August 2006 - Skills and attitudes


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August 2006 issue of Corporate ezine PR-e-Sense focusses on "Skills and Attitudes" required for employees.

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August 2006 - Skills and attitudes

  1. 1. India’s first corporate PR ezine VOL 1 Issue 6 - August 06 Published by Prime Point Foundation and Chennai PR Club PR-e-FACE: From the desk of Chief Editor “Good skills with good attitude leads to extraordinary success“ Today’s youngsters face tremendous There has been tremendous response challenges, which was not prevalent from the readers for the ten years back. Unfortunately, many past issues of our PR-e- of our youngsters suffer from Sense and even many ‘attitudinal’ syndrome, due to many of the organisations have reasons like work pressure, begun to preserve the unreasonable targets, etc. This leads hard copies in their to ‘stress’ which again leads to ‘bad library. Delighted with attitudes’ like ego, arrogance, casual the success of this ezine, approach, lack of initiative, etc. as we are integrating from experts say. It may lead to ‘bad this issue onwards to ‘Podcast”. health’ at middle ages. Money cannot bring good health. Podcasting is a new communication tool, through which, one can listen to Presently more than 60 percent of the the audio stream. In this issue, we population in India is less than 35 will be linking three podcasts to our years of age. Hence, in the interest of usual columns. future, we need to address this issue more seriously. Every issue of our ezine focuses on a single theme, and this month we will There is not enough awareness be focusing on “Skills and Attitudes” amongst the youth about the need for needed for any person to get success developing good attitude. A time has in their career and life. The present come to spread the awareness about competitive environment puts developing ‘Positive Attitude’ amongst tremendous pressure on the the youth, to be successful in their youngsters to show high level of skills. career and also to keep good health. There are enough opportunities to develop the required skills. K. Srinivasan PR-e-CISE – Inside this ezine • • An exclusive interview with Dr K Views of eminent academicians and Pandiyarajan, Founder and CEO, Journalists on the skills and MAFOI Consultants attitudes • • Interview with Mr D V Sridhar, Podcast of eminent persons Yoga Conunsellor on “Relieving of • and more … stress” to develop good attitude
  2. 2. 2 PR-eXCLUSIVE – Sense the opportunities to succeed Mr K Pandiyarajan (46) is a well between top management and lower known name amongst the leading level. At the entry level, the Corporates in employers look for ‘soft skills’ India and in predominantly, as distinguished from many countries ‘knowledge’ component. They should for his HR have the ability to learn and speak. consultancy services. He Q: What are the negative started MAFOI attitudes that prevent employees HR Consultancy from their growth or success in services in 1992 in a humble way and the career? made this as No.1 HR company in A: I feel that lack of initiative and India within a short span of 14 years. high level of dependency are the main MAFOI has 71 offices in India and in negative factors. I consider that our other countries, recruiting 3500 educational system and family system persons (will be 5000 by end of 2006), are mainly responsible for this which includes top management CEOs syndrome. Ability to act and COOs every month. MAFOI is independently and doing things by presently offering varied HR services, ‘self’ is lacking at all levels. including the latest Academy of Training. An Engineer by qualification, Q: How to improve the situation? he is also deeply involved in literary A: Knock at every opportunity that and social activities. Despite his hectic comes to you. Students should schedules, he is one CEO who is develop self orientation. Employers always accessible for any one with an may talk about ‘initiatives’ as key ever smiling face. No doubt, only his element. Our systems and process personal qualities have brought him encourages dependency, rather than more laurels. developing initiative. In an exclusive conversation with Mr Q: What is the secret of your Srinivasan and Mr Narrendiran, of success? PR-e-Sense he explains the various A: Excellent team spirit and secondly aspects of skills and attitudes that are sensing the opportunities and expected by Corporates. Excerpts: converting them into business model. We have developed the spirit of Q: What are the expectations of learning from failures; allowing the Corporates from the employees on failures to happen and grow from the ‘skills and attitudes’’? there. A: Knowledge, Attitude, Skills and Habit (KASH) differ from role to role. Q: What is your message for the We recruit CEOs and COOs also. youth for career development? entrepreneurial ability, ability to A: First, believe in yourself. integrate people and ability to work Secondly, we have many things that with objectives are the main provide opportunities. Young people requirements for top management get caught within themselves. Go and professionals. Middle management look outside and capture the world executives should have cultural sensitivity, which is the linking role His email id: Listen to the full interview through podcast at
  3. 3. 3 PR –e- VIEW – Expert views Dr Nirmala Prasad, Principal, MOP Vaishnav College for women, Chennai - “Synergise the creativity of the youth with the wisdom and experience of elders” The students and youngsters should students have an attitude that they develop the right know everything. Another worrying skills and attitudes factor today is that many youngsters to become have a ‘killer instinct’ to succeed at successful in their any cost and not through own efforts career and life. and hard work. Some students do not Every educational want to learn right work culture. institution tries to develop the right Educational institutions should skills. In spite of encourage students to work in a team. brilliant academic This would help the students to adjust career and skill sets, if the right with team members and the attitude is not developed, they become shortcomings of others. They should liability to the organisation they work, be taught to synergise the creativity of than assets. Right from the day, they the youth with the wisdom and enter the college; many of the experience of elders. . Mr Xavier Prabhu, CEO, PR Hub, Bangalore “Three ways to improve the skills and attitudes” Many youngsters who join the PR of them of the industry consider the profession as a industry needs. A cake walk and they come with partnership with unrealistic expectations of career academic growth within short span of time. The institutions need to industry lacks middle management be developed. (2) executives to guide the youngsters. I The employees in find many youngsters are not the organisation interested in doing the background should be given works. They would like to do training on an ongoing basis and (3) superfluous things. Employee motivation and Internal communication strategies which we I suggest three ways to improve the dole out to clients should be situation. (1) Senior professionals implemented within the organistion should visit the academic institutions also. and interact with students to appraise Have you joined the PR discussion groups? Image Management Group – Second largest yahoo group on PR with 1280 plus global members. Click here PRpoint Group - The largest Indian group for PR/Corpcom /academic professionals with 580 plus members. Click here India Vision Group – The largest Indian group to discuss India Vision – around 800 Indian youth as members
  4. 4. 4 PR –e- VIEW – Expert views Ms V Poornima, PR Executive, Rediffusion PR “Consider every challenge as an opportunity” Today different types of skills are required for to peer pressure and desire to come success in up in the career in short span. career. The skills can be If it is left unchecked; it would lead to acquired from stress and strain ourselves at young competent age itself. We need to develop good sources and interpersonal skills and positive we can equip attitude towards everything. We ourselves should consider every challenge as an fully. Another major challenges for opportunity to learn. youth today is the lack of inter personal skills and negative attitude Youngsters have to shed ‘I know it all’ with ‘ego’. This happens due attitude and try to learn every simple thing from others. Mr Bhagwan Singh, Chief of Bureau, Deccan Chronicle “Now young persons are in the right track” Earlier, parents were deciding for their is becoming super power. Education is children. Now, the present generation also becoming better. of students decides for themselves. Young Due to media and international persons exposure, they have many choices. should take Parents have become ‘facilitating the elders guides’. Now young persons have into great responsibility to decide for consideration. themselves to make right choice. Experience does matter. They should shed the Quite often, they tend to decide based attitude that ‘the elders know nothing’. on the peer pressure. Now young people are in the right track. This is We should be happy that young being exhibited by the fact that India persons, by and large are very much focused. To listen to the podcast of Dr Nirmala Prasad, Mr Xavier Prabhu, Ms V Poornima and Mr Bhagwan Singh, please visit the following link. Attitude is everything: A simple calculator Level of Outcome in Skills + Attitude = Career & Life Health Good + Good = Extraordinary Very good success Bad + Good = Success (with efforts good and initiatives) Good + Bad = Temporary success Bad and final downfall Bad + Bad = Disaster Bad
  5. 5. 5 PR –e- VIEW – Expert views Mr D V Sridhar, Yoga Counselor and Teacher, Founder, Yoga Raksan “Stress leads to bad attitude and bad attitude leads to stress” As a Yoga In view of this, ‘human values’ take a Counselor, I secondary status. Constant friction meet lot of leads to diseases. Retaining the job youngsters has become primary importance and who come to the rest have no value. our Institute for various Without a positive relationship, reasons. performance cannot be done and this Most of the is most important in the life. One may people complain of acidity in stomach, get victories here and there, but it is elevated blood sugar, elevated high not permanent. At the cost of blood pressure, etc. We found out ‘personal attitudes’, they want to make that the root cause of all such progress. problems is only “stress”. These youngsters who are employed in ‘Bad attitude’ leads to ‘stress’ and various MNCs with high salary have to ‘stress’ leads to ‘bad attitude’. This show high performance. Stress is cycle helps each other. Finally, we caused due to job pressure and end up having both ‘bad attitude’ and interpersonal relations. He wants to stress’. To react with the people, one perform to excel others and to keep has to develop proper frame of mind. his status. A rat race seems to have set in. Some of the breathing techniques in Yoga will help to reduce the stress and improve the interpersonal relationship. To listen to the interview (podcast) with Mr Sridhar and to get the step by step guidance for ‘breathing techniques’ to relieve stress at office environment, please visit Pioneering Way” at a function at New Melcole PR completes 20 years Delhi on 19th July 2006 during 20th MelCole Public Relations, considered to be India’s first independent professional PR agency marked the completion of 20 years of its existence with a celebration get-together of PR industry professionals and leading lights from among academics, practitioners, media and others connected with the world of public relations in India. Photo: Anniversary of MelCole. Also seen in Director, Mudra Institute of the picture are Mr. M.L. Kaul (right) Communications (MICA) Prof. Atul and the author of the case study Dr. Tandan releasing a book on M.L. Kaul, Gautam R. Jain of MICA (left). founder of MelCole PR - “Venturing A
  6. 6. 6 PR –e- VIEW – Expert views Uma Bhushan, Senior Lecturer, K J Somaiya Institute of Management Studies & Research, Mumbai 400 077 - Ten skills to succeed in PR/Corpcom Belinda Hulin in the colleagues in other companies. Ability article “10 things you to pick up the phone and get crucial need to succeed in information or make things happen is 2004 – and Beyond” (p. essential 11) published in PR 7. Good business sense – firm Tactics* of April 2004, understanding of how business (p.11) asked job-placement experts operates in general and an employer’s what set of skills and experience was industry in particular needed in today’s employment market. 8. Broad communications experience – Here are the top suggestions. familiarity with all aspects of communications – from the in-house 1. Good writing – excellent writing newsletter to media relations and skills are more necessary now than investor relations ever before 9. Specialized experience – develop 2. Intelligence – not just good specialty after acquiring a broad personality but more than a mediocre experience – healthcare, finance, mind technology etc. 3. Cultural literacy – well educated 10. Avoid career clichés - “I like about the arts, humanities and current people” and “enjoy organising events” events. should not be the reasons to enter the 4. Know a good story when you see field. Employers want broad-based one – identification and management individuals with multiple of good stories that give the communication and problem-solving organization visibility, build brand skills recognition and enhance the reputation 5. Media savvy – an understanding of .* PR Tactics is the monthly each media platform – print, web publication of Public Relations Society casts, internet news sites, radio, TV of America (PRSA). and so on – deadlines, formats and needs. 6. Contacts – cordial relationships with people in media, government, industry groups and nonprofits as well as Biography launched Corporate communication Department Dr MA Chidambaram often said, of SPIC, Chennai has brought out a “Nobody works biography of Dr Chidambaram. The for me, but book titled “Vision Unlimited” was released on 29th July 2006. everybody works with me”. He is an architect of an For more details contact Mr C R Industrial empire Kannan, Chief communication Officer, in South India. SPIC at
  7. 7. 7 PR –e- VIEW – Expert views Ms Renu Kakkar, Vice President, (Corpcom), Apeejay Surrendra Group, Bangalore - “Leave a legacy of good work behind” Attitude - Learn to make a press release. Always Enter a If you haven’t been through a school new employment of journalism then go by the simple with an open mind definition of what the press release and a flat ego. lead should be - It should answer the Keep a low profile 5 Ws - Who, What, When, Where and till you Learn and Understand its Why. Learn about the Media business thoroughly. Make a list of correspondents covering the Industry your organisation is doing Stay in the learning mode for a while. business in. Don’t be a bully to your team. Build them instead. Keep in touch with them even if you have nothing to share. Leave a legacy of good work behind without being pompous or When you have something to share i.e overbearing. a Press Release - Make sure you know ins and outs of what you are Don’t look harassed and Learn to announcing. prioritize tasks. Always remember - when you make a Skills - fool of yourself in media interactions Read up on the Industry your its your brand that suffers organisation is in and its comptetion Master basic MS Office tools. Learn to manage your time. T G Nallamuthu, Former Director General, Field Publicity, Govt. of India “Understand the public to serve the public” One must have the guts to tell even the Between skills and attitudes my priority will emperor that he is not wearing the clothes. be for attitudes. The second most important attitude is to understand the society that is evolving and Whether one is a the individual 'publics' and the dynamics of staffer or a interplay of various publics, power centers consultant, one must and interests. Without this no organisation have the honesty to can provide consumer satisfaction/ differ and advise the supremacy/bliss. To understand the ‘public’ top is itself to serve the 'public'. But management/client unfortunately very superficial attention is without fear or favor. being paid to this aspect.
  8. 8. 8 PR eTTY - Relax One night 4 MBA students were They said they will be ready by that boozing till late time. On the third day, they appeared night and did not before the Dean. The dean said that study, for the this was a special condition test. test which was scheduled for the All the four were required to sit in next day. separate class rooms for the test. They all agreed as they had prepared In the morning, they thought of a well in the last three days. The test plan. They made themselves look as consisted of two questions with total of dirty and weird as they could with grease and dirt. 100 marks. They then went up to the Dean and Q1. Write down your name … (2 said that they had gone out to a marks) wedding last night and on their return Q 2. Which tyre burst …. (98 marks) the tyre of their car burst and they had to push the car all the way back and that they were in no condition to Moral: Man is obviously made to appear for the test. think Then Dean was a just person so he said that you can have the retest after three days. PResentors of PReSENSE Chief Editor and Publisher: Podcast team K. Srinivasan (Prime Point) Uma Gopalakrishnan (O&M PR) M M Selva Kumar (ePagemaker) Editor: P A Narrendiran (Blue Lotus PR) Editorial Advisors Associate Editor: T N Ashok (Alstom) S. Sakthi Prasanna (Brodeur India) Arun Arora (GMR-DIAL) Uma Bhushan (SIMSR) ) Editorial Board: R. Jai Krishna (Senior Journalist) Meera R (Aspire Systems) Satish N (Anna University) Feedback and contributions to: All the earlier issues may be downloaded from