Avoid These 6 Mobile App Development Challenges


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Propelics teams up with Perfecto Mobile to discuss the top challenges facing enterprise mobile application development teams today

As recently reported by Gartner, mobile apps are going to become one of the most popular computing tools across the globe by 2017 as app downloads would reach to more than 268 billion.

With such an opportunity, comes the risk. Organizations ought to be ready to handle the expected growth, properly test their mobile products and empower mobile governance across their organization.

To learn the main challenges in mobile app development, and the ways to overcome them, please join Propelics and Perfecto Mobile in this one hour webinar.

In this webinar, the audience will learn about:

-What are the 6 top challenges in mobile app development
-Get real life examples on how to address these challenges
-Understand the importance of a mobile app SDLC process which takes into account: Mobile market fragmentation, Mobile user experience and Mobile app style as a significant contributor in mobile SDLC strategy

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Avoid These 6 Mobile App Development Challenges

  1. 1. Welcome. @propelics Avoid These 6 Challenges in Enterprise Mobile App Development March 11th, 2014
  2. 2. Propelics Background – About Us! 2 •  15+ year track record •  Fortune 500 clients •  Global experience •  100% focused on mobile for the Enterprise •  San Jose, Boston, Pittsburgh Propelics creates mobile strategies and world class 
 Apps for the Enterprise.
 Trusted by some of the largest global brands:
  3. 3. Enterprise Mobile Strategy Services Enterprise Mobile Strategy Mobile App Portfolio Mobile App Scoping & Planning IT Readiness for Mobility Innovation through visualization Center of Excellence Creation Mobile Advisory Services Mobile Mentoring Executive Education Speaking Engagements Managed Services Application Oversight Application Development, Maintenance and Support Managed Mobile Center of Excellence Onshore and Offshore App Development! What We Do
  4. 4. Nitin Bhatia – Senior Mobile Strategist, Propelics! 4 Nitin is a technology enthusiast with several years of consulting experience working with companies across the gamut, to craft solutions that focus on delivering value on their key initiatives. Blending a sharp business acumen with strategic thinking, he has helped companies navigate their path from ideation, all the way to implementation.!
  5. 5. PerfectoMobile – The MobileCloud! 5
  6. 6. Eran Kinsbruner – Director of Product Marketing, PerfectoMobile! 6 Eran Kinsbruner  is director of product marketing at PerfectoMobile, one of the leading mobile cloud and automation companies. Formerly CTO for mobile testing and Texas Instruments project manager at Matrix, Eran has been in testing since 1999 with experience that includes managing teams at Qulicke & Soffa, Sun Microsystems, General Electric, and NeuStar. The co- inventor of a test exclusion automated mechanism for mobile J2ME testing at Sun Microsystems, Eran has experience in the mobile testing world. You can find Eran on Facebook, Twitter @ek121268, LinkedIn, and his professional mobile testing blog.
  7. 7. Agenda! 7 •  Enterprise Mobility Landscape •  Discuss Challenges with Mobile App Development •  Recommendations •  Real Life Examples •  Propelics Approach •  Q&A
  8. 8. Mobile as a game changer is finally being understood in the Enterprise Source: Appcelerator Q3 2013 Enterprise Mobility Survey
  9. 9. A majority of companies continue to struggle to get past point solutions Source: Appcelerator Survey
  10. 10. The Unforgiving User
 Quick to download - Quick to delete
 74% of downloaded apps are opened only once
 40% of apps are deleted after first use
 Average expected wait time for a app to launch is 2 sec
 Top reason for deleting apps – app crashed
 Enterprise Expectation = Consumer Experience
 Gift of Consumerization! 10
  11. 11. Mobile Space Complexities! 11 OS Screen Style Version Device
  12. 12. Disruptive Change Ready?
  13. 13. 6 Mobile App Development Challenges
  14. 14. 1.  Identifying innovative mobile use cases 2.  Defining appropriate user experience 3.  Securing corporate information 4.  Shifting IT paradigms 5.  Fragmentation of devices and operating systems 6.  Testing the app the “good old way”
  15. 15. #1. Identifying innovative mobile use cases
  16. 16. #1. Identifying innovative mobile use cases! 16 • Corporate email and calendar - just the beginning • Don’t “mobilize” the current process or extend the enterprise Instead, think through use cases that challenge the current way of thinking
  17. 17. Customer Employee1 on 1 Partner Reseller Think Beyond Consumer Apps! 17
  18. 18. #2. Defining appropriate user experience
  19. 19. #2. Defining appropriate user experience! 19 • Mobile is not just another screen • Replicate enterprise features on to a mobile device – cumbersome, unintuitive UX • Unclear about who is the target audience and its motivation Instead, spend time with the end users to understand their pain points!
  20. 20. Mobility is Not a Bolt On! Mobile for the sake of justifying the mobile device Desktop Virtualization – device bolt on Access to data stores – technology bolt on Mobile as an afterthought – project plan bolt on Web access to enterprise apps – UI bolt on Innovation and Ideation with mobile first mentality
  21. 21. Key Visualization Considerations! 21 •  Avoid over engineering the app •  Simplify the complexity of the process •  UX is critical •  Day in the life is Critical!
  22. 22. Refining User Experience! 22 •  End user expectation from mobile are high – they expect high performance, availability and fluent functionality •  Usability testing is a key for end-user app adoption (leverage the OS vendor best practices and guidelines) •  Test for Performance prior to mobile app release and monitor your end-user experience when app is in production!
  23. 23. Example! 23 •  15 minute paper process •  Poor utilization, not great data •  Version 1 was to “App the current process” •  Less utilization than paper •  Enhancements •  GPS, login 
 information •  Image capture •  Differences only •  85%+ utilization •  Data spurring Store Ops engagements!
  24. 24. Day in the Life! 24
  25. 25. #3. Securing corporate information
  26. 26. #3. Securing corporate information! 26 • MDM is not a one-size fits all solution • Complexity exponentially multiplies with variability in operating systems and devices • Understanding security from all levels •  Device, Network, Application, Data (at rest, in transit) • Balancing act between user experience and security Instead, develop risk profile for each use case to gauge risk/ reward tradeoffs!
  27. 27. Risk Analysis! 27 Use Case 
 Articulation across Stakeholders Business Value untrusted Restricted SEMI -Trusted Trusted Risk Business Value Assets Accessed Risk of Breech Scoring Use Case Classification Use Case Categorization: Risk: Types of Exposure (e.g. User data, customer information, financial, etc.), Impact of Exposure (e.g. Public perception, legal exposure, financial) Business Value: Alignment with drivers
  28. 28. #4. Shifting IT paradigms
  29. 29. Mobile doesn’t fit traditional IT paradigm
  30. 30. #4. Shifting IT paradigms! 30 •  Having traditional development cycles in place that can’t keep pace with the pace of innovation •  Thinking beyond just SDLC •  Project Budget Approval •  Business Case/Future Release Planning •  A new way of thinking for IT •  Shifting focus on continuous deployment and integration •  New skillset and tools for employees Instead, review business as well as IT processes holistically, making sure both are working towards the same vision!
  31. 31. Conventional IT Projects! 31 Source: www.AgileProductDesign.com time cumulative business value Implementation GA Quick verification on emulators and Must devices Deep testing on market devices and quick verification on as many market devices as possible •  Continuous Regression Testing on new devices •  Service monitoring V 1.0 V 2.0 MaintenanceVerification Requirements And Design
  32. 32. Mobile Projects! 32 time cumulative business value Release, Iteration, Nightly, Continuous GA V 1.0 Release, Iteration, Nightly, Continuous Release, Iteration, Nightly, Continuous Release, Iteration, Nightly, Continuous Fully functional BEFORE Fully featured V 2.0 V 3.0 V 4.0 ➢ End-to-End test cycle ➢ On any device ➢ By any team from any location ➢ Highly secure and managed Source: www.AgileProductDesign.com
  33. 33. #5. Fragmentation
  34. 34. #5. Fragmentation of devices - Android! 34 Source: Open Signal, July 2013
  35. 35. #5. Fragmentation of operating systems and screens! 35 iOS Devices Source: Open Signal, July 2013 Android Devices
  36. 36. Impact on Development and Testing! 36 • Higher costs associated with: •  Developing and maintaining multiple code bases •  Testing across multiple devices/screen sizes/operating systems • Older operating systems are more susceptible to security flaws • Manufacturer variants add an additional layer of complexity (eg. Samsung Touchwiz, HTC Sense) Instead, focus on the right “device mix” - core set of devices, operating systems, and screen sizes to develop and support applications on across the organization!
  37. 37. Enterprise Device Selection – Model Considerations! 37 Number of Mobile Apps Vertical/! Market Segment Team Size Me! 35% My Space! 35% Market! 30% Team Location Device Scale Drivers Device Selection Drivers – The Mix Screen Resolution Operating System Leading OEM Device Specifics Device Type (Smartphone/ Tablet)
  38. 38. #6. Testing the app the “good old way”
  39. 39. #6. Testing the app the “good old way”! 39 • Unforgiving attitude in Enterprise and Consumer • Testing is not a way to do something between end of development and launch • Simulator is not a substitute for device testing • Device Testing – Rent Devices Instead test with real world conditions and closely monitor performance of the app; keeping the user informed!
  40. 40. Mobile App Testing Requirements! 40 Functional" • Validation of Functionality! • Smoke / Regressions Testing! • Offline access testing! • Negative Testing Non Functional" • Network Strength / Outage / Recovery! • Different NW Types! • Peripheral Testing Interoperability (IOP)" • Voice / SMS interrupts! • Notifications! • Battery /Cable Removal! Memory Leak! • Memory Usage! • Memory Leaks! • Garbage Collection Performance Testing" • CPU Usage testing! • Network Usage! • Page Render time or activity Render time Usability Testing! • User Experience! • Competitive Analysis! • Expert Review Installation Testing" • New App Install! • Uninstall and Reinstall" • Upgrade testing Security Testing" • OWASP Vulnerabilities! • Dynamic Testing! • Static Code Analysis! • Data Encryption Language Testing! • Validation for Locales! • Images and Text! • Currencies, time zones etc.! • Context
  41. 41. 1.  Identifying innovative mobile use cases 2.  Defining appropriate user experience 3.  Securing corporate information 4.  Shifting IT paradigms 5.  Fragmentation of devices and operating systems 6.  Testing the app the “good old way”
  42. 42. mobile App scoping and planning Kickstart : Approach! 42 Business Drivers ! Market Opportunity! Envisioned mobile Scenarios! High Level Requirements Step I: Benchmarking & Requirements Step II: Visualization, Readiness & Roadmapping Step III: Planning and Budgeting Build & Deploy Scope Finalized Competitive Analysis App Prototype App! Roadmap Ongoing! Support Technical Approach Development Approach,! Budgeting,! &! Release Plan! Support Plan Customer Feedback Step IV: App Creation 2 Weeks
  43. 43. One More Consideration: The cost of doing nothing due to “Analysis Paralysis” Mobile App Scoping & Planning Kickstart = 
 2 Weeks
  44. 44. Get Started – Mobile App Development Best Practices Whitepaper! 44 Propelics > Resources > Whitepapers
  45. 45. Propelics Kickstarts! 45 Special Offer Free 1 Hour Mobile Advisory Call info@propelics.com 888-405-2820 Mobile App Roadmap Mobile COE Kickstart Mobile App Rapid Prototyping IT Readiness for Mobile Kickstart Prototype Factory Mobile App Scoping & Planning Kickstart