2010 Haiti Earthquake - Making it Personal


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2010 Haiti Earthquake - Making it Personal

  1. 1. “Glorifying God in Haiti” 2010 Haiti Earthquake Relief Effort – Making It Personal
  2. 2. The Devastation of Leogane, Haiti Leogane is located about 20 miles west of Port-au-Prince, Haiti. It sits directly atop the fault line which caused the devastating earthquake on January 12, 2010. Many experts believe Leogane may have been at the epicenter of the 7.0 magnitude earthquake. In less than one minute, 90% of its buildings were destroyed or damaged. Before the earthquake, Leogane’s population was 134,000. Some estimates of the death toll in Leogane has been as high 30,000. Nearly everyone in the city was touched by death. Headlines tell a tale of hardship and neglect of Leogane. A Small Town Outside of Port-au-Prince Awaits Aid; ABC News In Leogane, Rebuilding Starts With Scavenging; Washington Post Aid Slowest Reaching Rural Haitians, Reuters Leogane, A Lost Town at the Haiti Epicenter; Mirror.CO.UK Leogane: The Worst Affected City; You Tube video
  3. 3. Aid Was Slow Reaching Leogane Several news reporters observed that no search and rescue teams reached Leogane for six days. The only immediate medical aid was provided by a handful of medics from Doctors Without Borders and nursing teachers and students who had survived the collapse of a local nursing college. The mayor reported hearing cries coming from the buildings for days following the earthquake, but he had no equipment to remove the debris. The cries slowly became silent. Roody Joseph, a board member of Promised Provision Ministries, was in Leogane at the time of the earthquake. He witnessed the people of Leogane trying to dig out family and friends; only to have structures crumble entombing the rescuers. Large aid groups have slowly arrived but we are making God’s touch of provision and love personal to those we serve. Donations go directly from your hands through ours to theirs.
  4. 4. Aid Was Slow Reaching Leogane Pastor Wayne with displaced children Two weeks after the major earthquake, Pastor Wayne Golden, another board member, was able to join Roody. Together, they visited tent cities housing survivors. Repeatedly, they heard the cries of mothers suffering from malnutrition who could no longer produce breast milk and were in need of formula. Roody and Wayne began to witness dozens of infants under the age of six months being abandoned in the streets and in fields. Reaching the world aid agencies, Roody and Wayne discovered no one had formula; not the World Food Fund, Samaritan's Purse, World Vision or Save The Children.
  5. 5. Relief Efforts – Assisting the Elderly and Infirm Sixty-four year old Andre Mathurin, with the three-month supply of food supplements, a tent, a tarp, new shoes and eyeglasses we delivered to him. Brother Mathurin is honorary grandfather to the teen boys’ in our Gideon Boys’ Club program. Without our assistance, Mathurin would most likely not be alive today. He is too frail to fight the mobs near the aid trucks and says he is afraid to venture out into the crowds on the streets. And there are many others like him – the five widows living together under a tree with no shelter, no food and no security; the amputee who no longer even has his crutches and many others. We offer their best chances for survival.
  6. 6. Relief Efforts – Marie Yolene Paulin Marie Yolene Paulin is a two year old who was pulled from the rubble the day of the earthquake. Her arm was badly burned. Initial treatment consisted of wrapping her little arm in a towel. The pain and infection remained untreated until February 1st when Roody met her. He was able to transport Marie and her grandmother to receive medical treatment. The doctor told Marie’s grandmother, had Marie’s burns been left untreated, she most likely would have died within a week from the extensive infection afflicting her arm. Marie’s grandmother was unable to care for Marie, so Roody helped place Marie in an orphanage where she will be safe until the grandmother is able properly care for her. Roody & Marie
  7. 7. Relief Efforts – Rescuing and Safely Placing Abandoned Infants Promised Provision Ministries partnered with Danita’s Children to help the abandoned infants. Logistics teams in the U.S. and Haiti worked to find vehicles to transport about 36 infants and toddlers from Leogane to the northern province of Oanaminthe. These children are now safe and cared for in the Hope For Haiti Children’s Center run by Danita’s Children. www.danitaschildren.org
  8. 8. Relief Efforts – Distributing Formula Roody, working with directors from two Leogane orphanages, has documented mothers with babies and children at-risk across three camps. They estimate about 500 infants and toddlers are in need of assistance. Personal information of mothers in need has been recorded and distribution schedules coordinated. Mead Johnson has donated three pallets of Enfamil and toddler food. Clay Corrigan of ApParent Project donated an SUV filled with food and diapers to feed 500 children and visited the camps with Roody. Thank you to Clay for these supplies and a day’s use of his vehicle. We have several residents from the Promised Provision Ministries home for girls and our boys’ program, ages 17-20, who will deliver the food. Groups of teens will stock backpacks with food and supplies and personally deliver to mothers at their camp sites. These volunteer teens will spend time with the mothers and infants and pray with each family, thanking God for His faithful provision during such a cataclysmic event. What a wonderful service opportunity and chance to share God’s love in a practical way! Marie and Edwichge prepare to make a delivery
  9. 9. Relief Effort – Formula Distribution • Roody and his team distribute formula and prayers throughout the tent camps. Hear Roody’s testimony at www.thestory.org; Stories from Haiti: Hundreds of Babies
  10. 10. Relief Effort – Restoring the School Pastor Abraham Joseph is set to resume classes on the property of his Bethesda primary school. Debris has been removed so that one wing is functional. Pastor Abraham and his staff will offer two shifts of classes serving 400 children per shift. Reopening the school will restore a sense of normalcy in the lives of the children. We also hope to be able to help Pastor Joseph provide a feeding program of at least one meal a day. We are pursuing options to obtain a three month supply of food for the children and staff of the school. Remains of a kindergarten Anxious children in need of routine/purpose Bethesda Teachers
  11. 11. Relief Effort Funding Needs • Truck to distribute food and supplies (currently renting at $400/day) – To purchase of an enclosed truck ($21,250 new / $12,950 used) OR – To cover truck rental expenses approximately three days per week • School Supplies – Teaching supplies (Black boards, erasers, chalk, etc.) – Student supplies (Backpacks, notebooks, notebook paper, pens/pencils, pencil sharpeners, calculators, construction paper, crayons/markers, child and adult scissors) • Infant Care Items – Powdered Enfamil, diapers, toddler food, antibacterial wipes • Hygiene supplies and feminine sanitary products • First Aid Supplies – Bandages, gauze pads, antibacterial ointments, etc. In-kind donations, please add shipping costs ($2.00/lb)
  12. 12. Opportunity For Growth and Revitalization OUR VISION at Promised Provision Ministries has always been to profoundly impact the future of the lives of the people in Leogane, Haiti through the establishment of a self-sustaining village that will provide for Christian education, health, safety and well-being of its youth. We have made a down payment on a 20 acre parcel of land with an outstanding loan of only $17,000. With the earthquake leveling Leogane, we have the opportunity to be God’s instrument to raise a Christian village out of the ruins of concrete and rubble. It has been our Founder’s vision to utilize geodome designs to change the landscape of Haiti. The new village could be the first of its kind built with self-insulating buildings specially designed to withstand hurricanes and earthquake damage. Areas of Need: Payment of land and initial endowment to begin building the school and church. Promised Provision Ministries – our garden, land and model geodome
  13. 13. Promised Provision Ministries – Board of Directors Glorifying God in Haiti by ministering to the impoverished, uneducated and orphaned. Rebecca Jerry Pastor Wayne Roody Joseph Arthur Bosshart Williams Williams Golden Founder of PPM & Secretary and Pastor of Congaree Business Owner, Engineer & Finance Full Time part-time Baptist Church, St. Bethesda Officer Missionary missionary Matthews, SC. Transportation. Called to establish Logistics and Spiritual Leader of Onsite Haiti Field CFO and future PPM in 2004. security PPM Director since geodome engineer for February 2008. PPM.
  14. 14. THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT Promised Provision Ministries 501c(3) non-profit charity www.promisedprovision.org PO Box 6237 Brandon, FL 33508-6004 813.685.4914 email: promisedprovision@yahoo.com