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Career Search Optimization
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Career Search Optimization


Published on

A brief overview on what's covered at the ProLango Career Search Optimization free seminar.

A brief overview on what's covered at the ProLango Career Search Optimization free seminar.

Published in: Career, Business

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  • 1. Go the distance
    We’ll point you in the right direction
    Career Search Optimization
  • 2. Feature by:
  • 3. Previous Hiring Experience
  • 4. Success Stories
    In 2009 We Helped over 1,500 job seekers
    …Personally, Paul’s program really helped me to create a good target company search strategy and improve my networking and interviewing skills. Through his program, I was able to do very well in several interviews making it to the “final round”, got several offers and landed a fantastic job that came about 100% through networking.
    …Following Paul’s advice, I focused on building rapport, learning about the business problems which I could help solve, and making sure that the hiring manager knew I really wanted this job. And I got the job, Paul, thank you!
  • 5. Would you like to get interviews back-to-backwith your favorite employers?
  • 6. What’s changed in the hiring world since October 2008?
  • 7. On average 900 Resumes/position
  • 8. 400+ Resume / hour(as of July 2009)
  • 9. Applicant Tracking System(ATS)
  • 10. ATS Profiling You
  • 11. Recruiters Can’t Contact Hiring Managers
  • 12. Consolidated Positions
  • 13. No Time
  • 14. No one is hiring
  • 15. But positions are vacant
  • 16. Map vs. Guide
  • 17. Job Search Sites Don’t Work
  • 18. What not to do at job fairs and networking events
  • 19. Exercise:
    Practice Your Elevator Pitch
  • 20. Don’t Ever Do That Again!
  • 21. Why?
  • 22. You’ll sound like a telemarketer
  • 23. They’ll Forget You!
  • 24. Whom is the Elevator Speech about?
  • 25. YOU
  • 26. They’re just NOT thatinto You!
  • 27. Become a Resource instead
  • 28. Exercise:
    Practice Being a Resource
  • 29. What is a company blacklist?
  • 30.
  • 31. Mass Mail Your Resume
  • 32. Apply for Every Position Listed
  • 33. Lying on Resume
  • 34. Social Media Mistakes
  • 35. Recruiter Stories
  • 36. Exercise:
    Share your Blacklist Story
  • 37. 3 Key Elements ofSuccessful Job Seekers
  • 38. Mindset
  • 39. Strategy
  • 40. Relationships
  • 41. Enjoyed the seminar?
  • 42.
  • 43. Our Program
    Attend the Free Seminars
    Complete the Hands-On Workshops
    Participate in the 1-month Boot camp
    Private Coaching (Free 15-minute consultations)
  • 44. What’s Covered? (brief summary)
    Identify Hidden Opportunities within your target employers
    Get a meeting with any decision maker
    Learn how to optimize your resume for different positions
    Take control of the interviewing process
    Handle difficult situations
  • 45. Cost
    Half-day Workshops
    Job Seeker 2.0
    Resume Writer 2.0
    Interviewing Mastery
    Only $398 (corporations pay $1,500)
  • 46. Schedule
    Classes start next week! Seats are Limited!
    Register now!
    Job Seeker 2.0: Building Strategic Relationships through Social Media 2/22/2010
    Resume Writer 2.0: Your Success in Your Hands 2/24/2010
    Interviewing Mastery: Take Control! 2/26/2010
    Boot camp starts after workshops
  • 47. Are you our next Success Story?
    As an academic researcher of social networks and a teacher, I know how difficult it is to “teach” someone how to build networks and relationships in any meaningful way. Paul did this masterfully. I whole-heartedly recommend him as a speaker to any audience who is interested in career development or just wants to create and maintain better relationships.
    - Mina Yoo (Assistant Professor at UW Foster School of Business)
    Paul is dynamic, a surge of experience regarding the new wave, up to date job search strategies. His presentations have covered Social Media, Interviewing and Resume Writing to mention a few. Paul has spoken to the Professional Networking Group in Lynnwood WorkSource every time captivating and engaging his audience. Paul will always set the pace. All will be smart to follow.
    - RoneeZurdo (Facilitator at PNG - WorkSource Lynnwood)