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paperless management system, the shortest version of a profiler brochure.

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Profiler brochure

  1. 1. Paperless Document Management,Workflow and Archiving Audit-Proof Archiving Transparent Processes Enhanced Efficiency w w w. p r o s i g m a . a t
  2. 2. profiler – Paperless Document Management and more Workflow ƒƒ Easy to define ƒƒ Fully automatic process control ƒƒ Up-to-the-moment data profiler provides tools that greatly facilitate document-based corporate processes, allowing routine tasks to be executed automatically in the background. As a result, it helps boost the efficiency in internal workflows many times over. Never again put up with losing documents, and with having to copy and assign them manually. Form Manager ƒƒ Complete forms via web browser ƒƒ Web-based approval ƒƒ Fully automatic process control profiler comes with the PDF Form Manager, a powerful tool for the management of all internal and external standard forms. With the advent of the Form Manager, tedious manual filling in of forms has become a thing of the past. Now, all processes can be launched and executed automatically in the background (e.g.: leave requests, trip costs requests, etc.). Integrated Scan Client with OCR ƒƒ Audit-proof filing of documents ƒƒ OCR across all documents ƒƒ Full text search profiler‘s Scan Client makes sure that you meet all legal requi- rements for the audit-proof archiving of documents. Its batch Contents scanning and automatic duplex scanning features help you profiler 2 save time! Decide already during the ongoing scanning process profiler is a platform-independent document management profiler meets all relevant legal requirements. Comfort, secu- what should subsequently be done with the respective docu- system for audit-proof electronic archiving of both structu- rity, and flexibility are paramount priorities, and in terms of Digital Mailman 4 ment! Manage your documents in a fully automated way, and red and unstructured data. No matter whether in your orga- ease of use and administration this solution is up there with find all documents fast and easy thanks to full text indexing. nization documents are circulated as printed paper copies or the best. profiler helps you optimize business processes. It Multi-Available Document 4 in various different electronic file formats (e.g., Office, CAD, supports joint work in project groups, whether within your Transparent Processes 5 Document Management / Enterprise email, spool, etc.), profiler processes each of these formats organization or with an external partner. Content Management (ECM) automatically. Its wide scope of functions and impressive Mobile Documents 5 performance will make you and your staff wonder how you ƒƒ profiler = DMS/ECM system ever managed without it. Industry Solutions 6 ƒƒ profiler = saves costs ƒƒ profiler = boosts efficiency throughout the organization Administration 6 profiler brings transparency to your organization! By using pro- Service 6 filer, you have unlimited access to all the advantages of a DMS/ ECM system. An Office plug-in ensures that filing of documents Functions 7 on your file server is also a thing of the past. Manage all your documents in one database. Say goodbye to duplicate copies 8 of space-consuming documents.2 3
  3. 3. Digital Mailman Multi-available Document Transparent Processes Mobile Documents ƒƒ Digitizing of all enterprise-relevant data ƒƒ Documents available anytime, anywhere – 24/7 ƒƒ Rule-based mapping of your business processes ƒƒ Suited for use with all standard browsers ƒƒ Easy archiving of letters, invoices, email messages, etc. ƒƒ Automatic distribution throughout the organization ƒƒ Continuous process transparency ƒƒ Connection of partners and third-party companies ƒƒ Enormous savings on process costs for your organization ƒƒ Delivery of relevant data to the right place, at the right time ƒƒ Traceability of all editing steps ƒƒ Mobile use on cell phones, tablets, etc. profiler takes on the role of a digital mailman in your organi- profiler offers you efficient document editing tools, not zation. Whatever the type of document, from now on it will only at an in-house level. With profiler, it is just as easy to only be distributed in digital form throughout your organi- link partners, suppliers, and customers into every process zation. From a simple business letter to a complete dossier step. Whether it is submitting documents via a certain email (e.g., containing all documents from the purchase order to address or the own user for your tax adviser. In each case, the invoice), profiler always provides the right documents profiler offers you all possibilities for shared use. to the right place, at the right time. What is more, thanks to appropriately defined templates, all this takes place in a This allows third parties to communicate with you in a pa- fully automatic manner. perless manner. They can, for example, send and receive in- voices, or deposit, approve, or digitally sign delivery notes. Consequently, also the retrieval of enterprise-relevant data is made easy. A comprehensive, yet intuitive search engine Thanks to its compatibility with all standard browsers, you covering the entire database assists you in finding impor- or your business partners can also use profiler while on the tant documents, whether they are being used in a process move, on a cell phone or tablet PC. Whether you would like or have already been filed in the long-term archive. profiler features latest generation „document multitasking“. Configurable workflows enable users to map all their exis- to release invoices on business trips or query the current Authorized persons can view, co-edit, and extend your do- ting business processes in profiler. profiler already comes delivery status of a purchase order – profiler makes it possi- The integrated form function allows users to automate all cuments at any time. with various default processes (mail distribution, release, ble, anywhere and anytime. standardized in-house processes, but also external proces- etc.), ready for use out of the box. ses. Generate PDF forms, fill them in, and forward or sign Easy-to-configure workflows make sure that documents them – all this can be done in profiler. are forwarded to the right staff members immediately on At your request, these processes can also be adapted to suit receipt. In addition, parallel workflows form the basis for your needs, or entirely new processes can be added. These profiler is your solution of choice for both digitizing all do- efficient team work. Hence, a digital document, without a process steps allow you to archive every piece of informa- cuments and for supporting efficient corporate processes. physical copy, may be opened for editing by several per- tion of relevance to the document in an audit-proof man- Save time, money, and nerves when editing, searching for, sons, for example, to approve it according to the four-eyes ner. A notification about pending tasks communicated via a and archiving your data. principle. profiler message or by email, and levels of escalation in the event of their non-performance, constitute another option Thanks to profiler‘s browser-based desktop, you can access within the workflows. Processed documents are archived the documents anywhere, and anytime. Whether on the automatically in accordance with the adjustable storage computer at your office, on your cell phone while you are period and can be retrieved whenever necessary. out on the move, or on the tablet in your living room: be- nefit from profiler‘s plethora of advantages, anywhere and Thus, the configuration and extension options of the work- anytime, in order to process your documents to your heart‘s flows leave nothing to be desired. content.4 5
  4. 4. Industry Solutions Administration Functions ƒƒ Available integrations to leading ERP solutions ƒƒ Model View Control architecture Capture of documents Document organization ƒƒ Straightforward web service interface for customized connections ƒƒ Maximum security and ultimate scalability ƒƒ Freely definable index fields Scan ƒƒ Facilitates your work in the ERP system ƒƒ Protection of documents via PIN/TAN procedures ƒƒ Support of dossiers ƒƒ separate Scan Client ƒƒ Document hierarchies ƒƒ batch and duplex scanning ƒƒ Automatic archiving ƒƒ configurable scan presettings By outfitting profiler with integrations to market-leading ERP The cutting-edge and sustainable design of profiler boasts systems (SAP, MS Dy- namics NAV/AX, etc.), we have taken a Model-View-Control architecture that separates the data- ƒƒ OCR Intelegent document search another step forward toward a full-fledged enterprise-wide base level from the controller and the user interface. This ƒƒ full text indexing ƒƒ Display of documents in worklists paperless solution. In profiler, documents created in ERP makes functions transparent and enables the use of vari- ƒƒ automatic recognition of index fields in the Scan Client ƒƒ Fast processing for mobile users systems can be archived, and incoming documents can be ous different database systems. The entire configuration of ƒƒ support of bar codes in batch scanning ƒƒ Search based on properties and index fields scanned immediately and forwarded to the ERP system with technical settings all the way down to the administration of ƒƒ compression ratio of up to 1:10 ƒƒ Search function with wildcards automatic keywording. Using the available processes, re- users, templates, security classes, workflows, and emails, as lease for posting or payment is made easy. Invoices are pro- well as of many other parameters is carried out in the clearly ƒƒ Full text search Upload vided with account data in profiler and will then be available structured administration menu and can be changed at any ƒƒ Cockpit for management evaluations immediately for further processing in the ERP system. time by a properly trained user. ƒƒ uploads directly in the web application ƒƒ Configurable views ƒƒ directory monitoring profiler features a comprehensive, but user-friendly web The basic architecture of profiler offers a high degree of ƒƒ support of FTP server System administration service interface. With it, all the necessary steps can be inte- protection against unauthorized access to data. For user grated into your system. From a simple archive connection authentication, the default procedure involves „User“, „Pass- Email ƒƒ Client capability to a complete synchronous integration: profiler offers you a word“, and „Client“. However, additional protection levels ƒƒ upload via email ƒƒ Rights management based on users, groups, and roles vast gamut of options that you can develop yourself or that such as a PIN/TAN procedure can be added. ƒƒ Protection of confidential documents based on security ƒƒ email text and/or attachments are processed we will gladly develop for you. classes Whether installed on a standalone terminal or in a corpo- ƒƒ transfer of email attributes as index fields ƒƒ Hierarchical client system with inheriting of master data rate network, in profiler you can always use all functions ƒƒ setting of index values via XML attachment ƒƒ Multi level marketing platform with pay per use billing and cover your entire organization. The administration ƒƒ full text indexing of attachments (e.g.: JPG, PDF, TIFF, remains simple and clearly structured, even as the system etc.) ƒƒ Best practices workflows included in the scope of delivery continues to be expanded to include an increasing num- ber of departments and locations. For extremely large user ƒƒ Settings configurable in web interface View and edit documents numbers, profiler can be clustered, and a staging server can ƒƒ preview in browser be used to lighten the burden on computers and ensure Security smooth processing even under high access rates. ƒƒ export via check-out / check-in function ƒƒ Secure transmission (https) ƒƒ acquiring and editing of notes ƒƒ Configurable granular access rights ƒƒ read and write aid by means of ruler function ƒƒ Comprehensive logging ƒƒ splitting up of multi-page documents ƒƒ Documents always remain in the database ƒƒ logging of all actions in the history ƒƒ Encrypted storage of document structure on the server ƒƒ rotating of single pages or entire documents ƒƒ sending of documents as attachments in email or as link Technology Service ƒƒ version management ƒƒ Cutting-edge technology on Java and application server basis ƒƒ document chat ƒƒ Web technology: no installation and updates on the client ƒƒ Together, we elaborate the processes to be implemented and introduce you and your staff to your custom-tailored paperless solution computer Workflow ƒƒ Browser-independent ƒƒ An experienced project manager specifically assigned to you accompanies and guides you through all stages of the project ƒƒ BPMN2-compatible workflow engine ƒƒ Central rollout by means of web technology, SOA, and Multi- ƒƒ Our thorough project controlling ensures that our common objectives are attained ƒƒ Parallel processes Tier architecture. ƒƒ We guarantee a short-term ROI – which we will gladly calculate, together with you ƒƒ Approval via digital stamp ƒƒ Web services for integrations ƒƒ Our development department is able to implement your specific requests or your profiler integration within shortest time frames ƒƒ Personal or common virtual worklists ƒƒ Database servers such as MS SQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, etc. ƒƒ Your personal support agent is only one click away and provides advice and assistance ƒƒ Notification about new tasks ƒƒ Creation of users via Excel import function ƒƒ We assist you in testing and implementing your system environment ƒƒ Web 2.0 functions for optimum user comfort6 ƒƒ Support of touch control (iPad, iPhone, etc.) 7
  5. 5. All trademarks and logos referred to herein are legally protected trademarks of the respective manufacturers. 2011 Subject to change, due to continued development. Copyright © 2011 prosigma. All rights reserved.We would also like to invite you to take part in our webinars. They will allow you to follow the presentations of our consultantvia the Internet from the comfort and convenience of your workplace, with the opportunity for interaction.Please find the dates of upcoming events posted on our website, or arrange them directly with our staff.Add-Onsƒƒ Document cockpit for Microsoft Dynamix NAV/AXƒƒ Document cockpit for SAP ECC 6.0ƒƒ Interfaces to many common business software products availableƒƒ Sharepoint Integrationƒƒ Secure Data Room ƒƒ No on-site installation ƒƒ High availability and data security, certified to ISAE 3402 ƒƒ Pay per use billing The Online Portal lets you enjoy all the benefits that you have just read about in connection with profiler. and profiler are brothers. Try out all the benefits online right now, and you are ready to go! provides accurate monthly billing based on the number of users and the number of documents uploaded for audit-proof archiving. You will be billed separately for each client. This allows you to debit group subsidiaries for any incurred costs according to the actual expenditure. delivers to you, attuned to your specific line of business, the relevant default content and the default processes associated with it. Custom-tailored adaptations and extensions can be im- plemented at any time! profiler is a product of prosigma Software Development GmbH Your distribution partner