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Project Estimation Presentation - Donte's 8th level of estimating level of effort and cost of technolog projects
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Project Estimation Presentation - Donte's 8th level of estimating level of effort and cost of technolog projects


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Johnnie Fox, Project Manager at Promet delivers this overview on web development project estimation, how to do it right and the pitfalls to watch out for.

Johnnie Fox, Project Manager at Promet delivers this overview on web development project estimation, how to do it right and the pitfalls to watch out for.

Published in: Technology, Business

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  • 1. Estimation:Dante’s 8thcircle…..
  • 2. Johnnie FoxProject Strategisthusband • geek• photographer• traveler •motorcyclist •kayaker •traveler•entrepreneur •Recovering DeveloperBusiness AnalystCertified Scrum MasterDrupal/Custom Development/IOS/C#$500 - $1,000,000 projectsProject Strategist
  • 3. Purpose of EstimateFoundation for Project PlanningSales ToolProject Planning
  • 4. Estimating SucksGood estimates increase moraleGood estimates build reputationsThere is no pot of gold at the end of the rainbow unlessyou put it there
  • 5. Industry PerformanceSoftware Estimation: Demystifying theBlack Art – Steve McConnel
  • 6. Equal Chance?
  • 7. Projects are unfair
  • 8. Cone of UncertaintySoftware Estimation: Demystifyingthe Black Art – Steve McConnel
  • 9. TruismThe organization that most convincinglyunderestimates the project has the highest chanceof being awarded the work.
  • 10. Highly Structured“High structure implies that the nature of the task definesits outputs, the possibility of users changing their mindsabout the desired outputs is practically nonexistent, andsignificant change management issues are not present.”1Harvard Business School Press (2004-02-19). HarvardBusiness Essentials Managing Projects Large and Small: TheFundamental Skills for Delivering on Budget and on Time(Kindle Locations 220-223). Harvard Business Review Press.Kindle Edition.
  • 11. Types of ProjectsNew siteSite supportMigration Site to siteNew features/existing site
  • 12. Types of EstimatesProject SizingSales EstimateProject initiation estimateIn project estimationSupport estimates
  • 13. Estimating Spreadsheet:
  • 14. GoalsRe –usableConsistent formatAble to use in SOWCan be used by PM/SA on Project InceptionMargin Estimation
  • 15. ConceptsDefensibleTo Dev TeamTo ClientTo Sales Team
  • 16. PM DefinitionA good estimate is an estimate that provides a clearenough view of the project reality to allow the projectleadership to make good decisions about how to controlthe project to hit its targets..McConnell, Steve (2009-11-30). Software Estimation:Demystifying the Black Art: Demystifying the Black Art(Best Practices (Microsoft)) (Kindle Locations 534-536).OReilly Media - A. Kindle Edition.
  • 17. Estimation ProcessStrategies to improve EstimatesPrice what you knowKnowing when its different?Ask someone who has done it beforeExamine prior projects
  • 18. Caution:In a study of 300 software projects, Michiel vanGenuchten reported that developer estimatestended to contain an optimism factor of 20% to30% (van Genuchten 1991).Although managerssometimes complain otherwise, developers don’ttend to sandbag.theirMcConnell, Steve (2009-11-30).Software Estimation: Demystifying the BlackArt: Demystifying the Black Art (BestPractices (Microsoft)) (Kindle Locations1095-1096). OReilly Media - A. KindleEdition
  • 19. Promet CautionPromet recourses tend not to estimate any relatedtasks to the item they are estimating (Theme, PM,Setup time)
  • 20. Types of TimeDev timeThemer TimeProject ManagementQuality AssuranceDevOps/Sysadmin
  • 21. WBSModified Delphi Estimation method.Developed by Rand Corporation in the40sFancy word for list - Work BreakdownStructure (WBS)Make estimate separate and then compare• After lists are made members meet and compare lists.  • Everyone must participate. • If there is no conflict and you didnt get any additions you aredoing it wrong.
  • 22. Translating ClientsCustomers want features in their listOur job is to translate it into features the team cancomplete
  • 23. The Size of TimeHour sizes 1, 2, 4, 8, 16,Beyond 16 hrsYou don’t know what the task isEasy target for “Shouldn’t this be Lower”
  • 24. Percentage FactorsPM Time 20%QA Time 15%
  • 25. Minimum CostDev Ops 4 – 12 hoursTrainingKickoff meetings
  • 26. Standard BlocksSprint 0DesignCore Drupal (list)Contrib modules (list)SEO modulesSocial SharingCustom features• Workflow• Integrations• Ecommerce• 3rdparty• Themeing• Desktop• Responsive
  • 27. Standard BlocksIntegrationAMS (CIVI etc)SSOBilling/ecommerceTrainingDev OpsProject ManagementQA
  • 28. Next StepsRe-use EstimatesStock assemblies?Factors of Scale/sizeGranularitySales use only toolEstimation among other PMsReal world feedback
  • 29. RisksMissed requirementsTechnical DebtIncorrect assumptionsInfrastructure (VPN, Server Access)Poor client conditionsUninvolved/UnresponsiveContact not technically savvy
  • 30. Effort per Estimate
  • 31. Project Size
  • 32. Johnnie FoxJohnnie@promethost.comtwitter: johnniefox