- Commercial and Residential Real Estate for Sale


Published on - A platform for Buying Commercial and Residential Property listed by Property Managers / Agents / Property Owners. You can Advertise your Property for Sale too.

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  1. 1. Marketing Overview - 2013Visit Us At -Website: Email: Marketing@PropertyCluster.comFacebook: By: Avista Technologies, LLC
  2. 2. is one of the leading and rapidlygrowing real estate portal for buying and selling propertiesonline.Cutting edge innovative technology with user and search friendly features.Supported by team of experienced staff and over 8+ years of experiencebringing a remarkable online portal to make buying and selling easier.Join rapidly growing property portal.Website: Email: Marketing@PropertyCluster.comOverview
  3. 3. A Platform for both Commercial and ResidentialProperty Managers / Agents / Owners and Property Buyers.Advertise your property in an innovative way and search your property in just fewuser-friendly steps.People looking to buy or Agents looking to sell can take advantage of our portalsfeatures like detailed property details, photos, videos, and other valuable featureswhich can make buying and selling process easy and memorable.Real Estate Owners and agents can dynamically advertise their properties to millionsworldwide.Discover your dream properties.Website: Email: Marketing@PropertyCluster.comOverview
  4. 4. List your commercial properties for sale to potentialbuyers or search for commercial propertiesas listed by property managers, real estateagents and owners.Oceanfront Hotel, Healthcare, Island, Out-parcel, Industrial property are thecommercial properties at PropertyCluster.comAdvertise or search any of the commercialproperty in any part of the world!Website: Email: Marketing@PropertyCluster.comCommercial Properties
  5. 5. List your residential real estate for sale to find potentialbuyers or search for residential properties for sale as listed byproperty managers, real estate agents and owners.Single Family Home, Multifamily, Mobile Homes,Condominium and Senior Housing are the residentialproperties at property for sale by respective criteria like location, property type, no of rooms etc.Promote your Residential properties tohuge buyer’s worldwide!Website: Email: Marketing@PropertyCluster.comResidential Real Estate
  6. 6. User Friendly features provides easy access to browsethrough desired commercial or residential properties.Saves valuable time and money.Website: Email: Marketing@PropertyCluster.comFeatures
  7. 7. Create Alerts for various activities happening in the portalwhich keeps you updated all the time. Few of them are:Get notified with real time alerts.Website: Email: Marketing@PropertyCluster.comFeatures
  8. 8. Browse the latest addedcommercial and residentialproperties daily and viewthe property details of theproperty that interest you.View property details that interest you!Website: Email: Marketing@PropertyCluster.comLatest Added Properties
  9. 9. Property Details provides lots of details to which makes alot easier to decide for buying or selling.Make the buying/selling process easy!Website: Email: Marketing@PropertyCluster.comProperty Details
  10. 10. Get the best possible price!Website: Email: Marketing@PropertyCluster.comProperty AuctionProperty auction is an innovative way of selling theproperty; it’s an intense marketing process that involves saleof any property through competitive bidding.Auction your property and ensure to gain the best possibleprice and avoid the last minute hitches.Seller can benefit as quick disposal reduces the long termcarrying cost, maintenance and other tax.For a buyer it’s a smart investment as property is purchased at a fair marketvalue through bidding.
  11. 11. Register Now and get benefits ofPremium Membership!Website: Email: Marketing@PropertyCluster.comRegistrationRegistration at PropertyCluster as a buyer or seller is freebut it only remains on theportal for 30 days.To get your listing intactupgrade your membership toPremium membership and getvarious benefit. Register as Platinumor gold members and get additionalbenefit.
  12. 12. Gives more visibility to your property.Website: Email: Marketing@PropertyCluster.comVariants Matching My CriteriaVariants Matching My Criteria is asearch option that helps to searchusing the listing criteria, choose oneof your listing and get the requiredresult on its criteria.Everyday new users signup asbuyers, owners or agents and use the portal for their buying/sellingrequirements giving you an opportunity for better exposure and help youquickly sell or buy your property.
  13. 13. Check your profile summary and knowyour visitors!Website: Email: Marketing@PropertyCluster.comProfile SummaryProfile summary feature helps in knowing your profile Visit, Addedhot list, Interested in me, Profile I visited, I am interested in and myback list.Sellers and buyers both can check their profile summary and get aclear idea of the visitors.
  14. 14. Any internet user worldwide can easilyreach to the multiple properties for sale.Website: Email: Marketing@PropertyCluster.comBrowse propertiesBrowse properties for sale by Country, by State and by City.You can browse properties of variouscountries, state and city and pick yourfavorite property.By properties from across the world andsave your time and money both.
  15. 15. Get additional opportunities with leadsWebsite: Email: Marketing@PropertyCluster.comLeadsSellers and Buyers can purchase and Receive leads throughMy Purchased Leads and My Received Leads Feature atPropertyCluster.comIn My Received Leads, the seller can also negotiate the price and get therequired profit.Through My Purchased Leads, buyers can easily get the details of theproperty and can invest in it.
  16. 16. Save your time and money throughthe RFI feature!Website: Email: Marketing@PropertyCluster.comRFI - RequestBuyers looking for property can benefit by using a uniqueRFI - Request for Information feature.RFI facilitates the buyer in specifying the exact location for buying theproperty and helps in stating an affordable budget range.Through RFI, the buyer only comes across the listings which exactly satisfyhis needs.
  17. 17. Gives more visibility to your property.Website: Email: Marketing@PropertyCluster.comFeaturesRapidly growing list of property owners, buyers, agentsgives more exposure to properties.Everyday new users signup as buyers, owners or agents and use the portalfor their buying/selling requirements giving you an opportunity for betterexposure and help you quickly sell or buy your property.
  18. 18. Guaranteed visibility, better returns.Website: Email: Marketing@PropertyCluster.comAdvertisingVarious ways to advertise on our website through variousadvertisement models and sponsor listings options.Platform provides unique ways to advertise your product or add yourlistings as part of sponsor listing assuring they will get guaranteedexposure and better returns. Please contact us to know more on ourAdvertising options and request for a Media Kit.
  19. 19. Contact Us for any queries you may have.Our dedicated support staff will be glad to assist you.We are here to assist you…24/7 customer Support!Website: Email: Marketing@PropertyCluster.comContact UsWebsite: www.PropertyCluster.comEmail: Marketing@PropertyCluster.comFacebook: By: Avista Technologies, LLC