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Engeenuity’s APSE™ technology

Engeenuity’s APSE™ technology

Published in: Technology
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  • 1. Biophotonic Portable DevicesTo improve food safety and public health
  • 2. Overview Engeenuity S.A. is a R&D focused company established in 2011 in Panamá, at The City of Knowledge, nearby the world known Panama Canal After +10 years, the founder (Mr. Levi) created an innovative, portable, laminar device, activated by light, which has microbiostatic capabilities and can control some water parameters This proprietary technology is based on Biophotonics, a fairly new discipline of natural sciences, dealing with both light and life. There are many possible applications and benefits; each should be analyzed to configure and build every specific solution, stable and effective  Fewer bacteria in water and food  Longer food shelf life  Improved products and processes through optimal water quality  Health issues control in a safe way  Successful results in several tests done in laboratories and companies An entrepreneurial team of 5, with multidisciplinary backgrounds, is leading the enterprise´s first commercial steps in Panama, Venezuela and Latin-America (2012-2016), later looking beyond For "go-to-market" and regional expansion the projected external funding sums US$1 million2
  • 3. What do we offer? Exposed to visible light for a few minutes, are activated and last for several days Fewer bacteria in water and food, in a natural way Delivers ultra-low Fruits, breads, dairy or meat, vibrations andlasting longer without spoiling pulses of infrared light Greater productivity throughimproved waters in processesPrevent diseases and enhance health without risky methods Non-invasive, Portable laminar devices, with a physical and optically-engineered & natural process, biophotonics-based, with affect the functioning a proprietary technology of biological systems (quality and integrity of food and water) APSE™ AdvancedPhysical System Engineering Control a number of Inhibit the reproduction of parameters of the water, damaging microbesConfigurations and designs are different without chemicals (microbiostasis) 3and “tailor-made” for each specific objective APSE™ treated water
  • 4. Entrepreneurial Team • Victor De Franco Levi APSE Creator and Head of R&D Venezuelan EngineerPANAMA • Federico Fernandez Dupouy CEO Venezuelan Engineer, MBA IESA Entrepreneurship & Finance previous experience • Julio Lavergne, PhD Scientific Director Panamanian Microbiology & Clinical Chemistry; Immunology Research & Academia previous experience • Alex Patterson Business Development; MBA BABSONUSA Part-Time • Jeffery B. Risinger Legal Counseling Part-Time 4
  • 5. Opportunity: 3 initial target marketsTarget Segment 1 = fresh food exportersBenefit = Enhanced organoleptic qualities, lasts longer, less waste,more salesWTO: in 2010 world exports of agricultural products amountedto over US$ 1,300 billion, 12% originated from Latin America Target Segment 2 = aquaculture (shrimp and fish farming) Benefit = Ideal water parameters highly yields overall quantity and quality FAO: Global consumption of aquaculture products totaled 121 million tons in 2010 and by 2030 would reach 184 million tonsTarget Segment 3 = governments and institutions focused on Public HealthBenefit = Reduce the budget on Dengue, just putting treated water on hatcheriesIDB: Dengue affects over 50 million people each year, an economic burden on affected countries in excess of US$ 1 billion, including prevention 5
  • 6. Opportunity: further markets Lasts longer? Optimal water? Health & Wellness? 6
  • 7. Why is APSE™ device unique? Optically-engineered, biophotonics-based, with natural effect on biological systems Chemical-free, non high frequency rays, safe, 100% natural, "eco-friendly“ High-tech yet easy to use after many years of R & D for human development welfare, public health and food safety Proven in several laboratories and companies Non-invasive and safe Small and portable, with nano particles, optical No batteries or external fiber, chips, circuits; no silver compounds power source (FDA Approved Food Grade Materials) 7
  • 8. Business Model Highlights: Productivity increasesAPSE™ Tehnological Services = periodic rent using treated water (example client) RENT = Small % of the increase in production or sales or profit, with verifiable data Direct Sales & Implementation team + Guaranteed Device “upgrade“ + Technical Service Pretreated water Treated Water along the industrial process Devices at storage or or devices in tanks (cleaning, handling, packaging) transfer spaces  JOINT VENTURES will be the main vehicles to grow in new markets, once decided 8
  • 9. Take Aways A unique APSE™ technology, based on Biophotonics, with plenty of potential uses, subject to specific designs and configurations Innovative, portable device, activated by light, with microbiostatic capabilities without chemicals Predictive control of some water parameters in a 100% natural way, easier and less expensive Successfully proven applications show superior quality and integrity of food and water Well rounded entrepreneurial team, committed to the execution of the Business Model & Plan 9
  • 10. Biophotonic Portable Devices - APSE™ How can we help you ? Contact us now ! Ciudad del Saber, Tecnoparque, Ed. 224, Oficina Ejecutiva G, Clayton, Panamá www.engeenuity.comVICTOR DE FRANCO LEVI +507- 6441-5811 V.DeFranco@Engeenuity.comFEDERICO FERNANDEZ +507 6677-2417 F.Fernandez@Engeenuity.comJULIO LAVERGNE +507-6760-7278