Professional Development for Sales Teams

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Excerpts from Professional Development for Sales Teams presentation. …

Excerpts from Professional Development for Sales Teams presentation.
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  • 1. The Green Thumb Guide Peter Rovick PDR Professional Development
  • 2. Which is Your Team?Yielding fine wine Dying on the vine or
  • 3. Heard at HQ …We have a World- We use the best Lead No training… I need myClass sales force! Qualification models team out selling! - Sales VP - Marketing - Sales Mgr. #1 Forecasts were due on Friday !@#$ We provide hands-on - Sales Manager #2 reinforcement to lock-in skills - Coach We leverage and foster ASTD competencies We continuously seek - Training Mgr. #1 We provide a fully and adopt best integrated path for practices! personal development
  • 4. Not Heard at HQ … This is ‘sink or swim’. You call those ‘qualified’Training us What happened to leads?!@*& useless! development? They don’t develop What happened to ‘sharing’ ‘competencies’, they’re developing and ‘adopting’ best practices? incompetence. Our Coach … My manager only manages UP ‘lives in a van down by the river’ PDP … not I’m outta here after helping Me. President’s Club … They talk ‘excellence’, but foster mediocrity.
  • 5. The Painful Truth?Even if you are ‘crushing’ quota, is it sustainable?Your results: ↓morale + ↓’team’ productivity + ↑client loss + ↑employee turnover + ↑overall net costs = infected culture (for years to come)Instead: Shouldn’t your culture foster key competency growth to promote sustained success? ↑employee growth and satisfaction  ↑productivity  ↑rewards (Y/Y) + ↑growth for individuals & teams + internal promotion(s)
  • 6. Professional Development• Procuring seeds• Sowing the seeds Assess / Plan and• Initial Water & Care Reassess Design• Ongoing Care• Harvesting The Sequential Learning Cycle• Bottling the wine• Seasons 2, 3, 4 … Evaluate Implement• Transplanting
  • 7. Professional Development • Procuring seeds Who requires more time & attention? • Sowing the seeds • Initial Water & Care • Ongoing Care • Harvesting • Bottling the wine • Seasons 2, 3, 4 … • Transplanting“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” ― Benjamin Franklin
  • 8. Sowing the Seeds On-Boarding + Initial Activities: The First 90 Days
  • 9. Training "The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires." - William Arthur Ward From Training to Adoption • Prepare: Align with needs & goals Assess / Plan and • Deliver: Credible, real-world, engaging Reassess Design • Facilitate: Involve, focus, motivate Coaching • Plan: Specific steps to adoption • Integrate: Lock in new skills & knowledge Evaluate Implement"You cannot teach a man anything. You can only help him discover it within himself." - Galileo
  • 10. Not just Practice, Practice, Practice Are you fostering mediocrity? Adapt Skill Best Practices Module Professional Development: Tiered growth via cyclical Revision learning & application & Skill [X] Adoption Evolution Adapt Skill Best Practices Module Adapt Skill Revision Best Practices Module & Evolution Skill 3 Adoption Ongoing Review & Coaching Analysis Skill 2 Revision Adapt Skill & Adoption Ongoing Review & Best Evolution Analysis Module Coaching Practices Ongoing Review & Skill 1 Revision & Adoption Coaching AnalysisEvolution Ongoing Review & Coaching Analysis
  • 11. Ongoing Care• Variables: – Soil: Surrounding Culture / Environment – Fertilizer: Modular Training – Water: Coaching & Mentoring – Sun: Disciplined & Focused Practice – Pruning: Review & Realignment• Best Practices: Sharing and adopting "The art of teaching is the art of assisting discovery." - Mark Van Doren
  • 12. Crop Threats• Pests – Lack of focus – Lack of discipline – Peers / ‘Team’ members – Management• Disease – Employee morale – Politics – Infighting• Drought – Lack of professional development • On mgmt. schedule but not within individual learning curves
  • 13. Managers as CoachesThe top two reasons people leave their jobs are absence of training andmentoring (leads to lack of fulfillment).• Managers need to engage the talent instead of ‘managing’ it.• While 70% of orgs. claim they coach employees, most managers lack coaching skills.• Only 11 percent of senior leaders actively coach regularly.• 43 percent of leaders were rated as ineffective as coaches. “People quit the boss, not the job.”
  • 14. Process Highlight: Lead QualificationSeparating the wheat from the chaff …Integrated with CRM• Checklists & Scoring • Specific criteria• Tracking: • Dissemination & Forwarding• Measuring: • Revenues, Profit, etc. • Campaign ROI • Source Quality