VentureCrowd - Australian Equity Based Crowdfunding


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VentureCrowd is Australia's leading platform for discovering and investing in startups.

VentureCrowd provides wholesale investors with unrivalled access to startups that have been pre-screened via a network of partners that includes a broad range of Australian angel groups, incubators, accelerators, venture capital firms, universities, digital agencies and corporate partners

VentureCrowd's partnership model ensures a diversified selection of high-growth potential startup investment opportunities.

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VentureCrowd - Australian Equity Based Crowdfunding

  1. 1. @v_crowd
  2. 2. Why Us? Artesian’s unique co-investment model outsources the selection, mentoring and due diligence of startups to partners including accelerators, incubators, university programs, angel groups and digital agencies. Artesian Australian VC Fund (AFOF) By outsourcing these processes to its partners Artesian can scale its investment portfolio far beyond the capacity of a traditional venture capital firm. Sydney Angels Sidecar Fund SydneyAngels Sidecar Fund Slingshot Venture Fund Slingshot Venture Fund BlueChilli Venture Fund BlueChilli Venture Fund iAccelerate Seed Fund iAccelerate Fund
  3. 3. Opportunity Problem: $0.3B amount VCs allocated in Australia across 173 deals to new and followon investments in FY 2012/13 (Source: ABS) $30B amount VCs allocated in US across 3,995 deals in 2013 (Source: PwC MoneyTree) Opportunity: 207,000 $684B $0.3B number of wholesale investors in Australia (Source; AFR) amount of assets managed by those investors achieve 0.04% penetration
  4. 4. Key Challenge INVESTOR PROTECTION ENCOURAGING INVESTMENT Wholesale Investors Investor Universe
  5. 5. Model As the barriers of entry to starting up rapidly decline the increase in startup supply is disrupting the traditional venture capital model VentureCrowd crowdsources a filtered supply of startup opportunities via cooperative partnerships across the broad Australian startup community Targeting the 200,000+ wholesale investors in Australia who manage $684 billion of assets Democratise investment by employing low friction mechanisms such as $1,000 minimum investment, single pooled investment into startup, ‘most favoured nation’ investment status Startups are very risky and many fail. The sector is characterised by an asymmetrical risk distribution i.e. a large proportion of returns are generated by a small percentage of startups. There are an infinite number of exogenous factors that can derail an apparently best of breed startup
  6. 6. Reducing Friction for Startups VentureCrowd acts as the trustee for the investors so that startups deal with one investor, rather than facing the burden of dozens of new investors The platform can be used by startups to raise seed and early-stage stage investment from friends, family, angels and their communities Many startups decline investments less than $25,000 in their capital raise due to relatively high administrative burden. VentureCrowd provides access to previously untapped sources of capital Expect speedier rounds. Offshore experience is that equity crowdfunding rounds of ~100-200K generally close in <30 days. As an online platform VentureCrowd is geographically agnostic. Startups can raise from a national audience
  7. 7. Reducing Friction for Investors Passive investors see previously inaccessible deal flow Relative to their investment size, the costs for angel investors and venture capitalists to evaluate ideas and teams are fairly small, but they are prohibitively high for small investors. Investors can commit from $1,000 up into the startups they choose VentureCrowd is a complementary investor to others in your round - be they VC or angel. VentureCrowd investors receive equal terms with all other investors in the investment round VentureCrowd will, in time, provide startup investors with a unique relative value data set
  8. 8. Partners: Funnel & Filter 3,000+ startups apply to partner programs each year • accelerators • incubators • angel groups • digital agencies • co-working spaces • venture capital firms eligible for VentureCrowd if nominated by partner ~200-300 startups are selected to participate in partners’ programs each year
  9. 9. Launch VentureCrowd is now live: 26 33 200+ a a partners including accelerators, incubators, angel groups, VCs, coworking spaces & digital agencies company security technology which allows users to log into secure sites with just a single unique TokenOne PIN pre-screened startups via our partner network registered wholesale/sophisticated investors company An online music collaboration tool allowing musicians from around the world to create music together a company produces raw snack bars suitable for coeliac, vegan, and other dietary requirements - stocked in over 200 locations nationwide.
  10. 10. @v_crowd