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Meenas kitchen

  1. 1. Bindi Masala“The way to a man’s heart isthrough his stomach”Much inspired by this old saying, I lovecooking and have over the yearsconcocted umpteen unique Indiandelicacies. I would now like to take thispassion a step further and offer myservices to my friends and the communityfor a very reasonable price. I also takebig orders on my signature dishes forparties and other events. Bindi Masala M E N U Meena’s Bindi Masala 4704 Pascal Ct Colorado Springs, CO 80920 Phone (719) 534-9500 Cell (719) 339-1690 A confluence of North and South Indian E-mail Cuisines Phone: (719) 534-9500 E-mail:
  2. 2. Selections North Indian Curries South Indian Curries Variety Rice Vegetables cooked with spices with or without Vegetables cooked with spices with or without Rice preparations made with the Indian gravy in a North Indian style gravy in a south Indian style fragrant basmati rice, veggies and spices Aloo Mutter 7.95 Black Eyed Peas Curry 7.50 Tomato Rice 7.95 The delicate addition of spices to potatoes in a Good source of proteins and fiber I call this my specialty, so this is a chef’s tangy tomato gravy simmered to bring out Dal Ball Kurma 7.95 recommendation if you will  authentic Punjabi flavors Tamarind Rice 7.95 I also offer mixed veg Kurma and pakoda Bell Pepper Curry 7.95 Kurma variations of the dish Rice mixed with tamarind paste and seasoned Bell pepper sautéed with tomato and onions. A Egg Curry 7.95 with sesame, roasted peanuts and curry leaves lightly spiced curry which tastes awesome with Veggie Biryani 7.95 rice or roti Eggs cooked with fragrant spices, tart tomatoes and caramelized onions Who doesn’t know this one ha? Chana Masala 7.50 Eggplant Masala 7.95 Coconut Rice 7.95 Garbanzo beans simmered to perfection in a tomato gravy, goes well with puris and rotis Eggplants cooked in a peanut, sesame seeds Rice cooked with coconut milk… and coconut gravy Gobi and Baby corn Pepper Curry 7.95 Mushroom and Peas Curry 7.95 Cauliflower, baby corn and bell peppers sautéed Mushrooms and peas cooked in tomato puree Condiments with spices… mmmmm what a mouthwatering with spices…mmm delicious I also take orders for these items combination Navaratan Kurma 7.95 Variety of Veg Curries and Kootu 7.95 The nine gems…veggies, paneer, nuts… ooh this Non Vegetarian Sambhar 7.95 is one treat for your palate People call me an expert for all my chicken Palak Paneer 7.95 varieties Chutneys 7.95 Paneer (cottage cheese) cooked with pureed Chicken 65 7.95 Coconut, Tomato or Mint spinach and spices Idli/Dosa Batter 7.50 Mouthwatering spicy deep fried chicken Paneer Butter Masala 7.95 One yogurt box full (2lbs weight) Pepper Chicken/ Butter Chicken 7.95 Paneer cooked with butter…heavenly Quarter Tray 25.00 A Mughlai cuisine with chicken cooked in a Paneer Makhanwala 7.95 tandoor and added to a butter sauce Big order of any curry or rice variety Paneer cooked with heavy whipping cream….you Chicken Tikka Masala 7.95 can indulge once in a while  Marinated pieces of chicken are grilled and added to thick creamy gravy….