  build support, (increase create informational links give people, businessesconsumers, profit) that convey key message and organizations a voice points that can make an impactto garner public support foster mutually beneficial to have a productiveachieve relationships conversationdeliver crafted messages advance the organizationsand engaging information goalstarget audiences provide information the public needs to knowpositively position its brandin the marketplace 59  
  • 60.  APPENDIX FOURWords submitted to Submission Field 4. 60  
  • 61.  connects organizations the benefits of both parties the sustainability of organisations and trust ofenhancing an organizations the benefits of both parties their audiencesreputation and value the purpose of promotion, the betterthe purpose of enhancing research, or customeran organizations reputation service an ongoing discussionsand value about matters in common increased brand awareness,achieving business results driving sales, communicate educate/transact a messagethe betterment of a organizational successbusiness and society often for the purpose of increasing awareness, It works primarily throughtheir organizations interest, devotion, or the use of media relations consumer demand. and other forms of thirdthe enhancement of the party endorsement.brand or organization the benefit of each audiences interests advancing organizationalthe purpose of facilitating goalsthe achievement of strategic mutual goals andorganizational goals understanding of interestsimproving a companys the purpose of achieving nothingvalue organizational goals. to what corporations moneyto add value to an external and internal enhancing the credibility oforganization audience, however the organization and its role insignificant their voice andthe enhancement of the (no matter how small or stake bebusiness arcane) in making the world targeted associations a better place.the betterment of theorganization companies enhancing the credibility of the organization and its rolethe advancement of the public (no matter how small orbusiness arcane) in making the world achieve commercial a better place.the purpose of enhancing successbrand value for the purpose of enhancing recognition realistically setting andthe purpose of mutual meeting EXPECTATIONSunderstanding increased awareness among all concerned.Profit/Popularity better understanding realize the clients goalscreating a more valuable mutual benefit advised/informedthing at the end. the betterment of society moneyany organization 61  
  • 62.  that is more than just for ideas, facts and the improvement ofbrands out there. viewpoints understanding between an organization and itscommunications problems good decision making stakeholderswith their publics to establish public positive outcomes awareness and get thetheir mutual understanding message out before your overall happinessand benefit competition does , with your spin. increasing awareness, salesrelationship development or other goals betterits products/services For the purpose of the purpose of achieving beginning the ripples in theearn support mutual goals pond. One pebble can beawareness and education the beginning. Most people Us to connect with one look for an idea. PR peopleconstructive relationships. another are idea people.This form is too restricting Russian peasants the benefit of everyone involved in the conversationincreasing profitability the purpose of increasing their knowledge about the tomorrowimprove the situation company, its brand, and its products promote the organizationtarget audience and deepen engagement to benefit the individuals with itslong-term, sustainable and organizations users/customers/investorssuccess mutually beneficial results. ensuring understanding andmanaging your future positive image among effectsthe purpose of influencing various publicsdecisions such as buying or increasing awarenessvoting. mutual success evaluating value of usersachieving business the overall success of a with recommendations forobjectives company, brand or further enhancing image organization and brandsan organizationsachievement of its mission awareness among its consumers.the purpose of driving profit and self interest better understanding andaction: consideration, appreciation profitpurchase, votes,investment, support achieving a desired for the purpose of obtaining(financial or otherwise), etc. behavior their objectiveseveryones benefit to accelerate mutual benefit and prosperity 62  
  • 63.  the betterment of whoevers organizational goals and furthering a clients agenda,writing the checks serve the public interest be it reputational or cause- relatedthe organisation. and is publics perceptionsprofit advancing the clients interests the purpose of buildingserve as the liaison or the brands, creatingholder of information for any growth and success organizational alignmentgroup/organization to the and/or providing societalpublic and vice versa mutual benefit of the benefit. organization and its publicsorganizations media, influencers and mutual benefits stakeholdersachieving mutuallybeneficial objectives. mutually beneficial the advancement of understanding in business mutually beneficial goalsconversations and communities reputationfor and among the because no one else willorganizations stakeholders, allowing the public know thewith the greatest to create a better society company, organization, orstakeholder being society individual better the use of said audience initself any manner they see fit, as disseminating information,achieving strategic well as for the public entities selling products, and/or forobjectives themselves, for the purpose the good of the whole. of increasing exposure tomutual agreement influence awareness more informed decision- leading to desirable actions making from all sidesincreased understanding on the part of the audienceabout an issue or an to promote, protect, preventorganization population and persuadegreater audience mutually beneficial mutual understanding and relationships between dialoguethe client and community organizations and publics the purpose of reputationeveryones benefit accuracy, information, building and advancing knowledge business prioritiesbetween companies andpeople important to their world domination to strengthen and maintainsuccess brand value clear communicationto create good will and image (product or persons)address concerns about a in the worldbrand or organization a specific message the worldto achieve mutual mutual understandingunderstanding, realize 63  
  • 64.  to promote understanding marketing, media relations, the improvement of societyand goodwill social media, employee and government relations, to educate, inform, mobilizeCommon good among other programs and problem-solveBenefit of Client increased satisfaction of all positive stakeholder involved parties perceptionmutual benefit enhanced reputation, image what has not beenbusiness, governmental and discovered and profitsocial benefit achieving common purpose and change behaviorspublic awareness toward mutually beneficial everyones mutual benefit outcomes.the purpose of achievingorganizational goals growth and success to differentiate and position your organization as atheir mutual benefit supporting an environment leader in the industry in of mutual understanding order to affect revenue andgreater understanding and and benefit a stronger relationship withconversation stakeholders and the understanding andfor the betterment of the community acceptancebusiness entity as a whole bridge the divide restrictiveour clients. positive change and between themthe public good outcomes. building good will, achievingto enable its sponsors to mutual success. a consistent perception ofachieve their objectives with authenticity, and cultivating money.specific audiences. long-term, mutuallyfill-in-the-blank form beneficial relationships a common goalcreating common communicate, sell, change mutual growthunderstanding and otherwise make a difference accomplishing corporatefor mutual benefit objectives the sake of a clientsmutual understanding and reputation to facilitate business,benefit relationships and an important message informationsustainable dialogue acrossall engagement platforms in the interest of any accomplish an instrumental individual or group. organizational goalssupport of the organizationbuy and for its stakeholders growth better understanding of an issue, individual orto achieve an informed an organization, company organziationpublic understanding or corporationutilizing research, 64  
  • 65.  reputation building and the greater good of the the mutual sharing andmanagement organization understanding of informationthe public and other a specific group of peopleinterested parties a better functioning world successful communicationskey audiences an organization or agency testlong-term mutual benefit connecting in our human disclosure, marketing, conditionenlightened understanding awareness, and topicaland perspective thought leadership improving business and imagebrand differentiation marketing the mutually beneficialpurchase and messaging the betterment of the exchange of information audience and/or the and ideasa product, policy or idea organization meeting a business orrelationships for the greater good of the organizations needs futurethe organizations mission its product public consumptionmanaging public opinion fulfillment of needs and mutual understanding and desiresmaintaining the respectorganizations mission sales, reputation, and social the greater purpose of acceptance purposesa complex world increasing the knowledgewhat purpose and well-being of the human successful outcomes racesustained profits or mutual benefitcontributions its services, programs, talents, anything the purpose of developingtransparency deeper and more nuanced long-lasting awareness, relationships.product launches, industry brand management,news, competitive reports resonation, and trustability. As mouth pieceand life interest stories brand imagery mutual understandinga favorable impression of social good improved communicationsthat thing that is conveyed and understandingto the public at large the purpose of informing, persuading, selling, mutual understanding andthe greater good motivating or winning relevancebusiness success, approval mutual benefitcommunity building andinspiring discussions no purpose the sponsoring organizations success 65  
  • 66.  success, satisfaction, and For the brand, be it a accurate content, interestingwell-being company, person, product ideas and personal, or cause. professional andgained exposure, credibility institutional value.and revenue organisation survival, success, social legitimacy the benefit of all partiesthe purpose of telling a storyoften unknown, things of personal and mutual dialog and,misinterpreted, or public interest hopefully, understandingincomplete becoming thirsty the purpose of meeting theirmutual, sustainable benefit information needs and (no for, with) consumers creating a understandingbringing realization to others and constituentswhat your company is about the purpose of maintaining- who you are, what you to garner some form of a brands reputation orstand for, and what you support productcare for. to cause them to think the benefit of all involvedfor companies/institutions to positively about thebe more empowered to individual or organization the good of the communityshare their stories. To drives sales awarenesstheir mission conversation and increased businesscommunications publication product growthbillings that strengthen positive relationships reach conclusionsthe ride purpose of achieving the and consider all angleseveryday challenges organization’s goals shared understandingan effective relationship understanding the good of thedoing good things to help influence the people organisation/event etc you desire to reachcomes with measurable and enabling an educatedmeaningful results and build a climate of open decision communication engagementthe good of the community To create partnership, trust and trust.and the people and respect that leads to growth or change mutual understanding andeducate, relate, and provide possibly supportunderstanding mutual benefit the greater good of alleducate, relate, and provide dedicated to protecting and concerned.understanding enhancing brand, brand awareness, credibility, strategic business or reputation and goodwill organizational objectives 66  
  • 67.  our influencers public relations in order to develop or strengthen its relationshipunderstanding the purpose of ultimately with the audience. improving brand equityorganizational goals and actionobjectives their mutual benefit the organizationin the service of new the benefit of all involvedbusiness/sales for a transparent purpose the indirect or direct benefitmutual benefit of the organization or (Dont try to force something individual that controls the that isnt)a particular cause brand. of goods valueinteraction and awareness their mutual benefit to make an informedthe company purposes that support decision or opinion business objectives byany type of situation a greater good arming the stakeholder withall parties the truth corporate reputation and achieving a myriad of valuewhat seems to be limitedgain objectives that benefit all the greater good of an parties in the process organizationthe achievement of specificand measurable goals promotional advertising changecompanies and the development of ethical, better two-wayorganizations mutually beneficial communication relationshipsorganizational interests mutual benefit and the benefit of the client and satisfactionthe organization or providercompany a better world increased awareness,achieve business or understanding, and creating dialogues andorganizational goals acceptance of information, measurable values interests, events, anddeveloping a positive affinity our constantly evolving causesfor that brand world the sake of buying into athe common interest of all mutually beneficial product, brand or ideaparties purposes in the future the good of the organizationcollective benefits the sake of raising mutual understanding awareness, calling to action,improved awareness, and overall gaining publicityadvocacy and action improving understanding, with the ultimate goal of learning, and affectingthe growth of the increasing the bottom line changeorganization 67  
  • 68.  what purpose undertaken by special the management of interests—activities reputationunderstanding ultimately intended to subjugate The People into shared values andtrue and useful information relationships compliant little consumersproviding them batter and followers. improvementservices support accomplishing businessbehavior goals effective reputationcreating a better consumer management the purpose of raising theexperience clients value. to embrace our version ofbuild trust reality create coherent imagegreater absorption companies To create goodwill and clients specific needs consumer confidence.their products, services andcauses to create social and building beneficial relationships with economic valuerelationships stakeholders and thus goals of the organization orpublic to become aware or advancing organizational personact upon goals a succinct end resultan overall image. their optimal use the benefit of the companysolving clients business for increasing the brand represented and the publicproblems awareness between their target and also improving mutual understandingincreased action the knowledge of costumers needs individuals and societymutually beneficial long-term gains symbiotic results achieving specified social-,the goal of growing usage, business- or organizational- the purpose of increasingsatisfaction and value goals and objectives businessthe purpose of building a outcomes growing long-term trust andloyal fanbase marketing growth gaining trust and credibilitymutual understanding and increased profits make life easy but alsobenefit both for more competitiveorganizations and for improved communicationstrategic stakeholders. inner necessity and efficiencyan authentic connection between itself and its business, entertainmentbetween the two sides. stakeholders quantifiable responsesdivert public attention awayfrom the activities 68  
  • 69.  the organizations we serve awareness and to establish the socialfor and the public interest understanding legitimacy of those ideas and entities.influencing the general mutual outcomespublic to achieve mutual value understanding, realizethe organizations long and organizational goals, andshort term success defined results serve the public interest. serving the public interest (CPRS - Flynn, Gregory &building trust Valin, 2008).advancing a point of view, a product, person, service or organization mutually beneficialproduct or service existencethe business and the the public to acknowledge and gain respect for or clear improving an organizationsaudience up a situation brandtheir image the purpose of achieve the goals of themoney strengthening and organization, person or continuing the relationship government who requestedthe benefit of the with the public and the the servicecommunicator, individual or mediasociety at large the organization better comprehensionmutually beneficial the business goalsrelationships the organization the purpose of creatingits products and service companies or public figures good will and improved the bottom line for a companya common message positively about your clients or organizationthe public and stakeholders mutually beneficial mutual success and benefit outcomesprofit the mutual benefit of both mutual understanding an organization and itsour goals and objectives publics influencing their perceptionmotivating, educating and expressing theinforming the public. change organizations messagesmutual benefit to serve the public interest and analyzing their impact on the intended publicmanufacturing consent.. gaining and maintainingThe job is still the same but trust, legitimize the to build a better societypr do her pr in redefining organisation, help to reputation protection andherself manage crises, etc. and sharing numerous other purposesTheir role in the larger greater goodsocietygreat causes 69  
  • 70.  increased exposure in the communications the communication andmarketplace management of reputation achieve the aim of the and trustknowledge organisation to do something beneficialwelfare beneficial coexistence to the organizationor against the goals of said publics self-interests the publics loyalty andinterest support on your gaining long-term gain organizations products andachieving mutual beneficial (lucre) servicesgoals itself and its publics delete "for" the goal ofa message the benefit of all entities securing the publics trustfor the purpose of creating involved the purpose of the creatingthe conditions needed to the purpose of engendering a greater communityachieve strategic goals. interest, trust and respect the advancement of publicpositive change that distinctly articulate and and private sustainability,to improve your business or clarify relevance and value growth, trust andorganization for its defining mission, advancement products or services, socialby guiding groups or achieving operational and benefit and people, often toindividuals opinions, business goals achieve a specific sales orattitudes, behavior, habits business outcome. a better understanding offorward an appointed aim the organizations works in a desired and meaningfulcreating strong, sustainable way. the better understanding ofand measurable outcomes the purpose of the person,and value gaining a publics support. place, or businessfor making this world a stakeholder loyalty, create mutual benefitbeautiful place or convey change, provide credible reassurance in About Your Companypublics tumult, build awareness, foster diplomacy and improving quality oftangible and intangible promote a product or decisions and acceleratebenefits for consumers of position. their time of implementationsaid information compel a predicted ones successful existencein support of mutual behavioral response or and developmentunderstanding and mutual grow commerce.benefit. to filter the good from the its different target audiences badAchieving organizationalgoals while improving the information the benefit of that causebroader community.what they feel. 70  
  • 71.  increased advance its mission, a more informed societyrecommendations, reach priorities and maintain itsand revenue reputation. the mutual benefits of the company and the customersgreat recommendations! making informed decisions about products, issues and businessincreased sales organizations goalsincreasing sales its targeted audience an increase in businessbrands, people, policies, relationships, engagementbusinesses what they have to offer and communitythat support business trust and confidence societyobjectives and result in controlsales the purposes of advancing their issues, mission and/or organizational goalscontributing to business or perspectivesbrand objectives in a the betterment of bothmeasurable way to improve the relationship between the public and the expressed purpose ofchanging consumer organizations engaging and educatingbehaviour and driving sales shareholders, stakeholders maximizing profit and the public at largeclarity and goals maximize connections and mutual benefitthe company and minimize exposurescommunity win-win on both sides generate ripples ofat the right time recommendation reliability and resilienceto ensure that its policies, public awareness and the purpose of promoting aactivities, values and people education company as a goodare known and understood community partnerin order to establish a more influence / profitplatform of mutual mutual successunderstanding and clients to achieve their comms objectives clarifying issues, providingacceptance sufficient transparency andan organizations mission generate third party clarity of managements endorsement - objectivesbetter relations recommendations its goals.businesses and non-profits interaction the realization ofthe benefit of both parties positive relationships organizational goalsthe development of affecting favorable behavior This is to create business,understanding and PR is continuously sellingcooperation their overall business something or someone new objectives on the scene. This keeps 71  
  • 72.  not only the entertainment audiences amenbusiness alive but anyorganization or public figure the companies success that underpinsalive. organizational success valuesbrand and cause awareness behaviors the purpose of thestrategic relationships organization to keep a good organizational success reputationa better understanding of a attain their businessclients background and an organization and its objectives, enhancemotives publics reputation and engage constituencies in dialogue tothe benefit of both the better understanding of further those ends.organization and its needsstakeholders for the organization and better understanding and when possible, for keyto gain credibility and management publicsprofitability its customers in order to fulfill his missionachieving comms and and vision any organizationcommercial objectives mutual understanding the organization orin order to balance different company the purpose of relaying aviews and come to anunderstanding of each specific message their publicsothers points of view better decisions that shape clientsthe public our world businessa greater market share mutually beneficial and organizations measurable outcomesthe public everyone to see greater understandingmutually beneficialrelationships to gain a positive image the greater good back to the publicpositive outcomes mutual benefit better public opinion of theyour organization or clarity and transparency organizationcorporation. with the ability to build between a company and itslasting relationships connections publicsthe companies success the purpose of presenting brand awareness and the image they wish to recognitionenhance both their success convey uphold clients interestspositive relationships for the issues at handsaid publics connecting ideas and reputation management needs 72  
  • 73.  This is about trust, support better business mutual understandingand ethics for thebetterment of business oil crisis actions and reactions fromwhether it be a for profit or both the TA and organization success client/brand/companynon-profit organization mutually respectful and the publicthe benefit of the beneficial outcomesorganizations key a predetermined objectivestakeholders including to enhance theemployees, the media, the communication with one participating in ourgeneral public, board of another communities, in ourdirectors, management and democracy, in our worldcustomers the purpose of creating intelligent and responsible success achieving businesscreating or sustaining a decisions and actions. goals.relationship the mutual benefit and the its products, people, placesinformation success of ones and causes organizationa purpose defined the betterment of society knowledge and leadershipmessage distribution. to build a positive reputation a common interest and mutually beneficialwhat you need them to relationships that support changing perceptions and the organizations goalsmutually beneficial causes yielding favorable response (and dont say BUSINESSsuccess goals because that leaves the purpose of developing a out not for profits).an organization mutual relationship company/ public figure/a company or client their audience(s) organizationsuccess of organization future successful ventures in an effort to maintain and successful ventures create relationships, actionan organization and influencetheir own good relationships mutual benefitsuccess of an organization knowledge for an interactive movementsuccess of an organization organizations and that influences action stakeholders to connect andorganizational success understand each other their agencyorganization benefiting and building of mutually beneficial civil society relationshipsfavorable business expression of second gaining their trust andservice generations human rights goodwillAdvantages the greater good inform 73  
  • 74.  your brand the public eye and encouraging community communication,business success understanding, passion and evolution corporate growtha better, well-informedsociety maintaining a positive themselves if they want to image in the minds of the participatethat are mutually beneficial public. the continuous building of awinnings sake bad idea for this sort of trusting relationship by thing. being transparentreasons to bill clients maintaining or improving customersall recognized publics - local relationsto global everything the general good of thecommon goals public the purpose ofbrand awareness understanding, support, and mission fulfillment collaborationimportant public health customer and shareholder mutual advantageissues valuethe company or business increasing sales the purpose of creating athat is in line with the brand increased understanding,company or businesss adjustment of attitudes andideas. positive relationships a change in behavior.advocate. mutual information and to achieve our relationship-building organizations or clientsyour own good missions or objectives. preferred action for ormutual benefit toward the organization, an organizationa positive outcome for the people or eventsclient. the behaviors or actions promoting goodwill for all required to meetan overall approval or parties involved organizational goals and"buzz" that shall increase ad objectives. informing and engaging allrevenue, marketing and stakeholders in positive trying to move at the samebusiness relations pace with the universe or athe greater good of society little step in advance the elevation or degradationthe purpose of meeting of reputation the overall public well-beingorganizational objectives or and consumers information and mutualother desired outcomes benefits improving organizations andultimately generating the communities they serve the success of the institutionrevenue and/or visibility. 74  
  • 75.  to better the reputation of with the intention of Authentic relationshipsthe client in the community changing the publics actions by influencing their in order to build two-waythat furthers the entitys opinions. mutually beneficialmission relationships encouraging long-lasting,organizational relationship positive and productive a campaign/cause on behalfbuilding relationships between all of your client partiespositive outcomes for the the purpose of coming to abenefit of both clients and creating and maintaining mutual understanding.the publics they serve organizational integrity effecting changedrive awareness, so stakeholders understandrecognition the benefit of the client how they can benefitand organisation. discussion heaving a good relationships a better understanding ofa positive impact the issues that matter to to clarify perceptions of anthe benefit of all concerned them organizations or individualsprofitable integration of an image the mutual benefit of bothorganizations new and the public and the building relationshipscontinuing relationships organization leading to a positive imageincreased news more productivity and organizations and receptiveness respectivelyFreedom individuals aligning ideals and values,which its success or failure mutually beneficial and engaging stakeholdersdepends relationships in decisionsthe ability to make the the better good of the a richer understanding andworld a better place company as a whole interactivity among themfor the benefit of both the the good of all parties achieving better outcomesorganization and its involvedstakeholders. cooperation and royalty the betterment of bothmaintain or boost parties leading to a secure andshareholder value, attract positive image of the building authenticand retain talent organization as a whole relationshipsa world that wants to know the organizations in order to the organization or client build a better relationshippersuading and the public with its publicsthe mutual benefit of society both parties a good reputation of theand the organization latter the common good 75  
  • 76.  Create Visibility a profitable and positive the purpose of building future awareness and eliciting thebenefit of the organization desired action or behavior the best interests of allmutual outcomes parties involved clientsaction long-term collaboration sustainability of a brandskeptics the organization to gain the the companies public image goodwill they need in orderfor that organization’s the benefit of consumers to carry out their missions.products, services, mission and shareholdersand actions. creating an environment open to the organizations a richer understanding andthe mutual benefit of both interactivity among them functionsthe organization and itspublics organizations products, programs or causesethical public policy maximizing its potential the organization and itsto ensure long-term viability, success publics and stakeholdersgrowth and success client Public relations specializesmaking the world go round in bringing people together, the purpose of fostering finding common ground,better mutual understanding positive feelings about the and fostering joint decision-and success company making.the benefit of all involved the creation of trust to build and maintain those between the organization relationshipsgreater understanding of and its stakeholdersconcepts to help/enhance the the purpose of bettering a organizationsbeing viewed with integrity specific brand through print image/businessin midst of crisis and online sourcesmutually beneficial them to become future understanding consumers and spread therelationships word to others open relationships with allthe purpose of building, relevant parties the purpose of attaining amaintaining, and growingmutually beneficial long- better understanding of the the purpose of advancingterm relationships goals and values of both and achieving the goals of parties and working to meet the organization, entity orthe mutual benefit of all and succeed these individual expectationsorganizational goals and create mutually the purpose of encouragingthe right message to be beneficial relationships with positive endorsement of aperceived by their public its audience product or service, therebytarget audience mutual understanding resulting in the sale or use 76  
  • 77.  of said product or service by organizational objectives the business to sustain andconsumers grow the benefit of establishing athe purpose of better relationship whatever necessaryunderstanding education Companies and people togenuine connections with communicate theirthe individuals and groups creating goodwill, informationthat help it achieve its goals sustainability and understanding greater awareness,the purpose of achieving understanding andtheir goals educating audiences about credibility issues, services and/orincreased sales or services products find its waybetter communication the purpose of promoting an advance their mutual organizations public image interestsgreater understanding success think or act favorablyuphold a positive image communications between reachto achieve satisfaction for organizations and theirboth parties involved publics to increase awareness and meet long-term businessthe individual or the good and ethical goalsorganization transformation of our society highlight a product or service about each others goalssustainable influence and get things done and desiresresults a social media world Educate, inform, andawareness and mutual promotebenefit the benefit of society establish, improve orsuccess an organization, cause, maintain open dialogues product or service and build mutually beneficialtheir goods, services, or reciprocal relationships withproducts. universal understanding multiple audiences # # # 77