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Rapid Template Development Part 2
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Rapid Template Development Part 2


Part 2 of Rapid Template Development with Joomla! 1.5, YUI CSS & jQuery that i presented at CMSexpo in Denver, Colorado. …

Part 2 of Rapid Template Development with Joomla! 1.5, YUI CSS & jQuery that i presented at CMSexpo in Denver, Colorado.

The Morph framework and toolset for Joomla is now available for purchase and use - read more at http://www.joomlajunkie.com/templates/morph/morph.html

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  • 1. Rapid Template Development with Joomla, YUI & jQuery Chris Rault, Web Monkeys CMSExpo, Denver Colorado - December 08 http://joomlajunkie.com http://prothemer.com http://cmsexpo.net
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  • 4. jquery examples Example 2.) Add “first” & “last” classes to sidebar modules. $(quot;#sidebar .module:firstquot;).addClass(quot;firstquot;); $(quot;#sidebar .module:lastquot;).addClass(quot;lastquot;); http://jquery.com
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  • 11. jquery examples Example 9.) Easy rounded corners plugin: <script src=quot;<?php echo $templatepath;?>js/jquery.corners.min.jsquot; language=quot;javascriptquot; type=quot;text/javascriptquot;></script> Basic Usage: $pt('#mystyle1 #nav #current.first a').corners(quot;10px top-leftquot;); $pt('#mystyle1 #nav').corners(quot;10px topquot;); $pt('.right-pullquote').corners(quot;10pxquot;); $pt('.rounded .mod-content').corners(quot;10px bottomquot;); $pt('.rounded h3').corners(quot;10px topquot;); http://jquery.com
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