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Since the age of 18, Felix Rodrigo Mora is committed to efforts, goals and social, political, environmental, moral, epistemological, reflexive and cultural struggles. This forced him to live in a hard ...

Since the age of 18, Felix Rodrigo Mora is committed to efforts, goals and social, political, environmental, moral, epistemological, reflexive and cultural struggles. This forced him to live in a hard and difficult existence, sometimes dangerous and almost always on the edge of bearable.

He lacks academic credentials and do not want to have them: life, in particular failures and sufferings, has been his university.
He is the author of several books, among them, highlighting, "Nature, rurality and civilization" and "Democracy and the triumph of the state."



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  • 1.  
  • 2.  
  • 3. “ The sleeper has awakened / El durmiente ha despertado” (BSO “Dune”) Toto & Brian Eno (1984)
  • 5. Since the age of 18, Felix Rodrigo Mora is committed to efforts, goals and social, political, environmental, moral, epistemological, reflexive and cultural struggles. This forced him to live in a hard and difficult existence, sometimes dangerous and almost always on the edge of bearable. He lacks academic credentials and do not want to have them: life, in particular failures and sufferings, has been his university. He is the author of several books, among them, highlighting, "Nature, rurality and civilization" and "Democracy and the triumph of the state."
  • 6. He is also coauthor of several books and has published articles and contributed on many magazines and websites. He regularly gives free talks, conducts various public interventions and adheres to practices of research and reflection, as well as to resistance, struggle, effort and service. He keeps updated his personal blog and website with all the material that is generating with his effort. Article elaborated on december 2011, Madrid.
  • 7. “ Who controls the PAST, controls the FUTURE. Who controls the PRESENT, controls the PAST.” GEORGE ORWELL
  • 9. In view of the manipulative and indoctrinating cacophony of the insolent media, which will increase in tone and intensity as we get closer to March 19th, 2012, the 200 year anniversary of the promulgation of “The Pepa” (a populist way to name that legal-political document named, “Political Constitution of the Spanish Monarchy” ), we have to come forward in defense of the truth against the official lies.
  • 10. The people of Cadiz united against oppression.
  • 11.  
  • 12. All powers are united in eulogy of the Constitution of 1812, which initiates the actual regime of political dictatorship and economic exploitation: the Army (which is mainly the one that created it), the Church, the big banking industry, the Spanish Multinationals, the academic and intellectual classes, the show-business world, the Monarchy, the political parties, the Parliament, the media despots, the 'yellow' syndicates (trade unions), and of course, the Popular Party government , that is, all those who deprive us of our freedom, who impose on us the kingdom of lies, plunder and DEHUMANIZE us.
  • 13.  
  • 14.  
  • 15. Anguita accused CCOO and UGT (unions) of being an appendage of the State.
  • 16. In the face of a form of propaganda , the official story, there is no room to oppose the propaganda, be it of one type or another, but rather, simply for the truth. The naked truth. Only then will the people's freedom of conscience be respected.  This can be summarized in eighteen reasons 'argument blocks'.
  • 17. 18 REASONS ONE The Constitution of 1812 did not arise from the desire to “achieve freedom”, as the mercenary ideologues and historians say, nor did it signify the move from being “(Spanish) subjects to citizens”, but it emanated from the need and the desire of the State apparatus, and especially the army, to have the power over the working classes, perfecting the quality and quantity of their dictatorship. It was a colossal expansion of the State , its cause, and at the same time, its consequences.
  • 18.  
  • 19. TWO. It was not written by the people, [as it had been the case in free, orderly and responsibly held "Council Meetings"], the great majority of our privileges and letters that populated our 11 to 13 centuries. The Constitution of 1812 was drawn up at the Cádiz Parliament ("Cortes de Cádiz") (1810-1813) by an amalgamation of military chiefs, clergymen, aristocrats, high-ranking officials, lawyers and wealthy owners. That is proof that the people then did not have (and still do not have) legislative power, which was in the hands of the State. The Constitution of 1812 was a bayonet-and-State-imposed constitution, causing a colossal bloodshed of people.
  • 20.  
  • 21.  
  • 22. “ History is a teacher of life.” MARCO TULIO CICERÓN
  • 23.  
  • 24. THREE. The army was the main actor in the Cádiz constituent process, and the main beneficiary; the ordained regime in the above mentioned Constitution was, in fact, a military dictatorship, where the bloodthirsty “broadswords” (Riego, Espartero, Prim and others) were ordaining everything. Those who celebrate the Bicentennial are lauding the militarism.
  • 25.  
  • 26.  
  • 27. FOUR. The people from mainland (Spain), by a large majority rejected with their acts, the Constitution of 1812, because it had been imposed on them, and went against their ways of life. This is the main truth denied by the sponsored historians. The main reasons for their resistance are, above all, the following 16:
  • 28. 1. The Constitution abolished the Municipality's autonomy 2. Denied  legal status to the Open Council. 3. Destroyed all communal properties. 4. Prohibited the popular control exercised over the local economic life. 5. Dismantled the systems of mutual help. 6. Imposed 'las quintas' (compulsory military service) 7. Raised exorbitantly the taxes paid by the people. 8. Organized the patriarchal regime.
  • 29.  
  • 30. 9. Abolished territorial privileges. 10. Created the legal absolute private property, and with it, capitalism. 11. Condemned the people to material misery. 12. Generalized the salaried work. 13. Denied all forms of political participation to men and women from the working class. 14. Made the army, the 'de facto' sovereign power. 15. Initiated the formation of the police State. 16. And operated always by means of terror..
  • 31.  
  • 32. FIVE. It is an insolent lie that the people, the peoples, rejected the Constitution on the basis of having been mentally dominated by the clergy, for being reactionaries, for loving their chains, etc. The truth is that: a) The clergy was, as a writer and contributor, in favour of the Constitution since the very beginning. b) The 'reactionaries' were defenders of the Constitution, that is, the powerful, the rich, the intellectual and the military. c) If the people stood in arms against it, already during the civil war of 1821 to 1823, it was to defend the real freedoms, not to deny them.
  • 33.  
  • 34. SIX. The Cádiz Constitution was a State war declaration to the people. Because the people resisted it by all means within their power, the army and the repressive bodies born from them, in particular the criminal “Milicia Nacional” (National Army), carried out continuous killings, assassinating on occasion all inhabitants of the same village. Where it met with the most resistance was in the rural world, and because of that, the constitutional governments carried out a strategy of extermination on site of those who opposed, were against and resisted them, sometimes entire parties of hundreds of men and women who had laid themselves down on the hills. The Constitution of 1812 drips blood, and nobody can deny that.  To support it is to back the genocide.
  • 35.  
  • 36.  
  • 37.  
  • 38. SEVEN. Above all, through the privatization process of the communal goods, the changes in legislation, the economic action of the army, and the enormous increase in taxes, the Constitution of 1812 and the ones that followed it (those of 1837, 1845, 1869, etc.) established the absolute private property, which had existed before in a weak and unusual form, and with that, the capitalism. All that caused a tremendous popular misery, from 1840 onwards, with a great increase in the mortality rate, hunger and many other calamities.
  • 39.  
  • 40. EIGHT. The privatization of the communal property with the law of 1813 (that arose as well from the 'Cortes de Cádiz') and later on the 'freeing of encumbrance', Civil Law of 1855, caused an ecological catastrophe, destroying millions of hectares of indigenous trees, an irrational expansion of agriculture, a 'demonization' of fruits and wild herbs consumption, a decline in soil fertility, a rainfall decrease, desertification and erosion. There was, therefore, a climatic change, a steep decrease in the bio-diversity, and spaces were created that were almost completely deforested, to this day. “La Pepa”, therefore, was an ecocide.
  • 41.  
  • 42. “ The only thing that can save the Iberian Peninsula of desertification are native species.” FÉLIX RODRIGO MORA
  • 43.  
  • 44.  
  • 45. NINE. The promulgation of the Constitution of 1812 meant the abolition of the privileges in the "Vasc country" (Basque Provinces) and other territories (in Catalonia, they had already been previously banned), which were their quasi-sovereign forms of government. For that reason, the culture, history, language and ways of being of the people in those places entered a spiral of devastation with no precedents, to this day. The State language, the "Castilian" (castellano), was imposed everywhere, and Madrid became the despot metropolis, centralizing, militarist, a police state, bureaucratic, full of vices and a thief.
  • 46.  
  • 47.  
  • 48. TEN. The Constitution of 1812 is a perfect model of imperialism and colonialism. It has the insolence of including areas as if they were under Spanish sovereignty in its article 10, “Of the territories of Spain”, the “possessions in Africa”, to the totality of the American colonies and “in Asia, the Philippine Islands and those that depend from their government”. To laud it, is to identify oneself with the most sanguinary and greedy colonialism. Today the Spanish Multinational companies, created especially in 1982-1996, are heir to the colonialism of the Cádiz text.
  • 49.  
  • 50. ELEVEN. The establishment of the Police State was one of the “achievements” of the Cádiz Constitution. It abolished the Inquisition, only to establish various, much more efficacious police bodies than the Inquisition, directed to control, terrorize, torture and assassinate people. At first, it was the National Army (Milicia Nacional), with a terrorizing executive power, later on the Governing Police and, culminating the process, a rural paramilitary police, the "Guardia Civil" , in 1844 (the Constitution of 1837 was in force, heir to, and continuing the one in 1812, just like the current one, of 1978). Thus, we have lost, not only the political freedom and the freedom of conscience, but the civil freedom as well.
  • 51.  
  • 52.  
  • 53.  
  • 54.  
  • 55.  
  • 56.  
  • 57.  
  • 58.  
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  • 60.  
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  • 64.  
  • 65.  
  • 66.  
  • 67.  
  • 68.  
  • 69.  
  • 70.  
  • 71.  
  • 72. “ No alternative could grow where love cannot take root. No shadows will replace the warmth of your contact. Love is dead in Metropolis. All contact through glove or partition. What a waste. The City... a wasting disease.” ANNE CLARKE “ SLEEPER IN METROPOLIS” (1984)
  • 73.  
  • 74.  
  • 75.  
  • 76. The judge accused the responsible politicians in charge of the Mossos and Urban Guard by the charges against the “indignados”outraged ones.
  • 77.  
  • 79.  
  • 80.  
  • 81.  
  • 82. A traffic policeman: “We are in the service of power and not for the people.”
  • 83. An “indignado” outraged cop joins the 15-M.
  • 84. Police unionist: “ The police presences seems excessive for a private club” (Club Bilderberg meeting at Sitges, Barcelona)
  • 85. The Mossos union denounces security spending for the Bilderberg Club meeting at Sitges.
  • 86. Why don't you shut up now? An army colonel asked the King.
  • 87. TWELVE. When the political-legal text of 1812 established that the State was to be in charge of the elementary education through the known "Discurso de Quintana" (the Quintana Speech) before Parliament in 1813, under the title IX of said speech, made a qualitative leap denying the freedom of conscience, homogenizing it by indoctrinating the population in the ideas and beliefs that were interesting to the State, making the person a creature of the State, without an inner life or own judgement, to this day. Moreover, since it was compulsory and in the language of the State, the Castilian, it was another devastating blow for the other languages in the peninsula.
  • 88.  
  • 89.  
  • 90. “ Indoctrination is a complement of Police State. They manipulate the entire population, mentally, intellectually, emotionally, and that's the reason why direct repressive acts are fewer than they would be at another time.” FÉLIX RODRIGO MORA
  • 91.  
  • 92. THIRTEEN. Before the absence of a 'proper sexism' of the working class, the Constitution of 1812, heir and a continuation of that which was the Roman Law, introduced - implicitly - the Patriarchy, which is the marginalization of women, Due to a firm and great opposition, the implicit establishment of the patriarchal regime by the State, did not take place until the promulgation of the Civil Code of 1889. The Constitutional Patriarchy is a copy of that imposed by the French Revolution, ferociously misogynous , a guide of the Spanish progressivism to the present day.
  • 93.  
  • 94.  
  • 95.  
  • 96. FOURTEEN. In face of the coexistence, collectivism, communalism and the very numerous systems of mutual help proper of the working classes in the peninsula, the Constitution of 1812 imposed the bourgeois (middle class) individualism, the selfishness, the amorality, the contempt towards others and the "hobess way", “war of everyone against everyone” , which is destroying in this day and age our lives. It achieved this, not only establishing the absolute private property and proclaiming the centralization of the State reason, but also through many other procedures. That has meant moving to a kind of existence without emotions, lonely, dehumanized, unspiritual, zoological and bestial.
  • 97.  
  • 98.  
  • 99.  
  • 100.  
  • 101.  
  • 103.  
  • 104.  
  • 105. “ There was a time when there were human beings. Dehumanization is the loss of what defines the human condition. In its natural expression, human condition has a reflective, emotional, convivial, volitional capacity, and some more of minor significance. Almost all are disappearing in a way that seems to be planned, and indeed it is. FÉLIX RODRIGO MORA
  • 106.  
  • 107.  
  • 108.  
  • 109.  
  • 110.  
  • 111.  
  • 112.  
  • 113.  
  • 114.  
  • 116.  
  • 117.  
  • 118.  
  • 119.  
  • 120.  
  • 121.  
  • 122.  
  • 123.  
  • 124.  
  • 125.  
  • 126.  
  • 127.  
  • 128.  
  • 129.  
  • 130.  
  • 131.  
  • 132.  
  • 133.  
  • 134.  
  • 135.  
  • 136.  
  • 137. “ The face is the mirror of the soul, And its eyes, their informers.” MARCO TULIO CICERÓN
  • 138. Political psychopaths.
  • 139.  
  • 140.  
  • 141.  
  • 142.  
  • 143.  
  • 144.  
  • 145.  
  • 146. New World Order
  • 147. Obama claims the leadership of the West in the New World Order. Winning the war in Libya “will be a slow and laborious process, but the goal is to remove Gaddafi”.
  • 148.  
  • 149. “ The awakening of lucidity can never happen, but when it comes, if it comes, there is no way to avoid it, and when it arrives, it stays forever, this is a gift and a punishment. Wake up in your students the pain of lucidity, with no limits, no mercy. LUGARES COMUNES
  • 150.  
  • 151.  
  • 152.  
  • 153.  
  • 154.  
  • 155.  
  • 156. FIFTEEN. The parliamentary and party regime, which denies the people's sovereignty and freedom, which reduces it to a great mass slave to the State, to the banking industry and to the big companies, was introduced by the “La Pepa”. All forms of  Parliamentarianism constitute a regime of political dictatorship because only a government by assemblies is democratic, just like the Open Council System was. And any order of political parties is, and will always be, corrupt, led by caciques (tyrants),  demagogic, causing divisions amongst the people, causing ignorance and brutalization, and immorality.
  • 157.  
  • 158.  
  • 159.  
  • 160.  
  • 161.  
  • 162.  
  • 163.  
  • 164.  
  • 165.  
  • 166.  
  • 167. Who is next?
  • 168.  
  • 169.  
  • 170.  
  • 171.  
  • 172.  
  • 173. The role of the CIA in the “Spanish Transition” was profound.
  • 174. SIXTEEN. The ferocious attack of the State on the population-the peoples, that is what the Constitution of 1812 represents, led to what is called “Spain” to a situation of almost permanent civil war, that was maintained until 1939, that is, during a century and a quarter. Franco is the last “espadón”, until now, and he rose (in arms) to quash once and for all all popular resistance to the changes towards something worse established in Cádiz. Franco's Fascism is an expression of the constitutional spirit of Cádiz in everything that is important. Parliamentarism and Fascism are, in essence, the same, they are a form of capital dictatorship and an entity of the State.
  • 175.  
  • 176.  
  • 177.  
  • 178.  
  • 179.  
  • 180.  
  • 181.  
  • 182. The CIA in Spain, by Alfredo Grimaldos.
  • 183.  
  • 184. The CIA and the remaking of the PSOE.
  • 185.  
  • 186. The CIA guided the coup d'etat of 23-F.
  • 187. “ 23-F, the King and his secret”
  • 188. The King of Spain coordinated the coup d'etat of 23-F (1981), Colonel Amadeo Martínez said.
  • 189. “ The 23-F was organized by the King.”
  • 190.  
  • 191. > You vote for the PP > It hurts > You vote for the PSOE > It hurts >
  • 192. The King blesses the constitutional coup.
  • 193. “ Look at the black point. Zoom in and out! With bipartisanship, whether the country turns to the right or to the “left”... You'll remain standing and surrounded.”
  • 194. PSOE - Party? Socialist? Worker? Spanish?
  • 195. PP – Popular? Party?
  • 196. SEVENTEEN. The Cádiz Constitution made a definitive step towards the disastrous and "estatolátrica" iIlustration, above all, with "Jovellanos" , and looked for a way for the city to prevail over the countryside, subjugating and destroying it. The rural world was crushed by the Cádiz constitutionalism and the ones who continued it, with unbearable taxes, a legislation that was in all ways favourable to the city through a State education system and a decisive intervention on the part of the "Guardia Civil". Thus, a millenarian culture, full of knowing, in communion with nature, of collectivism, coexistence and esthetic elevation, was brought down until it was totally destroyed by the Franquism in 1955-1970.  The Chart of 1812 is guilty of a cultural genocide.
  • 197. Jovellanos
  • 198.  
  • 199.  
  • 200.  
  • 201. “ As a sleeper in metropolis, you are insignificance. Dreams become entangled in the system. Environment moves over the sleeper: Conditioned air. Conditions sedated breathing. The sensation of viscose sheets on naked flesh. Soft and warm but lonesome in the blackened ocean of night. Confined in the helpless safety of desires and dreams. We fight our insignificance. The harder we fight, the higher the wall. Outside the cancerous city spreads, like an illness. It's symptoms. In cars that cruise to inevitable destinations. Tailed by the silent spotlights of society created paranoia. “ No alternative could grow where love cannot take root. No shadows will replace the warmth of your contact. Love is dead in Metropolis. All contact through glove or partition. What a waste. The City... a wasting disease.” ANNE CLARKE “ SLEEPER IN METROPOLIS” (1984)
  • 202.  
  • 203.  
  • 204.  
  • 205.  
  • 206.  
  • 207. The city of Madrid fined with 750 euros to those who seek food in the garbage.
  • 208. The local police is opposed to seize beggars' alms.
  • 209.  
  • 210. “ The art of living with others and not against the others was common in this rural society. Meanwhile, the capitalist society destroyed the countryside, because it's a form of aggression towards others. FÉLIX RODRIGO MORA
  • 211.  
  • 212.  
  • 213. “ When societies do not self-govern, societies are governed from the outside by tyrants.” FÉLIX RODRIGO MORA
  • 214.  
  • 215.  
  • 216.  
  • 217.  
  • 218.  
  • 219.  
  • 220.  
  • 221. “ Art is a form of substantive human experience. You can not live without art. A characteristic of contemporary society is that it has destroyed the artistic factor. It has been reduced on the one hand, into something luxurious, something ornamental, and on the other hand, into a sum of extravagance. Art has become extravagART.” FÉLIX RODRIGO MORA
  • 222.  
  • 223.  
  • 224.  
  • 225. EIGHTEEN. The establishment of the capitalism by the Constitution of 1812 initiated the conversion of the salaried work to a dominant form of productive labor work.  There are few novelties to which the people of the XIX century opposed themselves so strongly like this one, and with reason. The salaried regime is a current form of the slave system of Antiquity, making the worker a servant of his boss. It denies civil freedom, degrades and DEHUMANIZES the person, is a source of the worst vices (alcoholism, prostitution, nicotine poisoning, drugs, etc.) and mercilessly exploits the producer. There is no possible social regeneration, re-humanization and civilized life without putting an end to the salaried system, but creating a collective and communal society in which all productive labor is done without bosses, bankers, or technocrats, and therefore, without salaried employees.
  • 226.  
  • 227.  
  • 228.  
  • 229.  
  • 230.  
  • 231.  
  • 232. Overcome fear. Give yourself to freedom and love, which is yours.
  • 233. New and existing apprenticeship contract: 426 euros, without holidays, no maximum hours, without compensation, without permits.
  • 234. Labor reform in the service of capital.
  • 235. Rajoy will end with sectorial agreements.
  • 236.  
  • 237. Thus, it is necessary that, through the year 2012, we conduct a great discussion of ideas, data and arguments in order to reject the  squanderers and charlatans celebrating the Bicentennial, to evidence the historians, intellectuals and commercial artists that join forces with them as well as the big companies that are implicated. There is a need to denounce the indoctrinating character and no freedom of this evil political stage, given that the media does not accept really dissenting and critical positions.
  • 238.  
  • 239. It is more important to do that now because two key elements of the Constitutional Order, the Parliamentarism and the Capitalist System suffer these days from a crisis in development about credibility and legitimacy, that must be deepened to ensure the conditions of an integral revolution that establishes the freedom for the people come into being.
  • 240. The people of Cadiz united against oppression.
  • 241. When you see this logo on falsimedia... They will be trying to access your mind.
  • 243. To know more on this subject, In my book, “SIX STUDIES”, chapter II, “The beginnings of the current regime of political dictatorship: The Spanish Liberal Revolution, 1812-1874”. Also in “DEMOCRACY AND THE TRIUMPH OF THE STATE” , chapter I. And finally at “NATURE, RURAL WORLD AND CIVILIZATION” , the entire first part. Félix Rodrigo Mora, december 2011, Madrid. Contact: [email_address]
  • 244.  
  • 245.  
  • 246.  
  • 247.  
  • 248.  
  • 249.