Project Travel - Investor Deck Jan 2014


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Project Travel helps youth travel organizations capture leads and increase enrollments. We launched our fundraising feature in May of 2013, helping young travelers raise more than $30,000. Stay tuned as we unveil the core of our mission in 2014.

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Project Travel - Investor Deck Jan 2014

  1. 1. Investor Presentation January 2014 |
  2. 2. Our Core Project Travel helps youth travel organizations capture leads & increase enrollments @goProjectTravel
  3. 3. Our Team Founders Jennifer Thomas Chief Executive Officer Jacqueline Berkery Kathryn Weimann Jen-of-all-trades, hacker & hustler Michael Pottern Rob Dube Business Development Community Engagement Career since 2005 in finance, management, operations & technology Samantha Martin International Education Business Advisor Coolhouse Labs Your Name Chief Product Officer Gilman & Rotary Ambassadorial Scholar Career since 2006 in education abroad and international scholarship advisor Accelerator & Investor @goProjectTravel Investor
  4. 4. Market Opportunity Our Customer 40,000+ global youth travel organizations offering study, intern, work, volunteer, teach, language, culture, eco, adventure programs and more to over 187M youth & student travelers annually Each of their participants represent up to $6,000+ in revenue Target Market Available Market Total Market $5 B $31 B $77 B Why Now? 37% sector increase in last 10 years & expected to double by 2020 55% of travel program managers desire technology solutions to improve performance an meet their responsibilities Government funded initiatives to drastically increase participation by 2020 New marketing methods sought after to improve millennial customer engagement @goProjectTravel
  5. 5. Market Problem Each year, youth travel organizations fail to convert 66% of their applicants into paying customers. Current solutions are paper-based, out-dated technology or cost prohibitive causing a lack of communication & information for everyone. @goProjectTravel
  6. 6. Our Solution Engage ALL the way! INTEREST APPLICATION CONVERSION $$$ 1. Enrollment Forecasting 2. Customer Rewards System 3. Advising, Outreach & Analytics 4. Online Fundraising Tool for Organization Accounts & Participants @goProjectTravel
  7. 7. Traction & Awards 05/13 Single-Feature Beta Launch 07/13 Coolhouse Labs Accelerator "Project Travel has been an amazing resource and support for our participants in empowering them to achieve their goal of educational travel." Anna Kaycn - Director Winner of “Chicago Tech Startup Madness” Challenge $25K Investment 01/14 650+ Users, 34% Active Named one of “Chicago’s Hottest Startups” in 2012 & 2013 $30,000+ User transactions 01/14 Working with 60+ organizations Top 4 Finalist “Awesome new startup” Pilot Project with ACIS & Michigan State University “The very well-designed site is easy and attractive to use” @goProjectTravel
  8. 8. Market Fit / Competition Feature List Comparison w/ Direct Competition Recruitment & Retention Market Analysis Enrollment Forecasting Goal Setting & Tracking Online Fundraising Unique URL with Branding Custom Notifications to Travelers Social Log-in and Integration * Connect Alumni with Applicants Portal Customer Engagement Traveler Activity Feed Quick Response Surveys Geo-Tagged Check-In (Belly for travelers) Game Mechanics w. Customer Rewards Social Integration Engagement Analytics Dashboard Traveler / Advisor Chat Productivity Event Calendar & RSVP Function Travel Industry Feed Billing for Program Fees * Go Abroad is the parent company of Horizons & FundMyTravel; each act independently @goProjectTravel Advising Log/Internal Notes Submission portals (e.g photo contests) PROJECT TRAVEL GO ABROAD* TERRA DOTTA
  9. 9. Business Model: Key Revenue Streams Revenue Model 1 Monthly subscription fee per user, billed annually 2 Supporter-side transaction fee Enterprise $125 $1250 Online Fundraising x 100 Clients x 100 Clients x 100 Clients x 1000 individuals $66K Revenue $150K Revenue $1.5M Revenue $83K Revenue Professional $55 @goProjectTravel International Educator %5.5 x 100 groups $82.5K Revenue
  10. 10. Marketing Approach & Strategy Sales & Distribution Model Lifetime Value SaaS platform: purchased & activated online Clients: $3,300 - Professional $7,500 - International Educator $45,000 - Enterprise Leverage strategic partnerships with travel industry leaders Potential customers outreach within our target market A list of who is Working with Project Travel is available upon request @goProjectTravel LEADS PROSPECTS CLIENTS SE O Pa rt at eg ic Become recognized thought leaders in the travel programs space Build an army of warm leads through a free trial account & referral incentives ne rs ea ch ut r O cc Tr ia lA ee Fr Sales Strategy Co nt en tD el iv er y US focus years 1-3, Global reach years 3-5 St r Purchasing decisions typically May - August and October - December Fundraiser $83 - Individual $825 - Group ou nt s Sales cycle: 1-3 months Ta rg et ed Demo request & 1 month free trial available
  11. 11. Financial Projections 5 Year Projections Target Market Capture US focus years 1-3, Global focus years 3-5 2016 - US % 150,000,000 Clients: 1.73% Fundraisers: 0.04% Revenue Expenses 125,000,000 2017 - Global $ 100,000,000 Clients: Fundraisers: 75,000,000 50,000,000 Acquired Clients: Fundraisers: 0.06% 2018 - Global % 25,000,000 0 2.69% Clients: Fundraisers: 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 285 6010 5197 26,894 140,044 1185 1000 25309 127,007 649,280 @goProjectTravel 14.0% 0.32%
  12. 12. Exit Strategy Acquisition GoAbroad. They are educators creating a tech product. We are a tech company creating an education product. Their solutions are silo companies working independently. Ledra Capital. A focus on higher education and media technology in the Mediterranean region. They just acquired M&A is part of their growth strategy. We are strong in verticals they don’t access but are part of their core mission. Co-Founder Samantha has personal relationships with the owners of each. Financial Buyer Our excess cash flow will be attractive to financial buyers seeking to generate a return. @goProjectTravel
  13. 13. Our Ask Details: Seed Round: up to $450K Production 23% Investment Terms: Convertible Promissory Note Target Close Date: February 28, 2014 Burn Rate: $27K / month Runway: 15 months to B/E Prior Investment: $25K from Coolhouse Labs Accelerator, 6% equity @goProjectTravel $450,000 Salaries 63% Sales 9% 20% buffer included over costs
  14. 14. Thank You 866-720-7572 | | @goProjectTravel