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Military strike on Iran's nuclear program

Military strike on Iran's nuclear program



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Senior Thesis Powerpoint Senior Thesis Powerpoint Presentation Transcript

  • MY PRESENTATION:Why we should conduct a Preemptive Military Strike onIran’s nuclear program.Enjoy…
  • PRESENTATION KEY TERMS..• Preemptive Military Strike: “pre-emptive strike is military actiontaken by a country in response to a threat from another country- the purpose of it is to stop the threatening country fromcarrying out its threat.” – BBC News definition• State Sponsor of Terrorism: “ terrorism practiced by agovernment against its own people or in support of internationalterrorism.” – Princeton University definition• Foreign Terrorist Organization (FTOs): “a political movementthat uses terror as a weapon to achieve its goals”. That islocated overseas. – Princeton University definition View slide
  • KEY TERMS CONTINUED…Enrichment of Uranium or “Uranium Enrichment”: is required incommercial light water reactors to produce a controlled nuclearreaction. – United States Nuclear Regulatory Committee DefinitionHuman Rights: “Human rights are freedoms established by customor international agreement that impose standards of conduct on allnations.” – Legal Dictionary DefinitionTerrorism: the calculated use of violence (or the threat of violence)against civilians in order to attain goals that are political or religiousor ideological in nature; this is done through intimidation orcoercion or instilling fear) View slide
  • PREEMPTIVE STRIKE JUSTIFICATION..If Iran acquires a nuclear weapon, this could start apotential nuclear arms race in the Middle East.Iran could use its nuclear weapon to intimidate itsneighboring countries and forever change Middle Eastforeign policy and economic conditions overnight.Iran could sell it’s nuclear device to a F.T.O and thendetonate the device in NYC, London, Tokyo, etc.
  • PREEMPTIVE STRIKE JUSTIFICATION…• Iran has 40,000 rouge sleeper (waiting) intelligenceagents, throughout South and Central America waitingto strike the United States.• This would be disastrous if Iran acquires a nuclearweapon, they could facilitate the weapon, and havetheir agents detonate it anywhere in the United States.• Iran is the largest state sponsor of terrorism in theworld. US and foreign intelligence has accurateintelligence that Iran trains, equips, and financesterrorist groups fighting Coalition forces and elsewhere.
  • WE KNOW ITS THERE….UNLIKE IRAQ…We know Iran has a Nuclear Program and where.Verified United Nations International Atomic EnergyAgency Satellite Intelligence Imagery and a photo ofIranian President Ahmadinejad Burshar Nuclear SiteOpen House tour
  • JUSTIFICATION….Video Clip –https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5hLDjGdJC0Q
  • WHAT HAS BEEN DONE?• Since the Bush administration the United Nations haspassed economic sanctions on Iran.• Has economic sanctions worked? Not really. Iran is one ofthe largest oil producers in the world and exports billions ofbarrels in oil per day to India, Pakistan, and China.• Financially Iran has harbored financial reserves and assetsin off shore accounts. To offer a financial counterweight anda reserve pool of several billion dollars in income.• Iran is rich in gold and mineral supply. Often trades withTurkey.
  • WHAT HAS BEEN DONE??• In 2009 the United States under an executive order byPresident Obama temporary stalled Iran’s nuclearprogram by launching a Cyber Attack on Iran’s nuclearprogram. Cyber attacks can only have a temporaryeffect.• The National Security Agency used Stuxnext a Israeliand U.S. developed offensive computer virus able toinfiltrate computers and computer networks withoutinternet access. This destroyed the Iranian centrifugesand offset them for several months.
  • WHAT HAS BEEN DONE????• Israeli Intelligence has covertly assassinated 18 topIranian Nuclear Scientists either in hit and runs, sniperassassination, car bombings, or through covert hitsquads. To stall the development of their nuclearprogram.I imagine Iran has some Nuclear Scientist job openings…
  • HOW TO STRIKE IRAN• Airstrikes using stealth technology• Cyber Attack Strike on Iran’s communication networksetc…Or…• Jericho III missile armed with an Electro Magnetic WarHead and land it in central Iran This will knock out andfry any computer circuits, computers, radar, and airdefense systems. Also would prevent the Iranian AirForce from taking off…• Ground invasion – but this isn’t necessary.
  • INDICATORS STRIKE IS ON THE TABLE..• Reports have been quietly surfacing that anaval armada larger than the armada in WorldWar 2 D Day invasion on June 6th, 1944 isquietly assembling in the Persian Gulf.Consisting of 28 different countries.• Diplomatic cables from Qatar, Saudi Arabia,Azerbaijan, and Turkey signaled their approvalfor Western forces to use their air space for aPreemptive air strike.
  • INDICATORS STRIKE IS ON THE TABLE…• Saudi Arabia has been pressuring the United States,through diplomatic cables, between the White Houseand Saudi Royal family to strike Iran.• International Atomic Energy Agency has indicated timeis running out and Iran is accelerating its Uraniumenrichment program.
  • TIME LEFT?• British Intelligence MI6 said we have eight months leftto strike Iran.• United States Central Intelligence Agency in directlyendorsed that statement.• French Prime Minister Hollande stated to Israeli PrimeMinister Benjamin Netanyahu this round of talks isIran’s Last Chance• As of a few weeks ago the IAEA said it can’t report anysignificant breakthrough…
  • SIMILAR SITUATION?• June 7 1981 Israel flew a preemptive strike on SaddamHussein’s nuclear program located at Osirak, Iraq. ZeroCasualties and un-detected mission…• Without this strike, Operation Desert Storm, may havebeen a different story. If Iraq had an atomic bomb whenit invaded Kuwait, Operation Desert Storm would havebeen far more complex if not impossible.
  • • Iran’s President MahmoudAhmadinejad has WesternEducation and majored in Tunneland underground engineering.• Iran is moving its facilitiesunderground and we must stopthem before its to late• Iran is one of the largest oilproducers in the world. ThereforeIran has a self sufficient economy.• Iran is the largest state sponsorof international terrorism.• Iran has billions in off shoreassets. To counter economicsanctions. According toInternational Monetary FundI.M.F. (Abbreviation)• Iran’s nearing Nuclear CapabilityCan we afford Iran crossing the redline?BEAR IN MIND…