Murad Mirzabekov is the mixed martial arts` champion of Russia!


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Murad Mirzabekov is the mixed martial arts` champion of Russia!

  1. 1. Murad Mirzabekov is the mixed martial arts` champion of Russia!
  2. 2. Murad Ataevich Mirzabekov Murad Ataevich Mirzabekov was born in Dagestan, on the 19th of October, 1990. He started going in for sport at the age of 13, just because of his wish to become more sporty. But after the first success he was seized by new goals and dreams,one of which was to become the Olympic Champion!
  3. 3. Murad Ataevich Mirzabekov Murad had been going in for wrestling for 7 years. Being a student of Saint Petersburg Military Institute of Physical Education he went in for army combat.( 20072012) Now Murad Ataevich is a worldclass athlete in universal fight. After graduation from the Institute he was sent to OPCS (Orenburg president cadet school) as a teacher and a coach.
  4. 4. Murad Ataevich Mirzabekov Today Murad Ataevich is a senior teacher of the 9th grade cadets. We are proud that our teacher and coach has a Master of Sports Degree in wrestling, army fighting, universal battle! He is the Champion of the Russian Federation among juniors in wrestling, the Champion of Russian Federation in Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) , World Champion in the universal battle.
  5. 5. Murad Ataevich Mirzabekov Murad Mirzabeckov won a prize at the national championship (held in Chelyabinsk this year) in mixed martial arts as a member of the national team of Orenburg region. The victory of our teacher at the Russian championship is not the only one: in 2011 he became the World Champion!
  6. 6. Murad Ataevich Mirzabekov Now Murad Atayevich has the second chance to succeed as his victory in Chelyabinsk gives him the right to participate in the World Championship in Moscow in autumn 2013. Murad`s goal for the near future is the victory in the World Cup Championship. But his main goal is to become the Champion of the Olympic Games!
  7. 7. I admire my teacher. Thanks to him I began going in for this sport and I am planning to enter S-Petersburg Military Institute of Physical Education and to become as famous as my teacher! Once I heard “Everybody can gain success and you`ll manage”. These words of my coach became the starting point of my success in sport! We are proud of Murad Mirzabekov and wish him to be the Olympic Champion.
  8. 8. Dmitriy Anastasov and Kirill Nedoresov the cadets of the Orenburg president cadet school 9d grade. The teacher is Tatiana Merzlyakova. • • • источник шаблона: При создание шаблона использованы Google картинки: сервис