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From Back-of-the-Napkin to App in Two Weeks

From Back-of-the-Napkin to App in Two Weeks



From Conceptual Thought to a Working App in Two Weeks? Seriously? ...

From Conceptual Thought to a Working App in Two Weeks? Seriously?

Go from “back-of-the-napkin” to “downloadable app” in two weeks? Seriously? Learn how to break down the discreet steps of conceptualizing, building and launching an enterprise mobile app within weeks, not months. The secret is harnessing and optimizing the mobile app lifecycle to turn your sketch into reality.

This presentation from Propelics and Apperian outlines the best practices for defining, developing, distributing, and securing enterprise mobile applications through the lens of real-life use cases.

By downloading this presentation you will:

- Learn proven techniques for creating a successful mobile-app in weeks, not months
- Hear practical use cases for driving productivity through mobile apps
- Know how to easily secure and deploy mobile apps with a complex workforce
- How to accelerate time-to-value of your mobile apps by improving app quality and shortening development cycles



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    From Back-of-the-Napkin to App in Two Weeks From Back-of-the-Napkin to App in Two Weeks Presentation Transcript

    • Welcome. From Back of the Napkin to App in 
 2-Weeks January 16th, 2014 We will begin at 1:02pm EST! @propelics @apperian
    • Propelics Background – About Us 15+ year track record Fortune 500 clients Global experience 100% focused on mobile for the Enterprise •  San Jose, Boston, Pittsburgh •  •  •  •  Propelics creates mobile strategies and world class 
 Apps for the Enterprise.
    • What We Do Enterprise Mobile Strategy Services Enterprise Mobile Strategy Mobile App Portfolio Mobile App Scoping & Planning IT Readiness for Mobility Innovation through visualization Center of Excellence Creation Mobile Advisory Services Mobile Mentoring Executive Education Speaking Engagements Managed Services Application Oversight Application Development, Maintenance and Support Managed Mobile Center of Excellence Onshore and Offshore App Development
    • Propelics Strategy Kickstarts Mobile App Roadmap IT Readiness for Mobile Kickstart Mobile COE Kickstart Mobile App Scoping & Planning Kickstart Prototype Factory Mobile App Rapid Prototyping 4
    • Eric Carlson: Partner - Propelics Eric is a seasoned leader with a keen eye for emerging technologies. He is well respected in both technical and business circles, due to his ability to match up the right amount of technology "geekiness” with business understanding to craft truly unique solutions. 5
    • Alan Murray: Head of Product - Apperian As Apperian’s head of Product, Alan is responsible for crafting and guiding the company’s product roadmap and leveraging technological innovations to solve enterprise mobility challenges for our customers and partners more swiftly than any alternative available. Period. 6
    • Apperian overview •  Recognized as pioneer and leader in Enterprise Mobility Management •  Global presence in Americas, EMEA and APAC; headquartered in Boston •  •  •  Founded 2009, 3x growth in last year 8 patent applications filed, more in progress $28M invested by top-tier partners 2014 © 2013 Apperian Inc. All rights reserved. 7
    • Apperian Solves Mobile App Challenges Get apps into the hands of your users securely, seamlessly. •  Deliver public, private, web apps •  Through a branded app catalog •  For BYOD or corp owned devices •  With “no-code” security wrapping •  Full mobile app life-cycle support •  Instant on, instant scale 2014 © 2013 Apperian Inc. All rights reserved. 8
    • Agenda •  Developing a Mobile Strategy •  From Strategy to Prototype •  Testing on Device •  App Deployment Considerations •  Q&A 9
    • Mobile as a game changer is finally being understood in the Enterprise
    • Everyone wants mobile, but most many companies aren’t sure what 
 to do with it.
    • Point of View – The Law of Three
    • However, this
 is not easy
    • Disparate data, complex processes
    • Lack of UX knowledge
    • Lack of a culture of innovation
    • Mobile doesn’t fit traditional IT projects
    • Disruptive Change Ready?
    • Strategy / Prototype
 in 2-weeks!
    • Step I: Direction Setting Business Drivers Innovation Strategy & Alignment Step II: Ideation, Readiness, Visualization Step III: Recommendations & Next Steps Business Segments, Verticals, Channel, solutions INNOVATION HOTSPot App Roadmap Innovation thru Visualization Recommend Action Plan Market Opportunity Mobile App PORTFOLIO: Approach
    • Overall Timeline Week 1: App Roadmap Week 2: App Rapid Prototype ! •  Define scenarios, identify apps, create portfolio, prioritize portfolio based on business drivers, identify candidate app for prototyping in week 2 ! •  Visualization and storyboarding of scenario •  “Prototype” the app (tablet or phone) •  Provide $, time, and resource proposal for full app
    • Set the Direction •  Direction Setting •  •  Refine the vision Qualitative and quantitative business drivers •  •  (e.g. Growth, profitability, brand enhancement, customer experience, employee experience, etc.) Innovation influence •  (e.g. Customers, employees, distributors, suppliers, leadership, partners, resellers etc.) •  Opportunity Identification •  Identify Innovation “Hot Spot” •  •  •  •  •  Business Value Innovation Mobile Suitability Competitive Advantage Readiness 22
    • Ideation and Concept Generation •  Identification of scenarios •  Ideation Framework •  Primary business value 
 driver and actor for each 
 scenario Ideation Framework •  App Identification 23
    • Convergence and App Portfolio Prioritize key scenarios •  •  •  •  •  •  •  Scenario Matrix Level of Innovation Business Benefit Organizational and Technical Readiness Ease of Implementation Characterize the technical viability based on constraints, effort, and cost Assign rankings to the scenarios and identify the candidate scenario for prototyping App Portfolio 24
    • Convergence •  •  •  •  Business Value! Innovation! Readiness! Ease of Implementation! 25
    • Visualization and Prototype Understand the App idea •  Review the business problem, opportunity, and target audience •  Verify the app scenario (Derived from pre-planning activities) •  Plan the “day-in-a-life” use case 4 Visualization & Prototype App Idea Visualize the concept •  Define the business interaction flow •  Create mockups – hand drawn and visual layout Build the Mobile App with integration Visualization Build Deploy •  Design and Build the screens, integrate with the data •  Demonstrate the “working prototype” and the compelling story Deploy the App and create the plan •  Deploy the working App using Apperian •  Create a plan for extending the prototype to the full app •  Provide Recommendations, cost, resources and timelines 26
    • Use Visualization as a Weapon To invoke change Begin respecting users’ time & 
 tasks Force scope decisions Question what is commonplace To fail cheaply 27
    • Example Business team began to look for simple tasks to remove Significant time using systems to perform cross-lookups on PCs App built in 2 weeks gives back 
 ~3 hours / week of time per user Success is driving future scope, not perception of value 28
    • Key Visualization Considerations •  •  •  •  Avoid over engineering the app Simplify the complexity of the process UX is critical Day in the life is Critical 29
    • Example •  •  •  •  •  15 minute paper process Poor utilization, not great data Version 1 was to “App the current 
 process” Less utilization than paper Enhancements: •  GPS, login 
 information •  •  •  •  Image capture Differences only 85%+ utilization Data spurring Store Ops engagements 30
    • Day in the Life 31
    • Example •  Driver based application
 for deliveries •  Complicated directions &
 needs for new and
 temporary employees •  270,000 overtime hours 
 per year billed for temp
 employees •  Customer satisfaction, 
 fuel/maintenance, support
 employees all affected by overtime •  Removal of “tribal” knowledge and paper processes 32
    • Visualization and Prototype: Details App Concept ! Wireframe ! Visual Design ! Visualize the concept Solidify the “Experience” Tangible asset Gather feedback Exercise the App Creation 33
    • Interaction Flow 34
    • Wireframe Models 35
    • Example 21 step process – every time All required - had to ensure all customer’s requests were handled Difficult decision to not serve every customer Reduced to 4 steps 36
    • Technical Considerations & Architecture •  Application Architecture options and decisions to support known functionality •  Security & Authentication Design •  Current infrastructure requirements and challenges •  Current and future state data sources, and methods •  Data Design (services design, data transformation, caching) •  Discuss platform choices: (iOS, Android, HTML5), mobile app development platforms, MADPs •  App Deployment & Support (App Delivery – Apperian, AppStore monitoring, in-app log and analytics monitoring, support desk requirements, etc.) 37
    • Testing Process Change: Now Inline with Development 38
    • Testing Deployment with Apperian •  •  Seamless ability to deliver applications to development team, testers, business partners and executives Competitive testing, device selection, etc. •  Simplifies the complicated UUID registration and provisioning profile process typical with iOS development pushes •  Ability to deliver with one-click, allowing development team to publish, inspect, secure and sign application for delivery •  •  •  Directly from Appcelerator, Xamarin 1 user or 1,000 Allow users to comment on applications and provide bug reports without complication 39
    • •  Mobile App Management •  Protect Apps and data •  Boston based •  Reduce complexity •  Founded in 2009 •  Drive adoption •  $28MM funding •  Instant on & scale •  Top tier Investors •  Custom App Store •  Policy based control •  No code changes •  Zero client touch •  Granular visibility •  Go mobile first •  Drive adoption •  Track usage •  Meet compliance
    • Protect what matters most Reduce complexity [mobile apps & data] [in a BYOD enterprise] Drive high adoption Instant on Instant scale [generating higher ROI] [to thousands of users]
    • “Increase sales productivity and quality of life by enabling on-the-go access to critical sales processes via simple, ” intuitive mobile applications. Jeff McKittrick Director Sales Enablement
    • “Clinique is reshaping the industry standard with exciting new technologies consumers to connect with the brand in ways most relevant and engaging to them.” that allow 44
    • Mobile Application Lifecycle •  Deliver public, private, web apps •  Through a branded app catalog •  For BYOD or enterprise owned devices •  With “no-code” security wrapping •  Full mobile app life-cycle support •  Instant on, instant scale
    • On-Board [ Publish and update Apps directly ]
    • Inspect [ Detect malware, threats & malicious code ]
    • Protect [ No source code or SDK required ] Copy/ Paste Data Encryption Require Passcode Jailbreak Detection App-level VPN Single Sign On Remote Control
    • Package [ Sign apps directly from admin console ]
    • Deploy [Custom, private app store ]
    • Protect what matters most Reduce complexity [mobile apps & data] [in a BYOD enterprise] Drive high adoption Instant on Instant scale [generating higher ROI] [to thousands of users]
    • Special Webinar Offer Mobile App Rapid Prototyping •  1-2 week project •  Build your vision through a prototype and deliver it to your constituents •  Kickstart your mobile program •  Delivered via Apperian One •  One enterprise app •  Unlimited public apps •  100,000 user limit •  Custom app catalog Schedule Your Free 1 Hour Introductory Call info@propelics.com info@apperian.com 888-405-2820 617-477-8740 53  
    • Thank You !