Selected Residential Projects


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Selected Residential Projects

  1. 1. Ries Advice Selected Residential Projects The Papageorges/Menard Residence Architecture A Whole-House Renovation on a Dramatic Site Architecture Damascus, Oregon A plain and rather predictable ranch house from the 70’s was transformed into a Construction quiet family retreat. The owners fell in love with the 25 acre site and its Management spectacular views of Mt. Hood in the distance, and the Clackamas river below the cliff. Their vision for this house was to provide a place in which a young family (and their dogs) can grow up in the quietness of the upland trees and the Community Development calming beauty of the views. The entire house was stripped bare, a two story & Enablement addition was added to the Northeast wing, the kitchen was completely redesigned, the garage turned into a craft room for young children, and a pool was located between the house and the cliff overlooking the river. The Noel Peterson Residence A New House in Hood River Hood River, Oregon A new house recently completed. This house is set on a sloping site with views to the North encompassing the Columbia River, the Gorge, and the mountains beyond. To take advantage of these views, the entire North side of the house is opened up with windows and strategically placed door enabling access to a balcony and decks outside. The living area and master suite are on the top floor, with extra bedrooms and a rental unit below. The Lund Barn Adaptive Re-use for an Historic Barn Kurow, South Island, New Zealand An old barn on the site of the Anglican Vicarage was the starting point for a holiday house in this area only a few hours from the Southern Alps. Built of dressed Oamaru Stone and in possession of pristine proportions, the old structure adapted very nicely to the necessities of modern life. Truth be told, it only took a small bit of imagination to open the attic floor and to replace a few of the solid doors with large, multi-paned windows to allow the volume and texture of the structure to achieve their potential. Design work included sleeping lofts, a large and comfortable kitchen, a bathroom in the space of the old caretakers room, an artist’s studio facing the light of the courtyard, and a courtyard planted in indigenous wildflowers. • The Ries Renovation A Poetic Fix-up Portland, Oregon This house was the archetypal “worst house in a good neighborhood”, and was sadly in need of work. The foundation was repaired; the house brought up to seismic standards; the too-steep stairs were re-designed so that the owner (this architect) would no longer fall down them; the old roof was demolished and made way for a roof and dormers in keeping with the bungalow style; the PO Box 3677 kitchen was creatively modified for more light and a pantry while the upper P r l n , O 9 2 8 o t a d R 7 0 level was designed for three bedrooms, two home offices, a bathroom, a light Tel 503.764.2330 Fax 866.936.1119 filled hallway and sleeping porch. The end result is a house that is light-filled and cheerful, a complement to the lifestyle of the current owners and instantly recognizable as “our house” by owners past. Scope of project included all Email: r e . r h t c u e @ g a l c m i s a c i e t r m i . o design and permit drawings, estimating, construction management, and a large role in the actual construction. Paul Ries, Architect (an architecture and design counseling company) 1
  2. 2. Paul Ries Architect NCARB The Fleck Home Office A Renovation of a Studio into a Home Office Portland, Oregon A large home with a semi-detached studio was the starting point for this renovation. The studio interior was demolished and new lighting, casework, and display cabinetry were design. The office environment was designed for ledger work and featured adequate task and ambient lighting as well as a built-in niche for a four foot bronze statue. A round window above the desk was located so that it looks into the heavily foliaged and beautifully colored courtyard beyond. Scope of project included design, permit drawings, bidding coordination and construction observation. Owners: Pat and Cork Fleck Contractor: Steve Gramstad PO Box 3677 P r l n , O 9 2 8 o t a d R 7 0 Tel 503.764.2330 Fax 866.936.1119 Email: r e . r h t c u e @ g a l c m i s a c i e t r m i . o
  3. 3. Paul Ries Architect NCARB A Small Kitchen Renovation For Debbie Hunt Portland, Oregon The owner of this house wished to change her kitchen from the previous quasi-commercial kitchen built originally by the owners of a locally famous dessert restaurant to a more intimate space sized for family cooking. Complete demolition of the existing kitchen preceded the rebuilding of a small breakfast room and colorful kitchen with breakfast bar and baking counter. Design help included design, permit drawings and construction observation. Owner/Artist Debbie Hunt was involved in all aspects of design, colors, and equipment research and selection. Owner: Debbie Hunt Contractor: Doug Gunesch PO Box 3677 P r l n , O 9 2 8 o t a d R 7 0 Tel 503.764.2330 Fax 866.936.1119 Email: r e . r h t c u e @ g a l c m i s a c i e t r m i . o
  4. 4. Selected Residential Projects Houseboat Design Design Counseling for a Houseboat Addition Portland, Oregon A pleasant afternoon spent sketching concepts for a renovation to a houseboat on the Willamette River. Design studies included the layout of the new second level, the location of the stairs and the entry sequence past the office cottage. Lodwick Addition A Gable Front Addition to a Turn of the Century House Portland, Oregon A typical Portland bungalow c.1925 that was slightly too small for the owners. Scope of work includes design and permit drawings for the addition of a studio/office, a renovated kitchen and the surgical insertion of a 1/2 bathroom off the main entry hall. The new plan of the house is archetypal in that it reflects the layout and feel often seen in these old houses. Smith/Rude Dormer New Dormer for an Old Cottage Portland, Oregon A small project for the practice, a big step for the homeowners. An old house in the Sellwood area needed a dormer. All construction was to be done by the homeowner, immediately preceding the start of the rainy season. A small set of drawings were completed for the permit submission and a list of materials prepared for construction. A few phone calls, discussions about construction techniques, and site visits later, the dormer was up and the house was dried in. Tolvstad Basement and Wine Cellar A Basement Apartment and a New Wine Cellar Portland, Oregon The genesis of this project was having a large extended family with the need for both long term and short term overnight capacity. Storage space for a burgeoning collection of wine was also needed. The daylight basement is currently being designed for a two bedroom apartment with views to the hills beyond. The wine cellar will also be located in this basement and is being designed to heighten the visitor’s experience of selecting, opening and sampling the wine. The aesthetics of the new cellar can only be described as something that grew out of a movie set and includes a revolving bookcase entry and a circuitous tunnel leading to the collection. Scope of project includes design of apartment and cellar as well as all special environmental detailing of the cellar. Moore Remodel An Opening of the Interior of the House Sherwood, Oregon A ranch style house, c 1960 that was moved to its present site and located in such a way as to leave no clearly demarcated entry. Though the owners have made- do for many years, this renovation will look at the existing house and attempt to bring some order (or at least serendipity) to the entry sequence and layout of rooms. Project scope includes the design of the aforementioned entry sequence (including front patio, entry walk and driveway), as well as some work in the dining/kitchen area and a possible new garage. Paul Ries, Architect (an architecture and design counseling company) 2
  5. 5. Selected Residential Projects Rebecca and Russ Teasdale Design Studies and Permit Drawings for an Historical Addition Portland, Oregon A turn-of-the-century house needed to grow in an historically sensitive way. Design drawings were first developed to help the owners plan for future phased work on this house. Later, construction drawings were requested and produced for the addition. Project consisted of two bedrooms, upper level gathering area for the children, laundry area, lower level family room, enlarged dining area, renovated kitchen and a potting room. Villa La-Paz A Good Use for an Old Apartment Building Tigard, Oregon A renovation of an 84 unit apartment building into affordable housing. Owned by a non-profit organization, and put together by a project team consisting of public and private organizations, this project demonstrated the ability of a community to provide for affordable housing at a sustainable level of spending. The project strategy was twofold: repair the existing units; and, provide for a central gathering and socializing space for the tenants. All design and construction decisions were made by asking the question: “Given the extremely tight budget, what is the least amount of design and construction that must be done to enable a soulful and enabling physical environment to emerge?” (project design and management with Aron Faegre and Associates) 1011 N. Killingsworth Changing a Turn-of-the-Century Commercial Building into Apartments Portland, Oregon Design advice and permit drawings for Terrell Garrett in turning an historical building in inner NE Portland into much needed housing. These apartments effectively brought a grand old building back into circulation for the city and is serving as a cornerstone for the future development of the neighborhood. Design help included many discussions with the City of Portland Bureaus of Building and Planning, as well as coordination with the various engineering consultants which comprised the design team. A fundamental charge for this project was to keep it financially feasible for a private developer without sacrificing the needs of the city or the neighborhood. (Project design and management with Aaron Faegre and Associates.) Mickey and LuAnn Anderson A Renovation of a Farmhouse Carlton, Oregon A small c.1930 house that needed to grow. The owners wished to take advantage of the pastoral land to the South and expand the living portion of the house. The roof was razed and re-built with a master suite designed for the large attic space. Small dormers flood the upper level with light. A redesigned kitchen and many fire and life safety upgrades complete this large renovation. Design help included design, permit drawings and construction observation. Paul Ries, Architect (an architecture and design counseling company) 3