profiler - functions and benefits


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Profiler - paper was yesterday - today`s digital

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profiler - functions and benefits

  1. 1. What our customers say about usReformwerke Wels, Austria: this customer has opted forthe invoice cockpit for SAP and thus for profiler, as thissolution guarantees ultimate flexibility in document ma- www.prosigma.atnagement and full integration into the SAP solution. We would like to invite you to take part in our webinars.Easycash Ratingen, Germany: in 2009, the profiler do- Grab this chance to follow the presentations of our con-cument management system fully replaced the existing sultant via the Internet, from the comfort and conveni- 2011 Subject to changes, due to continued development.document management solution, also for payment tran- ence of your workplace, and with the opportunity forsaction documents directly from the POS. With 333 milli- Copyright © 2011 prosigma. All rights reserved. interaction.on transactions annually, Easycash is the market leader inthe processing of payment transactions by electronic cashand Maestro. profiler is a product of prosigma Software Development GmbHSaveria Wien, Austria: operates more than 100 airport Tel: +43.732.890028.0, Fax: +43.732.890028.20shops worldwide and benefits from profiler‘s numerous E-Mail: profiler@prosigma.atadvantages for its incoming invoice processing. Document Management, Workflow and Archiving Internet Portal In-house Solution
  2. 2. profiler – paper was yesterday – today it‘s digital profiler – the functions profiler – your benefitIn a team effort, prosigma has accomplished what many Importing of documents by scanning, email, file uploads, The digitization of paper documents immediately ononly talk about: the paperless office (the paperless business web service (SOA) receipt helps streamline workflowsprocess) for every enterprise. Versatile document organization based on keywording Business processes (workflows) defined in profiler templates, folders, dossiers, and versions provide for clarity and efficiencyNow, all invoices, faxes, and other documents are circulated Ad-hoc workflows and predefinable workflows Extensive search options expedite work processesthrough and from enterprises only in an electronic – that is, Clearly structured task cockpit The workflow control informs all persons on time,paperless – form. Task lists for groups and persons guides you directly to your work steps (e.g. appro- Rights management with groups and roles val), and ensures that everything gets doneWith this solution, all relevant paper documents are made Client-capable and multi-language support Integration of external partners (e.g. tax consultants)available as digital documents at the right time, in the right Intelligent form recognition and OCR into the document management via the Internetplace, and for joint use by several persons at the same time. Automatic keywording Straightforward and extensive integration with otherNo more manual filing, no more lugging of ring binders, no Processing of additional data for documents systems of the IT environment thanks to open SOAmore frantic searches for documents. High-performance viewer for TIFF and PDF (PDF/A) archive architecture (web services) formats with optimized transmission to the browser client Standard integration with Microsoft Office and Mi-profiler can be used by both in-house departments and Stamps and notes for the workflow crosoft Exchangeexternal partners (e.g. tax consultants) without having to Extensive search options No need for additional purchases of third-partyinstall software. It‘s easy, like surfing the Web. Interface for mobile terminal devices (iPhone) products for scanning, OCR, and full text search, be- Document staging in branch systems for optimized do- cause all these features are included in the packageThis helps users optimize internal and external workflows. cument importAs a result, they achieve enormous savings on process Support of various database systems such as MS-SQL- The following products and services may also be of use incosts, and that right away, without requiring substantial Server, PostgreSQL, and ORACLE optimizing your in-house processes:preliminary investments and organizational changes. Extension options: Use of the solution as leased, highly available soft-Implementable and affordable also for SMEs. ware-on-demand version in the computing center Separate Scan Client for intelligent digitizing Intelligent incoming invoice processing, also for many „Verifier“ workplace for follow-up editing of scanned other standard ERP systems such as Navision documents External scanning services „profiler/flow“ graphical workflow designer in MS-Visio Form Manager for web-based entry forms (e.g., leave request, etc.) Digital signature and verification of documents (e.g., xyzmo signature server) Unique biometric signature for documents Form server for PDF forms