How to use a ipad


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How to use a ipad

  1. 1. ==== ====Important information many people dont know about, Click Link: ====The iPad has had one of the most successful and long-awaited releases of an electronic device inrecent years. It has been on the market for a little while now and is still going strong in its sales,with the likely-hood of even higher sales coming for this holiday season. What is the iPad beingused for? Who is buying iPads? Why are they buying the iPad? A couple of recent studies byYahoo and Resolve Market Research reveal some interesting statistics regarding these questions.Yahoo found that the iPad is very popular with the female demographic. It only had 34 percentfemale users when released, but now that number has now grown to a staggering 39 percent! TheiPad does appeal to women, with its portability and easy of use. It does have some aestheticappeal and is probably seen as a more fashionable portal laptop device to some.Yahoo found that the age group drawn to purchasing the Apple iPad was between the ages of 35and 44. 21-29 year olds were second, trailed by those aged 45-54. These numbers do seemaccurate, because at the 35-44 age group many will have more disposable income than theyounger group which might desire the device the most. The older demographic may not be used toor influenced by such technologically advanced tablets and would probably be happy with theconventional laptop or desktop computer.The reason for people buying the iPad is revealed. It is said that the main reason consumers werelooking to buy the product was for entertainment purposes. Some other reasons included its "coolfactor," its convenience, easy of use and of course, the Apple brand name. The study by ResolveMarket Research also asked why those who did not plan to purchase an iPad arrived at theirdecision. The majority of 54 percent claimed that they did not have a dedicated use for theproduct, while the other 46 percent claimed that it was simply too expensive. Perhaps some willwait until the iPad price drops in the future after the buzz wears down.The Resolve study also discovered some interesting numbers regarding the iPad and competitionversus other devices. It revealed that almost 49 percent of Apple iPad owners would not purchasean e-reader, such as the Amazon Kindle. Furthermore, 38 percent would not look to buy a portablegaming system, such as the Nintendo 3DS or PSP GO and a further 32 percent ruled out buying alaptop or Netbook. Is the iPad the jack of all trades? I dont think the iPad could say its the masterat any and can it do the jobs a laptop can, better?Find the best and cheapest iPad Case [] collection.
  2. 2. Article Source: ====Important information many people dont know about, Click Link: ====