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PromoMadrid Inward Investment Services Brochure.

PromoMadrid Inward Investment Services Brochure.



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PromoMadrid Inward Investment Services PromoMadrid Inward Investment Services Document Transcript

  • PromoMadridInward Investment Services about you
  • about you What can PromoMadrid do for you? Our main mission is to provide the best possible support to foreign companies wishing to set up and develop their business in the Madrid Region, as well as to help companies that have already started operating in the Region. In order to do so, PromoMadrid offers you full customizable advice and support during the entire investment process. Our specialists will accompany you in all matters related to your project on a strictly confidential basis, and totally free of charge. We will provide you with precise, practical, and useful information on all the matters that are of interest to you, and will advise you in each and every step of your decision-making process.
  • about you Why the Madrid Region? Did you know that…... with a GDP of 273,000 millions of USD in 2010, Madrid is theeconomic driving force of Spain, which is the world’s 12th economy?... Madrid has attracted over 83,120 millions of USD in foreigncompanies’ investments during the past 5 years, which represents68% of the national total?If you want to know more about the Madrid Region and the opportunitiesit offers to expand your business on an international scale, you willfind valuable information in this brochure.I N W A R D I N V E S T M E N T S E R V I C E S 1
  • about you1 Significant regional economy 2 International business center Foreign companies choose the Madrid Region Madrid, in addition to being Spain’s political and because its economy is growing, and offers economical capital, is also the financial and many business opportunities. Furthermore, the business center of the country. Madrid hosts Region is the leading contributor to the Spanish the largest number of companies in Spain; 1 out GDP (19.7%). of 5 companies started in the country has its headquarters in the Madrid Region. Madrid is a region with a very high purchasing power, and a GDP per capita 34% higher than This has contributed to Madrid’s power of the European average, making it an ideal market attraction, as over 5,000 foreign companies to start new businesses. decided to set up their offices in Madrid so as to be close to their clients’ decision-making centers, and benefit from business services networks, logistics and ICT infrastructures, all of which enable them to manage their operations efficiently. What competitive advantages does Madrid offer? 3 Outstanding human capital 4 Geostrategic location Madrid has highly-qualified, flexible professionals, The Madrid Region boasts an excellent location and, in comparison with other Western European not only to tackle the Iberian Peninsula market countries, offers very competitive labor costs. (Spain and Portugal), but also those of Europe, Our human capital stands out for its education, Near East, North Africa, and Latin America. training, adaptability, and creativity. Madrid is the gateway to a potential market of 1,300 million inhabitants. Moreover, Madrid is Our higher education system is made up of a the Latin American companies’ hub in the EU, large number of universities, postgraduate thus setting it apart from all other regions, as it schools, professional training centers (public enables these companies to expand their and private) that ensure companies a constant activities in Europe. flow of graduates each year. Madrid is home to the highest concentration of students in Spain, Madrid is at the center of the radial-structured and one of the largest in Europe. Some of the road and train networks, has the largest cargo world’s most prestigious business schools airport in Spain, and the 2nd in Europe in terms like IE Business School, ESADE, and IESE, of capacity (70 million passengers). It also has among others, have a campus in Madrid. Europe’s number one dry port (in volume), which connects the capital with the maritime ports of the Iberian Peninsula. 2 I N W A R D I N V E S T M E N T S E R V I C E S
  • about you5 Leadership in innovation 6 Excellence in services, and a strong industrial base Madrid leads Spanish R&D investment with figures above the European average. According The services sector (80% of its GDP) is the most to Eurostat data, it is the 2nd European region important numbers-wise for the Madrid economy, in number of employees in high-technology as attested by the fact the Region leads Spain sectors. Furthermore, the 16 universities present in the number of professionals in this field. in the Region maintain strong ties with the corporate and scientific communities. Madrid is renowned for its finance, legal and business services, as well as for its excellence The Madrid Region has an excellent network of in services related to the sectors of renewable sectorial clusters, science and technology parks, energies, life sciences, logistics, aerospace, and as well as a network of research institutions, all tourism/leisure. of which contribute in a decisive way to the Region’s advanced development.What competitiveadvantages doesMadrid offer?7 Unique quality of life On top of offering great investment and professional development opportunities, Madrid offers an entire world ready to be discovered. The Region boasts a unique quality of life thanks to an international education system (both public and private), a universal healthcare system, and one of the highest safety rates in Europe. The Region offers a wide array of cultural activities, with some of the best art collections worldwide and several of its municipalities declared World Heritage Sites. We must also emphasize the wide variety in gastronomy that can be enjoyed in the Region and the multiple leisure alternatives offered. I N W A R D I N V E S T M E N T S E R V I C E S 3
  • about you PromoMadrid helps you to... Step 1 Complete your preliminary study Providing you with helpful information for your investment plan: • Economy, markets and sectors • Legal, work, and fiscal frameworks • Operations and business costs • Available incentives and financial support Step 2 Find a proper positioning on the market Identifying the most appropriate options regarding: • Real estate • Strategic alliances, mergers and/or acquisitions • Products and services providers • Potential clients We provide you with the necessary help and support in each phase of your investment project 4 I N W A R D I N V E S T M E N T S E R V I C E S
  • about you Step 3 Organize your visit to MadridProviding you with both our experience and contacts to help you organizean agenda, enabling you to visit for example:• Sites and facilities for your business• Public institutions, professional and sectorial associations• Potential local business partners• Other foreign companies operating in the Region Step 4 Prepare the implementation or your business in MadridInforming and advising you on:• The best possible locations• Grants, incentives, and existing tax credits• Available financial tools• Relocation of your employees to Madrid and search of qualified local personnel• Administrative procedures Step 5 Expand your businessContinuing to be at your service to help you with possible future expansionplans after the initial investment:• Contact with local, regional, and national companies, associations, and institutions• Relocation of your offices and/or the expansion of your business within the Madrid Region• Incentives and financial tools to facilitate your expansion project I N W A R D I N V E S T M E N T S E R V I C E S 5
  • about you What do you think? “Many of the IT initiatives are piloted in Spain before they get deployed worldwide” Kanan Balamurugan, Country Operations & Delivery Manager, Tata Consultancy Services España (INDIA) “Madrid is the best business hub in Europe for Latin-American companies” Ricardo Matos, Managing Director, Grupo Modelo Europa, S.A.U. (MEXICO) “Boeing chose Madrid for its availability of talent and technological capacity” Pedro Argüelles, President, Boeing España (USA) “I haven’t the slightest doubt that without PromoMadrid’s help, the new Madrid-Dallas route would not have become a reality” Nieves Rodríguez, Sales Manager Spain & Portugal, American Airlines (USA) “The services offered by PromoMadrid are customized for the specific needs of each client…” Enrique Huertas, Partner, Colin Buchanan and Partners Limited (UK) “PromoMadrid was instrumental in giving us the information and support we needed to understand market conditions and the opportunities available. The service was above any of our expectations and we are grateful for their support” Ariel Smilovici, Partner, Oasis Gifts Ltd. (CANADA) 6 I N W A R D I N V E S T M E N T S E R V I C E S
  • about youAbout usPromoMadrid is an incorporated company founded in 2004 by theMadrid Regional Government with the participation of importantregional business institutions. Its mission is to develop Madrid’seconomy and business activities internationally.PromoMadrid organizes a wide array of actions designed to boostand promote Madrid companies’ exports and investments abroad;attract and consolidate foreign direct investment in the MadridRegion, and enhance Madrid’s economic image worldwide.For further information,please do not hesitate to contact us:info@promomadrid.comMAYONCOCT©Madrid, PromoMadrid.
  • about you PromoMadrid www.promomadrid.com Tel: +34 91 745 01 27 Legal Dep.