Online ad sales best practices


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Online ad sales best practices

  1. 1. Online AdvertisingSales TipsStrategy and Tactics
  2. 2. Product: Quantity● The larger the product the better● More content, more search results● More search results mean more audience● Which means more ad inventory $
  3. 3. Product: Interactivity● User-generated content is low quality● UGC doesnt attract advertising● Comments attract spammers● Calendars attract quality content● Classifieds attract valuable content● We want to attract as many classified submissions as possible
  4. 4. Product: Performance● Speed is a competitive advantage● Fast sites appeal to both readers and advertisers● Fast sites display ads faster● Fast-loading ads get clicked more often● We want fast sites
  5. 5. Product: Ad Placement● Well-placed ads get clicks much more often● But they shouldnt overwhelm the top half of the page● 3 ads per page is the maximum● Prominence delivers results!
  6. 6. Product: Sales What does that mean for sales?
  7. 7. Product: Ad Placement● Advertisers will like your site because it: ○ Provides plenty of inventory ○ Offers high-quality local content ○ Loads faster than the competition ○ Gives better placement for ads ○ Delivers higher click rates ○ Is the largest local site with high credibility ○ And of course has the best AEs around!
  8. 8. Product: Sales These aregreat selling points!
  9. 9. Marketing● Audience = inventory● More audience = more inventory● Valuable inventory = more revenue● More revenue makes bosses happy.
  10. 10. Marketing: Promotions● Promotion starts with traditional media and other well-known sources● And then: ○ Search engine optimization ○ Email marketing ○ Social media
  11. 11. Marketing: Promotions Many of your social media fans, likes, subscribers and followers are advertisers. If they know youand like you, they are more likely to listen to you.
  12. 12. Marketing: MetricsEffective marketing results in more of the 3 keymetrics:● Visits● Page views● Unique visitors
  13. 13. Product: Sales These aregreat selling points!
  14. 14. Sales: Know Thy Site Now we translate it into sales using ...
  15. 15. Sales: Know Thy Site The 9 Commandments of Online Sales
  16. 16. Sales: Know Thy Site1) Know your product better than the client who also uses it.
  17. 17. Sales: Know Thy Site 2) Include the latest audience numbers whenever possible.
  18. 18. Sales: Know Thy Site 3) Understand and review placements, rate cards and the difference between CPMs and sponsorships.
  19. 19. Sales: Know Thy Site4) Remember that online selling is aconsultative sales process. Newbiesare sheep that need gentle nudging.
  20. 20. Sales: Know Thy Site 5) Dont be afraid to pitch bigcampaigns. Web sites really do land $100,000 online contracts.
  21. 21. Sales: Know Thy Site6) Dont worry about the nay sayers. "No" means "not now."
  22. 22. Sales: Know Thy Site7) Stay in regular contact with your client during the campaign. Track performance weekly.
  23. 23. Sales: Know Thy Site8) Know that online client retention rates can be strong -- 60% and higher.
  24. 24. Sales: Know Thy Site 9) And finally ...
  25. 25. Sales: Know Thy Site