Visakhapatnam Steel Plant - Success Story - Project Sales Corp


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Visakhapatnam Steel Plant - Success Story - Project Sales Corp

  1. 1. Success Stories atVisakhapatnam Steel Plant IndiaPrepared by Authorised Distributors for Molykote Products in this RegionProject Sales Corp, 28 Founta Plaza, Suryabagh, Visakhapatnam 530020, APmail to Phone 09866467276; 9885149412
  2. 2. Equipments Lubricated with Molykote at Vizag Steel• Hammer Crushers• Blender Reclaimers• ID/FD Fans• Motors• Pumps• Vibratory Screens• Chains• Hydraulic Cylinders A Bird Eye View of Visakhapatnam Steel Plant• Conveyor Bearings with the Thermal Power Plant in the Foreground• And, many many more
  3. 3. Why the customer chose to go for Molykote Products• Increasing demands on enhancing production without capacity expansion• Downtime had to be avoided• Unscheduled stoppages had to be avoided• Reliability had to be increased. Chances for human errors to be minimized.• Manpower costs as a %age of total lubrication costs had gone up due to wage increases.• Molykote products have a pedigree of proven performance and had shown excellent results in wherever they were used. Hence, more products were allowed in when new applications were found.
  4. 4. Hammer Crushers• Conditions – Heavy Shock Loads, Dust, Vibrations and high loads• Concerns – Daily relubrication schedule increases chances of human errors• Desired – Weekly Lubrication Schedule.• Product Recommended – Molykote Long-term 2+.• Results – Relubrication period extended to weekly within 3 months of application.• Volume – 4 x 180 kg drums/ year
  5. 5. Blender Reclaimer• Spherical Roller Bearings• Concern – Bearings go through a phase of abrasive wear followed by failure.• Relubrication Schedule – Daily• Product Used- Conventional EP Grease• Product Recommended – Molykote Longterm 2+• Current Relubrication Schedule – Once in 5 days without bearing failures. Extension to 7 days lead to bearing failures. So now schedule in once in 5 days.• Used since 2002. 2 x 180 kgs drums /year.
  6. 6. Vibratory Screens• Conditions – Continuous operation, weekly shutdowns, vibrations, shock loads.• Concern – Failure can result in lot of downtime in the entire plant process• Desired – More reliable lubrication without extending relubrication schedule• Product Tried – Molykote Longterm 2+• Result – Schedule can be extended to 12 Many screens have extended their schedule from one week to 45 days. days. This particular screen in the picture is the most critical in the plant’s Sintering Zone.• Expected Volume - 720 kgs/year
  7. 7. Continuous Caster• Area – Secondary Cassette Cooling Zone• Component – Bush Rollers• Concerns – High temperature with cooling water washed out grease and bush sticking with corrosion• Molykote Product Recommended – P 40 Paste• Results – After 220 heats and six Bush Bearings were lubricated with Molykote P40. With steel mill months of trials, product’s environment of high temperatures and performance good. Formal orders cooling water, P 40 Paste is an ideal product for many applications. awaited.
  8. 8. Torpedo Ladle (SMS - Demag)• Torpedo Ladle Spherical Sheet (Ladle carries the hot metal from the BF to the Converter for Lancing)• Various products tried by customer with poor results• Product Suggested – Molykote Cu 7439 Paste Spherical sheets subjected• Results – Good. In use for last 5 years. to oscillation and high temperatures lubricated now with Molykote Cu 7439 for last 5 years, once during overhaul.• Volume: 20 kgs/year
  9. 9. Other Molykote Products Supplied• Molykote D Paste • Molykote M 30 Chain Oil – Roll Shop Roll Assembly – Furnace Area Chains – WRM Compactor Rails – Rolling Mill Conveyor Bed – Water Management for Valve Chains Assembly • Molykote 1000 Paste• Molykote GN + Paste – Anti-seize applications – Various assembly applications at Area Repair • Molykote 111 Compound Shops – O ring assembly• Molykote Z Powder • DC 4 Compound – Various dry lubrication – Electrical Repair Shop applications in utility plants, converters and coke ovens.
  10. 10. Overall, something to cheer about ☺• Annual Volumes of Sales to Visakhapatnam Steel Plant: – Molykote Longterm 2 Plus : 1500 kgs – Molykote GN Plus Paste : 100 kgs – Molykote 1000 Paste : 100 kgs – Molykote 111 Compound : 75 kgs – Molykote D Paste : 50 kgs – Molykote Z Powder: 40 kgs – Molykote M 30 : 250 litres – Sylgard 170 A&B: 800 kgs• New Products in 2005 – Molykote G-0106 Sitela 1 : 900 kgs (Will be used for lubrication of high temperature bearings in SMS, blast furnace mudguns and slag wrecking machines).