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Paccific Agro Lucknow Pvt Ltd.

  1. 1. About Paccific Agro PACCIFIC AGRO LUCKNOW PVT. LTD Established in the year 2005. We PACCIFIC AGRO LUCKNOW PVT. LTD. are engaged in the domain of manufacturing and Supplying of Agro products. However, through the years the company has consistently delivered industry-leading service in manufacturing and Supplying Bio Extract Organic Product, High quality Organic Pesticide Products, Organic Medicinal Herb Plants, Cattle Feed & fresh agricultural products to domestic and international customers. Our company is equipped with a proficient team, which comprises of chemists, quality analysts, research & development experts and marketing personnel. These personnel have in depth knowledge and process expertise in the relevant industry. We promise to fulfill the assurance of quality our products and hence we carry out business in a very professional and ethical manner. We are totally committed to meet and exceed the expectation of our clients by providing them finest quality products as well as services. Our team of experts also adhere to stringent product quality standards, and test the products at various parameters before dispatching them. We strive hard to sustain the quality in our range of products. The raw materials for our produce are procured from non-polluted and healthy suburban areas. Our basic aim is to make agricultural sector self-reliant on the indigenous products/services/technologies. The intended core business in agricultural and biotech research and manufacturing of products to help and contribute largely to the farming community in increasing crop production year after year.
  2. 2. About Strength of Paccific Agro in U.P. level Branch Offices in Uttar Pradesh INDIA Regional Office PACCIFIC AGRO INDIA PVT. LTD. Nishatganj, Lucknow-226021. Uttar Pradesh, India. Phone: +91-8957831928 Email: Other Location PACCIFIC AGRO INDIA PVT. LTD. Sarif Nagar, Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh,India. PACCIFIC AGRO INDIA PVT. LTD. Chaubepur Varanasi Uttar Pradesh, India. PACCIFIC AGRO INDIA PVT. LTD. Khajanchi Chauraha Gorakhpur Uttar Pradesh, India. PACCIFIC AGRO INDIA PVT. LTD. Gunjan Cinema, Dibiyapur Aurraiya, Uttar Pradesh, India. Phone: +91-9839052842
  3. 3. Further branches opening plan by management Nov. 2012 Hardoi Lakhimpur Sitapur Sahjahanpur Pilibhit Farrukhabad
  4. 4. Development Trends of Direct MarketingDevelopment Trends of Direct Marketing in Hyderabad: A Case Study of “farmerin Hyderabad: A Case Study of “farmer connected to Agri mart (block level)”connected to Agri mart (block level)” ProjectProject
  5. 5. Report Contents Introduction Background of “farmer connected to Agri mart” project Condition and problem of “farmer connected to Agri mart” project Measure Conclusion
  6. 6. Ⅰ Introduction Concerning Indian agricultural products market, significant changes to agricultural products distribution system, extend of marketing, change of consumers’ needs, food safety issue showed that small farming under “household contract system could not match current big market. This report takes “farmer connected to Agri mart” project as one type of direct marketing to analyze the condition, effects and problems of direct marketing. At last, measures are considered and the trend of direct marketing in the future will be viewed.
  7. 7. Ⅱ Background of “farmer connected to Agri mart” project Small scale farming vs. large market Request of food safety Boom of Agri mart and competition Foundation and expansion of farmers’ cooperatives
  8. 8. Small farming vs. Large market Household contract system had improved the production motivation of farmers, but some defects as following make farmers unable to act its role as principal distributor after all. ►small scale and unplanned production ►high-cost with long-distance transportation    ► Low education level of farmers: technology, marketing and information etc.  As a result, more brokers take part in the distribution channel that lead high cost and risks to agricultural products distribution system.
  9. 9. Ⅲ Implementation of “farmer connected to Agri mart” project In December 2008, together with the Ministry of Commerce, Ministry of Agriculture proposed “farmer connected to Agri mart” project. In a word, large super chain is suggested to cooperate with farmer cooperatives to collect fresh products directly from farmers. This is what we called direct marketing. This project is executed in three main ways as “farmer+famer cooperative+Agri mart”, “farmer+ Agri mart”.
  10. 10. 1 Overview of “farmer connected to Agri mart” project The “farmer connected to Agri mart” project was conducted districtwide in 11 provinces over 22 places in November, 2012 first, absorbing 5 lacks company investment, 38 agricultural products branded, 38 certified agricultural products achieved and the direct marketing revenue has reached 12 crores by end of 2013. In this way, farmer cooperative and Agri mart are expanding their partnerships rapidly.
  11. 11. 2 Advantage of “farmer connected to Agri mart” project Compared with traditional agricultural distribution system, “farmer connected to Agri mart” project is to overcome the shortcoming of increasing distribution costs caused by long distribution channel with many distribution principals participated, and to solutes the food safety issue. By company with farmer cooperative directly to collect agricultural goods instead of wholesale market, super can realize the improvement of efficient logistics as well as complement information sharing, and can understand the dynamics of the market both supply and demand timely so as to achieve order farming system.
  12. 12. Wholesale market near to farmer cooperative office and plantation place
  13. 13. 4 problems for “farmer connected to Agri mart” project Conflicts between the supply of “One Village (towns) One Product” and the demand of diversified product of agri mart. Items of vegetable products required by large agri mart are generally more than 40, but most of farmer cooperatives are developed on the base of “One Village (towns) One Product” project that can’t meet the requirements of the agri mart.
  14. 14. 5 Measure Ensuring continued support of cooperatives and policies related to the “farmer connected agri mart” project, especially, the execution tax policy and commerce registration. Moreover, financial assistance, new legislation in time and construction of facilities are required to improve the effect of the “farmer connected agri mart” project. Agri mart as a long-term business strategy should cooperate with farmer cooperatives actively. As a partnership supply some technical guidance, marketing knowledge and of course some common sense on goods so as to make farmer cooperatives fully understand and support the needs of agri marts.
  15. 15. Ⅳ   Conclusion In current India, by utilizing the function of farmer cooperatives and agri mart, fresh agricultural products direct marketing supplements the peasant farming, improves the efficiency of distribution by shortening distribution channels, increases farmers’ income and creates quality control system and so on. However, direct marketing is facing various problems such as lack of relevant policies, less awareness of direct marketing that in some degree bring limit to its development. In particular, the relationship between farmers and agri mart is unstable with various factors. By challenging and developing, direct marketing movement will go on further in the future.
  16. 16. Thanks