Starting a Business


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Want to build a wildly successful business? This presentation gives you 9 questions to ask yourself before you start marketing.

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Starting a Business

  1. 1. Starting a Business 9 Marketing Questions Judy Schramm, CEO(and where to find the ProResource LLC answers) Copyright 2011 ProResource LLC
  2. 2. Starting a Business If you want a wildly successful business… Before you start marketing your new business, here are 10 questions to ask yourself. The answers will give you everything you need to start marketing, get leads fast, and convert them into Copyright 2011 ProResource LLC
  3. 3. Starting a Business . How is your product or service better? hy are you starting your business? What’s the vision behind it? How are you delivering a better solution than the others who are already in this market? Copyright 2011 ProResource LLC
  4. 4. Starting a Business 2. How can you prove it? How do people know your solution is better? Can you measure the improvement (8x faster)? Can you get people who know you to provide quotes that say your service is better or more convenient or that your system is more foolproof? Are you certified or tested? Copyright 2011 ProResource LLC
  5. 5. Starting a Business 3. Where is the WOW? What’s really cool about what you are doing? Not every business has a WOW, but see if you can brainstorm and find one or build one in. Maybe you can give a cookie with every purchase. Or surprise and delight your customers in some other Copyright 2011 ProResource LLC
  6. 6. Starting a Business 4. Who are you? What made it possible for you to create this business? Tell a story about how you came up with the idea for the business. What in your background let you perceive the opportunity? What experience makes you well-suited to run this business? Copyright 2011 ProResource LLC
  7. 7. Starting a Business 5. Who believes in you? Other than your mom… Who are your partners, your first clients, your employees? You can get a lot of credibility by talking about who you have convinced to partner with you in your new Copyright 2011 ProResource LLC
  8. 8. Starting a Business 6. Where are your easy first sales? Who owes you a favor? Who have you worked with before? Who needs what you have so badly that they will risk taking a chance with an unknown? Who is a visionary and likes being the first to try something new? Copyright 2011 ProResource LLC
  9. 9. Starting a Business 7. Can you get the cool kids in first? You’ll get better results from your marketing if people your prospects respect are the first to use your new product or Copyright 2011 ProResource LLC
  10. 10. Starting a Business 8. Who can refer business to you? Who else is involved with people who have the problem you solve? Who do they turn to for advice? What do they need before they are ready for you? What do they need at the same time? What do they need after your work is done? Copyright 2011 ProResource LLC
  11. 11. Starting a Business 9. Can you create a bandwagon? How can you show people that others are excited about your company? Where can you talk about all the new business you are getting? Copyright 2011 ProResource LLC
  12. 12. Starting a BusinessFor what it’s worth… Those are all hard questions for most business owners to answer. Most people can only answer a couple of them easily. But if you put the questions in the back of your head as you are doing your business planning, you will come up with good answers over time. The more answers you have, the easier your marketing and sales will be, and the sooner you’ll have a wildly successful Copyright 2011 ProResource LLC
  13. 13. Questions? 13 Judy Schramm ProResource LLC +1 703-824-8482 Skype: judy.schramm Twitter: @proresource Copyright 2011 ProResource LLC