Enterprise Mobile App Conceptualization and Planning

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Read more about this webinar and download the slides at: propelics.com/resources/webinar-conceptualizing-and-planning-great-enterprise-mobile-apps/ …

Read more about this webinar and download the slides at: propelics.com/resources/webinar-conceptualizing-and-planning-great-enterprise-mobile-apps/

If you're like most of the organizations we work with, you're at the tipping point of turning the promise of great enterprise mobile Apps into a reality. You've distilled down the plethora of mobile opportunities down to a few great ideas. These ideas have gained traction within your company and you're ready to go.

But now what?

You need to turn this opportunity into a working mobile application. You need to build something elegant, simple, and efficient, yet integrated with your corporate systems. You need to simplify complex enterprise processes and tools. You need to define the scope. You need real requirements and defined phases. You need a timeline.

Attend this information packed webinar to learn:

* How to take an enterprise mobile App from idea to reality
* How to create Apps that drive enterprise metrics
* How to simplify complex enterprise processes and build to the 80%
* How to use visualization as a weapon against scope creep
* How mobile app planning differs from traditional desktop app planning
* Examples of small enterprise Apps that have delivered large enterprise benefits

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  • 1. Welcome.Conceptualizingand Planning @propelicsGreat EnterpriseMobile Apps Questions, CommentsFebruary 13th, 2013 to #mobilestrategy
  • 2. Propelics Background – About Us • 15+ year track record • Fortune 500 clients • Global experience • 100% focused on mobile for the Enterprise • San Jose, Boston, PittsburghPropelics creates mobile strategies and world classApps for the Enterprise.Trusted by companies like yours: #mobilestrategy 2
  • 3. What We Do• Enterprise Mobile Strategy Services Enterprise Mobile Strategy Mobile App Portfolio Mobile App Scoping & Planning IT Readiness for Mobility BYOD and MDM Strategy Innovation through visualization Center of Excellence Creation• Mobile Advisory Services Mobile Mentoring Executive Education Speaking Engagements• Mobile App Development UX Design Onshore and Offshore App Development Mobile App Architecture Prototype Factory
  • 4. Eric Carlson: Propelics PartnerEric is a seasoned leader with a keen eyefor emerging technologies. He is wellrespected in both technical and businesscircles, due to his ability to match up theright amount of technology "geekiness"with business understanding to craft trulyunique solutions.As a seasoned executive, with startups through successful exitsto his name, Eric has the experience to advise companies on thediscipline and objective approaches that are needed to turnideas into reality. #mobilestrategy
  • 5. Agenda• Assumptions & Market Trends• Challenges in Building Great Apps• 5 Tips to Take an App from Idea to Reality• Q&A / Next Steps Missed your topic? propelics.com/lets-talk #mobilestrategy 5
  • 6. Assumptions About You, Our Guest1. Use Cases are Flooding In2. Might have a Customer Facing App Strategy3. Discussing “Consumer Mobile Devices”4. Working on IT Readiness (bit.ly/ITready)5. See the Opportunity Beyond “Porting”6. Discussing B2E, B2E2C, and some B2C
  • 7. Experiences are increasing usage and expectations #mobilestrategy
  • 8. 2012 was the year ofplanning and budgetingfor mobile2013 is the year of actionTransition from B2C toB2EDrivers are beyond“BYOD”Beyond Cost SavingsOrganizations arebeginning to identify howmobile can impact theircore metrics Source Yankee Group, 2011 and 2012
  • 9. Point of View – The Law of Three #mobilestrategy
  • 10. However, this is not easy
  • 11. Disparatedata, complex processes
  • 12. Lack of UXknowledge
  • 13. Mobile doesn’t fittraditional IT funding
  • 14. Lack of a culture of innovation
  • 15. Q:How Do You Beginto Build GreatEnterprise MobileApps?
  • 16. #1. Understand There is No Gold Standard
  • 17. Building a Mobile Gold StandardEnterprise Applications drive “process bestpractice” – similar usage of ERP, CRM, BICompetitive Analysis is a data pointMobile devices providing information – the “5W’s”Inflection point within organizations – simplifyTremendous opportunity to innovate #mobilestrategy 17
  • 18. Building a Mobile Gold StandardDefine your App through one Enterprise metric Top/bottom line, speed, experienceStart with “time” as a metricDefine your end user Build mobile Apps for the “5 W’s”“System access” is not a driverAugment the environment #mobilestrategy 18
  • 19. Building a Mobile Gold StandardMortgage/Lending, largesource of revenueReduction of cycle time forapprovalsInconsistent processdrove errorsCustomer responsibilities a challenge to closeApp plan that outlined streamlined process and on-the-spot information/document gathering #mobilestrategy 19
  • 20. #2. Build to the 80%
  • 21. Build to the 80% Internal and Customer Facing Processes Follow 80/20 Rule Begin Your App Concept with 1 or 2 ScenariosSolve 1 Problem, then IterateTremendous Opportunity to Simplify (or Remove)Commonly Performed Tasks #mobilestrategy 21
  • 22. Build to the 80%Business team began to look forsimple tasks to removeSignificant time using systems toperform cross-lookups on PCsApp built in 2 weeks gives back~3 hours / week of time per userSuccess is driving future scope,not perception of value #mobilestrategy 22
  • 23. #3. Use Visualization as a Weapon
  • 24. Use Visualization as a WeaponTo invoke changeBegin respecting users’time & tasksForce scope decisionsQuestion what iscommonplaceTo fail cheaply #mobilestrategy 24
  • 25. Use Visualization as a Weapon Basic: Paper (UI Stencils) Keynote (Keynotopia) Quick Semi-Working: Xcode Storyboard Appcelerator/MADP Cloud Based Tools: Proto.io Fluid UI Enterprise: iRise Many more… #mobilestrategy 25
  • 26. Use Visualization as a Weapon21 step process – every timeAll required - had to ensure allcustomers requests werehandledMetrics to understand customerprofilesDifficult decision to not serveevery customer #mobilestrategy 26
  • 27. #4. Build For Readiness
  • 28. Build For ReadinessThis never happens:Readiness requirements are small vs. Enterprise ITengagementsBuild for data readiness, cultural fit, processimprovementBuild for 1 metric and iterate #mobilestrategy 28
  • 29. Build For ReadinessHowever, IT Readiness is critical: Begin creating reusable components Define infrastructure requirements Security is imperative Support of end usersMore at bit.ly/ITready #mobilestrategy 29
  • 30. #5. Initially, DeliverOutside of IT Processes (but not IT)
  • 31. Deliver Within IT and Outside of IT ProcessesIT has to be a participant or leader in the processAvoid heavy waterfall, milestone requirements, PMOoversight, project funding, infrastructure needsUse App delivery as a way to start making ITprocesses more mobile friendlyExternal developers may be required, if possibleinvolve internal UX, architecture, data servicesBuild a release for <$50k in under 4 weeks and iterate #mobilestrategy 31
  • 32. 5 Tips to Get Started1. Understand There is No Gold Standard2. Build for the 80%3. Use Visualization as a Weapon4. Build for Readiness5. Initially, Deliver Outside of IT Processes
  • 33. Step I: Step II: Step III: Step IV: Benchmarking Visualization, Roadma Planning and App Creation pping Budgeting & App Planning Business Competitive Drivers Analysis App Prototype Development Envisioned Approach, Build & mobile Deploy App Budgeting, Scenarios & High Level Roadmap Release Plan Requirements Ongoing Support Technical Scope Approach Finalized Market CustomerOpportunity Feedback
  • 34. Propelics Kickstarts Special Offer 20 Hours of mobile Mobile App advisory services Scoping & with the purchase of Planning a Kickstart Kickstart info@propelics.com 888-405-2820 Mobile App MDM/BYOD Mobile App IT Readiness Prototype Roadmap Kickstart Rapid for Mobile Factory Prototyping Kickstart #mobilestrategy 34
  • 35. • Innovation Focus• Engaging Process• Mobility Centric• Experience Across Industries• Enterprise Solutions• Advisors, Strategists, Implementers• Strategy at the Pace of Mobility
  • 36. Thank you #mobilestrategy