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Job Categories

  1. 1. Ries Advice Project Categories Architecture Commercial Adaptive Re-use Projects Architecture Iurillo Law (B,R2) Occupancy Change to Building H45 Construction Management Garfield 6-Plex (R2) 7912 SE 13th (B) The North Portland Wellness Center (B) Community Mississippi Crossing (B,M,H) Development Sin (Upscale Martini Bar) (TI) & Enablement Lambeth-Tag Mixed Use (F, M, B) Interstate Special Events (M, B, R1) Parker Mixed Use (R1,B,M) The Grain Store Lofts (NZ) (R1,M,B,H4) The Falcon (R1,A3,M,S) West Mississippi (B,M,A3) East Mississippi (B,M,A3,R1) Women Tree (B,M) It's A Dog's Life Play/Day Care 18th and Alberta (B,M,S) The Lund Barn at the Vicarage (New Zealand) Eastbank Esplanade Restaurant Washington Street Lofts (R3,B,M) The Bakery Lofts (B,H4,S) Mississippi and Shaver Building Storefront and Adaptive Reuse The Singletary Storefront and Adaptive Reuse (B,M,R3,A3) MLK and Columbia (R3,S,B,H4) The Argyle Building (M,B,H4,S) Russell St Theatre The Weimer Building (B,M,S,H4) Eagle Fern Large Animal Veterinary Clinic Homebodies on Broadway New Dawn Cafe / Kuts-4-Kids and Adults (M,B) NE Community Policing Center at Walnut Park (M,B,I,H) (w/AFA) Walnut Park Retail (w/AFA) New Commercial Projects New Tenant Design for Excalibur Cutlery at Clakamas Town Center Emory Music Rehersal Pods Greenway Chip Bins and New Recycling/Sorting Buildings Paul Ries, Ongoing research for developing air rights over existing buildings Architect, The Alberta Street Market NCARB 46th and Fremont Eastbank Firehouse and David Campbell Boathouse Eastbank Apparatus Garage Clarice Samples Townhouses (M,R3) Hilltop Lofts (R1,B) Walnut Park WIC Retail (TI) The Best of All Worlds (TI) PO Box 3677 P r l n , O 9 2 8 o t a d R 7 0 Billy Oskay Recording Studio Tel 503.764.2330 Djata Cultural Center in Mali, West Africa Fax 866.936.1119 Portland Public Safety Building (w/AFA) Flightcraft Business Aviation Terminal (w/AFA) Email: r e . r h t c u e @ g a l c m i s a c i e t r m i . o Paul Ries, Architect (an architecture and design counseling company)
  2. 2. Project Categories Commercial Repair, Renovations and Additions Beaterville Café Possession Storefront The Haroun Storefront Mudai Ethiopian Restaurant Jungle Gym Fitness Center It’s a Beautiful Pizza Shepler Refrigeration Tropicana Restaurant Geist Re-roof Quantec (TI) Wallace Books Lombard Street Renovation Drake’s 7 Dees – Gresham Living Enrichment Center Bookstore and Lobby Corbett Country Market The Lynch Building Renovation (w/AFA) Echo Community Center, Library and City Hall (w/AFA) Communication Services Addition (w/AFA) Schools DaVinci Middle School – Starting a Magnet School Buckman Covered Play Structure Visitor Centers, Parks and Base Camps The Desert National Wildlife Refuge Visitor Center (Mojave Desert w/OTAK) The Hart Mountain Shop (w/OTAK) Hoyt Arboretum (w/AFA) South Slough Observatory and Base Camp (w/AFA) Libraries Scappoose Public Library (w/AFA) The Columbia Center (B,A3,M) (w/AFA) Hospitality The Center City Marriot Entry Renovation The Octagon Hotel, Dunedin New Zealand The Benson Hotel Renovation (w/ TCP) Palm Hills Resort (w/ TCP) Maile at Hanalei (w/ WWATG) The Sheraton Maui (w/ WWATG) Hilton Hawaiian Village (w/ WWATG) Hyatt Coeur dé Lion (w/ WWATG) Hospitals and Medical Care Facilities Multnomah County Aging Services Center Mid-County Health Clinic ADA Upgrades JCAHO Survey; Multiple Sites Paul Ries, Architect (an architecture and design counseling company)
  3. 3. Project Categories Edgewood Life Care Facility (w/ EFA) Castle Medical Center (w/ RHH) Queens Medical Center (w/ RHH) Adult Day Care Center (w/ RHH) Land Planning and Development Services 811 Stark Street Feasiilty and Design (M,B,R2) H45 Unit 104 Home Occupation Permit H45 Building Appeal for Occupancy Change Renee Ross Development Feasibility and Storefront Upgrade Mississippi Crossings Zone Change and Comp Plan Ammendment Greenway Conditional Use GreenWay Recycling Environmental Design Review The Sorrensen Change of Use and Occupancy Council Crest Lot Segregation and Code Analysis “The Capes” Expert Witness and Document Review Centennial Mill Feasibility Study Station 7 Adaptive Reuse Feasibility Study Transient Boat Dock – Eastbank Esplanade The River Queen Moorage Hwang Appeal Tish Development Options Dreisse Feasibility Study Monte Shelton Parking Lot The Quimby Adjustment Vinge Design Review and Code Compliance Garrett Land Swap Goodman Parking Lot Brentano Estates MLK Streetscape (w/AFA) East Side Facility Needs Assessment (w/AFA) Multi-Family Residential Projects Brush Praire Apartments – New Construcion 149 units/HUD Fulton’s Crossing Apartments - Parking Garages and Land Planning Miramonte Apartments – Parking Garages and Land Planning Multnomah Village Apartments – Renovation, Interior Design, Sunwood Apartment Renovation Moreland Lofts Rose Community Development (non-profit, 80% median) Villa La-Paz (non-profit, 80% median) (w/AFA) 1011 N. Killingsworth (market rate) Tambor West Condominiums (market rate) (w/AFA) Single Family Residential Remodels and Additions Ogi and Sheri’s House Renovation The Wilson House Addition Lili and Anabelle’s House Ely’s Dance Studion Addition Ely’s Basement Conversion Nicholson Renovation Setboonsarng Interior Design Paul Ries, Architect (an architecture and design counseling company)
  4. 4. Project Categories The Wright Renovation Kunert House Move Forbes Addition Welty Renovation Peroni Renovation Rychlick Renovation Manley Lee Attic Conversion Marty Opsahl Renovation Toldrian Renovation Neils Interior Design Heintzman Renovation Marandas Addition The Garrett Garage Vic Tuttle’s Addition The Lopresti Renovation The MacNaughton Porch Carlo Peratoner Addition Tony and Kathy’s Dormer and Renovation The Hazelten Renovation The Jacobs Addition The Wilson Renovation The Quezada Addition The Fox Addition Tuna Brown’s Repair The Adam’s House Renovation The Girtle House Renovation 2137 Renovation Renovation to an Historic Cabin in Zig Zag OR Wallace Renovation The Laster Addition The Hatch Basement Watts Remodel The Martin Remodel The Howard Renovation The Shanafelt Remodel The Papageorges/Menard Residence The Lee Renovation Warren Counsel The Johnston Kitchen and Addition Payerwold Kitchen Smith/Rude Dormer The Armbruster Dormer The Inaba Kitchen Kies Renovation Mike and Carol’s Addition Koon Counsel Ted and Tracy’s Basement The Wearn Addition The Rosenthal Renovation Church Counsel Flagstad Renovation 4626 Bathroom Leigh Addition Walsh Counsel Mullen Counsel Moran Counsel Lodwick Addition Paul Ries, Architect (an architecture and design counseling company)
  5. 5. Project Categories Tolvstad Basement and Wine Cellar The Wilson Kitchen Hoddick Addition Dalton Counsel The Porus Deck (no pun intended;-) Moore Remodel Rebecca and Russ Teasdale Houseboat Design Rait Counsel Pawson Renovation Dawson Counsel Johnson Basement The Martin Kitchen 1633 Bathroom Lance Renovation Mickey and LuAnn Anderson Hillesland Garage The Oldham/Taliaferro Garage, Deck and Terrace Joan Plank Renovation The Tesner Kitchen Dowley Counsel The Mitchell Foundation The Brainer Remodel Knowles Counsel Thomsen Garage Kem Remodel Kirsty’s Kitchen Hargrave Counsel Kem Kitchen Gramco – Misc. Projects Doka Studio Haines Residence Dean and Jenny Gadda Jackson Wine Cellar Susan Smith Addition Jim Peake and Brenda Wise Lampert Sunroom Renovation The Carpenter Attic Heiberg Flood Damage Repair Pankretz Counsel Suzanne Montgomery Pre-Purchase Walkthrough The Ries Renovation Fleck Home Office Minkler Kitchen Steve and Jenny Sampson New Single Family Residential Projects The Ogi Ognianov House Leigh Cabin Overlooking the Klickitatt River Artists’ House on the Bluff The Silva House The Williams House The Snelling House The Garrett Tree House The Noel Peterson Residence Freidrich’s Tower Paul Ries, Architect (an architecture and design counseling company)