Trip of a Lifetime: Spring 2011

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  • 1. Trip of a
  • 2. What Is Trip Of A Lifetime?
    Trip of a Lifetime is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization started by High School students whose mission is to provide funding for underprivileged students to go on summer teen tours
    Since its inception in 2008, the organization has raised over $75000 and has sent five students on trips
  • 3. The Teen Tour
    Selected students go on three or four week trips through American Trails West and its sister company, Rein Teen Tours
    Some of the sites students see include the Grand Canyon, Red Rock Mountains and Golden Gate Bridge
  • 4. Fundraising
    The charity has raised over $75000 from over 500 unique donors
    Our spring auction series raised over $1800
    We have had fundraisers at CPK and Uno
  • 5. Maria's Story
  • 6. Helping Her Community
    " I’ve always wanted to help out in my community but was never motivated enough. This trip was the motivation I needed. I am now going to look into assisting in a hospital or soup kitchen. Volunteering is an easy way to help out in the community that can make a big difference. This trip gave me the confidence to really be a big impact my community in the coming years and the rest of my life. "
  • 7.
  • 8. Highlights of Her Trip
    "My favorite place we traveled to throughout the entire trip was Lake Tahoe. Lake Tahoe is honestly the most stunning body of water I have ever seen in my life. I fell in love with its 3 different colors of water as a boat took us out into the deeper part of the lake to do tubing. The shore has bits of gold-like glitter in the crystal clear water, making it shine. If you move farther out into the lake, the water turns turquoise like the Caribbean water. The deepest part of the lake is a dark blue, like that of the Greek islands"
  • 9. Leslie's Story
  • 10. Highlights of Her Trip
    "Camping was a good experience because we got to bond and help each other. We helped each other when we had to make the tents. We bonded when we had a campfire and made s’mores"
  • 11. Helping Her Community
    "This trip has taught me to have confidence and have a higher self- esteem because it matters what you think about yourself"
  • 12. Watch Our Latest Video
    Fall 2010 Video
  • 13. Summer 2011 Application Process
  • 14.
  • 15. The Selection Process
    Trip of a Lifetime is working with local high schools to identify potential applicants with the following qualities
  • 16. Timeline
  • 17. How To Apply:
    Two Options For Students Applying
    Paper Application (must be postmarked by deadline)
    Online Application (make sure to print out a backup copy)
    Regardless of option, every student must have their dean/guidance counselor fill out a copy of the application
    Both Applications Are On Our Website
  • 18. Contact Us:Address:P.O Box 185 HScarsdale, NY, 10583Phone: 1-914-874-1051Email:webmaster@projecttoal.orgWebsite:
  • 19. Presentation Copyrighted By Trip of a Lifetime