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Ratonwork Introduction
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Ratonwork Introduction


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Ratonwork is the online language translation company

Ratonwork is the online language translation company

Published in: Technology, Business

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  • 1. Ratonwork .comWe translate language? We transform emotion /
  • 2. Hi , U will read below : )1. Translation Marketing Overview2. How Ratonwork means value to customers3. We are small company , What we need uPlease Contact or,anytime :)
  • 3. Eastern 4.29% 2012 Global totalNorth Asia Europe $ 33.523 Billion Western 22.69%America 12.88% North 18.86% 48.38 South 3.44% 12.17% increase34.85% 2012 translation outsourcing marketing share Source: Common Sense Advisory, Inc Global Translation MTK Regional MTK 45.00 Region MTK Share 2010 US 2011 US $M 2012 US $M 40.00 compare (2011 $M 38.96 VS 2012) 35.00 36.27 North America 49.2534.85 14415 15483 11682 30.00 33.52 31.40 25.00 Western Europe 21.23%->22.69 6186 6644 7606 26.00 20.00 Northern Europe 12.71%->18.86 3720 3995 6322 15.00 18.05 Asia 7.43%->12.88 2175 2336 4317 10.00 14.25 Southern Europe 5.39%->3.44% 1577 1694 1153 5.00 Eastern Europe 2.84%->4.39 832 894 1471 0.00 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 • Suppliers to cut spending in the North American market. Affected by the U.S. government to withdraw troops from Afghanistan, Iraq, funding of the language services industry in CSA Forecast North America has decreased. Various private ownership suppliers are beginning to plan carefully, have slowed down and reduce investment in translation. 2012 Translation outsourcing market total revenue 33.523B USD • Western Europe, the Nordic market continues to grow. Southern and Eastern Europe 2012 Translation marketing YOY growth 12.17% market share decline. 2014 global MTK share will be 38.9B USD • Asian markets began to occupy an important position. In the 2011 report, the Asian market share narrowed slightly, but in 2012, due to the strong development of the Chinese market, the market share in Asia for the first time more than 10% to 12.88%.
  • 4. Eastern 4.29% 2012 Global total North Asia Europe $ 33.523 Billion Western 22.69% America 12.88% North 18.86% 48.38 South 3.44% 12.17% increase 34.85% 2012 translation outsourcing marketing share Source: Common Sense Advisory, Inc 2010 VS 2012 Industry MKT Share TSFs Revenue grows fast, Segmenting Business is focused Technolegy TOP TFS: ranked list of the top five suppliers, Mission Essential Personnel, Lionbridge, Medical TransPerfect, SDL annual income compared to last year, a big increase AD and MKT Top 3: Global Linguist Solutions, Formed to serve US Military, USD$ 435 M Manufacturing Financial Top 4: Lionbridge Technologies , Technology, manufacturing, financial, science, health Government care, consumer, public sector specialists, USD$ 405.2 LegalMulticulture or ethnic Top 21: Cyracom International, Inc, telephone transaltion service , USD$ 37.4M, Trade Non-government 6 years ago, for TFS Top 50 company, there’s the nearly 50% come from US And Europe, in 2011, 11 companies come from Asia, 3* China, , 4* Singapore and 4 * Japan. 0% 20% 40% 60% 80% Industry demand for language services or contracting industry survey shows China TSF on the stage that several key vertical industries in the procurement of inputs and increase language services. Manufacturing, finance, insurance, and medical Top 19: hiSoft Technology International Ltd. and health fields a total increase of 25%.18% growth in the field of software and related services. Top 27: CSOFT International Ltd. Association of Language Company, 2011 Data Top 37: TRANSN Information Technology Co., Ltd.
  • 5. 2012 Global total Asia $ 33.523 Billion 12.88% Asia Business on the stage, China is highlight 12.17% increase 2012 translation outsourcing marketing share Source: Common Sense Advisory, IncHighlight Lowlight : Low-Price is still major reason to• In the 2011 report, the Asian market share narrowed slightly, but in 2012, due to the strong measure translation deals by companies development of the Chinese market, the market share in Asia for the first time more than 10% to 12.88%.• CHAMC Chinas translation market was initially formed in big cities such as Beijing, Deal Charge for Quality/ Price/1000 Who do the Tools Process Words Job Guangzhou and Shanghai, according to the the enterprise registration at the Beijing Lv1 Vender Deliver 0 165 Municipal Bureau of Commerce and Industry, 1998, Beijing translation company, translation or translation community on behalf of enterprises registered a total of 109. Development Lv2 Vender Review -20% 120 SDL has nearly 12,000 registered translation company, the domestic market, with over 100 Team Review/Transl ate -30% 100 Small Team Word million translators Technology translators more than 40 million people, which, in Beijing Individual Student Anything Translate -50% 60-80 translation company accounts for about 37% of the total, Shenzhen is about 14%, Shanghai and Guangzhou each about 6.4%, and 4.6% in Nanjing. 2010 Chinese translation service industry market size of 65 billion RMB, and maintain an annual average growth rate of 30% rapid growth. * In most cases, Translator can’t deal with the pro field with full capability• Look at the list of the previous 50, appeared more Asian faces, Japan, China, Singapore and other countries, the company reaches 11 list HiSoft, CSOFT, vivid (CSA, 2011:20-21) The expressive and Technology in Beijing, Singapore Verztec company venture capital investors in recent years
  • 6. Enterprise market Sample (US)Microsoft Translation Vender Business 2011 and Ratonwork Tactics MTK Share 2011 VS 2012 5% - 10% 15% ->28% 10% ->17% 70% ->55% Lionbridge TechnologiesMachine Translation Solution Small Vender with Translation business Golden Bridge • Technology, manufacturing, financial,Sample case Sample case Sample case science, health care, consumer, publicMSDN/TechNet Library Marketing documents-Newsletter/EDM Training Kit sector specialistsSQL Servcer 2008 User Guide Social media – Micro Blog/Fb/Tw/SNS • Estimated revenue USD$461 million: • Secured $8 million contract with Dell as Machine Translation Normal Local Vender Preferred Localization Vender Global Vender Self Host Random Deal By Project By Products Poor quality guarantee Good quality with ROI Better quality guarantee Best quality guarantee Product Team Business Product Team Business Region Business Global Business 17+ Languages Support 1+ Languages 5+ Languages 17+ Languages *RW Tactic – Community *RW Tactic - Revenue Focus *RW actic - Customer Focus RW Tactic – Outsource Focus
  • 7. What we learned from localization-World Market• Chinese, Spanish, English represent only 30% of the world’s spoken language by population, but they make up 60% of the Internet’s users.• The translation industry is estimated to grow by almost 11% per year over the next 5 years, fueled by demand for business in emerging market languages and expanding online communication.• The growth of machine translation is forcing translators to reassess their workflow and business strategy.• A growing number of customers are driven by other factors than just quality, and instead are increasingly concerned with accessibility, convenience, price and speed.• Increased demand for translation of ‘new content’ (blogs, emails, websites, twitter) has created a new crop of potential customers who are less sure how to solicit quality translation.• The top trends in the translation industry this year are machine translation, hybrid or “post-editing” translation, community and crowdsourced translations, and a growing need for ‘informal’ translation.
  • 8. Challenge is opportunity, and Ratonwork is working onI. Marketing & Operation III. Business model & New wayA. Need very focus on specific areas by TSF A. online language services platform increasinglyB. TSF globalization become more and more obvious fierce battle for dominanceC. Significant structural changes occurred with languageservices market demand, Asian language service company B. language service of process will be morejump on the global stage automation and integrationII. Investment & ROI IV. Technology evolutionA. ROI is the key reason to measure result A. business model innovation grow fastB. Engage with Community B. machine translation technology will have a significant impact
  • 9. Top 5 things Ratonwork offering• Cost effective• Be Professional - professional translator with KPI measure• Efficient workflow - find Pro, assign job and quick delivery• Satisfaction guaranteed• Community engagement for deal engage and talent poor
  • 10. Customer Mode• Personal Deal • Small Business • Enterprise API Basic Professional Ultimate Personal business Industry Orders Focus Enterprise IntegratedGuaranteed Quality Expertise Hired in Pro Field Customized Service Quick Delivery
  • 11. Online Business . Find Pro. Secure Quality. Quick Deliver.Online Business Pre Processing Job assign by KPI Audit and Evaluate Customer Delivery Word, Excel, PPT PDF TXT Word1 HTMLOnline Deal Deal Split/Encrypt Pro Translate Customer feedback Access AnywhereOnline Payment Job Smart Assign Translate/Refine Translation KPI Repeat the circle
  • 12. Translator & Author Dashboard & Message Translator Author Account Money Hi , SavingObtain Task by Translator Translator Dynamic Ratonwork Reminder : Skill / U have customerPerformanc KPI comments from e Ratonwork deal Go there and check Deal Join Group (Stage II) Status Test for Skill Review Panel
  • 13. Deal Mode• Personal Deal • Small Business • Enterprise API Basic Professional Ultimate Personal business Industry Orders Focus Enterprise IntegratedGuaranteed Quality Expertise Hired in Pro Field Customized Service Quick Delivery
  • 14. Localization in Small Business www E-Business Mobile APP Website Intranet• 52% of non-English speakers surveyed only • Localization Is the Key tobuy from websites where the information is Be Part of China’s 5.5presented in their language Billion App Downloads in 2012•People who have little to no English skillswere 6x more likely to not buy fromEnglishonly sites•56.2% said that when making a purchasedecision, information written in their ownlanguage was more important than a low price Independent research carried out by Common Sense Advisory, Inc. on Ecommerce
  • 15. Compare now Ratonwork Machine Translation Translation Agency Convenience & integration at Personal comprehension of Specialist or sensitive scale, where consistent quality non-critical content. Low- translations requiring high and zero admin is essential. traffic or very low-value personal interaction and content. project management RW MT TA RW MT TAHuman attention to detail Convenience, Ease, AccessibilityHuman attention to detail Human translators, native in Automated Ordering & User friendly web ordering ● the language, to understand Pricing Popular formats incl MS Office ● ● ● context and catch nuances ● ● Attention to detail that a ● ● Preset consistent pricing ● ● machine cant provide Credit card online payment ●The responsiveness and scale of a machine Email alerts on completion ● ◌Fast turnaround 91% of all jobs completed in ● ● ◌ under 24 hours Cost effective Ability to add new ● ◌ Industry-leading pricing Up to 70% lower cost for ● languages and capacity equivalent quality quickly on an as-needed Engineered from scratch to ● basis take inefficiencies (cost, etc) Available 24/7/365 ● ● ◌ out of system Ongoing reporting & spot ● Satisfaction guaranteed checks to ensure Easy to manage Easy online management ● ● responsiveness FREE Dev tools for version ●Rigorous quality standards control Proprietary style guide to ● ● Project management services ● ensure consistency available Random spot checks to ● Global reach without Access to a huge tested team, ● maintain quality overhead with no hassleTailored to your needs Plug-in access, for larger and ● Three quality tiers: ● ongoing projects Standard/Business/Ultra Massive Scale 2500+ human translators and ● growing Access to preferred ● translators Integration with machine ● ● translation Custom testing for large ● ◌ pools of specialists 100% money back guarantee ●
  • 16. Ratonwork Structure (Stage I & II) Community3rd Party & Group support APPUltimate Enterpr API Community ise Cultivate Ratonwork Ratonwork Skill LearningBasic Task Business community & Benchmark w w w Global BusinessPro Pro Field & Make the $$$Stage I Stage II
  • 17. Operation ModelRich Language Country China USSub-Site Authorize China USJapan/Korean Office Business OfficeGerman/France R&D Team Sales teamRussian Operation Team
  • 18. Competitors• (US, SAN FRANCISCO)• (Belgium)• (US, NEW YORK)
  • 19. Core Team Zhong Wei Xiaopeng Cui Simon Duan Umax Zhao Tong zhang CEO/Founder Operation/Founder CTO UI/UE PM Microsoft CTO of Microsoft Sinovac Biotech Ltd. Ogilvy Senior Developer Evangelist Cloud based Startup Technical Audience Chief Accountant Senior UE Designer company marketing Manager &Developer Evangelist Operation & Marketing (China) Product Development & Maintain
  • 20. Hello, Partner : Join us to make the amazing• Build the strong business team in US• Enterprise business focus• US site set up and operation US Business US BD US Partner Manager Operation Operation & Marketing (US)
  • 21. Community TranslationProfessional Translation
  • 22. Appendix[1] Nataly Kelly and Robert G. Stewart,The Top 50 Language Service Providers,Common Sense Advisory, Inc.,2010[2] Nataly Kelly, Robert G. Stewart,The Language Services Market: 2010,Common Sense Advisory, Inc.,2010[3] Nataly Kelly, Robert G. Stewart,The Top 50 Language Service Providers,Common Sense Advisory, Inc., 2011[4] Nataly Kelly, Robert G. Stewart,The Language Services Market: 2010,Common Sense Advisory, Inc.,2010[5] Nataly Kelly, Robert G. Stewart,The Language Services Market: 2011 An Annual Review of the Translation, Localization, and InterpretingServices Industry,Common Sense Advisory, Inc.,2011[6] Rebecca Ray, Nataly Kelly, Robert G. Stewart,Translation Performance Metrics,Common Sense Advisory, Inc.,2011[7] The Association of Language Companies,2011 Industry Survey,2011[8] Translators Association of China, the Chinese language service industry questionnaire survey analysis report 2010, 2010[9] The Chinese language service industry development status, problems and countermeasures - on the 2010 China International LanguageServices Industry Conference keynote speech, 2010