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Augmented reality

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  • 1. Consumer Augmented Reality What they’re seeing What they’re saying What they’re doing John Moreland April 26, 2011
  • 2. Augmented Reality (AR) – What is it?
    • Overlay information (text/graphics) on real world imagery in real time
      • Pattern/face recognition
      • GPS/Compass
  • 3. Augmented Reality (AR) – What is it?
    • Mobile Devices now enable useful applications
      • Web 2.0
      • Commerce
  • 4. Motivation
    • AR standards don’t exist yet
      • Awesome apps vs. Awful apps – How to know before you buy?
        • Text Description?
        • Pictures?
        • Video?
        • Hands on?
        • Word of mouth?
    • Research Questions
      • How does the public learn about AR applications?
      • How does the method of exposure affect the public’s perceptions of AR technology?
  • 5. What type of AR ARE people talking about?
    • 30 days “Augmented Reality” (22,082 posts)
      • Majority iphone apps (peaks are new apps)
  • 6. What type of AR ARE people talking about?
    • 30 days “Augmented Reality” (12,521 posts)
      • Majority games (peaks are new games and hacks)
  • 7. Case Study – Nude It (Awful App)
    • YouTube viral video late 2009 – spoof iphone app called Nude It
    • “ Presselite” (legitimate app developer) releases a real $0.99 app called Nude It in January 2010, links to the spoof video and implies (but doesn’t state explicitly) that it’s a tech demo.
  • 8. Nude It
    • YouTube spoof video that started it all
      • Viral (2 million+ views)
      • http:// www.youtube.com/watch?v =G_AzDO_uwz8
  • 9. Nude It
    • The real Nude It app
      • Static overlay that must be manually aligned/scaled
      • Static image (not live camera)
      • Non-interactive
  • 10. Nude It
    • Viral nature - New posts continue daily, like this post on April 12, 2011
      • “ NUDE IT app for iPhone (see people naked) This revolutionary augmented reality app lets the user see people naked. The app removes people's clothes in real time. It's our answer to the TSA privacy issues :) Simply launch the app and point your iPhone's camera at anyone and you will see them without clothes. This is the original NUDE IT”
    • Which still prompt responses like this tweet also on April 12, 2011
      • “ I really, really want the 'Nude It' app xD Too bad I don't have an iPhone!!”
  • 11. How Does the Public Learn about AR Applications?
    • 30 days of “Augmented Reality” (63,128 posts)
      • #1) Micromedia; #2) Blogs #3) Comments
  • 12. How does method of exposure affect perception?
    • 30 days of “Augmented Reality” + “I Tried” OR “I Used” (144 posts)
  • 13. How does method of exposure affect perception?
    • 30 days – “Augmented Reality” Sentiment
      • 75% Positive or Somewhat Positive
  • 14. How does method of exposure affect perception?
    • 30 days – “Augmented Reality” + “I Tried” OR “I Used” Sentiment
      • Majority Negative
  • 15. Analysis - What does it all mean?
    • Micromedia overwhelmingly creates an “ooooh… ahhhh…”
    • There’s currently a lot of AR buzz. Only a few are paying for and trying AR thus far
    • People think AR is great before they try it
    • People aren’t so happy once they try it
  • 16. Conclusion
    • AR is becoming useful… not just a gimmick anymore… but…
    • The Awesome Apps are mixed in with the Awful Apps… Micro Media posts don’t distinguish the good from the bad.
    • The Good app developers need to step it up on the Micro Media front
    • The AR community needs to establish standards to help distinguish between the good and the bad
  • 17. Questions?