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Profiler broschure

  1. 1. Paperless Document Management,Workflow and Archiving Audit-Proof Archiving Integrated OCR Integrated Scan Client Document Management Enterprise Content Management w w w. p r o s i g m a . a t
  2. 2. profiler – Paperless Document Management and more profiler is a platform-independent document management universal expandability of the integration functions through system for audit-proof electronic archiving of both structu- web services. profiler solutions and integrations are availa- red and unstructured data. profiler meets all relevant legal ble, for example, for ERP systems such as SAP, Microsoft Dy- requirements and takes the Austrian and German legisla- namics AX/NAV products, and various accounting systems. tions into consideration. No matter whether in your organi- By opting for profiler, you get more than just an Enterprise zation documents will in the future be circulated as printed Content Management system. profiler assists you in optimi- paper copies or in various different electronic formats (such zing business processes and supports joint work in project as Office, CAD, email, spool, and other files), profiler proces- groups, no matter whether within your organization or with ses each of these formats automatically. profiler acquires an external partner. and classifies them, provides them with a full text index, and offers them up for further editing. Comfort, security and flexibility are paramount priorities. In terms of ease of use and administration, profiler is up there Time stamps tagged on to every step and process of the do- with the best. It won‘t take you long to appreciate its superb cument or file guarantee a highly secure and logged access. integration flexibility and connectivity to other software In addition to the Scan Client used to import documents solutions. And its wide scope of functions and impressive and the Admin Client used to define document templates, performance will make you wonder how you ever managed profiler also features an unrestricted Workflow Engine, per- without it. mits access via every standard web browser, and provides2
  3. 3. 1. Acquisition of Documents Efficiency, user friendliness, and the acceptance of chan- ges and optimizations of internal workflows and business processes achieved with the help of an Enterprise Content Management system depend largely on how fast and easy it is to integrate documents of different types and origins into the ECM system. profiler helps you evaluate old habits and outdated work- flows and pinpoint new, efficient possibilities. profiler is generally based on everyday workflows in companies of varying sizes. At first, the documents arrive at the electronic task list of your assistant or of the incoming mail depart- ment. profiler comes with a powerful acquisition and recog- nition tool enabling it to independently recognize recurring documents and to assign them automatically to the right templates. The incoming mail department classifies only new, not recognized documents, or documents that were scanned only once, and it assigns them to the defined work- flows. With this procedure, you will control all further work- flows for your invoice approvals, complaints processing, or reviewing and approving of contracts. profiler informs the competent staff member automatically by email about any new electronic mail. Paper Business correspondence, invoices, cash receipts, travel ex- pense reports, minutes, technical drawings, memos, and any other type of paper document can be acquired using commercially available standard scanners. Whatever work- place you are working from, and regardless of whether you are using basic workplace machines or high-performanceContents scanners, profiler works with and communicates with your scanner via international driver standards (TWAIN, ...). This1. Acquisition of Documents 3 allows you to integrate network scanners and digital photo- copiers (KONICA MINOLTA, CANON, ...) directly into the pro-2. Structured and Audit-Proof Filing 5 filer system, without requiring additional software provided3. Archive: Controlling Retention Periods, by the manufacturer. Once scanned, the documents will be available to you for further editing in the profiler task lists. Storage and Access 5 During scanning, the integrated OCR (also barcodes can be4. Document Search 6 used and read) allows you to read out the data directly from the document and thus to automatically categorize and in-5. Editing of Documents 7 dex them.6. Workflow and Task lists 87. Distributed Locations and Mobile Users 88. Use via Web 99. Configuration 910. Functions 10 3
  4. 4. Unstructured Data – Office, CAD, and other Documents How often have you been looking for files and document templates? How many times have we known that our co- worker already readied a particular document, but we just ? were not able to find it in his/her individual filing system! This is where profiler comes in! profiler helps you transform unstructured data into structured data and makes them available to all ALL staff members! Generally, there are several possible ways for you to acquire files in profiler. By uploading individual files (Office, CAD, or of functions and services, please see the documentation for all other standard-format files), or even entire archive files the respective industry solution. (.zip, .rar, .bak, ...), they are transferred into profiler‘s task list, All files transferred to profiler are received unchanged, in where they can be categorized and indexed. This way, the their original format. In its own browser-optimized and files are archived automatically, or with manual entries ad- browser-independent viewer, profiler displays documents ded to them. The profiler add-on for Microsoft Office soft- as JPG images. From this viewer, you can, if absolutely ne- ware allows you to transfer documents to the ECM system cessary, print your documents, forward them by email, and directly from the respective applications and to acquire the zoom them in or out for editing, anytime. respective index values and categories already during this transfer. Customized industry solutions such as profilerNAV/ AX or profilerSAP also enable you to integrate documents from other third-party vendors. For details on their scope4
  5. 5. Structured and Archive: Controlling Retention2. Audit-Proof Filing 3. Periods, Storage and AccessIn profiler, you will be processing and structuring your do- profiler provides appropriate mechanisms for audit-proofcuments and files according to consistent criteria in the archiving. Its Scan Client guarantees the immutability ofcentral archive, regardless of where they come from. pro- your documents, from their acquisition to their long-termfiler does not distinguish between scanned documents archiving in the database. profiler meets pertinent legaland documents received from the in-house IT systems, be and regulatory requirements and prerequisites such as theit letters, drawings, images, extensive documentations, or High-Quality Documents standard, the Principles of Dataemails and Office files. Access and the Auditability of Digital Documents (GDPdU), and/or Basel II. Defined time periods for retention and de-Open Integration for Documents, Files, and letion are monitored automatically. The legally mandatoryIndex Data possibilities for access to evaluable data are ensured by means of export functions throughout the entire statutoryDocument files are stored and filed in their original for- retention period. Access to the documents is reliably cont-mats, and they can be retrieved, with keywords or index rolled through security classes and relevant rights in added to them. For further editing and processing, the Hence, staff members and auditors, but also customers andfiles can be downloaded from profiler, using the Check-In/ suppliers, will be able to view only those documents thatCheck-Out function (automatic versioning), or by exporting they were given an authorization for and that they are tothem. What is more, you can launch workflow processes for some extent responsible for. Accessing the documents orevery file that is loaded into profiler. files directly via a file system is not possible, as all informati- on is filed and stored in a database. The time stamp of eachAutomatic Long-Term Archiving document or file makes it possible to find out, even several years later, which user accessed and modified which docu-In its basic version, profiler allows users to swap out docu- ment at what time.ments and files to other long-term archives and to includethem in the search. Electronic Signature profiler supports all forms of electronic signature, whether you are using simple, advanced, or qualified signatures and time stamps. They can be integrated seamlessly into profiler so that they will be available to every user. This affords addi- tional protection for the integrity of the documents and the authenticity of the users editing them. Through its comprehensive security functions, profiler helps safeguard compliance throughout your organization. 5
  6. 6. 4. Document Search Fast and correct search results ensure rapid acceptance by your staff. On top of that, profiler makes searching for docu- ments a lot easier for users: search terms can be entered in any combination in the Full Text Search field, or they can be selected individually in the index fields, depending on the form template. These two search methods can also be used in combination. The search result will appear immediately as sortable listbox and can be given a customized design. Full Text Search profiler‘s search engine is database-independent and high- performing. All terms found in each scanned and electro- nically imported document are available! For the search, users may employ wildcards („*“). Locations of hits in the Document search document will be highlighted in color. Search and Filing Profiles Users can define for themselves centrally different search and filing masks as well as result lists. When defining the masks, it is specified which fields are available for the search In view of the extensive and very simple (and thus fast) and which fields (if requested) are used for presets. The va- possibilities for integration into other software products, rious input masks can be assigned to specific users. Every access to documents in profiler can be controlled directly user works with his/her customized mask that has been op- from other applications. Many programs already support timized for his/her tasks. In case of various different applica- this type of access to and viewing of documents. For this tions, each user can create and manage several views. This purpose, profiler features a web-services-based SDK (soft- helps enhance the efficiency in routine tasks performed ware development kit) for integration (e.g., the SAP Docu- with regard to recurring documents such as incoming in- ment Cockpit). voices, correspondence, etc.6 Document search
  7. 7. 5. Editing of DocumentsDocuments can of course be subjected to further editingin profiler. In addition to checking documents in and out,profiler allows you to edit properties, search terms, filing lo-cation definitions, and, obviously, the process control withthe cutting-edge workflow component.Versioning of FilesDocuments and files of whatever form or type, which youmanage in profiler by means of the Upload function, by mo-nitoring of email mailboxes, or by the import of entire FTPdrives, will from now on be logged. This allows you to alwayskeep track of who changed what and when. Depending on Task listtheir rights, staff members may edit files or documents afterhaving „checked them out“. While a document has „check-out“ status in profiler, editing by other staff members at thesame time can be prevented. This keeps it from being edi-ted into several different versions. However, viewing suchdocuments at any time remains possible. The previous ver-sions are preserved for checking and backtracking. Userspossessing the necessary rights may also, by resetting ofversions, reactivate older versions as the current version.Stamps, Notes and Lidprofiler includes functions used to edit documents: notes,comments and freely definable stamps with additional in-formation such as date, place, and text information can beacquired for each document. This, however, leaves the do-cuments themselves unchanged. All pieces of informationare stored together with the document. Stamps are used Viewing of Documentespecially in workflows for checking, releasing, etc. of do-cuments. The „Lid“ feature facilitates line-by-line editing ofdocuments by limiting the visible portion of a document. Editing of Document 7
  8. 8. Distributed Locations and 6. Workflow and Task lists 7. Mobile Users profiler greatly facilitates the execution of document-based Due to its modern software architecture, profiler is a purely business processes, automating routine tasks in the back- web-based document management and workflow system. ground. Documents are accurately routed to the right staff As such, it supports high-performance access within and members. outside organizations (of course, depending on user rights and security classes). WITHOUT requiring client software, Fully automatic process control via easy- users can, from a standard web browser (Internet Explorer, to-define workflows and stamping of docu- Mozilla, Safari, …), easily access documents and workflows ments in profiler. Thanks to the central storage of data, the syn- chronization of archives is NO LONGER necessary, either. The control of the workflow is achieved by means of stam- You will always be working with up-to-the-moment data! ping functions such as „Approving“, „Rejecting“, „Releasing“, „Received“, etc., or via forms connected to mailboxes or so- Nevertheless, profiler also includes a synchronization tool called task lists. The „processing“ of a document determines for offline use, which can be installed easily on your PC or the next workflow step. To this end, it is defined graphically, laptop. Workflow processes can be launched and worked before launching a workflow, who is to receive the docu- on independently from the user‘s location. profiler‘s ar- ment. Also parallel workflows with one and the same do- chitecture allows you to edit documents using state-of- cument are possible! In this connection, stamps only serve the-art equipment (also smartphones and tablet PC‘s), at as organizational aids in order to make the transition from your workplace or from the comfort of your home. This way, the „analog“ world of paper to digital document processing mobile users are able to view, approve, or forward invoices as simple and clear as possible. The status indicating which or other documents. Compared to paper-based processes, process step the document is at is visible at all times. Inte- the efficiency of in-house workflows is, as a consequence, grated external programs can also launch workflows and enhanced many times over. Paper documents are no longer activate process steps via the profiler interface. kept in filing compartments, attaché cases, etc., with ump- teen Post-It notes attached to them. Hence, documents will no longer get lost, and they need not be copied and alloca- Task lists / Mailboxes ted manually on receipt. Users can view the documents they are supposed to deal with in their task lists (sometimes also referred to as mail- boxes). Notifications about new documents sent by profiler can be received via email. Powerful Workflow Definitions profiler supports BPMN 2.0, the most powerful currently available workflow language that, in addition to many other highlights, also facilitates parallel workflows! Consequently, incoming invoices, for example, can, on receipt, be forwar- ded automatically to the accounting department and on to the relevant specialist department for approval. Process steps are documented by relevant stamps. Post-It‘s on paper documents are now a thing of the past! Stamps and notes replace these workflows.8
  9. 9. 8. Use via Web 9. Configuration profiler can be used in combination with all standard web In just a few steps, profiler can be installed and will be ready browsers: Internet Explorer, Safari, Mozilla Firefox, Chrome, to go. Its administration is clearly structured and intuitively etc. This provides users with a high degree of flexibility and easy to use. If you still have any questions, profiler‘s hand- mobility in managing their documents. book might be of help. Web Integration The modern and therefore sustainable design of profiler features a Model View Control architecture, separating the Integration is made easy by state-of-the-art web services. database level from the controller and the user interface. profiler‘s functions can be invoked from external applica- This makes functions transparent and enables the use of tions and be embedded. In many cases, this allows users various different databases. Security classes allow you to to keep using the user interface of a standard software define roles and user rights in a treelike structure and also application that is already in use in the enterprise (such as to use them via clients. This gives the system maximum se- that of an accounting system), while profiler will operate in curity and highest scalability. the background and get only the document view onto the screen. Administration Menu Furthermore, profiler web services allow the fast and The entire configuration of technical settings all the way straightforward implementation of web portals for staff down to the administration of users, templates, security members and business partners. Whether you want to im- classes, workflows, and emails, as well as of many other pa- port, automatically keyword, or find staff documents, in- rameters is carried out in the Administration menu. voices, or cash receipts: this versatile solution does it all. Whether installed on a standalone terminal or in a corpo- rate network, in profiler you can always use all functions, Using profiler, you can view documents archived by means including mapping of the organization, among others. This of any standard Internet browser; of course, you can also file keeps the administration simple and clearly structured, documents in the archive via the Web. even as the system continues to be expanded to include an increasing number of departments and locations. Scalability For extremely large user numbers, profiler can be clustered, and a staging server can be used to lighten the burden on computers and ensure smooth processing, even under high loads. Security The basic architecture of profiler offers a high degree of pro- tection against unauthorized access to data. For user authentication, the default procedure involves „user name“, „password“, and „organization“. However, ad- ditional protection levels such as a 2-factor authenticationLogin can be added. Once all documents have been checked for their integrity by means of a signature, any change in a do- cument would immediately be noticeable. The clients form the outer limits (like a concrete wall) for user rights. Obviously, it is recommendable to save your ... data at regular intervals and, where necessary, create tech- nical redundancies in the data computing center so as to ensure high availability. ... 9
  10. 10. 10. Functions DOCUMENTS Viewing and Editing of Documents ƒƒ Preview of documents in browser Acquisition of documents ƒƒ Exporting of documents via check-out / check-in Scan function ƒƒ Separate Scan Client ƒƒ Adding of notes to documents ƒƒ Scanning of multi-page documents and of documents ƒƒ Read and write aid in the form of Lid function printed on both sides ƒƒ Splitting of multi-page documents ƒƒ Configurable scan presettings ƒƒ Logging of all actions in the history ƒƒ OCR of scanned documents ƒƒ Rotating of single pages or of the entire document ƒƒ Compression of scanned documents up to 1:10 ƒƒ Sending of documents as email attachments or as links ƒƒ Batch scans: scanning of several documents with split to the document directly from the document view ƒƒ into individual documents through separator pages ƒƒ Version management: check-out and check-in function ƒƒ Automatic recognition of index fields in Scan Client with archiving of historical versions ƒƒ Support of bar codes in batch scanning Workflow Upload ƒƒ Separate BPMN2-compatible workflow engine ƒƒ Uploading of documents directly in the web application ƒƒ The workflow defines the path of a document in the DMS Directory Monitoring ƒƒ Support of: stamps, task lists, parallel workflows, ƒƒ Easy uploads thanks to directory monitoring multiple approvals, etc. ƒƒ Support of FTP server ƒƒ Designing of your own stamps, including name, graphics, comments, and customized fields Email ƒƒ Path in workflow is based on stamp (rejected / approved) ƒƒ Inbound delivery of documents as email ƒƒ Email notification about new documents to be processed ƒƒ Email text or attachments can be processed as documents Document Organization ƒƒ Transfer of email attributes as index fields. ƒƒ Task lists organize the documents to be processed ƒƒ Sender, Time, Re, CC, BCC, etc. ƒƒ Distinction between team task list and personal task list ƒƒ Setting of index values is possible via XML attachment ƒƒ Document types distinguish different kinds of ƒƒ Full text indexing of email attachments, e.g., PDF, TIFF, documents. e.g.: voucher, document, etc. etc. ƒƒ Security classes control the level of confidentiality of documents Web Service ƒƒ Index fields associated with the document store ƒƒ Web services for file upload (SOA architecture) information about the document such as: Name, Date, Keywords, Re., etc. ƒƒ Index fields can be assigned several times: e.g., Keyword 1, Keyword 2 ƒƒ Field masks for index fields in order to obtain consistent formatting ƒƒ Fixed-value presets for index fields ƒƒ Freely definable validations of index field values ƒƒ Dossiers combine documents, e.g., Order Form, Delivery Note, and the pertinent Invoice10
  11. 11. ƒƒ Hierarchies allow the user to organize documents SYSTEM ADMINISTRATION according to a treelike structure. One and the same ƒƒ Rights management based on users, groups, and rights document may be placed in several "directories" at the objects same time ƒƒ Multiple assignment of users to clients and roles isƒƒ Documents that have been fully processed will be filed possible in the archive automatically ƒƒ Control of the confidentiality level of documents via security classesFind and View Documents ƒƒ Optional hierarchical security classesƒƒ View of the documents contained in the task lists ƒƒ Hierarchical client system: additional client "inherits"ƒƒ View for quick processing: clearly structured, tabular configuration from higher-level client view of all documents provided "for processing" ƒƒ Configurable invoice classes, retention periods, andƒƒ Search for documents based on document properties invoicing units and/or index fields ƒƒ Visibility of task lists and workflows is controllable atƒƒ Automatic search in all index fields group and user levels.ƒƒ Search function with wildcards ƒƒ "Best Practices" workflows for fast go-liveƒƒ Full text search of scanned documents and within PDF ƒƒ All administrative activities can be adjusted in web files optional search in full text index interfaceƒƒ Automatic full text indexing of all documents including ƒƒ Definition of index fields with data types and format OCR templatesƒƒ Browsing to the next or the previous document directly ƒƒ Limitation of index fields to predefined values (selection in the document view listboxes)ƒƒ Cockpit used to display management evaluations ƒƒ Definition of mandatory fields Configurable views for search, search results, and quick processing. Can also be modified separately for each user or group SECURITYƒƒ Email notification about new documents to be edited ƒƒ Transmission security ensured by standardized protocols (https)TECHNOLOGYCutting-edge technology on Java and application server ƒƒ Configurable granular document access rightsbasis ƒƒ Logging of all changes - who, when, whatƒƒ Web technology: no installation and updates on client ƒƒ Versioning of documents computers required ƒƒ Documents are never deleted;ƒƒ Browser-independent: IE, Firefox, Safari, etc. instead, they are marked as invalidƒƒ Central rollout through web technology ƒƒ Documents never leave the server. They are displayedƒƒ SOA and N-Tier architecture. on the client, but not stored in it.ƒƒ Web services (WSDL) available for functionsƒƒ "Software as a Service" supportƒƒ Cloud application: service provider model is availableƒƒ Client capabilityƒƒ SQL database servers such as MS SQL, Oracle, postgresƒƒ Creation of users via Excel import function permits the simultaneous rollout for many usersƒƒ Web 2.0 functions for optimum user comfortƒƒ Support of touch control (iPad and iPhone, etc.) 11
  12. 12. All trademarks and logos referred to herein are legally protected trademarks of the respective manufacturers. 2011 Subject to change, due to continued development. Copyright © 2011 prosigma. All rights reserved.www.prosigma.atWe would like to invite you to take part in our webinars. They will allow you to follow the presentations of our consultant viathe Internet from the comfort and convenience of your workplace, with the opportunity for interaction.Industry solutionsƒƒ profiler NAV Document Cockpit (from Q2 2011)ƒƒ profiler AX Document Cockpit (from Q2 2011)ƒƒ profiler SAP Document Cockpitƒƒ SaaSprofiler is a product of prosigma Software Development GmbHTel: +43.732.890028.0, Fax: +43.732.890028.20Email: Your distribution partner