How iBeacons and Location will Change the Travel Industry


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What are beacons and will they be the key to unlocking contextual intelligence in the travel & hospitality sector?

Mobile is transforming many industries, travel as much as any. The out-of-home, often in unfamiliar places, nature of travel has made it almost a perfect fit for mobile as a technology. The ability to be connected at all times has created the expectation that any desired information or service is available, on any device, in context, at your moment of need.

Beacons are a hot new technology which may finally deliver on that expectation. However, most of discussion around beacons has been limited to changing the in-store retail shopping experience. But beacons have much more applicability outside the retail and there are no shortage of use cases within the travel and hospitality sector (hint: see Apple’s iTravel patents).

And while the traveler is often the focus of our attention, our employees have this expectation as well. How they do their job and how well they do it can be positively impacted by knowing where they are and what they are doing.

Watch and hear Glenn Gruber from Propelics discuss how beacons could be the key to enabling new applications where other technologies like NFC have failed.

Webinar: How iBeacons will Change the Travel Industry from Propelics on Vimeo.

Watch this information packed webinar to learn:

-What is Bluetooth LE and how do beacons work? How does it compare to other technologies like NFC?
-What are the top use cases where Beacons can significantly extend and enhance the traveller experience, increase revenue and enhance of the productivity of airline and hotel employees.
-The top 5 challenges to watch out for when considering implementing a beacon program.

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How iBeacons and Location will Change the Travel Industry

  1. 1. Welcome. How iBeacons Will Change the Travel Industry
 " " " April 10th, 2014" " " We’ll start promptly at 1:02pm EDT!! @propelics  
  2. 2. Propelics Background – About Us 2   •  15+ year track record •  Fortune 500 clients •  Global experience •  100% focused on mobile for the Enterprise •  San Jose, Boston, Pittsburgh Propelics creates mobile strategies and world class 
 Apps for the Enterprise.
 Trusted by some of the largest global brands:
  3. 3. Propelics Background – About Us •  Enterprise Mobile Strategy Services Enterprise Mobile Strategy Mobile App Portfolio Mobile App Scoping & Planning IT Readiness for Mobility BYOD and MDM Strategy Innovation through visualization Center of Excellence Creation •  Mobile Advisory Services Mobile Mentoring Executive Education Speaking Engagements •  Managed Services UX Design Mobile App Architecture Onshore and Offshore App Development Mobile App Support and Administration
  4. 4. WHAT IS THE MOBILE RESEARCH COUNCIL WWW.MOBILERESEARCHCOUNCIL.COM We will give you the edge. Our Objective: Driving innovation and business value with mobile software and solutions. Our executive guidance helps members to quickly and effectively deliver high-impact mobile experiences to employees, partners and customers. ü  MRC has no sales angle or vendor bias. ü  Members benefit from insider access to real-world mobile experience, and gain privileged access to market intelligence and resources that would otherwise be difficult to attain. 4 From Market Trends to Action at the Speed of Mobile Research. Advisory. Community.
  5. 5. Glenn Gruber: Sr. Mobility Strategist Glenn has been advising travel technology firms and other enterprises on how to leverage mobile within their business for the past 5 years. He is a leading voice in the travel sector as a contributing Node to Tnooz where he writes about how mobile and other emerging technologies are impacting the travel sector. He has also been a judge at EyeforTravel’s Mobile Innovation in Travel awards for the past three years.   @ggruber66  
  6. 6. Agenda" 6 •  The Rising Importance of Contextual Intelligence •  What Are Beacons? •  Effective Use Cases in the Airline and Hotel Sectors •  Q&A
  7. 7. 7 Personalization Merchandising Loyalty Omni-Channel Social
  8. 8. 8 Today’s airports receive 47% of revenues from non-aeronautical sources
  9. 9. 9 Total Global Ancillaries estimated at $42.6B in 2013 Source:  IATA,  IdeaWorks  
  10. 10. PRESCRIPTION FOR 2014 PRESCRIPTIONS  FOR  2014   10 Incorporate Context Into App Development
  11. 11. What Are the Key Drivers for Contextual Intelligence? 11 Contextual   Intelligence   Location   Motion Social Behavioral Transaction History Environmental
  12. 12. We Are Very Early in the Game 12 You  are  here  
  13. 13. Q: What is lacking in today’s location technologies?
  14. 14. 14 A: Accuracy, Granularity & Energy
  15. 15. Proximity vs. Location
  16. 16. Proximity and Intent 16 Increasing  indicator  of   relevancy  and  intent  
  17. 17. Beacons Bridge the Physical World 
 with the Digital 17 Enable Micro-Location Targeting to Connect You to the Things Around You So You Can Deliver the Right Content or Offer at Exactly the Right Time
  18. 18. Lots of Buzz for Beacons In Retail 18 Image  Source:  EsGmote,  Logos  property  of  respecGve  companies  
  19. 19. Stadiums Too 19
  20. 20. What Are Beacons? 20 •  Bluetooth LE (low energy) aka Bluetooth 4.0 aka Bluetooth Smart •  Low power consumption •  Inexpensive •  Really small •  Adjustable range (up to 200’) •  2.4GHz •  Doesn’t need to pair with mobile device
  21. 21. How Does It Work? 21 Here  I   am!   I  see  you  
  22. 22. How Does It Work? 22 Here  I   am!   You’re   Pre<y  Close   Now  you  can  calculate  Proximity   Immediate   <  0.5M   Near   <  2M   Far   <  30M  
  23. 23. 23 A Beacon is Only Part of the Puzzle
  24. 24. Remember: It’s Just a Beacon Content/ Offers Beacon management Function
  25. 25. What to Watch Out For 25 Security" Imprecise Measuring of Distance" Collisions/Interference" False Negatives" There Will be a Learning Curve"
  26. 26. Beacons and Travel
  27. 27. The New Travel Experience Copyright    BCD  Travel  2012  
  28. 28. The Travel Industry’s Sasquatch 28
  29. 29. 29 Airlines and Airports Image  Source:  TwistedSiQer  
  30. 30. Airports as a Destination, Not Just a Point of Departure Entertainment" Fine Dining" Shopping"]JetBlue Terminal 5 JFK /by]tedmurphy on Flickr
  31. 31. Disimbark  Boarding  WaiGng  Security  Check  In  Arrival   The Airport Journey What matters to the traveller at each of those moments? Where can proximity act as a trigger?
  32. 32. 32 •  Opportunity to promote ancillaries •  Access to priority check in lines •  Expedited security lines •  Day pass to Airline Lounge •  Seat upgrades
  33. 33. Beacon-based Check-in and Bag Tag 33
  34. 34. We Can Make Navigating the Airport Better
  35. 35. Access to Executive Lounges 35 Source:  
  36. 36. Boarding" Enroll Frequent Travelers" Purchase Ancillaries " Deliver Content" Call Customer Service" Complete Many of the Tasks Done by QR Codes or NFC"
  37. 37. 37 Track presence of people and assets §  Crew §  Ground Handling §  Maintenance §  Security Source:  Wikimedia  Commons  
  38. 38. Airport IT Trends 38 Source:  SITA  and  Airports  Council  InternaGonal    2013  Airport  IT  Trends  Survey   of airports expect IT spending to increase or stay the same in 2014 of airports plan to invest in mobile apps by 2016 of airports plan to invest in new BI solutions for revenue optimization and management by 2016 90% 95% 80%
  39. 39. Airport IT Investment Intent 39
  40. 40. Coordination and Distribution is Tricky 40 Passenger" Airlines" Airports" Concessionaires"
  41. 41. 41 Hotels
  42. 42. Great Potential for Front of the House Improvement 
 & Enhance RevPAR 42 Source:  MCD  Partners,  “Seeing  Returns”      
  43. 43. Starwood Check-in and Digital Key Pilot 43 •  Pilot at hotels in Cupertino and Harlem" •  Developed in conjunction with major access control vendor Assa Abloy AB of Sweden"
  44. 44. Enhance Back of the House Operations • “Field Service” •  Housekeeping •  Room Service •  Engineering Image  Credit:  Agilisys  
  45. 45. Bonus Cantos: Shout Out to Silvercar 45 Source:  
  46. 46. 46 How Do I Decide Which Use Cases to Start With?
  47. 47. Business Drivers Market Opportunity Innovation Strategy & Alignment Mobile Strategy & Roadmap: Approach Action Plan Recommend Use Case Risk Analysis Use Case identification Innovation through visualization Business & IT Roadmap Stage I: Direction Setting Stage II: Ideation, Assessment, Risk Analysis, Visualization Stage III: Roadmap & Next Steps App Portfolio
  48. 48. Mobility Strategy: Direction Setting 48 •  Identify Key with Business Drivers •  Operational efficiency •  Increased ancillary revenues •  Increased accuracy & availability of data •  Enhanced customer loyalty •  Etc.
  49. 49. Ideation and Prioritization •  Identification of Scenarios •  Simplification of process •  Elegance in customer interactions •  Reduction of complexity – data, requirements •  Align Primary Business Value Driver 
 and Actor for each Scenario •  Front Desk •  Operations •  Ground Crew •  HR •  Leadership •  etc. 49 Scenario Identification & Prioritization
  50. 50. Mobility Strategy: App Portfolio 50 App Portfolio •  Scenario Ranking •  Business Value •  Innovation •  Readiness •  Ease of Implementation •  Risk •  Scenario Grouping •  Type of use •  Commonality of function •  App Portfolio •  Prioritized App Candidates
  51. 51. Propelics Kickstarts 51   iBeacon Innovation Session Mobile App Scoping & Planning Mobile Center of Excellence Mobile App Rapid Prototyping IT Readiness for Mobile Kickstart MDM/ BYOD Special Offer Free 1 Hour Mobile Advisory Call 888-405-2820
  52. 52. Thank you (Q&A) @propelics