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Overview of our work.

Overview of our work.

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  • 1. #puttingitright We connect vulnerable communities to waste management resources and expertise © 2014 WasteAid, watermark picture courtesy of
  • 2. The Problem……. • 3.5 billion with out access to basic waste management services (D-Waste) • Up to 60% of urban waste is uncollected in many developing world countries (World Bank) • African-Americans are 79% more likely to live in close proximity to industrial pollution ( • 50% of North American Native Communities live in an area with an uncontrolled dump site ( • 80% of the children in the city of Guiyu in China, exhibit breathing distress, the significant e-waste recycling that occurs in that city is thought to be a key causal factor (PRB) © 2014 WasteAid, watermark picture courtesy of
  • 3. A report by CNN on the work of the Philippine Community Fund. PCF kindly agreed to let us use their images such as the one in this slide. This report underlines the extreme poverty that many of the communities we hope to work with experience on a day to day basis. © 2014 WasteAid, watermark picture courtesy of
  • 4. What are vulnerable communities? • • • • • • They can be anywhere They are economically impoverished They experience ecological injustice Many are socially deprived They are often isolated from expertise Some are struggling with long-term recovery after natural or man made disasters • Immediate disaster recovery (Already carried out by Disaster Waste Recover © 2014 WasteAid, watermark picture courtesy of
  • 5. What resources and expertise are there across the global waste management industry? • • • • • • Financial Support Training and Capacity Development Technical expertise Institutional and Business Development Equipment Networking and Virtual Support © 2014 WasteAid, watermark picture courtesy of
  • 6. Our approach • We run pilot projects that can be rolled out on a much larger scale • We will identify ways in which we can partner with other organizations on much bigger projects. • We will tell the stories of the people involved © 2014 WasteAid, watermark picture courtesy of
  • 7. Benefits to Communities • We will help to turn waste from threat into opportunity • Increase awareness and knowledge about waste within such communities • Build capacity and institutional strength to deal with waste issues • Improve environmental, social and economic conditions within these communities • Mitigate key risks posed by waste to these communities © 2014 WasteAid, watermark picture courtesy of
  • 8. Benefits to You • • • • • • WasteAid can play a significant role in your Corporate Social Responsibility Strategy WasteAid can aid in the development of your human resources WasteAid may open your eyes to new market opportunities and technologies WasteAid may give you the opportunity to think and look outside the box WasteAid allows you to network globally with the very best waste management professionals You can radically change the lives of men, women and children around the world. © 2014 WasteAid, watermark picture courtesy of
  • 9. About WasteAid • Initial idea presented at 2008 ISWA conference in Singapore • LinkedIn group – Waste Management for Development since 2010 • Now 430 members from around the world • WasteAid formally set up in 2013 • Social Media presence (Twitter, FB, 000’s) • Growing membership • Board, Council of Reference, Membership • Incorporating in BC, Canada • Looking at incorporating in US and UK © 2014 WasteAid, watermark picture courtesy of
  • 10. Ways to get involved • • • • • • • • WasteAid Membership Financial Support Technical Support Project Sponsorship Staff Involvement and CPD Personal Membership Become a Fundraiser, Ambassador Become an Associate WasteAid Expert or Council of Reference Member © 2014 WasteAid, watermark picture courtesy of
  • 11. Initial Projects (2014/2015) • • • • • • • • • Twinning of Municipal Waste Departments Twinning of Community and Informal Sector Material and Recycling Conference – Africa NGO and Waste Conference Vancouver/Online Store for Up cycled Products Livelihood Projects in Kenya, India Database of Development and Waste Work Documentary on Waste Communities Open to Other needs © 2014 WasteAid, watermark picture courtesy of
  • 12. Initial Supporters Include, • Solid Waste Association of North America (sponsored WasteAid at WasteCon 2013 in Los Angeles USA) • SWANA young professional networks • CIWM in the UK (supported us with a major article in their professional journal) • Resource Association in the UK (sponsored us at RWM Birmingham 2013) © 2014 WasteAid, watermark picture courtesy of
  • 13. This video has a message from the Chief Executive of the CIWM in the UK and also reviews WasteAid at RWM 2013 in Birmingham, UK © 2014 WasteAid, watermark picture courtesy of
  • 14. © 2014 WasteAid, watermark picture courtesy of