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3 Challenges and 3 Tips for Your Mobile Strategy


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Presentation presented to the TabTimes Tablet Strategy conference in NYC in April, 2012.

We presented what we see as 3 key challenges preventing companies from realizing the full potential value of mobility, as well as 3 tips to keep in mind when executing an mobile strategy.

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  • 1. Welcome.@adambookmanI’m Adam Bookman,co-founder and partner at@propelics
  • 2. Q:How doBusinesses realizethe potential valueof the iPad &Mobility?
  • 3. 5 Emerging Challenges:1. Finding the Value2. Managing Demand3. Simplifying the Enterprise4. Securing the Mobile Enterprise5. No Clear Ownership
  • 4. 1. Finding the Value Enterprise AppStore™ Single Moving Apps Purpose Needles
  • 5. Device Innovation Value excitement excitement excitement New Use Cases Enterprise Mobility StrategyValue to the enterprise Embracing the Paradigm Business Apps CIO -> Enabler Porting of Apps New Business Models ERP, CRM Extension Changing Work Patterns Customer Interaction Changes Anticipated Value Novelty and Hype Real Value Delivered Value gap Email, Calendar, To Do Consumer App Usage CIO Concerns Maturity timeframe
  • 6. 2. Managing Demand ERP SharePoint Executive Team email/calendar Training Field ServiceVirtualization Business Intelligence Signature capture Mapping/Navigation Quote/Ordering Board of Directors Personal Productivity Sales CRM Finance Document viewer Ports of custom apps Videos
  • 7. 3. Simplifying the Enterprise Dichotomy between the Complex Enterprise and the Simple Elegance of the iPad
  • 8. 5 Tips for Your Strategy1. Think Beyond Customer Apps2. An App is Not a Strategy3. Think Scenarios, Not Point Apps4. User Experience is Everything5. Build a Mobile Competency
  • 9. 1. Think Beyond Customer AppsCustomer 1 on 1 Employee Partner Reseller
  • 10. 4. An App is Not a Strategy Scenario Identification App Prioritization Roadmap of Value Avoid the “One and Done”
  • 11. 3. Think Scenarios, Not Point Apps Canvas&App& Context&Based&Scenarios& Enterprise Systems FormsDocuments and Presentations Signature Video Account Opening Tell the story, answer questions,build a relationship, close the transaction
  • 12. A:Challenge Your TraditionalCustomer InteractionsMobile is Not a Bolt OnDefine the Business BenefitGet Started Now
  • 13. Get Started!• Download this Presentation• Links to 3 Kickstart Offers• “Realize the True Benefit” ebookConference Offer:15% off any of our 3 Kickstartsif you sign up in May