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Equanimous: A Channeled Dialog of Why You are Here and What You Can Do About It Right Now!
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Equanimous: A Channeled Dialog of Why You are Here and What You Can Do About It Right Now!



To download the full version of this book, please visit http://www.michaelpaulstephens.com/equanimousbook.html ...

To download the full version of this book, please visit http://www.michaelpaulstephens.com/equanimousbook.html

Equanimous invites you on an incredible journey through the chronicles of human history to unravel the profound spiritual purpose of your very own existence.

Written by Michael Stephens and channeled by Orranut Stephens through conversations with the energy being known as Master Jacob, Equanimous begins with the awe-inspiring account of the universe’s birth and the incredible testimony of humanity’s previously unknown evolution before revealing dramatic revelations regarding to the lives of Buddha and Jesus Christ.

Equanimous unfurls humanity’s forgotten energetic heritage, illuminating both the past causes of modern tribulations and the enormous contribution you can personally make to earth’s golden future.

As our species approaches an epoch of major transformation, Equanimous asks you to leave behind the old interpretations of God, evolution and human purpose that have caused humanity to choose conformity over evolution and choose instead the spiritual practices of the Equanimous, handed down to us from species who have long since learned the true energetic purpose of life on earth.

The challenge for each human being is simple: Do you dare to have no fear?

To download the full version of this book, please visit http://www.michaelpaulstephens.com



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    Equanimous: A Channeled Dialog of Why You are Here and What You Can Do About It Right Now! Equanimous: A Channeled Dialog of Why You are Here and What You Can Do About It Right Now! Document Transcript

    • EquanimousFrom the Big Bang to Peace and Quiet in EveryCommunity - A Channeled Dialog of Why Youare Here and What You can Do About it Right Now!
    • EquanimousFrom the Big Bang to Peace and Quiet in EveryCommunity - A Channeled Dialog of Why Youare Here and What You can Do About it Right Now! Written By Michael Paul Stephens Channeled by Orranut Stephens
    • First published by Michael Paul Stephens, June 2011 as a free E-book on www.michaelpaulstephens.com And www.provolutioncenter.com If you would like to contact us with regard to this book please email Info@michaelpaulstephens.com Text copyright: Michael Paul Stephens 2010 All rights reserved. Except for brief quotations in critical articles or reviews, no part of this book may be reproduced in any manner without prior written permission from the author.The rights of Michael Paul Stephens as author have been asserted in accordance with the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988. Cover Design: Michael Paul Stephens A GENTLE REQUEST FOR SUPPORT This book is offered absolutely free. It is a creation of time, devotion and love for the benefit of all people. If it has helped you to expand your awareness in any way, we invite you to make a financial contribution to the continued marketing and promotion of Equanimous and Share Circles around the world. To support us, please click this link: SUPPORT US Or visit us at www.michaelpaulstephens.com
    • ContentsChapter PagePreface 1Prologue 2Part 1 : The History of Humanity Chapter 1: The Universe 11 Chapter 2: Energy-beings 35 Chapter 3: Earth Birth 62 Chapter 4: Evolution of the First Civilization 88 Chapter 5: The Roots of the Modern Age 135 Chapter 6: The Ascension of Buddha 175 Chapter 7: The Life of Jesus 185 Chapter 8: The Energy Reset 213Part 2 : The Way of the Equanimous Introduction – The Four Lessons of History 238 Chapter 9: Share Circles 244 Chapter 10: Organizing Share Circles 253Epilogue 315
    • DedicationFor Anongluk and Chaleo Porkathong and Deana and David Stephens Without you, we would not be.
    • Equanimous PrefaceI need to thank Master Jacob for his patience as a teacher and aguide. He waited a long time through many of my lives for me towake up a little. I hope this book is a worthy return on his faith inme. Orranut, thank you for being a part of this book. Without you itwould not have been possible. Thank you for being a part of mylife. Thank you for our two wonderful children. You are beautifulinside and out. This book is most certainly yours. Roger Moore, thank you too for your input and inspiration intothis work. You are a guide on Earth and I love you as a brother. Appreciation, kudos and love for a job well done to my twowonderful editors, Mark Stephens and Kirstie Flood. You are mysounding boards, as well as my filters for grammar and syntaxaberrations! Lastly, I want to thank all of my great friends who have been apart of this book, and those wonderful people who have been a partof our journey of discovery as clients and workshop participants.You have supported Orranut and myself with your well wishes andfaith in our abilities. This is for you. It is for all of us. Use it. Pass it on. Love,MPSApril 2011info@michaelpaulstephens.com 1
    • Equanimous PrologueEver since humanity was conscious of being conscious we haveasked where we have come from, where we are going and what thepoint of life really is. And there have been a multitude of differentanswers. Some say we are a creation of God. Others say we started with a‘Bang’ and will end with a huge ‘Crunch’. A few believe we live inan illusion and all that we see is just a dream. And then there arethose who think the Earth was seeded by space travelers who wereseeking the universal secret of fantastic soap, they spilt a drop intothe ocean and voila…evolution. OK, so I made that last one up but, as you will learn, from theperspective of this work, it is no less credible than the first threeoptions. You see, the answer the life’s purpose defines our humanity. Itdefines our reason to get out of bed in the morning. It defineswhether we build our societies on the foundation of trust andrespect or just continue to beat the living daylights out of oneanother. Over the course of several months in late 2009 and early 2010my wife, Orranut, and I decided to ask someone a little bit specialthese very same questions. We received some very differentanswers. You see, Orranut is a channel. In fact, a very attuned andaccurate channel. She is able to connect with spirit guides andreceive advice about life, health, relationships, in fact just aboutanything that can help people to live their lives with a little moredirection and clarity. If you’ve never really believed in psychicability or simply cannot get that ingrained image out of your headof Gypsy Nora’s crystal ball from the traveling circus, weunderstand. It’s a lot to take in, and skepticism and doubt arenothing new to Orranut. 2
    • Equanimous As a child growing up in a conservative Thai household in the1970’s, hearing voices in your head wasn’t exactly embraced as theetiquette of polite society. Not that most Western people embrace itwith much more gusto. Whether you are accused of beingpossessed by demons or simply called ‘mad’, it makes littledifference. The inclination of a young psychic subjected to criticism,ridicule and marginalization doesn’t exactly encourage explorationof rare abilities. Even today, 30 years later, the ability of people tochannel information from invisible sources is still the stuff ofmovies, psychiatric hospitals and the weird and wonderful sectionof newspapers, as far as most popular pundits are concerned. Despite the social stigma, Orranut has slowly embraced herincredible abilities over the course of her life. She has had to.Denying the talents she has is like denying a limb, such are theessential qualities of her character that these abilities augment andreflect. She has come an extraordinary distance since those dayswhen other people’s criticism led to self-doubt and the denial of hergreat gifts. She too has become a believer, when years ago all shefelt was denial and shame. As a child, all she wanted was to beperceived as being ‘normal.’ It took her 40 years to realize that shewas the most normal of them all. In a very real sense, today shecomes out of the psychic closet. Equanimous is a product of Orranut’s abilities, channeling myquestions to my spirit guide1, Master Jacob and then channeling hisanswers back to me. Much of what we discussed, she does not evenrecall, such is the nature of channeling at times. Some of it coverssubjects that she has both zero interest in and has little or noknowledge about. While some may claim that she is just makingthis up, there is no way she could have made up some of theconversations we had. If this comes from the mouth of Orranut,which it does, it is the real deal.1A spirit guide is what many would call a guardian angel; an energetic being who guides aperson through life so that they may achieve their purpose on earth. 3
    • Equanimous The conversations that are written in this manuscript were nottaped and therefore are written from my memory. Much waswritten immediately either directly after the conversations tookplace and sometimes even during the conversations, and while noinformation is included that has not been checked and double-checked with Master Jacob, the reader may forgive this author fortaking a little literary license for the way in which the conversationsare structured, some being pieced together from severalconversations in the initial three month period and some from boththe initial conversations and conversations that have taken placesince that time and during the editing of this manuscript. From November 2009 until February 2011 Orranut, Master Jacoband I have spent many hours discussing the structures of theuniverse, the creation of Earth, the evolution of humanity, thedevelopment of modern civilization and many other powerfulepochs dotted across humanitys collective past. The purpose ofthese discussions was never to rewrite history, nor to incite flamesof controversy, but to inspire people to leave behind the lie that welive in a meaningless universe on a lonely blue planet and to realizethe incredible purpose and potential laying dormant within eachand every human being. Over the centuries, human society has slowly devolved into arat race of economics, politics, technology and social competition.Such is the worsening ecological condition on Earth, contributed toby the economic paradigm that we insist upon pursuing with suchfanatical zeal, transformation in our consciousness and on a greaterscale than previously seen in the history of humanity is becomingabsolutely imperative. I cannot overstate the importance of themessage that change in governments or in laws is not the answer toour current problem. Only by first raising human consciousness canlasting change occur that will mean anything worthy of our truepotential. The will to create that change happens when we answerthe simplest of questions: “Birth, suffering, death…is that all thereis to life?” 4
    • Equanimous Science cannot answer this essential question. There is noempirical measurement to it. It is just a question that arises from theinevitable dissatisfaction human beings feel from seeking genuinehappiness through transient events and objects. Having spent thelast year and a half uncovering the origins of our universe, thecauses of creation on Earth and the purpose of all civilization overthe past 150,000 years, I now feel qualified to answer the abovequestion with an emphatic: No, birth, suffering and death is not allthere is to life. We are missing the point and Equanimous is all about youwaking up and understanding your purpose. There is a greater meaning to life than owning a big car, having agorgeous partner and holidaying in the tropics twice a year,although it cannot be denied these things are nice. But life is notabout just feeling ‘nice’. It is sad that ‘nice’ is so often a smidgenbetter than the contentment Joe Average expects in this ever-threatening world. It is time that we awakened from our collectivereverie and each of us started putting in the hard yards to adapt themindset that tells us that ‘nice’ is the best we can hope for. There ismore. There is better. And anyone can live it if we just startedbelieving it is possible. It is no longer good enough to await God to heal this Earth, forprophets to cure our ills or teachers to tell us, once again, how weshould live better lives. In this book you will learn that you areenough to do all that needs to be done and times are such that youcannot delay your personal responsibility to evolve for even amoment longer. Our species has come from sticks and stones tohadron colliders and stem cells in a blur; a tiny fraction of the 4.1billion years that we are told Earth has been in existence. And yet,here we are, civilization marching on into a bright, interconnectedweb-based, blog and Twitter-dependent future and we haven’t evenlearned to share anything more valuable between cultures than ouremail addresses. If life has a point, and it does indeed, we need to 5
    • Equanimousget it here, from the message of Master Jacob, and we need to dosomething about it now. Yes, we may have the existentialists banging on about givingyour own life meaning and the metaphysicists telling us what existsand what it feels like but none of them can tell you “Why?” or“What is the point of it all?” Are you a bag of bones throwntogether by biology, roasted in the oceans and spat out onto theshore? Or are you a product of God, knocked out in a single dayand cast into an Eden that you share with a mysterious womanwho is also looking for her belly button? Science has theories abouthow all this came together but it is no more fact than fossils andtheory will allow it to be. There is not a scientist in existence whocan claim with 100% certainty where this planet came from. There isnot one man, woman or child who can prove to you that it was notmixed up from a bag of instant planet formula, microwaved andplaced in the void by a giant baker’s mitten. That’s not what happened, by the way. Let’s just cross off thatscenario from the get-go. Orranut and I believe the answers we have learned from MasterJacob offer everyone a clear and concise insight into who you are,why you are here, what your purpose is in life and how you can goabout it successfully, in peace and in joy. If you don’t believe inspirit guides like Master Jacob, don’t let that be a barrier to yourunderstanding of the bigger picture. Just substitute spirit guide forteacher. If you’re Christian, substitute it with ‘God’. If you’reagnostic, substitute it with ‘energy’. If you’re a Muppet fan,substitute it with ‘Kermit’. It really doesn’t matter. The point is that,whatever you call the source of the information, the reason we havewritten this book is to ask you to question the perception you haveof who you are and why you are here because I guarantee that bythe end of this work you will have been challenged. Expect it anddon’t take it personally. I consider myself a spiritual person in that I take a great interestin seeking the truth about myself but I can state wholeheartedly 6
    • Equanimousthat I had no idea what I would uncover in the process of theseconversations. I have absolutely evolved into a new being duringthe course of writing this book, whether I liked it or not. It truly is aremarkable insight into life, the universe and, well, just abouteverything, that even the late, great Douglas Adams couldn’t haveimagined! My hope is that Equanimous can do the same for you asit has done for me. It is no coincidence that this book comes at a time whenhumanity faces unprecedented ecological trauma, rising politicalconflict and eroding social trust and respect. The interconnectedand interdependent nature of the universe will always give usexactly what we need whether we are looking for it or not! We havereached the end of the road for the old ideas that created themodern crisis in human identity and those of us who are asking thequestion of whether this is all there is to life must now be preparedto look inward and answer our own question by making somethingbetter than what we have with what we think, say and do. Thereare no other tools, dear friends, just these. There are no short cutseither, just the opportunity for people to wake up as individuals,accept their part in the process of creation and make a better world. Equanimous isn’t just a new description of reality. It offers youreal reasons to change your life and the mechanisms by which to goabout it. In Part One you will learn the shape and structures thatexist in our universe, the true nature of humanity and the truth ofwhy our collective search for equanimity; true spiritual harmonyand balance in our lives, is so vital to our future. In Part Two youwill learn about Share Circles and the way in which every readercan build person to person, family to family and community tocommunity, spiritual groups that will help us all to share the load ofchange and work together towards a more equanimous future. Humanity labors under the false belief that we will just keepgoing on and on. Progress is a natural state, we have concluded; wecame from caves, we rose to skyscrapers and we will eventuallyconquer the stars. But life isn’t like that. Nature isn’t like that, at 7
    • Equanimousleast, not here on Earth. The current version of ‘civilization’, thewestern model let us call it, is not the first to have existed. We haveall been around on this journey time and time again and we keepfailing to learn from the mistakes of ages past. Unless we wake upand smell the coffee in this generation, the stupor of ignorance thatcondemns us all to pursue pointless goals in life and to do sowithout any awareness or effort to learn from them will continue toplague our every thought, word and action and the resulting egothat has thrived so successfully on our planet will have to face theconsequences of its own falling shadow one last time. Orranut and I are not prophets. We are not soothsayers. We arenot totally mental (you’ll have to take our word for it!). What iscontained in this book is a call for everyone who reads it to opentheir mind to the prospect that beyond their superficial self, theirauthentic self is awaiting inclusion and involvement in the creationof an authentic reality that initiates humanity’s evolution from thetrance of self-absorption to the heights of self-realization. Youinnately know the paths that will help you become equanimousbecause you have already agreed, before you were even born intothis life, to find a way to become more authentic and, in doing so,thrust this entire planet in the same direction: authenticity. Wehave written this book to help you do that. It is time to act. Equanimous is more than channeled information. It is more thana plea for greater community and more sharing. It is a book of hopein a time of great change. It is a book of love in a time of great fear.It is a book of unity and togetherness in a time that has the potentialfor such division, for both Orranut and I know what it is like to berudderless, lost and alone. By speaking out on these pages we donot claim the only truth, nor do we claim that any other truth iswrong but that, whichever truth you are buying into, unless itcreates more peace on this Earth and less conflict in our individuallives, it is not doing what it says on the tin. There are no pausebuttons on values. There are no sabbaticals on the learning of life.We cannot await perfect conditions to be kind, loving and gentle. 8
    • EquanimousThe next war is always the last, so we tell ourselves. So, let thedemons within be the final battle on this Earth. No one need dieexcept ego. Our planet has reached a juncture in its evolution that is notabout the politics of left and right or the definition of right vs.wrong. It is about the nature of our souls. If we are to survivetogether and work towards a greater purpose than a job, buyingstuff, learning how to rumba and just generally trying not to die tooquickly, we need a higher purpose than self-destruction. We canlive together or we can die alone but the choice of which webecome experts at is best made from a plateau of awareness thattruly comprehends that your life has purpose and that it is apurpose that connects all of us together and all things as one. Equanimous may answer questions about the universe. It mayanswer questions about God and the Prophets. It may even giveyou teasing insights into how to make a creamy cup of Joe. But it isdoes not answer the question of whether you will stand up onceyou have finished reading it, put on your best walking shoes andstride through your personal purpose like a knife through hotbutter. You are the missing ingredient in your own perfection andall you need do is start cooking. In a very real sense, Orranut and I have not written Equanimousat all. It is your book. It was always here, waiting to come alive inthe lives of those who are prepared to wake up. That time is nowand that life is yours. Equanimous belongs to us all. It is a part ofeverything. Take what is yours and live it as if you mean it. No more fear. 9
    • Equanimous Part 1 : The History of Humanity“The entire cosmos is a cooperative. The sun, the moon, and the stars live together as a cooperative. The same is true for humans and animals, treesand soil. Our bodily parts function as a cooperative. When we realize thatthe world is a mutual, interdependent, cooperative enterprise, that humanbeings are all mutual friends in the process of birth, old age, suffering and death, then we can build a noble, even heavenly environment. If our lives are not based in this truth, then we shall all perish.”Extract from “The quest for a just society: the legacy and challenge of Buddhadasa Bhikkhu”, ed. by Sulak SivaraksaBuddhadasa Bhikkhu, (Thai: พุทธทาสภิกข) Thai Buddhist Monkุ, May 27, 1906 - May 25, 1993 10
    • Equanimous Chapter 1 The UniverseFor nearly two and a half millennia, the Chinese have celebratedthe power of Feng Shui: the art of designing the exterior andinterior of buildings to sit harmoniously among the native energiesof the Earth. Feng Shui practitioners believe that this world is notmerely a floating ball of rock and soil but a living energetic entityand the design of every structure, the curves and edges of itsexternal features and the placement of fixtures and furniture withinit, all affect the energetic flow of a living space. To practice Feng Shui is to practice shaping an environment tothe energy of the Earth. Should you inadvertently disturb theenergy of the Earth, you also disturb any human activity thatwould occur there. Thinkers hailing from the European tradition have utilized thelast two thousand five hundred years a tad differently. We havespent them conjuring up technical epithets for practitioners of FengShui. So far, ‘cuckoo’ is the connoisseur’s choice, closely followed by‘brainsick’. ‘A few bricks short of a hod-carrier’s load’ runs a close third. Flippancy aside, it would be injudicious to glibly dismiss thepossibility that the natural environment interacts with buildings orobjects in subtle as well as more evident ways. Throughout the ageshuman culture has often doffed its proverbial hat in the direction ofthis belief through such customs as respecting the spirits of the landor through Gods that represent natural energies such as the sun orthe wind. Likewise, artists, mathematicians and spiritualists, toname but a few, have utilized the power of shapes, icons andimages that are said to draw upon the natural energies of theplanet. Many of these beliefs still endure today, so we should not beso hasty as to snub them as primitive simply because they areancient. 11
    • Equanimous Some may call the use of this energy ‘magic’, others‘supernatural’, still others ‘shamanism’ but what if the respect ofthese energetic forces was simply a necessary and naturalobligation of all people seeking harmony in their life, fromwhatever historical period we hail? What if the very shape of ourlives acts as a lightning rod for an energetic interaction with theplanet which, in turn, defines the potential for harmony or conflictwe can create? And, if this is so, what could we achieve with ourlives if we opened our minds, understood a little more about theenergies at our disposal and began using them to create a moreharmonious and balanced planet? The premise of Feng Shui, that a shape or form placed on theland can cause an energetic response from the Earth, is very similarto the idea that a shape or form could spontaneously invoke anenergetic response from a human being, isn’t it? After all, we arenatural products too? When we experience something in life, whenwe feel something, look at it, taste, smell, hear or intuit it, aresponse naturally arises within us without any conscious choice. Itis spontaneous. We are naturally eased into a state of peace andtranquility or anger and frustration, depending upon ourrelationship to the experience. It is as though the energetic shape ofour lives interacts with the energetic shape of the event to create aneffect. Upon closer inspection of European history we discover thatFeng Shui is not such an alien concept to Western culture after all.The reaction of a human being to a shape is exactly the kind ofinstinctive response that occurs when people view one such ‘magic’shape known as the ‘Golden Ratio’. Indeed, the Golden Ratio turnsout to be, not just an interesting anomaly, but a powerful symbolthat affects all people, arousing a deep-seated state that liesdormant until stirred by a powerful key. “Some of the greatest mathematical minds of all ages, from Pythagoras and Euclid in ancient Greece, through the medieval Italian 12
    • Equanimous mathematician Leonardo of Pisa and the Renaissance astronomer Johannes Kepler, to present-day scientific figures such as Oxford physicist Roger Penrose, have spent endless hours over this simple ratio and its properties. But the fascination with the Golden Ratio is not confined just to mathematicians. Biologists, artists, musicians, historians, architects, psychologists, and even mystics have pondered and debated the basis of its ubiquity and appeal. In fact, it is probably fair to say that the Golden Ratio has inspired thinkers of all disciplines like no other number in the history of mathematics.” Mario Livio, The Golden Ratio: The Story of Phi, The Worlds Most Astonishing Number (Broadway; 1st edition October 29, 2002) The Golden Ratio, often represented by the Greek letter ‘Phi’, isbest explained as the ratio of length to width in rectangles that ismost pleasing to the eye. It was defined by mathematicians as thenumber 1.61803 39887 49894 84820. However, as long as I stare atthat number, it neither sends a shiver down my spine nor movesme in any other way than to wonder what possessed someone towork it out to so many decimal points. It must have been a very,very wet Sunday. The only way to really feel the Golden Ratio atwork is to view its application in art or architecture where it seemsto imbue a creation with an unusually moving sense of harmonyand balance. Such great structures as the Pyramids of Giza in Egyptand the Acropolis in Athens or art such as Phidias’ statue of Zeus inOlympiad or Da Vinci’s painting of the ‘Last Supper’ are notableexamples of artistic and architectural applications of thisphenomenon that move the observer emotionally, in ways thatabsurdly long numbers rarely can. Unless it’s your tax bill. For an extended period of ancient history in cultures all acrossthe Earth from China to Egypt and Ancient Mesopotamia to Indiaand Peru our ancestors invested a lot of effort in reproducing theGolden Ratio in buildings, statues and art across a wide range ofcultures over a broad period of time. You don’t accidentally do this. 13
    • EquanimousNeither do you do this just because it is very, very wet. It isdeliberate. It has meaning. Thousands of years before the Greekseven knew what the Golden Ratio was, ancient cultures, seeminglydisparate and unconnected, were consciously using this formula forvery specific reasons. Why? In the twelfth century an Italian mathematician called LeonardoPisano, better known as Fibonacci, expanded on a sequence ofnumbers first described by the Indian philosopher Pingala in thesecond century before the current era. If you have read ‘The DaVinci Code’ or seen the movie, you will have come across theFibonacci numbers, which Pisano calculated in order to answerhow many rabbits would be created in one year assuming that eachpair bred once each month beginning in the second month aftertheir birth. I am not making that up, by the way. Go on. Read itagain and weep. Leaving aside the burning need to ask whyanyone with all their marbles would want to know the answer tothat question, this author is most grateful that Fibonacci did. Theresult is a sequence of numbers that is equal to the sum of thepreceding two numbers (1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34 ... etc.). While thismay sound exceedingly dull, even to someone who thinks knittingis an extreme sport, Fibonacci had rediscovered Pingala’s subtlemessage from over a millennium before: there is a pattern to howeverything in the universe relates to everything else. This is how the Fibonacci pattern looks when line-drawn: 14
    • Equanimous What does this silly picture mean? It is the pictorialrepresentation of this rather more gorgeous natural application: Photo by L. Shyamal Helianthus flower, Bannerghatta Bangalore, 2006 Wikipedia CC License: Attribution-ShareAlike 2.5 Generic (CC BY-SA 2.5) This picture of a Helianthus is a Fibonacci spiral in a threedimensional natural formation. Flowers, ferns, trees, shells, snails,even the relationship between a person and their belly-button andthe shape of entire galaxies organize themselves and relate to oneanother in this pattern. And you have to admit, it is both incrediblybeautiful and familiar all at the same time. But why, when suchancient forms as the Golden Ratio, Feng Shui or Fibonacci spiralsare applied to spaces and forms, do they spontaneously inducesuch a natural feeling of aesthetic beauty, calm or peace whenviewed by a person? The answer is because all shapes and forms in our world arereflections of their energetic vibration and those shapes and 15
    • Equanimouspatterns most entrained with nature vibrate at a wavelength thatconnects with another of nature’s great marvels: human beings. This vibration is not a local phenomenon. Nor is the shape of theFibonacci Spiral, the Golden Ratio or the basic principles of FengShui coincidental. They each reflect the shape and vibration of theuniverse itself, repeated again and again and again in everyone andeverything. So, as our human senses digest this sacred geometry,the feeling that results is like a chord strummed across the veryfiber of our souls. This, I believe, is what some of our ancient ancestors knew verywell. They were fully aware that humanity is not a species separateor divided from our environment and they left teachings to guidethose who suspect that there is more to life than just coincidences,luck, bricks and right vs. wrong. Our environment moves us, weinteract with it, our lives are molded by it because we are intricatelyconnected with its shapes and forms that affect us in quiet butmeaningful ways. We are being guided by the entire universe tobegin living our lives in ways that reflect the shapes of the universeand everything and everyone is screaming at every human being,albeit under their breath, the same soft message: “Wake up!” Unlesswe listen to the message of nature and learn how to make sense ofthese shapes and patterns in our lives, we will forever conclude thatevents are random, life is just stone and pizza and we are all victimsof circumstances in a big accidental universe that doesn’t care aboutanyone or anything. That is about as far from a useful truth as any truth can be. The life of the average westernized person is not entrained withthese natural principles in any shape or form. When I say that ourlives don’t reflect a Fibonacci spiral at all, this does not mean thatwe should all become snails or that our purposes should meander acircuitous route but that we must expand our minds beyond theconventional interpretations of size, shape, weight and othermeasurements that our scientific minds might use to define what ispractical in life and begin to create lives that feel like the Fibonacci 16
    • Equanimousspiral when you see it represented in art and architecture. TheFibonacci spiral embodies the infinite balance, harmony and flow ofnatural energies. When these properties are reflected in the patternsof our lives we feel at peace, we feel comfortable, we feel inharmony with life. In contrast, western thinking has for millenniasought to find stark comfort in the straight edges and sharp cornersof beginnings and endings that separate the sky from the ground,the tree from the fish, the rock from the air, the bird from the cloudsand the atom from the molecule until nothing appears to flow intoone another and all things are individual, separate and alone. Whenwe apply ideas to our life that do not create natural synergism(increased overall power) or natural symbiosis (a win/winsituation) we effectively conflict with the movement and shape ofour environment. From this conflict suffering, quite naturally,arises. A crude analogy of how we disrespect these patterns in our livesmight be trying to get water to flow upstream or the wind to blowin another direction. Although you might, for a time, be able tocreate the impression of these things occurring by applyingmechanisms and technologies that force it to do so, the result isartificial. The river is not really flowing the other way and the windhas not really changed direction. If you do this for long enough youwill forget how the river flows and the wind blows and believe thatthe artificial air and water are great accomplishments because theyare doing what you want them to do. These types of patterns occurso frequently in our lives; using violent means to create a world wethink serves our purposes, but this ignores the fact that the windand water flow in the direction they flow for the same reason thatblood flows towards the human heart through veins and away fromthe heart in an artery. It wouldnt be effective any other way. The patterns of nature may sometimes fill invisible channels andhead towards intangible objectives but to place in their way humanbarriers that dismiss their purpose as inconsequential because wecannot comprehend how they connect with our own is to detach 17
    • Equanimousfrom the natural mechanisms that bring order to the universe andto descend into an artificial environment created from the illusionsof humanity. It is madness to adjust nature to suit our purposes. Itis wisdom to adjust our own to the purposes of nature. In that waywe become natural once again and, in becoming natural, we willfind peace. The choice to accept a mind full of beginnings and endings has asimple logic behind it. Sadly, logic is not a Fibonacci spiral. It hassharp edges and straight lines and thus its unbridled application tothe creation of our world tends towards filling our lives withartificial patterns that lead us further from connecting to ournatural heritage, let alone our friends and family. If you organizeyour mind along the lines of beginnings and endings then it is alogical assumption to conclude that ‘you’ and ‘I’ are also separatefrom one another. After all, physically, you can see where ‘you’begin and ‘I’ end. From this initial conclusion, a false conclusion Imight add, everything begins to unravel from a tightly knit ball ofunity into a disparate set of unconnected parts and pieces. Withbeginnings and endings ‘life’ and ‘death’ are distinctly different andunconnected, an event on one side of the planet is not connected toan event on the other side of the planet, the eternal process ofcausality, of all things affecting all other things, seem as if it can becontrolled and stripped down to the manageable context of ‘mylife’, ‘your life’, ‘their country’ and ‘our country’ and so on and soforth. Thus, in such a world, all responsibility for events, as well aspossession of objects, can be divided and assigned so that we caneach go about our independent days in the belief that we live once,we are here alone and that the ultimate philosophical purpose oflife is to enjoy what we can own for as long as we can possibly ownit… …and from this philosophy of separation and independence, sowe extrapolate our society, economy, politics, education, medicineand science. We build legal systems out of guilt and innocence,education out of pass and fail, life out of success and failure, 18
    • Equanimousbusiness out of winners and losers, structuring and shaping ourpersonal conduct and our relationships with one another in waysthat learn to distrust the moderation of balance that has relegatedthe search for harmony to an idealistic pipe-dream. Over the millennia, as natural values have slowly given way toartificial divisions, our social, political, and economic structureshave become equally exclusive and divisive. The civilization wehave created is not a natural pattern. It is waging war againstnatural patterns and thus the lives of the individuals within it arebattlefields and the battles that we win are quickly destroying thetrophy: Earth. If the motivation of greed is the best shape we cancome up with to create a better world, what shapes are the minds inwhich this idea appears so profound and compelling? In this first section of Equanimous we will begin our talk withMaster Jacob by looking at the shapes that structure the universe inwhich our earthly environment has developed. If we wish to createharmonious lives, we must begin by creating awareness of howharmony manifests in the universe and how we can apply theseshapes to live together on the planet more effectively. To achievethis, we will need to first suspend our faith in our conventionalnotions of what the universe is and why it is here because theseideas support the patterns by which we have built our lives andthey will not change by themselves. We must each consciouslyrecognize the part we have played in contributing towards thehabits and rituals that dictate what is normal in our personal worldand accept that the only way to create something new is to breakthese ingrained habits and change the patterns that build the limitsin our own lives. Talking of beginnings and endings, let’s start our dialog with themother of all beginnings: The ‘Big Bang’. It is one of the mostglaring examples of the divisiveness that we project into our reality.Can there be a bigger example of a bigger beginning than this?Where did the idea of the ‘Big Bang’ come from? My intention hereis not to criticize Georges Lemaître, who in 1927 postulated the ‘Big 19
    • EquanimousBang’ theory, but to examine the paradigm in which he andmillions of other people were constructing their view of theuniverse and wonder whether it is still helpful to us to continuebelieving that the universe ‘started’ and therefore will one day ‘end’or whether a different shape would help us to build lives that aremore conducive to a greater future than the inevitability of a dark,finite death. The idea of the ‘Big Bang’ did not come from a mindcontemplating the possibility of infinity, that’s for sure. It camefrom a consciousness whose limits precluded the idea. From withinthis paradigm, it is natural that our own life should conform to thesame limits that reinforce our separation and independence fromother people around us. Therefore, challenging ideas that supportthis paradigm is the first step to a new beginning for us all. If wecan leave behind the very first division, the very first beginning andthe very first notion that anything has begun or ended, we evolveaway from the shapes that limit who we can be and into theinterconnected patterns of nature’s infinity.According to Wikipedia: “As used by cosmologists, the term Big Bang generally refers to the idea that the Universe has expanded from a primordial hot and dense initial condition at some finite time in the past (currently estimated to have been approximately 13.7 billion years ago), and continues to expand to this day.” Perhaps you personally don’t give two hoots whether theuniverse began with a bang, ends with a crunch, or continues withany other onomatopoeic noun but the laws that are in effect in themeantime are the same laws that make you and me walk, talk andwatch reality TV for hours with only salty snacks and adult diapersfor company. The inevitable conclusion in short: ignorance of theshape, values and processes of the universe around you is akin toignorance of your own nature, which inevitably gives birth to 20
    • Equanimousproducers who believe that reality TV adds to the quality of humanendeavor. Now, do you realize how urgently you need to pay attention?I’m no physicist but I must say the notion of the ‘Big Bang’ hasalways bothered me. I’m not saying I’d sit up late at night fretting,but it has certainly caused me slight indigestion on occasion. I’dwonder, for instance, if the ‘Big Bang’ started the universe, whatcame before the start? How did something (the entire universe)come from some stable or fixed state before which only that stableand fixed state was present? Why did it cease to be stable andbecome unstable? What caused it? And if something caused it, thenit wasnt fixed or stable in the first place. So, not only can you tellfrom this how full of paradoxes the whole idea is, you can also seehow anal I really am. But seriously, the current scientific view of the‘Big Bang’ is like saying: “Before the baby was born from the sperm andthe egg there was, well, nothing really. Nothing happened. It’s a miracle.Honest guvnor, I didn’t even touch her!” Perhaps the universe wascarried into existence in the mouth of a stork? It sounds about ascredible. Maybe it is just my relentlessly enquiring mind but I have to askwhat came before the explosion. If we are to assume that nothingcomes from nothing and only something comes from something butthat something cannot come from nothing and nothing cannotcome from something, we must either reread that sentence to knowwhat on Earth I’m talking about or look for a simpler explanation.The simpler explanation is that the universe cannot just spring intoexistence without a cause. In other words, if the ‘Big Bang’ camefrom ‘a primordial hot and dense initial condition’ what conditionedthat condition? We are all creatures of nature and thus, the universe shouldbehave in natural ways but I have never experienced the ‘magic’ ofsomething being created from nothing and neither have I everexperienced a beginning nor an end of anything. All I have seen is 21
    • Equanimoustransformation, transition and transience and I am yet to findanything that does not hold to these laws. All life’s problems occur because we are trying to create a lifeunsuited to the environment in which we exist. It is like trying toget from ‘A’ to ‘B’ with the wrong map. Life becomes trial and errorwhen we should know enough about the environment of life for itto guide us without too much disaster along the way. What seemsto be right and what should work isn’t right and doesn’t work andyet we keep on trying because we are unwilling or unable to let goof the only methods of creation that we are familiar with. The rulesof life become less confusing if you understand where they camefrom. In this case, they surely didn’t come from nothing…Michael Paul Stephens: “Master Jacob, did the ‘Big Bang’ really occur?Was there really a massive explosion that brought the entire universe intobeing?” I asked these questions one day in November 2009, riding homefrom work with Orranut. Having decided to write this book, I wasquite sure I wanted to start it off at the beginning of pretty mucheverything and I couldn’t think of a bigger beginning than this. As we started to research this book, Orranut would often take awhile to connect with Master Jacob but, as time went on, thischanged. She would soon remark that he was frequently with herthroughout the day, commenting, offering advice and generallyacting as her fourth spirit guide. Yes, she has three others. Some people have a lot of help.Master Jacob: “The universe has always existed. Its nature hasalways been similar to what it is now.”MPS: “Well, that’s very revealing on its own, Master Jacob but I wouldlike to explain to people why the shape and structure of the universe issignificant. As I understand it, current science tells us that the universe is 22
    • Equanimousexpanding out like a bubble 2. Could you tell me if this is the correctobservation and if there was some kind of explosion involved to create thisexpansive movement?”MJ: “An explosion implies violence, that there was somethingdestroyed to create the universe in its current form, but this is notthe case.” One of the things I learned very quickly with Master Jacob wasthat I needed to ask very specific questions. Little informationwould be volunteered. I had to work it out myself and get him toconfirm it. It is his way of helping me to remember what I alreadyknow.MPS: “OK, so let me put it like this, Master Jacob. I need to understandwhy science has observed the universe expanding outwards from a centralpoint. Physicists believe that this was caused by an enormous event over13 billion Earth years ago, called the ‘Big Bang’ and that, one day, theuniverse may run out of the energy that currently causes it to expand and,when it does, it will contract in a ‘Big Crunch’. What I would like to knowis whether this observation is correct and could you also shed some lighton the mechanism by which the universe expands and contracts like this?”MJ: “The observation that the universe is expanding is correct.However, you have almost answered the question yourself. You areas natural as the universe round you, right?”MPS: “Are you saying that a human being reflects the way the universemoves?”2 In 1929 Edwin Hubble and Milton L. Humason formulated what has come to be known asʻHubbles lawʼ. This defined how light changed, known as ʻredshiftʼ, when an object was movingaway from the observer. Their discovery showed that other galaxies were moving away from theMilky Way. In simple terms, this was the first empirical support for the ʻBig Bangʼ theory, whichhad been proposed by Georges Lemaître in 1927. 23
    • EquanimousMJ: “Of course. You are part of the universe. In your body, whatorgan expands and contracts in the same way as you havedescribed the universe?” I thought for a moment before realizing.MPS: “Oh, the lungs?”MJ: “Correct.”MPS: “My goodness. The universe is breathing.”MJ: “Indeed.” Wow, the universe is breathing? Why not? But what an insight!While the human mind finds such comfort in breaking things downinto mechanical processes, physics has never taken seriously theidea that the universe may in fact be a living, biological entity or, atthe very least, behave as a living entity would. I have never seen aliving entity spontaneously explode, have you? Well, there was thatscene in the movie ‘Scanners’, but that is beside the point. Theexpansion/contraction shape is consistent with all things that existin this world. Why should the universe as a whole be any different?Get over it!MPS: “OK, if the universe is breathing and we are in the inhalationbreath, that would explain the expansion, but why would it exhale andcontract? What causes the transition from expansion to contraction? Isthis what science might call the Big Crunch? Will the universe collapseback to infinitesimal energy in an infinitesimally small space?”MJ: “It did not come from infinitesimal energy in a n infinitesimallysmall space, as you put it, so the question of going back thereshould not arise, should it? Nothing is repeated and nothing goesbackwards. Let me give an example of the mechanism. When theenergy of the universe reaches critical mass, the energy ofexpansion is less than that of contraction. In a linear way, you can 24
    • Equanimousview it as a seesaw with a weight that moves along its length.Eventually the see-saw tips over simply because there is a pointwhere change is triggered by the energetic laws that naturallygovern such things.”MPS: “Right, so if we compare the metaphor to breathing, would it be likethe reflex action of the lungs? One of the triggers of breathing, as Iunderstand it, is the build up of carbon dioxide in the body. We do notneed to be aware of it. There is nobody pulling a lever or flipping aswitch.”MJ: “That’s right. The breathing process is not mechanical or pre-set. It just occurs when the right conditions are attained.”MPS: “Thank goodness for that. I was worried that the universe mightforget to breath without an email reminding someone to pull the lever.” Orranut tells me that there is silence from Master Jacob.MPS: “That was a joke.”MJ: “Indeed.” It took Master Jacob a while to get used to my humor. I hope thereader will afford me the same patience.MPS: “OK, moving on…so universal breathing is no different to, say, thechanging seasons on Earth? When the energetic conditions are right, thetemperature, the moisture, the wind, the air pressure etc. the processsimply changes automatically?”MJ: “This is correct.”MPS: “Contemporary scientific opinion says that the current universalexhalation breath, if I can call it that, has been on-going for around 13.7billion years. Does that correspond with your historical record?” 25
    • EquanimousMJ: “Time is not something I wonder about.” The reader will note as we progress through this work thatMaster Jacob is consistently uneasy about using time periods, notbecause he does not know dates but because he feels that timetends to reinforce the linear impression people have of their lives.He has often tried to explain to me why the use of time paralysesthe mind in a fictional reality but it is still hard for me to grasp howbeing five hundred years late for a dinner appointment would notbe considered ill-mannered in any dimension. Regardless, MasterJacob has made it plain to us that the measurement of time is not animportant focus, although he always tries his best to give detailswhenever he can.MPS: “I understand that time is not something you are comfortable withdiscussing but I think you are very familiar with the need of humans toplace events on a timeline in order to comprehend them in sequence.”MJ: “I am constantly fascinated by how unhelpful it is.”MPS: “Right, OK…but would you help me out by confirming whether the13.7 billion year timeframe is reasonable?”MJ: “I will not argue with it.”MPS: “Do universal contractions and expansions always have equalduration?”MJ: “No. They are different. Again, it is like human breathing.Sometimes deep, sometimes shallow. If you listened to your ownbreath you would realize that every breath is unique. If you listenedto the universal breathing it would be as enlightening as listening toyour own.”MPS: “What does the exhalation breath do? What is its purpose?”MJ: “It is like cooking.” 26
    • EquanimousMPS: “Do you mean it prepares conditions?”MJ: “Something like that.”MPS: “And the inhalation breath is…what exactly?”MJ: “Serving the dish.”MPS: “So the out-breath, as the universe shrinks, is the gestation phaseand the in-breath is the creative phase, as it expands?”MJ: “You could put it in those terms, yes.”MPS: “What created this process? Is this God?”MJ: “No one knows. What is known is that energy is continuouslyrippling out across the universe fueling the expansion. The energyis not finite.”MPS: “Oh, so the ‘Big Bang’ theory basically postulates that there is afixed sum of energy-being spread out thinner and thinner across space.What you’re saying is that there are interim ripples, like mini-bangs,between the expansions and contractions?”MJ: “Correct, but without the ‘bang’ as you put it.”MPS: “I see. And what do these ripples do, exactly?”MJ: “They add impetus to the movement. They are like the fuel tokeep it going, if you will.”MPS: “How long might one of these ripples last?”MJ: “It varies but let’s say one human lifetime, for argument’ssake.”MPS: “And can we speculate that energy is somehow sucked back induring contraction, like ripples going the other way?” 27
    • EquanimousMJ: “You could speculate that.”MPS: “It sounds like the waves of the sea landing on the shore and thenwithdrawing back into the sea.”MJ: “Another good analogy. There are many such analogies as thispattern is repeated throughout the natural universe.” The breathing, the tides, the ripples, the expansion andcontraction; the very motion of the universe is totally applicable tomotion right here on Earth. You’d think in a universe of this sizeand age it would have thought of some different patterns by now,wouldn’t you? It’s just the bone idle laziness of the youth of today, Isay.MPS: “Human science also speculates that there is a black hole at thecenter of the universe. Could you confirm this?”MJ: “How can there be a center of something infinite?” I kicked myself.MPS: “I mean, could you confirm that there is a massive black hole at thepoint where the expansion and contraction emanates from.”MJ: “Yes. A black hole exists at that place.”MPS: “What is its purpose?”MJ: “It is like the nostrils in the center of your face, breathing inmatter and spewing energy back out. This energy is the stuff ofcreation.”MPS: “Is this energy what scientists call ‘dark energy’ or ‘dark matter’?*3”3About dark matter and dark energy the NASA website says “…roughly 70% of the Universe isdark energy. Dark matter makes up about 25%. The rest - everything on Earth, everything everobserved with all of our instruments, all normal matter - adds up to less than 5% of the Universe.” 28
    • EquanimousMJ: “Indeed.”MPS: “This process sounds like a tree breathing in carbon dioxide,transforming it and breathing out oxygen.”MJ: “Once again, a very good analogy.”MPS: “So they are not, as science speculates, so gravitationally powerfulthat nothing can escape them.”MJ: “No they are catalytic entities spewing out creative energy tonurture the universal process. They are also like universaltimekeepers constantly clicking.”MPS: “Ah, radioactivity, like a nuclear clock.”MJ: “Yes. They are not as frightening as humans might believe theyare. Even your sun has a black hole. Do you believe that?” Master Jacob was describing to me the way the universe movesin a totally natural phenomenon: breathing. There is an in-breathand an out-breath, a expansion and a contraction. It is just yin andyang. No Bang needed. For years I had been telling my students akarmic lesson about the ‘Pebble in the Pond’, and how you cannottake back a choice once it has been thrown into the waters of time.Ripples expand out across the lake from the point where thedecision hit and rebound back to the source once the ripples havehit the bank. Now, speaking to an energetic being from anotheruniverse I was hearing the same story repeated back, and this time,it was a story related to the creation of nothing less than, well…everything. Your life is an environment, it is an ambience, it is a recipebrought to realization through the taste buds of your experienceand it exists in the same universe that Master Jacob describes asexpanding and contracting in a continuous fluctuation of highs andlows, strength and weakness, creation and destruction. How you 29
    • Equanimousprepare yourself to suit that environment and the behaviors andhabits with which you create your life within it defines the qualityof your relationship with nature, and thus how authentic your lifefeels to you. The more authentic it becomes, the better you feel. Thisfeeling is all that really matters. Like a badly fitting shirt, too tightand it feels constricting, too large and it drowns you. It doesn’tmatter a jot whether the label says its your size. Its all about how itfeels, right? Life is the same way. If life feels good, you must bedoing something right. Changing your perception of what a good life might be madefrom is a vital step in creating one. The right house, the right job,the right income, the right spouse, the right family, the right haircut, the Playstation 15 and the Gibson Les Paul may have the rightring about it in a mind that meets all your spiritual needs throughphysical solutions but the end result is attachment to the physicalworld and the resulting suffering that goes with it. We reach out forphysical solutions to lifes ills because…well…what other optionsseem credible? Religion has let me down. Politics is corrupt. Mymarriage has failed. I hate my family. Even my dog has eaten myslippers. What else can dull the pain of life but a good dose of shinystuff? Why is life so painful anyway? How on Earth did I even getthis gig? What was God thinking when he made me? No need to answer that. The first issue each of us has to address is how to create a lifethat actually works in the environment in which we live. You mayhave gone out and got yourself a terrific Lamborghini because youimagine the universe to be a racing track, but if the universe isshaped more like a sky dive you’ve just invested your entire life’searnings in a vehicle that is going to crash and burn however muchfun it may seem on the way down. Piling on the juice just makesthe inevitable quicker. Your life may just become the biggest banggoing. Any ideas why you suffer yet? Orranut and I spend much of our time healing and counselingand many of our client’s lives do indeed look frighteningly similar 30
    • Equanimousto a car wreck. People take a single problem and smash it into amillion different parts and then sit paralyzed not knowing whichpart to work on first. But here’s the answer: understand where youare. Understand your environment. Understand what the universereally is. Understand what it will take to live in rhythm with it.And, if it’s a sky dive, buy a parachute.MPS: “What is the shape of the universe?” I asked Master Jacob, somedays later, once again driving back home from the south of Phuket aftersome healing sessions on the island.” I looked at Orranut sitting in the back seat of the car and she issmiling. She informs me my question has been met with laughter. Itwas good that Master Jacob was finding his sense of humor but itwas somewhat unsettling to have an ancient energy-being gigglingat you, whatever the cause.MJ: “What is the shape of your mind?” I think about it.MPS: “Are you saying the universe and mind have the same shape?” I realized how dumb the question must sound even as it leavesmy mouth. Silence from the back seat.Orranut: “He’s laughing again.”MPS: “Fair enough.” My mind, like everyone else’s, is stuck looking for reassuringshapes and patterns that conform to the preconceived notions ofwhat is real and what is not. They are wholly illusory. If we assignour universe ‘a fixed shape’, if it is donut-shaped or orb-shaped orspiral-shaped or even shaped like a cute little teddy bear then, byvirtue of this, we must conclude that it would also have dimensionand with dimensions come walls, barriers, starts and ends etc. From 31
    • Equanimousthis paradigm, the theory of the ‘Big Bang’ becomes very plausible,and from within this mindset we extrapolate our linear tale of howthe universe must have started, grown to a certain shape and size,created the Earth, built each of us separate and independent of oneanother and so on and so forth. It is the greatest linear illusion inexistence. When we set up our mental environment to entertainsuch notions as a fixed shape and size, everything we think, sayand do is extrapolated from it in order to support a consistentmodel. Let’s put this as succinctly as possible: the ‘Big Bang’ Theory is afantasy based upon the initial assumption of a finite mind.MPS: “If I were to take a physical telescope that could see forever”, Iasked, “would I ever see the end of the universe?” I sat back in my chair, awaiting what I expected to be moreinevitable laughter. I was quietly surprised.MJ: “It has the physical properties of shape and mass but it is alsoinfinite.”MPS: “Were I to take a telescope that could see forever, would physicalplanets exist at every point that I looked into the infinity?” This was definitely a giggle-inducing type of question. MasterJacob can some times lose patience with questions that stretch thepoint of the point to the point of pointlessness. And I am an expertat just those types of questions…MJ: “I have never been there. I do not know.” A reply in true character. I left it at that. Understanding the way in which the universe moves is of nouse to us whatsoever unless we apply those shapes to our lives tomake our reality more compatible with the natural order of things.What we have learned is that nature creates, recreates and creates 32
    • Equanimousonce again the same shapes throughout the entire universe toinspire our greater connection to the natural processes by which wemust all live and through which we must all get along with oneanother. We may sometimes feel alone and vulnerable in this worldbut that is simply because we have not learned to connect to themultitude of natural signposts revealing our purpose and how wecan get there in joy and contentment. Stacked into every gram ofsoil, every cubic inch of air and every milliliter of water on thisEarth are the patterns and shapes that encourage humanentrainment with nature, but the human mind has theunprecedented capacity to relegate nature from possessingprofound meaning to meaning nothing more than commodities. Weseparate and detach from our natural connection to such an extentthat we forlornly believe that human life can be acted out in asterile artificial environment where the nature of nature is mute andirrelevant. But nature has a deafening voice if we learn to turn up thevolume through our personal sensitivity. It talks to us, interacts,communicates on so many subtle levels but we must learn to listen.The way in which we organize our lives to entrain with naturalpatterns and shapes defines, to a very great extent, the shape ofenergetic feedback that can either nurture our spirit, our sense ofconnectivity and our feeling of interdependence, or whittle it awayto nothing and leave us all feeling separate, alone and purposelesswithin a world closing in on us. Neither of these choices happen without effort. It is not randomor a case of bad luck if we feel disconnected from our natural worldor if our life seems meaningless or empty. It is entirely up to youwhich effort you apply to your reality just as it is entirely up to youwhat you believe to be right and wrong in that reality. Bearing inmind that our wealth and status-driven economy has encouragedhumanity to invest so much time and effort in the competitiveprocesses of winners and losers, clearly you must make a differentinvestment in your life if you are seeking inclusion and not 33
    • Equanimousexclusion, community and not self, respect and not prejudice. It isnot a cakewalk, I admit, but I guarantee it will require no moreeffort than that you have so far invested to create the reality youalready have. Life is a spiral. It is breathing. It is ebbing and flowing just assurely as your world is changing, your lungs are inhaling and yourheart is pumping blood around your body. Learning to build thebridges between you and your authentic self is just a single step inthe direction of creating harmony and balance, for in attaching tothe mental markers that have created the barriers of beginnings andendings in your life, you have forgotten that you are the greatestpattern of them all, floating without attachment to the naturalpatterns that created you. While the universe breathes in and out,so do you. As is outside, so exists inside. Listen. Feel. And if oneday the talking stops, silence reigns within and life feels good all atthe same time, you will know that the shape of your reality hasaligned with the shape of the entire universe. And both you and the entire universe will laugh as one. 34