Aishat Ramazanova


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Aishat Ramazanova

  1. 1. A WINNER
  2. 2. A few days ago, I found interesting information in the local newspaper about the 18-year-old girl from Nizhnevartovsk (my home city), who won a bronze medal in the European para tae kwon do championship. The girl’s name is Aishat Ramazanova. I got interested in her personality and searched for more information about her on the Internet. In the photo there was a beautiful slender girl with sparkling dark eyes, luxuriant long black hair and a sunny smile.
  3. 3. Aishat was born in Makhachkala (Dagestan). When she was 3, her family moved to Nizhnevartovsk, a city in Western Siberia. Her coach met Aishat for the first time when she was at school and somehow he felt she wasn’t an ordinary girl. He suggested that she join his sport club and take up tae kwon do. At first she refused, she was shy and had never thought of doing any sport, but the coach managed to persuade her to have a try.
  4. 4. In the interview which I read on the Internet Aishat recalls her first steps in sport. She said that it had taken her a long time and lots of tears to believe in herself. Not once had she felt despair and was about to give up. But due to her coach’s encouraging words, support and great experience as a coach she had managed to overcome her shyness and fear and to achieve her first success in sport. Now, she said, she couldn’t imagine her life without sport.
  5. 5. When I was reading the interview with Aishat, I understood that I admire her a lot. I admire her strength of spirit, stamina, purposefulness and optimism. I don’t know whether she was born with a disability or maybe she lost her hand in some accident, in any case, in spite of her physical disability she is full of life, enjoys sport trainings, sets challenging goals to herself and achieves them. I think she is a vivid example for a lot of young people who don’t know how to make their life interesting and eventful, who complain about boring routine school life and don’t do anything to change it.
  6. 6. I admire Aishat even more when I read about her hobbies – embroidering and beadwork. These hobbies require very delicate and neat work. Even people without any disabilities may find it not easy to create beautiful things with a needle, threads and beads. It’s hard to imagine a person doing such delicate work actually with one hand. For me it shows Aishat not only as a strong-willed athlete, but also as a girl with a sense of beauty, with creative nature.
  7. 7. So, what I learnt about Aishat Ramazaniva made me think about my life, about my ambitions and ways to fulfill them. I want more people to know about her. I would like to meet that wonderful girl, talk with her, introduce her to my friends and my family and maybe even become friends. I think such a meeting is possible, for we live in the same city.