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Eco planet bamboo_key_facts_march_2011

  1. 1. WWW.ECOINVESTMENTS.CO.UKEcoPlanet Bamboo - Founder Member ProgramInvest from $15,000 – Returns from $101,634 Central America Bamboo Investment
  2. 2. Overview Key investment data Sustainable timber in all its forms represents arguably one of the most secure investments available and bamboo is perhaps the most exciting Invest from $15,000 of any timber investment. Returns up to 895% Bamboo is the fastest growing land plant on Earth and can reach its full height in just one year rather than the 20 years required for traditional timber. As a result, bamboo can create 20 times more timber per Returns from year 1 hectare than other trees. Reliable yearly income The global timber trade exceeds $600bn per year and growing. However, supply is dwindling as 30% is of timber is produced illegally Returns guaranteed in years 1,2 and 3 and another 40% is from unsustainable sources. With its exceptional green credentials and high productivity, bamboo is set to become the Like for like buffer stock planted to ensure returns WWW.ECOINVESTMENTS.CO.UK sustainable timber source of the future. ECOPLANET BAMBOOGREEN OIL AUSTRALIA Bamboo, and particularly our species of bamboo, has some Returns based on conservative, provable figures exceptional qualities. A higher tensile strength than steel yet it is able to be used in ultra-soft clothing. Bamboo has many uses, but probably Commodity with desirable qualities the most important characteristic is that it can be used as a substitute for traditional timber in virtually any product at a lower cost, higher quality and greater positive environmental impact. Market expected to be worth $20bn by 2015 As a result, bamboo’s demand around the world is well established Experienced management team and rapidly growing. The world market is expected to quadruple to $20bn within the next four years alone. Unrivalled environmental benefits On top of its economic opportunity, bamboo is simply the best source of timber for the planet. It sequesters four times more carbon dioxide Non-correlated with Equities, Property or Bonds than other timber and produces substantially more oxygen. And as an investment: $45,000 invested is forecast to return $402,000 EcoPlanet Bamboo Call us +44 (0)20 3012 0306 Invest from $15,000 – Return from $101,634 or email
  3. 3. Why Invest in Bamboo? Why Invest in Bamboo Over Other Forms of Forestry?“Average annual returns on timber... The global timber trade is well established and growing. It also enjoys a long history of growth. According to Smart Money Magazine; “...realhave outstripped those from leading prices for timber have steadily risen for more than 100 years - better A 20 meter hardwood tree harvested for its timber can take 50 to 100 years to replaceglobal stock indices, property, oil and performance than any other commodity..” The future also looks As a grass, cutting bamboo stimulates growth and it can reach 30m in just one year bright for timber investment with the UN FAO forecasting that thegold for the past decade.” consumption of industrial wood will rise 60% over the next 25 years. Unique characteristics give bamboo a diverse range of uses in many marketsThe Economist magazine Broad based and rapidly growing global demand However, this increasing demand is set against dwindling supply. Prevention of illegal logging and consumer avoidance of Sequesters 4 times more CO2 than standard trees and produces more Oxygen“The global market for Bamboo unsustainable timber products means there will be substantial un- Zero waste plant – every part of it has valueis expected to reach $20 billion met demand and corresponding price rises. Fast pace of growth combined with global demand underpin exceptional returnsby 2015” As an environmentally and fully sustainable, fast growing timberMinistry of Agriculture, India source, bamboo’s share of the global timber trade is set to boom. EcoPlanet Bamboo Call us +44 (0)20 3012 0306 Invest from $15,000 – Return from $101,634 or email
  4. 4. Conservative Assumptions Volume of Bamboo Value of Bamboo The returns forecast for this investment are the The returns are based upon a price per linear product of two simple variables; how much metre for the bamboo of $1.35. However, bamboo is grown and its price in the market research which we can provide separately when harvested. shows that the current average price per linear metre in the Central American market is in fact First the assumptions for calculating the volume $4.29. of bamboo grown per hectare; Multiplying the volume of bamboo by its Bamboo plants per h.a 400 value therefore creates the gross income per Bamboo poles per plant (15 years) 72.8 (av.) hectare. In order to calculate the net returns the cost of harvest (approx 5%) is deducted WWW.ECOINVESTMENTS.CO.UK Harvestable length of each pole 15m before the Plantation Management Company’sECOPLANET BAMBOO performance fee of 30% which is the final Total metres per h.a. (15) years 436,800 deduction. In order to maximise productivity only 400 All returns shown are net of all expenses and plants will be planted per hectare. With charges and fees. optimum spacing, each bamboo plant or clump has the space for approximately 62 poles or culms, but based on conservative independant data, we only assume each plant has 13 culms Standard Packages of which up to 50% are harvested in any year. Investment Area Net Return This equates to 6.5 culms per plant per year on average. $15,000 0.25 h.a $101,634 Finally, the returns assume each culm has $25,000 0.5 h.a $202,069 15m of usable bamboo. This data represents extremely conservative assumptions as $45,000 1 h.a $402,937 independantly provided by Dr. Montagnini from the Yale School of Tropical Forestry. EcoPlanet Bamboo Call us +44 (0)20 3012 0306 Invest from $15,000 – Return from $101,634 or email
  5. 5. EcoPlanet Bamboo Security For every hectare of land purchased, we plant two EcoPlanet Bamboo was founded as a Subsidiary of US hectares. Under the terms of the investment agreement based EcoPlanet Group LLC in order to mange some of which is governed under US law, the revenue from the the largest Bamboo plantations in Central America. The second hectare is set aside to make up investor returns motivation was threefold; if the forecast returns are not achieved. This set aside revenue will be used to cover under performance for any • to provide a sustainable and commercially reason including a fall in the price of bamboo, an inability viable plantation of the world’s most to produce as much bamboo as forecast or any Act of valuable variety of Bamboo in an indigenous God or Force Majeure. environment close to its largest export market; Additionally, unlike most forestry investment companies, • to provide sustainable jobs and economic vitality EcoPlanet has a performance based business model. in a region where the company founders have Most companies charge more for the land and make their WWW.ECOINVESTMENTS.CO.UK long had a philanthropic interest;ECOPLANET BAMBOO profit up front. With EcoPlanet, we take a performance • to help combat deforestation and climate fee based on your returns so we make money when you change by using one of the most make money. Equally, investing with us costs less up front environmentally friendly reforestation and you therefore get; plants in existence which is also the planets best natural form of carbon sequestration. twice the land, twice the plants and twice the returns that you would get from other forestry EcoPlanet Bamboo is a triple bottom line business investments. focussed on people, planet and profits; returning degraded tropical land to productive plantations and providing clients with exceptional returns, both financially and ecologically. The EcoPlanet Bamboo team, with the substantial backing of EcoPlanet, has unrivalled experience in plantation management, agro-forestry, carbon resource management, investment management and investor relations along-side deep and broad ranging regional experience. ag EcoPlanet Bamboo Call us +44 (0)20 3012 0306 Invest from $15,000 – Return from $101,634 or email
  6. 6. Example Financial breakdown Next steps This offer is limited to members of the Founder’s Program. Clients investing after the subscrip- tion to the Founder’s Program is closed will pay the full, rather than discounted, investment Contact us to request the following available information; price and be charged the basic, rather than discounted, performance fee. • EcoPlanet Bamboo Investment Details • Bamboo Market Analysis Bamboo Investment Breakdown - Based on the investment of $45,000 (USD) - 1 hectare - 400 Plants • Bamboo Productivity Report from Yale University, School of Tropical Forestry Year Culms Per Plant Income From Investment Investment Yield 1 0 $3,150 7% • Return on Investment Calculator 2 0 $3,600 8% 3 0 $4,050 9% 4 1.3 $7,002 15.56% 5 6.5 $35,012 77.81% call +44 (0)20 3012 0306 6 6.5 $35,012 77.81% WWW.ECOINVESTMENTS.CO.UK email BAMBOO 7 6.5 $35,012 77.81% 8 6.5 $35,012 77.81% 9 6.5 $35,012 77.81% 10 11 6.5 6.5 $35,012 $35,012 77.81% 77.81% Small print 12 6.5 $35,012 77.81% The information in this document (including but not limited to, photographs, illustrations, plans, dimensions, descriptions, tables, projections and prices) are for guidance only. While every effort has been made to offer current and accurate information, errors can occur. Eco Investments makes 13 6.5 $35,012 77.81% no warranties or representations as to the accuracy, correctness, reliability or otherwise with respect to such information, and assumes no liability or responsibility for any errors or omissions in the content contained in this document. Within this document you may find links or references to third 14 6.5 $35,012 77.81% party material and third party web sites. Eco Investments accepts no liability in respect of the contents of such material or sites. Eco Investments 15 6.5 $35,012 77.81% should not be taken to be endorsing, publishing, permitting or authorising such materials or sites. Eco Investments is not a party to, or responsible for, any transaction concerning goods or services available from such third party materials or web sites. Eco Investments will revise the information; Total = $402,937 Average Yield = 59.69% services and resources contained in this document from time to time and reserves the right to make such changes without any obligation to notify past, current or prospective visitors to this document. The content relating to the past and/or current performance of an investment is not necessarily a guide to its performance in the future. The value of Notes: Projected harvest values are not guaranteed. Actual amount will depend on market value at time of harvest. Any pricing information is subject to change without notice. investments or income from them may go down as well as up. Prices quoted may be based on a conversion rate when the document was created and may vary. This is not a regulated investment for the purpose of the UK FSMA (2000). The information contained in this document should not be construed as financial, tax, legal or any other professional advice or service. You are advised to consult a financial and/or legal professional advisor from suitably regulated sources. Except where noted otherwise, all material in this document is Copyright © 2010 Eco Investments. All rights reserved. Without the prior written consent of Eco Investments, no permission is granted to copy, distribute, modify, post or frame any text, graphics, or logos. EcoPlanet Bamboo Call us +44 (0)20 3012 0306 Invest from $15,000 – Return from $101,634 or email