Yalla Apps monetize your WP7 apps


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Presentation from our WP7 workshop participation at Microsoft.

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Yalla Apps monetize your WP7 apps

  1. 1. What is Yalla Apps?• Currently the Windows Phone Marketplace is not available in the MEA regions• Yalla Apps enables developers to upload their applications to the Windows Phone Marketplace• Yalla Apps receives applications from developers and submit them to the global Marketplace and lets developers unlock their device for testing.• The portal offers development support, support forums as well as a module market where developers can share code and components
  2. 2. Some numbers last month 50 2,000 100,000
  3. 3. Some stats• 97% of developers can publish apps due to Global Publishers• 21,000 apps published• 3,000 new apps in the last 2 weeks• 100 apps are published per day• 49% free and 51% are paid apps• 6500 approved developers over 40K registered• 1,200 new developers register each week• The average WP7 end user downloads 12 apps per month• 10% conversion rate for paid apps that support trial functionality• Promoted content gets 500% uplift in downloads and purchases• Paid apps average selling price 2.93USD
  4. 4. How does it work?• Developers submit their application as they would on the Windows Phone Marketplace• Yalla Apps will take the application and submit it to the UK Market on the behalf of the developers• Yalla Apps will forward certification reports to the developers• Download reports will be shared through the Yalla Apps portal
  5. 5. How much do I pay?• Developers pay $99 for an annual subscription.• Payment can be done via PayPal or MoneyBookers• Each annual subscription gets 100 credits automatically.• Submit a Paid App for free• Submit a Free App for 1 credit only• First device unlock for free.Students get free annual subscriptionthrough DreamSpark
  6. 6. Mango Features• New discoverability due to improved marketplace interface• Dedicated games marketplace interface (30% of current apps are games)• Filter capabilities by content type to find relevant apps easier
  7. 7. Beta Distribution Service• Adding up to 100 testers to your app• Send deeplink to your testers• Less unlocks required for BETA testers• Must be free app• Expires after 90 days• Yalla Apps support TBC!
  8. 8. Private Distribution Service• Deeplink to app sent to unlimited end users• App updates are pushed to users• You can make the app public at any time• Great for corporate apps
  9. 9. Making Money• Trial API for paid apps 70x more downloads, 10% conversion rate from trial to paid resulting in 7x times higher sales• Dont give away too much of your trial game• Make the trial experience compelling• Time or capability based trials work• Incorporate ads in the trial to monetize (Coming Soon)
  10. 10. Making Money• Use live tiles with push notifications to increase usage and ad sales• Make your live tile make stand out• Add live tile support to app description as users are actively looking for live tile apps• Price it right, dont underprice yourself• Experiment with different price points• Start at upper price range, easier to cut than increase• Support multiple languages to create apps more relevant to other countries
  11. 11. Making Money• Get promoted, editorial promotion increases downloads by up to 2000%• Make your app look like an integrated part of WP7• Good performance• Content quality• Good usability and functionality• First use should be intuitive
  12. 12. If you include the AdDuplex ads inyour App and you submit it to YallaApps before the 30th of August 2011,you automatically get a voucher foryour ad to display 20,000 times onthe AdDuplex advertising network.This voucher is worth $30 or more!
  13. 13. How to reach us?• Website : www.yallaapps.com• Facebook : www.facebook.com/yallaapps• Twitter : www.twitter.com/yallaapps• Email : support@yallaapps.com