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Sales presentation 2010

  1. 1. Now Directly Available across Europe, Middle East and Africa email: UK - Amtivo Limited Royalty House, 32 Sackville Street Mayfair, London W1S 3EA - UK Tel:+44 (0) 20 3287 4260 Fax:+44 (0) 207 023 4909 CH -Proteksol CH sagl Via Riva Caccia 1b CP 214 6907 Lugano, Switzerland tel:+41.91.9804321 fax:+41.91.9804323
  2. 2. Index • Who we are • The Market Opportunity • Sun Protective Clothes • Trade Benefits • Trade Services • Customer Benefits • The Product Range
  3. 3. Who we are • We are the Exclusive European Distributor for The Coolibar brand: – The World Leading American Sun protective clothes manufacturer – The only pure player specialist in the Sun protection clothes currently present in the EU • Coolibar Importer is present in London, (UK) & Lugano (Switzerland).
  4. 4. Coolibar  Coolibar’s product performance and unique marketing tactics have created the #1 recommended brand in the USA.  First to be recommended by Skin Cancer Foundation and the Melanoma International Foundation.  Coolibar’s founders received two Gold Triangle Awards from the American Academy of Dermatology  Coolibar has a medical advisory board and relationships with worldwide experts in understanding health issues related to UV and best practice UV protection.  The company regularly participates in national medical conferences including five consecutive AAD international conventions.  The company is strongly involved and committed to the diffusion of sun related educational materials and knowledge related to sun protection and sun protective clothing: ,, and  Coolibar distributed over 175,000 catalogs to over 2,000 dermatology practices in 2008 for patient consultations
  5. 5. Coolibar is the world leading U.S. sun protective clothing brand • Technology leadership: The company produces a range of proprietary fabrics called SUNTECT® that are very lightweight yet provide the highest level of permanent UV protection available – UPF 50+. • Selection: A full range of products : Over 270 products • Manufacturing process integrity: Coolibar conducts lifecycle UV tests on every dye lot of every fabric produced to guarantee the garment is as sun protective on the last wearing as it was on the first. • Medical recognitions: The only US company recognized by 3 Medical Institutions • High quality sportswear design: Coolibar’s balances sun protection with wearability to keep customers cool, comfortable and looking great in hot, humid, summer weather.
  6. 6. Coolibar’s Medical Advisory Board Coolibar’s Medical Advisory Board provides advice regarding UV radiation and the science of detecting, preventing, and treating skin cancer and other UV- related medical disorders. • Shauna Kranendonk, M.D., is a dermatologist in private practice in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida where she specializes in surgical and cosmetic dermatology. Dr. Kranendonk is a fellow of the American Academy of Dermatology and American Society of Dermatologic Surgeons and the Skin Cancer Foundation. • Rhondi Meiusi, M.D., is an ophthalmologist in private practice in Edina, Minnesota. She is a member of the Christian Medical and Dental Society, the American Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgeons, Minnesota Academy of Ophthamology and Women in Ophthamology. • Albert Lester Rosenthal, M.D. is a dermatologist in private practice in Trenton, New Jersey and an attending dermatologist at Mercer Hospital. Rosenthal is also currently a clinical professor of dermatology at Hahnemann Medical College in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. • Maureen Pauly Utz, M.D., has a private general medical and surgical dermatology practice with an emphasis on diagnosis and prevention of skin cancer at Metropolitan Dermatology in Wayzata, Minnesota.
  7. 7. Coolibar has won awards in the business world and with the medical community
  8. 8. Coolibar is regularly covered in the mass media Increasing awareness for sun protection is top of mind for the media who are regularly running stories about the risks of over exposure to the sun and the need for better protection. Coolibar is most often acknowledged as a leader in the emerging field of sunscreen alternatives. We have had recent prominent mention in the following media: • ABC’s Good Morning America, NBC’s Today Show, CBS’s Early Show • New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, Newsweek, Forbes • Good Housekeeping, Parents, Parenting, Prevention, Sports Illustrated
  9. 9. A significant growing market opportunity • In 2008, the estimated retail value (retail sales price) of sunscreen products in Europe was approximately € 1.5 billion. • The EU is a very important and continuously-growing market for the sunscreens industry. • Sales have increased by 4% in the EU. • “There is no sun block or total protection: Sunscreen products cannot deliver total protection from UV radiation. Even the high SPFs do let some of the UV radiation through”. This holds also true for products claiming to be a “sun block” or to offer “total protection”. Source ; The European Commission Guidelines
  10. 10. 10% of the European Population is affected Condition # 80 mio Europeans Affected Actinic Keratoses (“pre skin cancer”) 32 million Basal cell carcinoma 22 million Squamous cell carcinoma 2 million Melanoma 2,2 million Lupus 3.5 million Multiple Sclerosis 1 million Drugs with sun sensitivity side effects 17 million There are also millions of people who regularly avoid sun exposure because of concerns about premature aging of the skin.
  11. 11. Increasing Awareness of Sun related damages: Consume with moderation • In general there is an increased mediatization of the sun related damages and effects of the sun. • Government have become more and more aware and are hesablish general guidelines for Sunscreen and general consumer information • The cosmetic industry is also sending strong messages to: – Avoid premature skin aging – Avoid long term loss of collagene – Avoid Sunburn • Skin cancers are growing : Basaliomas, Squamos cell carcinoma and Melanoma (Baby Boomers) • Prevent skin allergies (sun related & pharmacetically related) • Today’s young parents are more aware of sun related damages and do active ; Early Prevention (Kids & Infants) • The media Depletion of ozone layers (Media & Government)
  12. 12. A public problem: Increased Govenment Sensitivity & Intervention • Summer, beach, sun ... millions of Europeans hit the sun spots for their annual summer holidays. And millions of citizens will be faced with the question what sunscreen product to choose in order to be adequately protected ? • One important aspect relates to the two different types of hazardous UV-radiation: – UVB radiation is the cause for “sun-burn”. – UVA radiation causes premature skin ageing, interferences with the human immune system, and is an important contributor to the skin-cancer risk • Commissioner Markos Kyprianou, responsible for health and consumer protection said: “Consumers must be made fully aware that no sunscreen product can provide 100% protection against hazardous UV-radiation. There are serious health risks, such as skin cancer, linked to insufficient protection from the sun. EU citizens need to be fully informed about what sunscreens will and will not do for them. ”
  13. 13. A public growing concern: EU Directives “Sun blockers” and “total protection”? They do not exist. Despite frequent claims like “sunblocker” and “total protection”, no sunscreen products can provide for a full protection against UV radiation. Claims to fully protect babies and young children? Sunscreen products should not give the misleading impression that they provide sufficient protection for babies and young children. The correct application of the product is just as important as the choice of the product itself. For example, in order to reach the protection indicated with the “sun protection factor”, a quantity of 2mg/cm² is required. The quantity to cover the whole body can amount to a third of a smaller bottle. Moreover, this quantity has to be re- applied frequently. What should consumers know for this summer? Consumers should at any rate use sunscreen products. But the Commission advises to choose sunscreen products protecting against UVA and UVB radiation. It is important to know for consumers that sunscreen products should only be one of a number of measures to protect from the UV radiation of the sun, such as: •Avoiding excessive sun exposure at peak hours, when the sun is strongest; •Wearing protective clothing, hats and sun glasses; •Babies and young children should not be exposed to direct sun light at all.
  14. 14. Trade Benefits • Accoutability = Coolibar = Health safety • No compromises: Only the best UPF 50+ protections • Participate in a growing market segment • Today, retail sales of sun protective clothing is more than four times larger than sunscreen sales in Australia. • Profitability • Low minimum quantites: 72 Items • Complement you current offer • Broad specialized product range • Create a distinctive offer for your store • Product quality , minimum weight maximum protection: Only one layer can protect • Store delivery • Single point of order, administration
  15. 15. Proteksol Trade Services • Distribute Coolibar’s product range across: – Importers, Wholesalers and Retailers – The Medical Community • We provide taylored supporting services • We provide product information & education • We provide administrative tax, duties, insurance & logistic handling • Unique technological platform and handling for web based sales • We provide sales & marketing services
  16. 16. Sun protective products that change people’s lives • Coolibar’s customers have typically experienced sun-related health issues, either themselves or within their family. • Here are some responses to our products.  “I could do the simple things in my life again due to the products offered by Coolibar.”  “Your products have reunited me with my family.”  “I am thrilled to have an option for life because of their clothing.”  “Great products” • Coolibar brand products offer the highest sun protective rating: – UPF 50+. – Coolibar manufacturers clothing, hats, swimwear and accessories. – All Coolibar garments provide UV protection superior to sunscreen alone.
  17. 17. The UPF 50+ Products • Women’s UPF50+: – Clothing – Swimwear – Hats • Men UPF50+: – Clothing – Swimwear – Hats • UPF50+ Accessories Girl’s UPF50+: Clothing Swimwear Hats Boy’s UPF50+: Clothing Swimwear Hats Infant’s UPF50+: Clothing Swimwear Hats UPF50+ Accessories Adults Kids & Infants
  18. 18. The UPF 50+ Products : Women
  19. 19. The UPF 50+ Products : Men
  20. 20. The UPF 50+ Products : Kids
  21. 21. The UPF 50+ Products : Infants
  22. 22. The UPF 50+: WomenHats
  23. 23. The UPF 50+: Men Hats
  24. 24. The UPF 50+: Kids Hats Girls Boys
  25. 25. The UPF 50+ Products : Accessories
  26. 26. Quality & Medical Recognitions • We only research, create and produce Sun protective clothes • All our products are production coded • All our products are guaranteed for their life • Our products are recommended and approvedby: – The Skin Cancer Foundation – The Internatinal Melanoma Foundation – The American Academy of Dermatology
  27. 27. Quotes from Coolibar’s Customers (1) • "The best sun protective clothing on the planet." Carrie from California. "Great products for sun protection in the outdoors." Mindy from Arizona. "I'm an environmental scientist in Florida and have to work in the field all day in the blazing summer sun. The Coolibar clothes are great and have made my life a lot easier. I have bought numerous clothing items from two other well known sun protection clothing companies over the past two years and have sweltered in their shirts by mid-day during the summer. Their shirt vents were not sufficient to keep me cool and I would end up taking the shirt off and putting on a cotton t-shirt just to deal with the heat. That has not been the case with your shirts. I made my first purchase about three weeks ago and was so happy with the items that I ordered more items last week. I have raved so much about the clothes and shown people how well constructed they are that my mother and co-workers have asked me for your web site so they can purchase Coolibar clothes, too. Keep up the great job!" Andrea from Florida. "Construction was beautiful. Fabric was light, soft and cool." Maureen from Texas. "My parents both have had skin cancer and the entire family is very fair, so we needed hats that would give us good sun protection. I was amazed at the products offered by Coolibar. I had never heard of the company but was thrilled with my purchase. The shipment arrived the day before we were leaving. The sun hats were all crushable so we could just throw them in the duffle bags and not worry about them. They were adjustable for the perfect fit, they were light weight and very cool in the heat, and they were stylish. They were well worth the price! I will buy from them again and again! Michelle from Georgia.
  28. 28. Coolibar offers Greater Sun Protection than other brands • At Coolibar, we test and individually label each sun protective clothing item with an ultraviolet protection factor ("UPF"). We specifically label each garment as UPF 30, 35, 40, 45, 50 or 50+ (the highest rating label permitted). So with Coolibar, you can select sun protective clothing with a protection factor of 50+ if that is what you need. And our UV testing is comprehensive. For example, unlike SPF ratings which only examine UVB protection levels, our UPF ratings test for both UVA and UVB. We also test our fabrics at both the beginning and end of their life cycle so you can be quite sure our sun protection won't wash out or fade away. Coolibar's Products are recommended by The Skin Cancer Foundation Coolibar is the first company in America recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation for sun protective clothing, hats and sun protective swimwear. To read more about this award, go here. Coolibar uses a Range of Different Fabrics We select a specific fabric for each garment, according to how the garment will be used. For example, some blouses and sun protection shirts use a tightly woven nylon microfiber with enhanced titanium dioxide - an ultraviolet diffuser - often combined with CoolMax mesh for light weight, ventilation and protection; • other sunblock clothing uses an ultrasoft, woven polyester that keeps you cool and dry all day long - and looks luxurious; • our polos use a customized cotton knit plaited with a CoolMax interior for appearance, moisture management and protection; • our pants are made from a moisture-wicking, quick-drying nylon blend poplin; • our gloves and driving sleeves use a polyester microfiber mesh knit that stretches, breathes and is extremely durable; • our exceptionally durable, comfortable sun protective swimwear uses a knitted polyester fabric without Lycra which protects, hold its shape and has excellent chlorine resistance.
  29. 29. Thank you. Be Safe…….