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Track and Trace Solution Details
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Track and Trace Solution Details


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It is mandatory for every medicine or pharma packaging to have a unique serial code or UID. Project is to build a web application that will provide tracking capabilities for the UID for pharma …

It is mandatory for every medicine or pharma packaging to have a unique serial code or UID. Project is to build a web application that will provide tracking capabilities for the UID for pharma packaging of drugs. The track feature (TRACK n trace) will track the UID of each package by using vision based scanners, RFIDs, etc. and store the data into a local server. The server will be synced daily with a global server (we are looking for cloud based hosting platforms such as Windows Azure or amazon web services). We have to build the trace functionality (Track n TRACE) by building a web interface where a person with the UID can trace the shipment.
We have to keep historical records for as long as 10 years and build logic on basis of the UID state. We have to provide the details from the database as in when was this package manufactured, when was it shipped, etc. If the UID entered is faulty for example; it wasn’t ever manufactured or if it is over its expiration date then we have to generate corresponding errors and also maintain a log of such entries and send notification to the admins with details of IP, Geography or where the error generated.

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  • Competition: A track & trace solution will gather more detailed business intelligence along the channel than pharmaceuticals and their distributors have ever had in the past. This can help them detect areas for further sales generating or product development efforts by identifying such parameters as the best selling product lines. In addition, the pharmaceutical and its distributors will get a tool that can support them in enhancing channel efficiency and fleet management that in turn reduces costs.Compliance: A track & trace solution in conjunction with the current requirements for serialization can ensure regulatory compliance. For example, pharmaceutical companies can easily detect batches for recall, or prove a direct and undisturbed route to market.Counterfeit: A track & trace solution in conjunction with serialization and an authentication function can help ensure that the drugs reach the destination in time, in its original shape and content. The solution can therefore help pharmaceutical companies to recover lost revenue. Finally, the solution can help governments ensure tax revenue and also ensure that consumers avoid getting hurt from counterfeit drugs.Lack of Common StandardsThe lack of common standards has restricted the growth of especially the Vision Inspection based industry because the FDA in the USA allowed the industry to define a common standard. The inertia towards a common standard stems from the fact that some industry players have already implemented solutions and have therefore no incentive to switch to new standardsLack of SecuritySome pharmaceutical companies and security agencies argue that label printing are less secure because they can be easily replicated. While the deploying technology has a risk, there is technological progress to enhance both logical and physical security features.Negative Impact on Production ProcessFor each time production or distribution processes slow down by just a second, pharmaceutical companies incur huge costs. As a result, they have concerns that track & trace systems should not slow down any processes. For example, they ask such questions as how the RFID tags canbe attached to the bottles without slowing down the production process; how can labels be read without slowing down the aggregation and disaggregation processes at the distributor; etc
  • Transcript

    • 1. Track and Trace
    • 2. Introduction• Track and Trace• Need Vs SolutionSupply ChainSolution Detail• Collection• Consolidation• Reporting• AnalyticsProject Detail• Plan• Resources
    • 3. Introduction• Track and Trace• Need Vs SolutionSupply ChainSolution Detail• Collection• Consolidation• Reporting• AnalyticsProject Detail• Plan• Resources
    • 4. Track and TracePharmaceutical Track andTrace implementation Mass Serialization (UID) Vision Inspection & Verification Global Server Management Unique Serial ID generation Inspection of the codes generated Further Up gradation till (Multiple and E- Pedigree/ Track & Trace level) as per GS1 norms. printed will be checked and decoded SMS verification for the end user. Alpha – Numeric Character Online Inspection will Verify : Report generation at each level Codes Generated are not sequential • Printability of Human Readable tracing transaction Numbers (Predictable) Text Complete report for supply chain Codes are random numbers ( Less • Unique serial number Management. Predictable) • Data base management ( Real Delivering Regulatory Compliance. Encryption & Decryption Algorithm Time ) In case of, Rejected codes
    • 5. Need vs Solution Need Solution
    • 6. Introduction• Track and Trace• Need Vs SolutionSupply ChainSolution Detail• Collection• Consolidation• Reporting• AnalyticsProject Detail• Plan• Resources
    • 7. Supply ChainThe pharmaceutical supply chain is acomplex one. Not knowing the processby which pharmaceuticals make theirway to pharmacy shelves can lead torisk in counterfeit products. Track andTrace technology helps manage thisrisk and maintain pedigree by labelingpharmaceuticals and productpackaging with barcodes tags eachpossessing a unique UID.This allows products to be tracked,traced and recalled if necessary.
    • 8. Introduction• Track and Trace• Need Vs SolutionSupply ChainSolution Detail• Collection• Consolidation (Tracking)• Reporting (Tracing)• AnalyticsProject Detail• Plan• Resources
    • 9. CollectionSingle TnT unit Showing a unit of Track and Trace Complete line implementation solution for pharmaceutical product line validation and tracking
    • 10. CollectionLine integration Generation of serial numbers (UID) at multiple levels as per GS1 standards i.e. Primary, secondary and Tertiary level. The numbers generated are alphanumeric and randomized. Integration with many available Printers. E.g. Wolke m600, HSAJET, Alfa Jet, Image, Domino, etc. High resolution machine vision Cameras High Speed Vision inspection system to perform {Multi camera (&at; 4-6 camera) supported system}. Online 2D code inspection with ISO Standard grading analysis. Checking of UID (for its uniqueness and printability)
    • 11. Collection
    • 12. CollectionDistribution Network
    • 13. Consolidation Relationship Traceability -ePEDIGREEAggregation allows us to understand which exact items, down to the individual serial number,are packed into any nominated container (e.g. Pallet Shipper Mono carton)
    • 14. ConsolidationPlant – Global sync Plant ServerVirtualized Global Server Shared Resources hosted on cloud for scalability •CPU •Memory •Network •Storage •O/S •Application
    • 15. Consolidation Virtualized Cloud Server Scanners to capture UID Plant Server Desktop Application for data syncVirtualized Global Server
    • 16. Reporting Application usageUID – xx124y939u3kuerf Checkpoints covered – 3Manufactured – 12 jun 2011 Next checkpoint – DistributorBatch – 120611KGP80C (click for details)Code-XXPDrug Type – PCM Delivery schedule – 3 weeksExpiry – 2012 Schedule details…More drug details…Global trace with web applicationApplication will be developed to show data related to entered UID. Logic put inplace to: Provide information about the batch / manufacturing / routing of the drug Provide detail of the shipment and chronological checkpoints Build logs and provide alerts to administration on erroneous UID traced and help follow-up with users Provide check on current status and estimate time to next checkpoint Relational dependencies between packaging
    • 17. Reporting Admin dataWeb Analytics Application Analytics Dash boarding Executive Reporting Dash BoardsOverall tracking of Application Tracking • Trace Summary Executive Reporting• Visitor Analysis • Access Details • Track Summary • Web details summary• Visit Analysis • Application Logs • User Access Summary • Actionable insights• Content Analysis • Activity logs • Visitor Summary • Summary of Performance• Marketing Analysis • Error Logs • Critical Flags Dedicated Reporting Support• Traffic source overview • Mobile devices • Application User Logs • Top Content (Web Page)• Map Overlay(Mapping of • Apps launches • Error Logs • Event Tracking visitors by demographic • Video plays • User Activity Categories(videos, case- location) • Session frequency • Performance metrics studies, white papers etc.)• New Vs. Returning users • Session length Standard/User defined Dashboards in Google Analytics (Illustrative)
    • 18. Introduction• Track and Trace• Need Vs SolutionSupply ChainSolution Detail• Collection• Consolidation• Reporting• AnalyticsProject Detail• Plan• Resources
    • 19. Plan Current state vs Future state Two phase approach with two separate channels of working Functional Functional development developmentEffectiveness Actual Actual Effectiveness Implementation Implementation Efficiency Efficiency Prototype: Client Product:  Functional Ideation  Actual Implementation  Implementation and testing  Integrated with supply chain innovative solutions  Release based application upgrade  Testing of new features and  Full functional module with analytic models governance and compliance
    • 20. Plan StagesHigh Extend & Innovate CTS DAM Solution Cloud based offering No implementation costs Option for “Outcome” based pricing (transactional pricing) Support & Manage Application Support Services Digital Asset Mgmt. Services or (taxonomy mgmt, help desk) (meta data tagging, asset library) Optional: Integrate Aprimo with a Digital Content robust3rd party DAM platform Development Services (e.g. ADAM, Opentxt etc) (ongoing demand for High user license + asset development) implementation costsROI Develop & Implement Digital MarketingDigital Asset Mgmt. Analytics Platform Basic Tool (web, mobile, (US Novartis asset) Aprimo) • Transition to a robust DAM Digital Content platform (Cognizant BPaaS Development Services • Focus on defining a meta data solution) (1 Pilot website) model and taxonomy • Consider “outcome based” cost & Requirement / Analysis • Pilot 1 brand website • Institute a help desk & support support model v/s user license • Experience the asset center model development life cycle with • Support existing websites • Migrate existing Strategic Services new process & team structure. assets/websites/apps to new (PM, CM, BC) Adapt model as needed. • Manage demand for new platform • Minimize technology website/mobile asset • Expand to additional geography, • Program objectives and plan investment for Pilot phase – development add additional brands • Process for collaboration between leverage the US Aprimo install • Promote re-use of assets brand team, agency and Novartis for basic workflow and asset IT/Cognizant management. • Measure success of Pilot phase • Success metrics & measurement • Focus on analytical needs for • Go/No-Go decision to expandLow • Change management plan web, mobile & asset utilization program to brands/geography Mth. 1 Mth. 2 Mth.4 Mth. 10 Phase 1 Phase 2 Phase 3 Phase 4
    • 21. Appendix
    • 22. Hosting / BandwidthThe different instance types will provide different minimum performance from theshared resources depending on their size. Compute instance sizes with a high I/Operformance indicator as noted in the table above will have a larger allocation of theshared resources. Having a larger allocation of the shared resource will also result inmore consistent I/O performance.Compute Instance I/O CPU Memory Cost Per HourInstance Size Storage PerformanceExtra Small 1.0 GHz 768 MB 20 GB Low $0.05Small 1.6 GHz 1.75 GB 225 GB Moderate $0.12Medium 2 x 1.6 GHz 3.5 GB 490 GB High $0.24Large 4 x 1.6 GHz 7 GB 1,000 GB High $0.48Extra Large 8 x 1.6 GHz 14 GB 2,040 GB High $0.96
    • 23. THANK YOU