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Penny Stocks with Low Risk,and High Profits. See Now at:

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  1. 1. ==== ====For More Information, Please Go to: ====So you want to make money in the stock market, good for you! Maybe youre new to Penny Stocksor worse, maybe youve tried your hand at this type of investing, but just failed miserably at it. Wellif that was you, dont feel bad about 97% of investors that try Penny Stocks fail miserably.Why?For Several Reasons-- maybe bad advice, haphazard trading or incomplete research. From thispoint on, whatever caused you to fail is in the past. From now on you will know exactly what tolook for when trying to find a good resource for Penny Stock Tips.Before we get started with what makes a good Penny Stock Newsletter, we should get a definitionof what penny stocks are and why they are so appealing. Generally speaking, Penny Stocks arestocks that are traded for less than $5. My definition of a Penny Stock is any option that is tradedfor less than $2.Now you may or may not know this, but Penny Stocks are traded just like your bigger stocks orBlue Chips. You will hear a lot about Canadian Penny Stocks because there are definitely HotPenny Stock Picks that you can only trade on CDNX- the Canadian Venture Exchange. Othermarkets that trade Penny Stocks are NASDAQ SmallCap, Pink Sheets (most widely known) andOver the Counter OTC.Why are Penny Stocks so appealing? Well first off, theyre exciting and fun! But most importantlythey are a vehicle to the potential of huge gains in short amounts of time. Your Blue Chips willnever perform like the right Penny Stock.So what should we consider when choosing a Penny Stock Newsletter? Here are 10 crucial thingsyou should look for:1. Make sure that they Identify Picks that Can Be Traded on the CDNX. Many top penny stockpicks can only be traded here.2. At minimum, they should provide prospective members with a list for the last years picks andthe performance of each pick. If the all showed gains, buyer beware. They should be totally honestand show the picks that didnt perform well. Dont just take their word for it. Research some foryourself to make sure that the numbers add up.3. They should provide you with the information that demonstrated their picks to be worthy ofpassing them on to their members. One of the surest ways to identify a Great Penny StockNewsletter is the amount of info that they give you about the Pick. Not only should the numbers
  2. 2. (profit & loss, Capital, etc.) come into play, but things like Management and information onthe competition is imperative.*Note* See this is why the Penny Stock Market is so Volatile. Information for Blue Chip Stocks isreadily available and can be analyzed over years. The opposite is true of Penny Stocks. Becausemany of these are start-ups, this crucial information isnt readily available or it hasnt been chartedfor a period time that is a true indicator of risk.4. The Newsletter Owners/Moderators should have NO vested interest in any of the Penny Stocksthat they Pick.5. The Newsletter should offer comparisons on Brokers. Often times people that want to invest inPenny Stocks dont have a lot of start up capital to invest. Therefore a Good Newsletter shouldhave up to date tips on picking brokers that have the lowest per trade costs.6. You should feel like you get a hand holding experience from beginning to end. In other words,do they have information for all levels of investors? Do they have a customer service departmentthat can handle any questions that you may have? If they do, how fast can they respond?7. They should tell you how many picks you can expect to get over your subscription period. Youshould also find out what day and time you can expect to receive these picks. At minimum youshould receive your pick the night before. This is so you can place your trade when the marketopens at 9:30am.8. Make sure they explain things like Market or Limit Price and Open Orders because the discountBroker sites dont always go into as much detail about this crucial information as they should.9. Find out if they keep a monitored portfolio or if they just analyze the stock long enough to tellyou when to buy.10. If they dont keep a monitored portfolio, then dont bother. This is so IMPORTANT. If they donot maintain a monitored portfolio, they Can Not tell you when to sell. And knowing when to SELLis Just as important as knowing when to BUY.If you follow these 10 guidelines, you should be able to find a Newsletter that will provide you withthose Hot Penny Stock Picks that you are looking for.97% of Penny Stock Traders Fail. But I have averaged a 387% return with a computerized stockadvisor that uses "technical analysis" to provide me with the Hottest Penny Stock Picks! Visit[] to find out how a Robot consistently identifies the bigwinners!Article Source:
  3. 3. ====For More Information, Please Go to: ====